Liu Qiangdong it is easy to network fake a programmer will fix a day

[Abstract] Liu Qiangdong pointed out that Ali will not follow a lot of media investment, Jingdong only focus on three things: electricity providers, electricity providers and related financial services and cloud.

Tencent Francisco December 10th, China electricity supplier brand Jingdong founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) recently accepted the foreign media interview, on the current market environment and the company Chinese operations are introduced.

at the moment, China’s Internet industry is particularly intense competition, Jingdong in this area from the electricity supplier giant Alibaba repression. Although China’s other big Internet giant Tencent to form a strategic partnership, but Jingdong is not easy to compete with Alibaba. read more


Public comment lonely new home O2O platform

[Reuters] following the 58 city state power, the U.S. group, the Jingdong to carry out a series of home O2O, public comment should provide on-site service, to open the door of users.

has been open 5 categories

informed sources revealed to billion state power network, the public comment is about to open the "home" entrance, and with an open platform docking multiple vertical O2O businesses.

from the merchant feedback, the two sides are wildly beating gongs and drums for. But noted billion state power network, in the public comment, PC App end products has been low-key on-line service home page. read more


Taobao online education students occupy a space for one person

In July 12th,

news, in a Beijing online education salon, Taobao insiders, Taobao or to further strengthen the development of education and training providers, and may launch "Taobao students" education channel in the near future. "Taobao students" this is a new term, literally can see that Taobao intends to get involved in the education market, in recent years, the online education market has continued to enter the Internet gangster, apart from Taobao, a NetEase, Kingsoft so that future intends to enter the online education market. read more


Suning open platform to seek competitive differentiation under the line break moment

Suning brewing open platform has long been on the line. In September 12th, Suning in the water cube held open platform strategy conference, thousands scale after this, will be in Nanjing city held a 11 investment conference, enough to see its open platform for investment.

This is

after the early June, the company changed its name line under the same price, another important action of Su ningyun. Suning open platform development will directly affect the performance of Suning suning. According to Su ningyun and vice chairman of the planning, the future, Suning open platform sales will be more than self. read more


Yuezhan empty is behind the major manufacturers of their own thinking

In fact, the

Chinese electric slightly know the friends all know, every 4-5 month is a concentrated period of electricity giant rally, at this stage, to the Jingdong, Suning led by electricity providers will set off a "zero interest rate" price war. But this year the situation is clearly different from ordinary, good at using micro-blog previous campaign Liu Qiangdong’s quiet a lot, but also directly makes another Jingdong low-key Suning, Greece and other manufacturers to come up empty. Then the Yuezhan, everyone is with how the operation state of mind? read more


Users become scarce resources luxury electricity supplier price is king

in recent years, with the vigorous development of domestic e-commerce, more and more B2C platform began to appear, the Jingdong, suning.com appliances mall, Dangdang books, clothing category of excellence, where customers have become the industry model of Dudangyimian in e-commerce platform, various categories of luxury websites have come. However, at the same time in the luxury industry booming, due to the high price difference and the shrinking of overseas markets, as a buyer’s user has become a scarce resource. read more


2008, rely on advertising alliance to win the market

advertising alliance development in China has been for several years, with the addition of Google AdWords, Baidu also launched a Baidu promotion, there are some other large sites also continued to launch a "targeted" alliance as the main characteristics of the nature of the product, caused a huge impact to the domestic advertising alliance. According to data released by IResearch, the 2007 advertising alliance market size of more than 1 billion yuan, but of which more than 70% of the share occupied by Google, Baidu, etc.. At present, many of the alliance is still confined to the original "intermediary" or "middleman" role, regardless of the brand, technology or service, have no advantage, that in this case, how should the advertising break out in 2008 read more


How to simply make a successful Taobao shop seller

one, put their most familiar industry

earned the first money to start from the most familiar with their own industry, not in a strange field from scratch. There is no strong wealth to support the sale of the small can not afford to stand up to the outsider, this is a can not afford to pay tuition. The famous Benz company is by the two companies merged, the two bosses are Benz and Daimler, two of them were produced the world’s first batch of car, then the car display skills to the full in this field, the achievements of today’s brilliant benz. The world’s richest man Bill · Gates is an outstanding example of success in their familiar industry. The Microsoft Corp in the garage is a giant in the world’s information industry, and Bill · so far, only owns the company, he has never done anything unrelated to the computer business. read more


More hate than love, course of Google AdSense

do GG has 2 years, from the beginning to the present to leave too much vicissitudes, but also from the inside too much experience. But I just can’t get much money!

started doing it, GG did a good job, and the check was sent from the United states! Every month, there are 200-400 dollars, because the check is sent from the United States, generally received a check every two months! Collection is also troublesome! GG my personal experience is, GG they have a characteristic: as long as you are a personal account, income of more than 800, whether you do not cheat will be K out. Last year, my site IP traffic up to 100 thousand IP a day, GG revenue of more than $1200, in the month since the flow was K account! Write to ask why, no echo! Later, I have been using my name for 2 times, but also because of the high income was K out, and finally be added to the blacklist! A few months’ income is gone! (Note: K account is definitely not guide the click, click malicious, mutual, I cheat is not interested, because I was very busy at work and had no chance to cheat) no way I, I used a friend’s name to register again, after I adjusted GG advertising, controlling for income, not more than $400 in revenue, and this way very spirit, has maintained for nearly a year! Until the first two months, my income and more than $900, the monthly income of $400, so that the account was lost K! In my group (group number: 2479517) are hundreds of webmaster, also received such treatment, or often occur! I found that Google Adsense invalid click judgment and processing has been seriously deviated from the normal range, a direct impact on the majority of publishers’ advertising revenue. A publisher account is stopped, the reason is invalid click; issued income is adjusted for invalid clicks; issued ad the average price is more and more low, the reason is many clicks are considered invalid filtered income. My mood has plummeted, has not in the mood to continue to do Google AdSense. I have completely given up on him, I feel that their advertising is a feeling of being cheated,   this is also a true portrayal of the current online spread of Google scam rumors! But what is the way? There are webmasters to petition the GG company, has sued GG company, but the results and how? Answer: no echo. Feel the opponent is too strong, not the so-called cooperation! read more


Yiqifa skin shadow back online

everybody stationmaster:
ppfilm  using international advanced technology, to support large-scale video on demand. The Web2.0 architecture allows you to speak freely, enjoy the fun of watching "in power, you want to see". "Permanent free" is the promise of ppfilm unchanged, but also hesitate, come and see! Having your participation in ppfilm will be more popular, smoother, more satisfying!

data return: 48 hours read more


Five people must know the unspoken rule of Wangzhuan

now this Wangzhuan industry can be said to be hot, from time to time will bring millions of millionaires! So many people have xiaojiannaodai want to join them, but people often for many people, just like a rose in bloom, looks very beautiful, if you pick it, it is very easy to put their own the finger stabbed, because a lot of people in the Wangzhuan, resulting in scars, and finally had to leave this website industry, what is the reason for the failure of Wangzhuan? The key is that many people don’t know Wangzhuan inside the industry unspoken rule, so had ultimately failed, five below is the unspoken rule of five kinds of new Wangzhuan must know! read more


The way to make money in life blog


today to see the "farmer Li Wei blog posting money way is very important, he analyzed the Google AdSense, Ali Mama, and several other profitable blog station Changfeng way, because I mentioned in this article, so I made a message on his there, did not think they would write such a long message, so come to rearrange your blog, published some more specific view

!The first

statistics gain about 2007, Google AdSense has now over $100 in revenue, Changfeng station as of today’s income is 186.25 yuan, Ali mother advertising and recommended income is roughly more than and 400, of which 220 is recommended to get the benefits of cheating! In addition through the topic of the article writing network Bora income 205 yuan. The year 2007 should be realized through the site an unexpected read more


Even bigwigs have to give up fresh electricity supplier, investors are still playing what

Well done

fresh electricity supplier, all game player is the secret of trial and error to survive and maintain alive.

entrepreneur & I dark horse fresh electricity supplier series of fifth reports released. When we read the fresh market after listening to the joys and sorrows of life and death, to survive in the market leader of the company, now let’s visit the capital side, look at the death, in this large number of entrepreneurial projects are struggling to survive the game player on the market, investors still continue to add note why? What is the logic of their investment. Hold on the fresh future and how to read more


Before four action to make your chest two times the development of network healthy women

1, not a partial eclipse, to develop good eating habits, the appropriate increase in the number of animal protein and fat.

2, pregnancy should keep the nipple clean, daily cleaning of the breast and nipple, with 70% alcohol or warm water to wash the nipple, wash after dry, then rub ointment or cream on the nipple, and then gently massage to make the nipple skin become tough.

2, every day do calisthenics, usually chest, chest, also can do push ups, pull ups or dumbbell workouts, spring movement, to exercise chest muscle developed, thus contributing to increased breast hypertrophy. read more