Xining 25 thousand special difficulties for the elderly to enjoy pension service subsidies

Seasonal vegetables, hourly housekeeping, emergency call…… With the Xining municipal government purchase pension service policy being carried out continuously, as of now, Xining city has 25 thousand people over the age of 60, three, five, the urban and rural elderly loss of independence and other special difficulties to enjoy the… Read more »

Xining Municipal Seismological Bureau held 2011 township streets of earthquake prevention and disast

In June 17th 2011, the township streets of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction assistant work conference "held in Xining City, three counties and four districts of the city government offices, township (street) earthquake disaster mitigation assistant more than 80 people attended the meeting.

Utah city middle school students summer camp success

A high degree of attention and care in the municipal government and the United States of Utah, through active communication and coordination at the beginning of the Xining municipal government and Utah county and still green alliance, the Sino US Youth Exchange Training for the smooth implementation of the project… Read more »

Xining eliminate backward production capacity by the central and provincial financial rewards

This year, due to the elimination of backward production capacity of 6 companies in Xining, access to the central and provincial government to give financial incentives to finance the $7 million 120 thousand. Currently, 7 million 120 thousand yuan of financial incentives have been issued. This is the reporter from… Read more »

Taking the first granted to rank people work to strengthen our province

recently, the provincial public security department issued a notice, asked the province’s public security organs at all levels shall earnestly implement the policy of ruling, and strengthen the management of police work, taking the "people", promote the standardization construction team. The notification requirements, to implement the reform of public security,… Read more »

National Social Science Popularization seminar held in Xining

in July 18th, the Fifteenth National Seminar on the popularization of social science theory and experience will be held in Xining. From 30 provinces and cities nationwide social science association leaders, experts and scholars more than 180 people attended the meeting. The meeting that the popularity of social science work… Read more »

Huangzhong preferential policies to support farmhouse

to further enhance the farm level, Huangzhong County Local Taxation Bureau by the preferential tax policies of the state and province, city, and vigorously support the lushaer town area farmhouse characteristic economy development. It is reported that the Bureau in , fewer personnel, area wide, difficult to manage the situation,… Read more »

North District Population and family planning bureau to strengthen the national free pre pregnancy h

Since the national health examination program of free pre pregnancy in Chengbei District, North District Population and family planning bureau to give full play to the management of family planning service network advantages, vigorously promote the scientific significance of eugenic knowledge and pre pregnancy health examination, achieved good social effect…. Read more »

Huangyuan County 30 workers to participate in entrepreneurship training courses

recently, in full support of trade unions and the city of Xining city general training base, Huangyuan County Federation of trade unions held 10 days of "entrepreneurship and improve enterprise SIYB training you, 30 workers in difficulty from the communities in Huangyuan county participated in the training. This is the… Read more »

Everyone knowing the law abiding Xining Judicial Bureau set up the concept of legal system to safegu

Xining Municipal Bureau of justice functions is the legal service to the society, so that everyone understand the law, law-abiding, provide legal protection and legal publicity for the construction of a harmonious society. Since 2004, the Municipal Bureau of justice to determine the "law and peer" as the service brand,… Read more »