Wangzhuan course of a female college students

I am a student, learning is very professional geological waste, the one destined to fail to find work, so there is no Study hard, often go to the Internet, the chance to know the survey Wangzhuan, and so on to do the investigation made money, nearly a year did not earn how much money, don’t think so.


last year’s national day contact click on ads, also received some money, but most are liars, their profit is very simple, also want to do a website, but even more do not know what is the most simple, DNS results will not be cheated, a very chat to friends made me an ad Click station, spent 160 yuan, that is 200M space, but there is no space password, I do not know, too stupid, when I know, I find him, he put me off the home site, also called me in I really want to, ~ ~ ~ very Speechless, from then on I began to learn to do their own station, because not familiar with the code, there is no talent, learning C language is garbage, it has not been made, even for a long time will also upload web learning. read more


How do the master level around Amoy master

Taobao Taobao is to help customers inside the seller to promote the sale of goods, get a certain commission, known as Taobao off, it can be said that the promotion of personnel. Taobao customers to make money is mainly rely on the promotion of commodity sales commission, because Taobao’s commission is relatively high, more and more owners have joined the line, but the competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

I also have

contact guest time of half an year, has been relying on the network marketing technology with SEO as the main means to promote Taobao customers, but under the terrible competition, I think that the new owners want to rely on SEO to do the guest, it is very difficult for a higher contact! Time, although he did not do a very strong level, but still have a lot of side has a monthly income of over a million in addition to a guest expert, admiration for them, I often ask them for advice, hope I can come back from the ‘senior’ there Amoy little gold, after all is the master master, master the trick so far is the peace of ordinary people, the share of network marketing methods around master: read more


Two years failed to touch Zhou Botong two sailing experience

two years failed to touch the product experience

Zhou Botong CEO Feng Tao want to enter the online recruitment, is derived from a few years ago to do a recruitment team on the watercress, after two years of accumulation, the recruitment of Enterprises above the recruitment of more than 10.

Feng Tao realized that although the traditional top three recruitment sites accounted for nearly 60% of the recruitment market, but since so many companies are still recruiting watercress community, apparently there are still some market demand has not been met. Then, in the second half of 2011, Feng Tao with several partners on a separate portal, online recruitment website, which is the predecessor of the Zhou Botong recruitment network. read more


The data about the project to spread the media network alliance

webmaster, everyone:


project will not spread media data from the 10.25 day, the reason is due to the recent promotion of this project partners over the surge in data pressure is relatively large, they run in the background data. Please do not worry, we will show you the data as soon as possible.

Union address:

more union information:

would like to join the Admin5 channel, please contact QQ:285445

Admin5 alliance channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information. read more


12 cases can cause breast cancer ‘s health network



breastfeeding can reduce the risk of breast cancer, due to endocrine changes in lactation, breast cancer is not conducive to breast cancer.

a large number of studies show that late age at first birth, birth, full-term less, are risk factors for breast cancer. After 30 years of age, the risk of breast cancer is higher than that of the pregnant women at the age of 25 years of age by a factor of 20. The birth of the 3 child than 1 ~ 5 ~ 2 fetal incidence rate of breast cancer is 5 times higher. The first time after 35 years of age, the risk of developing breast cancer was increased by a factor of 3 compared with the first woman before the age of 20. The risk of breast cancer is less than that of the childless, but the difference is not significant. read more


What they can also change the A cup breast plump female health network

A now tell the girls a cup is not mysterious Meixiong coup, even after puberty also don’t have to worry about no chance!

Rugen: double down the center, located just below the roots of the breast, while a.

want to have a concave convex shape, in addition to congenital factors, it is necessary to have surgery?

tanzhongxue: chest parallel center line, is to place on the sternum.

Xiaobian reminder:

(internship editor: He Lili)

days Creek point: located in the extension line of the nipple outwards, will hand the tiger’s mouth open, is boosting the right breast four fingers, thumb on the breast outside the two (the four or five intercostal) are the days of river point. read more


Breast disease symptom health network from the areola changes

dress too tight bundle. Especially in the female breast puberty underwear too tight, easily lead to nipple.

female nipple depression is it?

1, the nipple and areola color deepened, and surrounded by double nipple and areola itching, breast examination can be found in the bilateral or unilateral breast hyperplasia or cystic hyperplasia. The nipple and areola color deepened that estrogen levels increased as the target organ of breast lesions, is consistent with the law of occurrence.

2, the nipple and areola of simple color deepened, become dark brown or dark brown, and even found a small nodule formation, areolar glands formed around the protrusions, this check did not breast lesions. Should the patient have a more serious form of liver disease? This is because of the decline in liver function caused by liver disease, estrogen in the liver is not the normal out solution, resulting in the nipple and areola color deepened, the male with severe liver disease who appeared in the "spider", "cinnabar palm" is exactly the same. read more