China cross-border electricity supplier explosive growth in the first half of the transaction size o

second global retail electricity supplier Chinese summit 2016 held in Shanghai in December 1st, released during the "China cross-border e-commerce development report" shows, from 2015 to the first half of 2016, China cross-border e-commerce trend of explosive growth, has become a new driving force to drive the development of trade. 2015 China cross-border e-commerce transactions reached 4 trillion and 800 billion yuan, an increase of 28%, cross-border e-commerce transactions accounted for China’s total import and export volume of 19.5%. In the first half of 2016, China’s cross-border e-commerce transactions amounted to 2 trillion and 600 billion yuan, an increase of 30%. read more


Taobao put relentless let the bad businesses go bankrupt

Beijing daily news (reporter Chong Xiaomeng) from the beginning of last year, counterfeiting has become one of the hottest keywords taobao.com. In yesterday’s "3· when the 15 consumer rights day", taobao.com President Zhang Jianfeng mail put relentless, said to have nowhere to live, so fake infringement let bad businesses go bankrupt".

yesterday morning, Premier Li Keqiang said at the press meeting, I would like to advertise online shopping, courier and drive the e-commerce and other new formats, because it greatly boosted employment and stimulate consumption. Prime Minister also stressed that whether it is online or offline entities, should pay attention to integrity, quality assurance, safeguard the interests of consumers. read more


A taste of tea tea industry how to integrate e-commerce industry chain

a taste of tea on the line for over half a year, when other domestic B2C website smash advertising soared rash and too much in haste, traffic and sales at the same time, a taste of tea has been quietly focused entity wholesale and distribution network. From the point of view of sales monthly increments, a taste of the tea is no less than the monthly operating fronted monthly on the hundreds of thousands of retail mall advertising. At present, B2C increasingly fierce competition in the crevice to seek survival and development, it is imperative to differentiated business model. From the operation strategy blindly tea is not difficult to see, the biggest advantage of Evtea is to use the least resources to integrate the whole tea industry chain. read more


Glutinous rice network mask product being sued for infringement of the plaintiff Unifi Inc claims 50

(Shanghai) health products trading company that rice network sale "My Beauty Diary Mask violated the" trademark beautiful log "my mask, glutinous rice network operating company of Beijing glutinous rice network technology development Co., Ltd. and Beijing rice network information technology company to court, claims 500 thousand yuan economic loss. Recently, the Haidian court accepted the case.

according to the plaintiff Unifi Inc, unified drug Limited by Share Ltd well-known cosmeceutical products factories in Taiwan in 2009 by the Chinese Trademark Office approved the registration of the "beautiful log" my "trademark, can be used for cosmetics, cosmetic skin care mask, cosmetic agent, toiletries, perfumes, essential oils, bath and other goods. After the registration of the trademark of my beauty, the Unifi Inc of Taiwan licensed the United (Shanghai) company to use the registered trademark in the mainland of china. But since October 2012, Unifi Inc found that glutinous rice network without permission, many times on its Web site sales marked as my beauty diary mask products, and huge sales. read more


Ma Yun mom said rebound Pipa invasion of e-commerce

This is Ma Ma

. To be exact, the Ma Yun is a little Ma Yun from Tsinghua University".

little Ma has three entrepreneurial experience, entrepreneurial context simply summarized as: first to help college friends, and then help young people in the community to make friends, find the object; finally, to help them build a platform to share parenting experience.

in 2007, he bid farewell to NetEase executives, the mother has not yet set up a big man, said his mother, a mother and child vertical community website. His idea is to share the community bonding mothers, and then use the electronic commerce to the user to develop two times, to explore suitable for their own profit channels. read more


Net micro new 6D user registration CPA

6D space CPA registered advertising price is high, the post is a post. Please visit the specific requirements.

settlement cycle: monthly settlement

data: 3 days return

success criteria: the user should send product reviews related information, should be associated with the product, the word in 50 words or more, for the effective user is a successful user

post audit standards: 1, should check whether the post posting users and products are related to

2, check whether there are irregularities posting read more


Wangzhuan high return skills

now many Wangzhuan, overwhelming, it is not to find a good project, you can make money? Is the project more, earn more? Not so. No matter what Wangzhuan project, want to have high returns, skill is unavoidable. Wangzhuan, does make a lot of people purse bulging. But these people have their own characteristics, their common feature is to enter a long time, the difference is that some technology is good, some experience more. Now Wangzhuan and real sectors as many people do, but also a lot of competition. Novice entry, no technology, no experience, it is difficult to earn money, only mastered the same skills, in order to make money. So if we want to make money, we have to choose a direction. read more


Four simple actions rub out the fullness of the chest ‘s health network

women want to have large breasts, a variety of useful breast cream, have to do plastic surgery…… But a lot of effort, the effect is not good. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine finishing some massage method, try, let the breast operation in the fingers, can easily work. Come and try it!

tight chest muscles

1, put his hands under his armpits, along the periphery of the breast massage.

, 2 hands from the breast below to about two party pulling upward, until the clavicle position. read more