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Arias: “Liverpool must feel that we play in our house”

first_img“Mané? I already faced him at the World Cup, I know it’s very good …” “But it bothers to be almost eliminated?”–No, in the end it’s football. There is nothing written, you have to play, go to the game and prove. The party who is stronger, has faith and we have it will win.—They play at home, where they haven’t lost in the knockout round in the Champions …–It’s pretty good. We are locals and we must make that feel to any rival who comes to play at our house. We have the fans on our side, a very strong hobby, which is with the team always in good and bad and that they will make themselves felt in the game.—You came to play these games …–There is always the desire to face this game, take it as a final. Here you can not miss the moments or minutes, you have to go to death on each ball and I think we are all in the same tonic, thinking about getting a victory that will not be easy, but if you work and understand the game How we can get it. “He had minutes after his injury.” How was it found?-Fairly good. I am happy to have played the match against Valencia, a complicated match. The most important thing is that I am one hundred percent for what is coming.– Last year he competed with Juanfran and this year with Trippier and Vrsaljko …– It is difficult, it is competition that in the end helps you to grow as a player and as a person. I take it for the positive part, if you have someone who competes with you, has conditions and is good helps you improve. For me it is to take advantage of every moment I have, every possibility of playing it in the best way. —It’s his second season at Atlético. How do you see the club?–It’s excellent. Before coming to Atleti I had teams that wanted to count on me and I decided on Atleti for the way they played, for their delivery, for their desire, for everything. I had the opportunity to talk to Falcao, who is my friend and told me about the team. He told me that things were not like his time, the team has grown a lot and I think that helped me choose Atlético de Madrid and now I’m here, happy and I have to continue working to improve day by day and continue learning.“To what extent is it important not to fit at home?”–The top three are important, but their entire team is strong, they have shown. The bands are very strong, with the sides reaching the bottom line and pulling centers. We must try to counteract that. We have to go out and do our football, we are at home and we have to respect that. “Is Diego Costa’s return a reinforcement?”–It is important. We all want to be well, contribute to the team and the players who return from injury have the desire and the strength to want to go out and demonstrate. Costa is a great player, has a lot of experience, brings a lot to the team and helps a lot of new players. It’s good to come back.center_img —Now Liverpool and Mané arrive on the left side …–He is a complicated player. I don’t know if I’m going to play or not, but if I have the opportunity I want to do it as usual, giving everything of myself to contribute to the team. I already had the opportunity to face Mané in the World Cup, we were in the same group and I know the conditions he has, how good he is and how complicated the game is going to be. But we have team and players to face the match.“Does such a rival take your dream away?”–It is respect what we have. There is no fear here, there is no reason to lose sleep. We respect the rival and I think they do too. They know that Atleti is a difficult, hard-working team that will go out to look for victory and it will be beautiful for both of us.“Are you motivated to see how they give Liverpool a favorite?”–It is always better that the other has favoritism. We with humility, working as a team, I think we can get things done. It is not going to be easy, a complicated game against a very strong opponent, who has achieved great things and we are full, we have commitment and attitude. “It is always better for the favoritism to have another, but let’s butt …” – Would you sign 0-0?–I think not, you have to go out to win. As a player you always think of winning, never in a draw or losing. You always have the desire to go ahead and win, we all think alike.– On the other hand, playing again with your club is important for the Copa América.–Now I’m just thinking of the Atleti. Then there are important matches with the national team, first qualifiers for the World Cup and then the Copa América is already in the holiday period. Thinking about the national team, it is important for me to have a rhythm of competition, to have minutes, to have games … but the coach knows what conditions I have. Despite not having much rhythm I am always one hundred percent, I showed it when I had the opportunity to do it in the Copa América last year and for my part I am at the top of the selection.—In addition, it is important that the tournament be played in Colombia.–It is a pride. It is something unique to have a Cup at home, it encourages you much more to demonstrate, to give you what we have lacked in recent years that is to get a title for Colombia. It is not easy at all, in South America it is increasingly difficult, there is more competition and the teams are becoming stronger, there are many players abroad in large teams, it is increasingly difficult, but team we have, conditions we have and we are waiting The time to be champions.last_img read more

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Total tiebreaker

first_imgIt will not be final, because after the Classic there will still be 12 days, but yes it’s a match that is worth half a league. There was no similar situation since Madrid-Barça that was played on day 33 of the Liga del double white, at 16-17. Madrid reached the first game of the table with 75 points and Barça second with 72. The team was bound, then of Luis Enrique, to win so as not to lose the league. And he did (2-3), although it served little because Madrid ended up winning it, like the Champions League. Three years later, a Classic can decide the League again. Madrid, in a delicate momentThere is no thing to launch rockets at either side of the airlift, but a priori it seems that it is Madrid that has lost the predominant position it had Only a few dates ago. He was three points ahead of Barcelona, ​​who had all the pressure, before drawing (2-2) with Celta and lose (1-0) with Levante. To top, there is no network for the white team, that with the knockouts against the City so difficult he runs the risk of staying, in case of losing and as happened last season, without options in the League, Champions and Cup in the month of March. The pressure is maximum …Zidane’s team has become vulnerable in the BarnabasU overnight. There he has only won one match in this Champions League and he chains three games without winning (in which he has received seven goals). And losing defensive strength is precisely what has made him plummet. He has conceded 10 goals in his last five official matches, the same amount as in the 22 games prior to that streak. Given the obvious lack of goal this season, Madrid had survived based on zero doors (up to 16) … Zidane discusses an action with Benzema in the defeat against City in the Champions League.JUAN MEDINA Beyond that circumstance is a Classic that decants the balance. It does it in two ways. On the one hand, Madrid and Barcelona are tied for 72 wins in the history of the championship (to that we must add 35 draws). Whoever wins will undo the tables. There are Madrid and Barça so even in the championship that the whites have scored 286 goalss in the Classics and blaugrana 288. Tables that also appear in the locker of both coaches. Zidane and Setién have faced each other six times: two wins for each, two draws. It happens, however, that Setien’s two victories were especially painful. Both with Betis and both at the Bernabéu, a fief in which the Cantabrian coach has not yet lost: in March 2017 he tied with Las Palmas (3-3), in September of that same year he won with Betis (0-1) and in May 2019 he won again with the Verdiblancos (0-2). A Barça, a mystery armed with MessiSo that respect to Barcelona, it’s still a mystery, but with Messi, which is not little. The technician relay in January when Valverde was fired to hire Setién after Xavi and Koeman said no and Pochettino was ruled out by the social opposition follows an irregular process. Little has changed in a club that continues to have its weakness in games in the opposite field. The Blaugrana have not added 50 percent of the points they have played away from home. Of the 12 league games played as a visitor, he has won five, has drawn three and has lost four with a balance of 18 goals in favor and 17 against.With Setién the dynamics has not changed. He won by the hair in his visits to Ibiza and Villamarín, he was lucky not to be thrashed Mestalla, was eliminated from the Cup by Athletic in San Mamés and in his visit to San Paolo four days ago the feelings were depressing despite the tie.Barcelonistas cling to Messi’s inspiration and their situation in the table, unthinkable only a month ago when they fell in Valencia.last_img read more

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United Men’s Club Distributes Medical Supplies in Nimba

first_imgA United States based Nimba organization, United Men’s Club, has concluded distribution of Ebola related medical supplies valued at more than US$5,000 to citizens in Karnplay, Gbelay-Geh District, and Bahn, Zoe-Geh District, respectively.   On behalf of the United Methodist Church (UMC), the vice president, Leadopoe Geain said, “I just want to extend our thanks and appreciation to all the men and women that made sacrifices during the deadly Ebola outbreak.”Special appreciation was expressed to all the medical personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice during the outbreak.“These supplies are our way of joining these men and women to help the fight to eradicate Ebola and protect them even after the disease has left the country,” he said. “We hope to continue similar services to our home county even after this deadly virus has left.”United Men Club is an all men’s organization based in Pennsylvania, USA. It consists of young men who focus on promoting brotherhood among their members and are committed to improving their community through services such as mentoring.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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UP Demands October 10 Election Voting Records

first_imgDeadlock deepens: Cllr. Sherman (right) wants NEC to exonerate itself from the fraud charges by submitting their records. NEC’s lead lawyer, Cllr. Dean (opposite Sherman), says UP’s “technicalities” are delay tactics.Unity Party (UP), the intervening political party in the Liberty Party’s alleged fraud and irregularity case before the National Elections Commission (NEC) has called on the Commission to make public all voting records, including results of the elections.UP’s lead lawyer, Senator Varney G. Sherman, in his argument yesterday at the hearing of the case, said the NEC must bring forward records showing the October 10 results in order to verify how it came up with the representative and presidential election results.“How the NEC arrived at the October 10 elections final results needs to be known. Are they saying there are no documents to show how this Commission went on with the creation of addenda (additional list of names of voters whose names were not seen on the final register roll)?” Cllr. Sherman asked during his argument at the hearing.He said the LP’s complaints, as well as those of others about the way the elections went on, are based on pieces of evidence, and as such the NEC should exonerate itself from the charges by submitting their records on the processes.It may be recalled that LP, ALP, ANC and lately UP have filed complaints alleging that more people voted exceeding the number registered at some polling centers and that ballots were allegedly tampered with by some presiding officers (PO), among several other complaints.He accused the NEC chief lawyer, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, of serving as an accomplice of the Commission to hide basic public documents in connection with the electoral processes. Sherman also called on the Commission to make available the final voter registration roll for the ongoing investigations as well as for the runoff election ahead.He argued that the NEC has nothing to lose even if there is no runoff this year. “It is not about speeding up with a process but what is right to do is what we are demanding. It is practical and a very relevant functioning of our democracy,” he stressed.He said buying voters’ cards as in the case of Othello Deshield, a representative candidate who contested on the Liberia Restoration Party’s (LRP) ticket in Nimba County Electoral District #1, the discovery of ballot papers in Grand Gedeh County beneath the earth, among several other cases, should be reported by the NEC with necessary clarity and outcomes from investigations conducted so far.Taking the stage to argue, NEC lead lawyer, Cllr. Dean, said Sherman’s technicalities are wrong and intended to cause more delay in the electoral process. “We are not interested in your technicalities and remember that rules that are applicable to the court are not applicable here. This is a hearing office and it cannot be overburdened with tasks such as revisiting all records and submit them into evidence,” Dean noted.He added that the cases involving Amos Seibo, a staff in the office of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Othello Deshield from Nimba District #1 were investigated by the Liberia National Police and forwarded for prosecution.“We don’t have any legal right to go back to the police or the court and request for the cases in order to re-investigate them. They are criminal cases and the concerned authorities have already taken care of them,” he said.Meanwhile, NEC chief hearing officer, Cllr. Muana S. Ville, granted UP the opportunity to get from the NEC the FRR but denied the request for addenda from all polling centers in the October 10 elections.Cllr. Ville will today rule as to whether UP has a valid ground for intervening in LP’s case.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Man City have been Premier League’s BEST team, says defiant Manuel Pellegrini

first_img Manuel Pellegrini 1 Manuel Pellegrini has hit back at Manchester City’s critics, insisting his side have been the best in the Premier League this season.After setting the early pace in the title race by winning all five of their opening games without conceding a single goal, City’s league form has dipped since early September.They have won just four of their last ten games and last weekend’s defeat at Stoke has seen them slip to third, leading to question marks over City’s ability to produce the goods on a consistent basis.But Pellegrini appears to have no concerns, telling reporters ahead of Saturday’s visit of managerless Swansea: “I know that we are qualified in every competition, I know that we are top of the table… or we were top of the table just one game ago.“For 13 games we were the leaders so I expect that we have a very good team. Maybe we played three bad games in the whole season but in all the other games I think that we are a very consistent team and the best team this season.”There is a feeling Pellegrini’s attacking philosophy leaves a defence already weakened by the absence of the injured Vincent Kompany too exposed, but he denies this is an issue and will not change his approach.He said: “I like to play attacking football, I like to score a lot of goals, but I prefer to win 4-0 than 4-2.“If we are conceding goals it’s just not because we are playing attacking football. For the two goals of Borussia (Monchengladbach) we had seven or eight players near our box.”If that is the case, then Pellegrini accepts mistakes must be being made elsewhere, and he knows they need to be eradicated to keep the title bid on track.He said: “Of course. We need to because we’re too ugly. You can lose to any team here in England but you can’t lose ugly, by an important amount of goals.“It’s an important thing that we analyse why but I know exactly what to expect from this team every game.”last_img read more

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first_imgBusinesses in Donegal will get the opportunity to perform a Business Health check and determine if their enterprise is fit for the future, at a fantastic event organised as part of this year’s Enterprising Donegal Business Week.Andrew CurryThe Futures Company event will take place in An Grianan, Hotel, Burt on Thursday March 6th from 9am to 1pm and according to Andrew Curry who will deliver the programme, those who attend will learn how to re-focus on the needs of their customers.“It doesn’t matter whether you are a large multi-national or a sole trader, your customer is the key to your survival, development and growth. “Sometimes when you are consumed with everything that is involved in running a business you can lose sight of that. This event will help you re-focus on your customer and their needs,” Mr. Curry said.He added that those who attend the event in Burt will get an opportunity to look at what the needs of their customer are, and to determine if there are things they could change to acquire more customers.“As part of the morning event we will look at some of the consumer trends and how things are changing globally and those attending will get to ask questions and try to determine if they are really selling the right things to the right people.”The Thursday event will, said Mr. Curry, be one of participation, with those in attendance very much taking part in the process, asking questions and interacting with the other businesses attending. “At the end of the event, everyone will be able to take away worksheets of the morning’s learning and they will be able to bring that back to their business to look again at how they can make adjustments or improvements. They will be able to perform a business health check,” he added.The Futures Company has glowing testimonials from huge companies like Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, GlaxoSmithKline and Diageo to name but a few, but their Director Andrew Curry said the principles apply every bit as much to a small business – perhaps indeed, even more so – since the loss of even a few customers can often have a massive impact on a small business.“The event will be a great way to re-focus on who your customer actually is and hopefully everyone will go away with one or two ideas on how to improve their business and build on their customer base for the future,” he said.Of course the Futures Company event in An Grianan Hotel is just one of many lined up as part of the terrific line-up organised for the 10th annual Donegal Enterprise Week.“This year’s programme once again has a terrific range of speakers, workshops and seminars all aimed at providing opportunities for learning and networking. The ultimate objective is to help established businesses and indeed new start-ups to grow and develop, which will assist the economy of our county,” Michael Tunney, CEO of DCEB said. “The full line-up of events is available online and while all of the events are free, it is necessary to register and we’d urge people to visit to have a look at the week’s programme and to register as soon as possible,” Mr. Tunney added.He concluded: “Having teamed up with Sendmode as a partner this year, people can also receive text information and reminders about Donegal Enterprise Week if they free text DEW to 50015.”County & City Enterprise Boards are funded by the Irish Government and part-funded by the European Union under the National Development Plan 2007-2013.DONEGAL BUSINESSES TO GET CHANCE TO GET HEALTH CHECK-UP! was last modified: February 25th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Andrew CurryDonegal Business Weeklast_img read more



first_imgBY BREEGE WARD: We hear its going to be a cold dry evening this Friday evening 26th Oct 2012@ 7.30 …..perfect for some family fun on the Haunted Halloween Hike through THE FRIGHTFUL FOREST on the Old Railway walk in Burtonport.WOOOOhhh OOOOOhhh ……. Some say they’ve heard tales of an ancient graveyard being amongst the woods there and that ghosts dance amongst the branches here around the days close by Hallowe’en.Are you brave enough to check it out?  Registration will take place from 7pm at St Columba’s Community Centre in Acres, Burtonport and will be leaving at 7.30. The walk will take about half an hour to complete and everyone is asked to wear something florescent and to bring a lantern/torch… we wouldn’t want you walking into any big spiders on the way now!Refreshments will be served afterwards in the community centre. If anyone can help out at all by bringing along some halloween bites to share with a cup of tea afterwards in the community centre we would be very grateful.Cost €5 each or €10 per family. All proceeds will go towards the Old Railway Development Fund. All witches and goblins welcome.SO……. Do you think you are brave enough???  ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH TO TAKE THE HAUNTED HALLOWEEN HIKE? was last modified: October 23rd, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH TO TAKE THE HAUNTED HALLOWEEN HIKE?breege wardburtonportlast_img read more



first_imgTop broadcaster Eamon Dunphy has used the Donegal GAA team as an example of people who are getting on with their lives in the recession.Eamon DunphyThe commentator was speaking on RTE’s The Frontline.“Look at the Donegal footballers or the Kilkenny hurlers. We are a magnificent people. Let’s see if we can translate that,” he said. Host Pat Kenny said that it has been noted that people who like sport in Ireland are coping with the recession a little better.Hopefully that means that sports-mad Donegal is getting ready to fight back in 2013!   DUNPHY LAUDS DONEGAL GAA TEAM FOR FIGHTING BACK DURING RECESSION was last modified: December 18th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Eamon DunphyThe Frontlinelast_img read more


West Ham close to record £40m deal as they target four new signings this week

first_imgWest Ham are closing in on a club record £40million deal for Felipe Anderson.Having appointed Manuel Pellegrini as their new manager in June, the Hammers have set about rebuilding their squad this summer. Liverpool’s signings under Michael Edwards – will Minamino be the next big hit? Man United joined by three other clubs in race for Erling Haaland 2 Top nine Premier League free transfers of the decade Where every Premier League club needs to strengthen in January TOP WORK IN DEMAND Ryan Fredericks, Issa Diop and Lukasz Fabianski have already arrived at the London Stadium in the close season.Now West Ham are set to add Anderson to their ranks, with the Mail reporting that a deal for the Lazio forward is on the verge of completion.Anderson has been linked with Manchester United in the past and has been capped once by Brazil.He has been with Lazio since 2013, scoring 34 goals in 177 appearances for the Serie A club.The 25-year-old could be among FOUR new arrivals at West Ham this week, with deals for Jack Wilshere, Fabian Balbuena and Andriy Yarmolenko also in the pipeline. LATEST Jack Wilshere left Arsenal at the end of June after 17 years and 197 first-team appearances Cavani ‘agrees’ to join new club and will complete free transfer next summer Felipe Anderson is on his way to West Ham RANKED The 26-year-old is a Paraguay international and rated among one of the best centre-backs in Brazilian football.West Ham are working on a deal for Borussia Dortmund winger Yarmolenko, too.Yarmolenko only joined Dortmund a year ago for a fee of £23million from Dynamo Kiev but they are willing to let him go and their sporting director, Michael Zorc, confirmed late on Sunday that West Ham were in talks over a deal. targets moving on 2 Wilshere is a free agent after ending his long association with Arsenal, which began when he joined the academy in 2001.The midfielder, who has won 36 caps for England, is understood to have already had a medical at the club.Balbuena, a central defender, is also set to arrive from Corinthians after they confirmed a fee – reported to be £3.5million – has been agreed with West Ham. Arsenal transfer news LIVE: Ndidi bid, targets named, Ozil is ‘skiving little git’ The biggest market value losers in 2019, including Bale and ex-Liverpool star Kevin De Bruyne ‘loves Man City and wants to keep winning’, reveals father targets Latest Transfer News REVEALED LIVING THE DREAM three-way race Chelsea confident of beating Man United and Liverpool to Sancho signing Tony Cascarino backs Everton to sign two strikers for Carlo Ancelotti last_img read more

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first_imgIt’s a case of same again for Finn Harps this weekend as they make their second trip of the week to St. Colmans Park to face Cobh Ramblers on Saturday evening (kick-off 7.45pm).It will be the third meeting of the teams in just eight days after it took two games last weekend to decide the FAI Cup tie between the sides.After a 1-1 draw at Finn Park last Friday night – thanks to a injury time equaliser from Cobh’s John Meade – Harps ran out comfortable 4-0 winners in St. Colmans Park on Monday night in the replay with Kevin McHugh, Lee Toland, Paul McVeigh and Michael Funston scoring the goals. So, having arrived home victorious in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, the Harps squad will have the same six-hundred mile round trip to look forward to again on Saturday as they face Cobh for the sixth time this season.How does Harps boss Peter Hutton see things going on Saturday against a side who then have gotten very familiar with in the last week?“Irrespective of what level in the game it is, it is always difficult going up against the same opposition so frequently in such a short space of time,” said Hutton in advance of the game.“Both teams are already very familiar with each other and their respective strengths and weaknesses so it’ll certainly be difficult, more so given that the boys have to do the round trip again so soon. Cobh will obviously have a point to prove following on from the cup defeat but we will go there with confidence and look forward to the game.” Hutton was delighted how his team responded on Monday night in the replay after the initial draw in the Cup game last Friday night. However, he felt Cobh got exactly what they deserved when Meade headed home in injury time.“To concede so late was a devastating blow but to be honest it was probably deserved as we had played very poorly in the second half.“First half we were fine, played reasonably well but again created numerous chances but only had the single goal to show for it. We should have at least worked their keeper more with the amount of chances and possession we had in and around their box, but again we paid the penalty for not being ruthless and finishing the game off.”Hutton feels that his players could have left Ballybofey last Friday night feeling sorry for themselves after it looked like they could have thrown away the chance of playing in the quarter-finals of the Cup.“We addressed the situation immediately after the game and the players knew clearly what was expected of them in terms of their physical and mental preparation for Monday’s game. The players were certainly down but by the time we left Finn Park but they were focused and ready to prove a few people wrong. To a man the team was terrific on Monday and showed great character to respond in the manner they did,” commented Hutton. “We were excellent, the players applied themselves extremely well and weathered the expected early pressure and then displayed great composure and professionalism in taking control of the game. It was a tough game physically giving the boys had to step off the bus after such a long journey and to play against a very energetic side but each and every one of them was a credit to this club,” said Hutton of the 4-0 replay victory.The reward for Harps is a home tie against Premier League Drogheda United in the last eight. It’s the first time in a decade that Harps have reached this stage of the competition.“All we could really hope for was a home draw and having beaten Cobh we can now look forward to playing a very good Premier league team,” said Hutton. “I’m delighted for the players that they will have the opportunity to compete in a real absorbing cup tie and hopefully the supporters will come out once more and show their passion and vocal support on another special occasion.”Harps have no injury worries ahead of Saturday’s trip to Cobh and Hutton will have a full strength squad to choose from. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TEAM NEWSSuspended: None.Doubtful: None.Injured: None.Form Guide (last six league games)Finn Harps: D-L-W-L-W-L (7 pts)Cobh Ramblers: D-W-L-W-L-L (7 pts)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Last six away games against Cobh Ramblers04-Nov-06 – Cobh Ramblers 3-0 Finn Harps (First Division)25-Mar-07 – Cobh Ramblers 1-0 Finn Harps (First Division)28-Jul-07 – Cobh Ramblers 0-0 Finn Harps (First Division)23-May-08 – Cobh Ramblers 1-3 Finn Harps (Premier Division)04-May-13 – Cobh Ramblers 2-2 Finn Harps (First Division)26-Aug-13 – Cobh Ramblers 0-4 Finn Harps (FAI Cup)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Finn Harps Goalscorers 2013Kevin McHugh – 9 (2 in FAI Cup)Sean McCarron – 8 (1 in FAI Cup)Michael Funston – 4 (1 in FAI Cup)Keith Cowan – 3 (1 in FAI Cup)Mark Forker – 2Thomas McMonagle – 2Lee Toland – 1 (in FAI Cup)Paul McVeigh – 1 (in FAI Cup)Thomas McBride – 1 (in League Cup)Matt Harkin – 1 (in League Cup)James Doherty – 1 (in League Cup)Marc Brolly – 1 (in League Cup)Aaron O’Hagan – 1 (in League Cup)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Finn Harps Results 2013 (Harps goalscorers in brackets)26-Aug-13 – FAI – Cobh Ramblers 0-4 Finn Harps (McHugh, Toland, McVeigh, Funston)23-Aug-13 – FAI – Finn Harps 1-1 Cobh Ramblers (McHugh)16-Aug-13 – AL – Finn Harps 0-2 Waterford United09-Aug-13 – AL – Finn Harps 2-0 Salthill Devon (Forker 2)02-Aug-13 – AL – Athlone Town 1-0 Finn Harps26-Jul-2013 – AL – Finn Harps 1-0 Wexford Youths (McHugh)19-Jul-2013 – AL – Mervue United 4-0 Finn Harps12-Jul-2013 – AL – Finn Harps 0-0 Longford Town28-Jun-2013 – AL – Finn Harps 2-2 Cobh Ramblers (Funston, Cowan)28-Jun-2013 – AL – Waterford United 3-0 Finn Harps14-Jun-2013 – AL – Salthill Devon 2-1 Finn Harps (Funston)08-Jun-2013 – AL – Finn Harps 2-3 Athlone Town (Funston, Cowan)31-May-2013 – FAI – Finn Harps 2-1 Wexford Youths (Cowan, McCarron)24-May-2013 – AL – Wexford Youths 2-1 Finn Harps (McCarron)20-May-2013 – LC – Finn Harps 1-1 Derry City (O’Hagan) – Derry win 6-5 on penalties17-May-2013 – AL – Finn Harps 1-0 Mervue United (McCarron)11-May-2013 – AL – Longford Town 2-3 Finn Harps (McCarron, McHugh, McDonagh og.)04-May-2013 – AL – Cobh Ramblers 2-2 Finn Harps (McHugh, McCarron)26-Apr-2013 – AL – Finn Harps 0-1 Waterford United19-Apr-2013 – AL – Finn Harps 1-0 Salthill Devon (McMonagle)12-Apr-2013 – AL – Athlone Town 1-0 Finn Harps05-Apr-2013 – AL – Finn Harps 0-0 Wexford Youths29-Mar-2013 – AL – Mervue United 2-2 Finn Harps (McMonagle, McHugh)23-Mar-2013 – AL – Finn Harps 1-0 Longford Town (McHugh)15-Mar-2013 – AL – Finn Harps 4-1 Cobh Ramblers (McCarron 2, McHugh 2)08-Mar-2013 – AL – Waterford United 1-1 Finn Harps (McCarron)03-Mar-2013 – LC – Mayo League 1-4 Finn Harps (Harkin, Doherty, Brolly, McBride)LC – League Cup. AL – Airtricity League, FAI – FAI Cup.HARPS HOPING CUP FORM ‘RAMBLES’ ON AGAINST COBH was last modified: August 29th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Cobh Ramblersfinn harpslast_img read more


Existence of Universe Is Highly Improbable

first_imgTheologians might rightly celebrate a recognition by cosmologists that the universe is so finely-tuned, it shouldn’t exist.“Sir, I exist!” said a man to the Universe.  “However,” replied the Universe, “the fact has not created in me a sense of obligation.”  That joke by Stephen Crane points out that human existence is not a necessary consequence of Matter, if that is all the universe is.  But what if the Universe began the conversation?  “I exist!” said the Universe to Nothing and No One.  Those two would not only have no sense of obligation, they would be blind, deaf, and dumb to the statement.  Only God could celebrate the existence of a material universe, and He is under no obligation to create one.In that light, look at a news article by Tia Ghose on Live Science: “Universe Shouldn’t Be Here, According to Higgs Physics.”  The Higgs boson discovery was the big event of 2012.  It produces the Higgs Field in the Standard Model that gives mass to particles.  Ghose translates the complexities of the theory into pithy lay language:Modeling of conditions soon after the Big Bang suggests the universe should have collapsed just microseconds after its explosive birth, the new study suggests.“During the early universe, we expected cosmic inflation — this is a rapid expansion of the universe right after the Big Bang,” said study co-author Robert Hogan, a doctoral candidate in physics at King’s College in London. “This expansion causes lots of stuff to shake around, and if we shake it too much, we could go into this new energy space, which could cause the universe to collapse.”In short, the expansion had to be finely-tuned for the Universe’s existence—and ours.  Although the alleged confirmation of inflation is being debated (see 6/24/14), the properties of the Higgs Field are tenuous in any expansion.  Cosmologists at King’s College London looked into their models:What they found was bad news for, well, everything. The newborn universe should have experienced an intense jittering in the energy field, known as quantum fluctuation. Those jitters, in turn, could have disrupted the Higgs field, in essence rolling the entire system into a much lower energy state that would make the collapse of the universe inevitable.Ghose states that “this isn’t the first time that physicists have said the Higgs boson spells doom for the universe.” Yet the Universe continues to affirm, “Sir, I exist!”  It points to dozens of parameters (the fine structure constant, the ratio of proton to electron mass, the charge on the electron, etc.) that are finely-tuned for its existence, suggesting design.  Now it adds the Higgs field to its list:The mass of the Higgs boson, about 126 times that of the proton, turns out to be “right on the edge,” in terms of the universe’s stability, [Sean] Carroll [Caltech] said. A little bit lighter, and the Higgs field would be much more easily perturbed; a little heavier, and the current Higgs field would be incredibly stable.A press release from the Royal Astronomical Society agrees that the finely-tuned Higgs field could not survive inflation:Measurements of the Higgs boson have allowed particle physicists to show that our universe sits in a valley of the ‘Higgs field’, which describes the way that other particles have mass. However, there is a different valley which is much deeper, but our universe is preventing [sic] from falling into it by a large energy barrier.The problem is that the BICEP2 results predict that the universe would have received large ‘kicks’ during the cosmic inflation phase, pushing it into the other valley of the Higgs field within a fraction of a second. If that had happened, the universe would have quickly collapsed in a Big Crunch.At this point, the Universe might retort, “Sir, God exists!”   But cosmologists would rather invent new physics than go there:“This is an unacceptable prediction of the theory because if this had happened we wouldn’t be around to discuss it” said [Robert] Hogan [King’s College London], who is a PhD student at KCL and led the study.Perhaps the BICEP2 results contain an error. If not, there must be some other — as yet unknown — process which prevented the universe from collapsing.“If BICEP2 is shown to be correct, it tells us that there has to be interesting new particle physics beyond the standard model” Hogan said.This leaves secular cosmologists needing inflation to solve the horizon problem, but cursing inflation for destroying the universe.Perhaps they should take a lesson from the brilliant but eccentric mathematician, Kurt Gödel, whose life and major contributions were described on PhysOrg recently.  Best known for his Incompleteness Theorem, Gödel sounded the death knell for positivism: the early 20th century arrogant belief that mathematicians were on the verge of describing everything.   Gödel proved that mathematics cannot explain itself within its own axioms.  Others have extended this Incompleteness Theorem to other areas of philosophy (e.g., Adami, 8/13/07; Wolpert, 10/16/08).  It implies that to explain the universe, philosophers will have to look for necessary and sufficient causes outside the universe.Update 6/30/14: The BBC News reported on the Higgs theory, the history of the find, anticipations of more discoveries at CERN’s newly-updated LHC next year, and the finely-balanced nature of the Higgs boson’s mass:To use an analogy, imagine the Higgs boson is an object resting at the bottom of a curved slope. If that resting place really is the lowest point on the slope, then the vacuum of space is completely stable – in other words, the Higgs is in the lowest energy state and can go no further.  However, if at some point further along this slope, there’s another dip, the potential exists for the Universe to “topple” into this lower energy state, or minimum. And if that happens, the Universe would be doomed.The article goes on to mention that the Standard Model still leaves important factors in the universe unexplained.  Peter Higgs makes a cameo appearance in the article.People know instinctively the world is designed.  They have to be trained not to know it.  Scientists, especially, undergo rigorous training to lose their common sense.  Oh, they have common sense within their world view, but when their restricted common sense runs into roadblocks inside their secular box, they fret and fume and refuse to consider the obvious implication.  They love darkness rather than light.  That’s why they chase phantoms like dark matter, dark energy, and dark “new physics” that nobody has ever observed or even knows how to observe.  Anything but Intelligent Design!Their reactions undercut their logic.  By using argumentation, rationality and emotion, they prove they already are Supernaturalists, because such things do not derive from particles and forces.  Indeed, particles and forces fall into the Incompleteness Theorem; they can only be understood with reference to reality outside themselves—the conceptual world of mind and logic.  That reality, subsequently, can only be understood with reference to a greater Reality outside it—a personal, rational, eternal God: the First Cause from which everything derives.Theologians and creationists have pointed to the fine-tuning of the universe, the Anthropic Principle and such things for decades.  The only sufficient condition for the Universe’s ability to say “I exist!” is the foundation in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”   We’ve seen in recent years the atheists rushing to embrace a multiverse instead of creation (5/17/14), despite the infinite regress trap it presents to them.  What we see with the current hand-wringing over the finely-tuned Higgs field is just more of the anti-rational reaction Paul described so well in Romans 1:18-24. (Visited 298 times, 2 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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South Africa, Japan sign investment pact

first_img20 February 2013 The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd, Japan’s largest bank, have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on increasing Japanese investment into South Africa. The agreement also seeks to increase South African-Japanese cooperation in various areas, including platinum beneficiation and transport infrastructure. The signing follows a visit to Japan by Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies last year, and comes ahead of President Jacob Zuma planned state visit to Japan in June. The agreement was signed in Pretoria on Tuesday by Trade and Industry Deputy Director-General Pumla Ncapayi and Muneo Kurauchi, senior managing executive director at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. Kurauchi said it was “a pleasure to sign the agreement”, adding that Africa was “a promising area for Japanese companies”.Taking SA, Japan relations ‘to the next level’ Speaking to SAnews after the signing, Trade and Industry Director-General Lionel October said the agreement, which would be assessed on an annual basis, was key to taking the relationship between South Africa and Japan to a higher level. He said South Africa had seen an increase in Japanese investment into the country, citing Toyota as an example of one of the companies that had invested and grown its business in the country. “We now want to expand, using South Africa as the base into the African continent,” October said. “We want to cooperate in terms of exports into the continent as a joint venture between South Africa and Japanese companies.”Platinum beneficiation projects Regarding cooperation in platinum beneficiation, October noted that the government was looking to set up two new Special Economic Zones (SEZs), one in North West and one in Limpopo province, “to beneficiate platinum into fuel cells, platinum coins and jewellery, etc. “The Japanese are the world leaders in platinum beneficiation, so we are hoping to cooperate on that.” Feasibility studies on the two SEZs would begin in the next few weeks, October said. The agreement also looks at technical assistance and financial support for rail and infrastructure projects. This comes as President Zuma takes the lead in championing the African Union’s North-South Corridor Project, which is a road and rail link from Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania to Durban. “There are about 350 projects in there,” October said. Source: read more

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Soybean and corn export outlook

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Todd Hubbs, University of Illinois Department of Agricultural and Consumer EconomicsThe escalating trade issues between the U.S. and many of our trading partners continue to affect the outlook in both corn and soybean markets. Drastic price declines since Memorial Day show the impact of trade uncertainty and yield potential. The prospect of large yields combined with trade issues set the baseline for determining export potential and price formation in both corn and soybean markets moving forward.The USDA soybean export projection for the current marketing year totals 2.085 billion bushels, up 20 million bushels from June’s estimate. Census Bureau export estimates through May place soybean exports at 1.762 billion bushels. Census Bureau export totals came in 42 million bushels larger than cumulative marketing year export inspections over the same period. As of July 12, cumulative export inspections for the current marketing year totaled 1.873 billion bushels. If the same difference in export pace continued through the current period, soybean exports would total 1.915 billion bushels as of July 12.For the remainder of the current marketing year, 24.2 million bushels of soybean exports are required each week to meet the USDA projection. During the last four weeks, export inspections of soybeans averaged 24.5 million bushels per week. Low soybean prices encouraged sales to destinations other than China over the last few weeks. As of July 5, total outstanding sales for the current marketing year totaled 263 million bushels, which is well above the estimated 170 million bushels required to meet the USDA projection. While China looks to cancel the 26 million bushels of outstanding sales it possesses, total outstanding sales still sit above the estimated total to meet USDA projection for this marketing year.Adjustments to 2018-19 marketing year trade numbers in the latest USDA forecasts present a bearish picture for soybean exports. A reduction of 250 million bushels, to 2.04 billion bushels, from last month’s soybean export forecast is not a surprise given the current trade environment. In conjunction with lower U.S. soybean export projections, the USDA reduced the Chinese soybean import forecast to 3.491 billion bushels. The 73 million bushel reduction from last marketing year is the first decrease in year over year imports by China since the 2003-04 marketing year. While Chinese imports appear set to decrease, the USDA projects substantial increases in South American production next marketing year. Argentine recovery from last season’s drought and expanded acreage in Brazil place soybean production forecasts in the region at 7.1 billion bushels, up 808 million bushels from the current marketing year. Barring a resolution to current trade issues, soybean exports next marketing year will struggle despite the low prices currently in place.The prospect of record corn yields and the uncertainty surrounding trade continue to place pressure on corn prices. At 2.4 billion bushels, the USDA estimate for corn exports during the current marketing year appears somewhat optimistic given cumulative exports to date and unshipped sales. Export estimates by the Census Bureau through May place corn exports for the marketing year at 1.656 billion bushels. Through July 12, cumulative export inspections totaled 1.907 billion bushels. Using the relationship between export inspections and Census Bureau totals, exports for corn currently sit at 2.01 billion bushels. For the remainder of the marketing year, export inspections need to average approximately 56 million bushels per week to meet the USDA projection. For the last four weeks of export inspection data, corn exports averaged 56.7 million bushels per week. Total outstanding sales for the current marketing year sit at 454 million bushels, which is above the 394 million bushels required to reach the USDA projection. While corn exports may fall short of the current estimate, the blistering export pace in the second half of this marketing year looks set to continue into the fall.Current USDA projections for corn exports during the 2018-19 marketing year total 2.225 billion bushels, up 125 million bushels from last month’s projections. World import projections during the upcoming marketing year provided by the USDA sit at 5.95 billion bushels, up 193 million bushels over the current marketing year estimates. A low price and poor corn crops in South America and the Black Sea region provide an outlook for continued strength in corn exports as we move into the next marketing year. Current export sales data give indications to support this idea. As of July 5, corn outstanding sales for the 2018-19 marketing year sit at 183 million bushels, a 41 percent increase in sales from the same time last year.Exports in both corn and soybeans built some strength over the last few weeks as lower prices spurred demand. Current estimates of export pace place both crops on track to meet or come near USDA projections for this marketing year. The size of the 2018 crop domestically and in key producing regions will provide a critical factor in determining U.S. export potential next marketing year. A resolution of trade issues with China and NAFTA partners would provide needed support. Current developments appear to make this a low probability event in the near term.last_img read more

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Apple’s iTunes 9 Music Offerings Lack True Genius

first_imgTags:#Apple#music#web As is the trend with every Apple-related announcement, Apple stock rises during the hype of initial rumors and drops shortly after the keynote simply fails to live up to expectations. Apple could’ve put a man on the moon this morning and fanboys would’ve still expected a monkey on Venus. Although users were not blessed with the announcement of a Beatles’ release, the company did offer Genius Mixes and the iTunes’ LP. ReadWriteWeb covered the news earlier this morning, now we take an in-depth look at Apple’s latest music-related releases. Genius Mixes With the new iPhone OS, iTunes automatically creates playlists using choices from the user’s pre-existing music library. Twelve default playlists appear under the device playlist section and users can also create Genius Mixes on their own by selecting a song and setting length parameters. While it’s certainly a cool feature, it’s tough to tell how common songs are paired. We suspect songs are categorically matched rather than matched via musical similarities. This could be a problem if you only listen to music categorized as “eighties”. iTunes LP: Unsurprisingly, the iTunes’ LP effort (codenamed Cocktail) is a mild let down. While the LPs do offer liner notes, videos and special tracks, they don’t necessarily offer more than what fan sites offer. And fan sites continue to evolve while these LPs will not expand in scope. If Apple really wanted to make this amazing, it would open up the “interactive album” into something that fans could actually interact with rather than just consume. The LP is definitely a gorgeous collection of media, but it’s confined to a CD-rom like experience when it doesn’t have to be. Sharing Features: While it may seem like a small change, greater Facebook and Twitter integration with the iTunes store may have huge affects on how we consume music. For now, users can add music to their Wishlists and share the links to their Twitter and Facebook friends. Automated messages default to a plain link; however, they can easily be used for gift registry purposes. Depending on how information is used to sync to social networks in the future, music and playlist gifting via social networks may take over from those silly $1 birthday animations. 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… Related Posts 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People…center_img 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout dana oshiro 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe Applast_img read more

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6 Things I Learned Shooting My Last Project on 16mm Film

first_img5. Willing VolunteersSimply put, people get excited about shooting on film. If you’re creating a passion project and having a tough time finding people to crew it for free or at a discounted rate, shoot it on film. People are always looking for experience on a true film production since it’s such a rarity now. They want to be able to add that to their résumé. You’ll discover that the crew will be excited and motivated to work on the project. 1. Film Gets A Lot of Respect Among FilmmakersIt’s captivating how much more respect a project gets if you’re shooting on film. You can feel the difference in the attitude and demeanor of the entire cast and crew. Everything from the performance of the actors to calling the roll is treated which such delicacy and respect. It could stem from the fact that hearing that subtle roll from the camera means that money is literally rolling through the camera, or it may just be respect for the medium and its history in general. Regardless, there’s a much more discernible reverence on any film project.2. Better Production PlanningImage via Thorir Ingvarsson.When each roll of film is roughly only 11 minutes of recording time, and those 11 minutes cost money, planning and preparation become key. You don’t have an endless supply of media cards or a 4-TB hard drive to back everything up. Everything from rehearsal with actors to nailing camera movements becomes key to making sure you maximize the limited amount of roll time you have at your disposal.However, this limitation is an advantage when creating a project. More preparation helps you to create a better project.3. The Importance of ExposureI’ve never found myself more aware of exposure than when shooting film. Simply put, when shooting digital, you can have a tendency to expose a little sloppily. Luckily, you have a lot of tools at your disposal to make sure you nail exposure when shooting on film. One of my personal favorites, aside from a light meter, is taking a stills camera with you and determining the proper exposure with it. 4. The Right Film StockThere’s a variety of different film stocks to choose from. Everything from stock featuring a 50 ASA to 500 ASA and daylight or tungsten-balanced stock. Yes, you do have the options in processing/developing to convert daylight to tungsten or to push or pull the stock a few stops. However, this processing costs you more in post. So if you have day exteriors and then tungsten-balanced interiors, it may be more cost effective to buy two separate stocks for each scenario. Shooting a project on film is an ambitious undertaking. Here are six important lessons I learned from my own 16mm experience.In the digital age, it can be refreshing to take on an analog project. As a filmmaker, there’s a lot you can learn by simply shooting on film. Recently, I had this opportunity to create such a project. It was one of the biggest and most rewarding learning experiences that I’ve had in quite some time. So I’m going to break down my six biggest takeaways.Image via Kristina Kokhanova. 6. Experienced LoadersThis is one of the most important hires that you can make on a film production. If you don’t hire an experienced loader, you may lose the whole project. By hiring someone with experience loading film, you can nearly eliminate the concern that the film wasn’t loaded properly. This person can give you and the entire crew peace of mind that the film will be prepared for development correctly.Shooting a project on film can be a very rewarding experience that will help you really appreciate the medium. The film community is very helpful and welcoming community, and if you live in a market with a developing facility, you’ll find that they’ll be extremely helpful if you create your next project on film.If you’re looking for ways to grow as a filmmaker, or expand your skill set, shooting on film could be the perfect way to do so.Looking for more filmmaking tips and tricks? Check out these articles.Cover image via bucks134.Promotion Tips: How to Get Standout Press For Your FilmThe Production Design Challenges of “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs”Some Lessons in Editing from the Best of Editing ModulationsFilmmaking Tips: The Ins and Outs of Fight Scene ChoreographyDemo Reel Tips: Use Smoke and Fog to Make Your Work Stand Outlast_img read more

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Turnover: Cavs overhaul roster with stunning trades

first_imgAFP official booed out of forum MOST READ Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:59Sports venues to be ready in time for SEA Games01:27Filipino athletes get grand send-off ahead of SEA Games01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s wedding Thomas seemed to sense his strange stay in Cleveland was over.After James hit a buzzer-beating jumper to beat Minnesota in overtime on Wednesday night, Thomas stood at his locker and wondered if he would be on the move again.“I’m tired of being traded,” he said. “That’s not a good thing. But I just want to be where I’m wanted. I like it here. It hasn’t been as planned, but I definitely want to be here.”The Cavaliers, though, had other plans and needed to do something rash while in a prolonged slump and with All-Star forward Kevin Love out with a broken left hand.Thomas, who turned 29 on Wednesday, wasn’t working out. He missed Cleveland’s first 36 games while coming back from a torn right labrum that knocked him out of last year’s playoffs. The Cavs tried to incorporate him into their offense, but it was forced and bogging them down.Cleveland is just 7-13 since Christmas Day, and the club’s slide has coincided with Thomas’ comeback. He played better on Wednesday night, scoring 13 points with seven assists in 31 minutes. But he’s a defensive liability on a defensively challenged team and the Cavs felt it was best to move him.While Thomas struggled on the floor, he didn’t help himself with some peculiar off-the-court comments.Following Tuesday’s embarrassing loss to the 17-win Orlando Magic — the Cavs blew a 21-point lead and scored nine points in the fourth quarter — Thomas questioned whether the team makes enough in-game adjustments.Those remarks were dismissed by coach Tyronn Lue, who said, “That’s not true.”Lue tweaked his rotations against the Timberwolves, giving more minutes to rookie Cedi Osman, who provided an infusion of needed energy. Late in the game, Thomas was pulled off the floor by Lue and the guard stood near Cleveland’s bench and shook his head in disappointment. Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Cleveland completely changed its look — and perhaps its chances of winning a championship this season — on Thursday with a stunning sequence of deals. Cavs general manager Koby Altman traded six players, including Isaiah Thomas, Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose, and two future draft picks in moves designed to not only help them in the short term but could potentially help keep LeBron James beyond this season.Just like that, the Cavs traded nearly half their roster, got younger and maybe wedged themselves back into contention to make a fourth straight Finals appearance against Golden State.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutWatching from the West Coast, the defending champions took notice.READ: Cavaliers send Thomas, Frye to Lakers for Clarkson, Nance  Slow and steady hope for near-extinct Bangladesh tortoises Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH LATEST STORIES “It’s interesting, really interesting,” Warriors forward Draymond Green said of Cleveland’s drastic midseason renovation. “It’s probably obviously something that they felt was needed. I feel like they made some good moves. I don’t know, we’ll see. A lot of action. That’s a completely different team now than the team we faced the last three years.“They’ve still got LeBron James. I think everything else at that point is irrelevant.”The Cavs began their shocking overhaul by sending the disappointing Thomas along with forward Channing Frye and one of their two first-round picks to the Los Angeles Lakers for point guard Jordan Clarkson and forward Larry Nance Jr.Thomas, who came over in last summer’s blockbuster trade with Boston for Kyrie Irving, played in just 15 games and wasn’t fitting in with Cleveland on or off the floor after he returned from a hip injury.As the Thomas swap was being digested around the league, the Cavs completed a three-team deal with Utah and Sacramento, said a person with direct knowledge of Cleveland’s moves. The Cavs sent Rose, who has also been slowed by injury, and forward Jae Crowder to the Jazz for forward Rodney Hood. They’ll receive guard George Hill from the Kings in exchange for guard Iman Shumpert, said the person who spoke on condition of anonymity while the teams awaited league approval.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 introduces GURUS AWARDS to recognize and reward industry influencers Globe Business launches leading cloud-enabled and hardware-agnostic conferencing platform in PH Read Next Moments later, James dropped his game-winner over Jimmy Butler to edge the Timberwolves and was mobbed teammates.It turned to be a going-away celebration. 2 ‘newbie’ drug pushers fall in Lucena sting READ: Dwyane Wade returns to Miami as Cavs continue to dealAnd if all that wasn’t enough, the Cavs then dealt Wade to Miami for a protected 2024 second-round pick. It’s a homecoming for the 36-year-old Wade, who played 13 seasons in Miami, winning three NBA titles — two with James. Wade has said he wanted to end his career with the Heat, and he’ll get his chance.James went on Instagram to endorse the move for one of his best friends , posting “truly happy for my brother @dwyanewade!! It’s how it’s suppose to be. Love you my guy!! #WadeCountyBack.”While he was reunited in Cleveland with James, Wade was coming off the bench and his role may have been further diminished by the other new additions. Wade, though, had an impact during his short time with the Cavs.“A definite Hall of Famer when his playing career is complete, his basketball legacy is cemented by how he carries himself both on and off the floor,” Altman said. “His work ethic and commitment to the game of basketball with such an illustrious career was greatly respected by his Cavs teammates and everyone in our front office.”The massive makeover is intended to help the Cavs make another title run in 2018 with James, who can opt out of his $35.6 million contract this summer and become a free agent. The 33-year-old James has said he would like to finish his career in Cleveland and Altman, who has only been in charge of the roster since July, gave James a team he can lead back to the Finals.In Jordan and Nance, whose father played for Cleveland, the Cavs are adding a pair of young players with upside.“Jordan and Larry add athleticism, energy and length to both ends of the court for us,” Altman said. “This trade is also a reflection of our continuing commitment to invest in our roster in ways that help us evolve and compete at the highest level now and into the future.”The Cavs also protected themselves if they lose James by hanging onto the first-round pick they acquired last summer from Boston for Thomas, Crowder and center Ante Zizic.ESPN was first to report the dizzying run of deals. Defining matches FILE – In this Monday, Jan. 8, 2018, file photo, Cleveland Cavaliers players, from left, LeBron James, Isaiah Thomas, Kevin Love, JR Smith and Jae Crowder take a break during a review in the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Minnesota Timberwolves in Minneapolis. James and the Cavaliers are going through their annual January freeze. It’s taking them longer to thaw this year, raising questions about whether they’re still the best team in the Eastern Conference or good enough to make their fourth straight NBA Finals. (AP Photo/Jim Mone, File)CLEVELAND — With their NBA title hopes fading fast, the Cavaliers got aggressive at the trading deadline.They swapped teams.ADVERTISEMENT View commentslast_img read more

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