The shop to do business to develop a good habit of money – the whole

shop selling goods, once the transaction will naturally have money coming in, many shopkeepers is thrown to the drawer, not finishing a few days to change is very chaotic, and may cause the accounting mistakes. So, if it is a shop to do business, you need to develop a good… Read more »

Business News Bank of China Agricultural Bank of China will be exempted from financing small and mic

for business enterprises, financing is an indispensable link in the process of bank financing, and the fees for many start-up companies to bring certain burden, now the national policies, financing cost problems have been solved.

Expert advice entrepreneurship or not according to their own personality and expertise to decide

in the public venture, the highly innovative policy incentives, entrepreneurs are more and more, entrepreneurship and employment choices, some experts suggested that according to the actual situation of their own personality, strengths to decide whether to start.

14 experience sharing online Entrepreneurship

in modern society there are many successful Internet entrepreneurs, while their entrepreneurial success is often cannot do without them in the process of entrepreneurship among some entrepreneurial experience, what are the good experience in online business? the experience is a comprehensive summary of the successful footprint, reflects the online business… Read more »

Fujian Taining debris flow disaster relief work continues

According to yesterday’s report, the Fujian Taining debris flow disaster scene led to 35 people were killed and 4 people lost contact. So, what is the latest progress? Following the following up together to understand the latest situation. 5 10, 2009, to participate in the rescue of the armed forces… Read more »

2012 college students entrepreneurship in the end there are several major difficulties

the old year has passed, the new year is coming. Every year from all funny graduates innumerable increase in enrollment rate, and reduce the rate of employment, so many college students choose their own way. According to statistics, 75% of college graduates eager to start their own businesses, but the… Read more »

Environmental protection product stores location which matters needing attention has

now let people feel headache a lot, the problem of environmental pollution is very serious, so the development of environmental protection industry is very fast, environmental pollution to people from their own environmental protection start, which promote the development of environmental protection products, some entrepreneurs see environmental protection product prospects,… Read more »