Liu Chuanzhi college students have the courage to venture

unfamiliar street looking for a girlfriend such companies are listed, and I like this person, how can we imagine? But later they are made." When it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation, Lenovo Godfather Liu Chuanzhi (see photo) acknowledged that his views changed, as long as the courage to be able to". Entrepreneurship for young people, Liu Chuanzhi is only a little exhortations: don’t take parents’ pensions into the toss.

Internet era is still sprint

from the computer started, now dabbling in modern services, financial services and modern agriculture, in the eyes of Liu Chuanzhi head of Lenovo holdings, the age of the Internet is still in the sprint, the impact by the various sectors not panic, who can run to the end of this circle is unknown. read more


Tips about banner advertising

banner ads can be copied, can be used in video content, you can also enlarge the size. However, up to now, people still can not complete all of the above work.

last week, the developer launched the first PointRoll media site FLASH banner ads, which makes the industry be startled at. This size of 300X250 ads on the MSNBC’s home page, but also on May 24th at 6 on the evening of YAHOO and AOL network news home page.

this is actually part of the environmental protection activities of General Company, through the development of a variety of advertising activities, GM is trying to demonstrate its commitment to environmental protection, aimed at the development of environmentally friendly products. In order to celebrate the two-year campaign, held a general discussion of 1 hours in California Universal Studios, the debate between general Immelt and California governor Schwarzenegger CEO. read more


With the mentality to do Wangzhuan experience

I think

contact Wangzhuan, that is the end of 2004, at that time, the first time to know the original network can make money, the mood is full of curiosity and excitement. In fact, at that time including money, money and other items of mail has long been a prime time. If I’m not mistaken, in 2001 before doing this project to earn a beam with joy. The price was high at that time. But if you miss it, look ahead. So, began to become the other offline. Go to the forums every day. Remember to do the famous cashdelight, cashclicking and other projects. Also pulled a few off the assembly line, every day can have some commission, but also with PE hanging hundreds of resources. But did not receive a payment, because I do before the payment, all accounts are given to users. (at the time that I am sure I can do it to pay, but can not think of referrals, most unreasonable referrals wangzhuan. So do not want to do it again, although did not pay, but now want to feel a lot of revenue. Because it is beginning to do a website at that time, began to understand the network can make money. In the next day (no Wangzhuan should say is not narrow Wangzhuan day) I started thinking about trying to get revenue through the website operation. Which has done QQ station, movie station, web site, grid station, entertainment station, the station, the industry station; in a variety of attempts, even if there is no income but lost money to go in, but also feel worthwhile. Because in the station, learn a lot of new things, get more experience, broaden their horizons, experience a lot of fun. read more


PK Wang sales into the latest advertising

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advertising Description:
PK2WIN aims to provide a more clean and healthy environment for the Chinese entertainment network users can realize free games through advertising sponsorship, and also be able to obtain material rewards. We design the ladder type upgrade system is a very rigorous algorithm based on can provide users with low to 10 yuan, up to 167 thousand yuan bonus, while all the game outcome by strict anti cheat system to protect the rights and interests of game player. read more


Do Wangzhuan readme a senior high school student

I am a high life, this summer rose. Underachieving, a holiday on the Internet at home, always play games, then thinking about learning bad nor sloshing ah, want to do a website to play, you can also learn, 100 yuan to buy a corn, ASP space, now just over a month.

I just start to do is click, surfing Wangzhuan, a very poor advertising 1 cents, I was playing to do, but this can not go on well, it can make some money


then bought website, first made a QQ space resource, later saw a lot of station like this, so I want to change the station to do, I do not click Wangzhuan? The development of offline can make money ah.. A ~ do Wangzhuan portal, collected the best domestic Wangzhuan project, this is the second day after, for Baidu, the hope included ah ~ ~ popularity is very poor, not propaganda ~~ read more


Tencent turnover product manager entrepreneurial story from thinking not sure to stick BAT

Abstract: in May 2011, after 6 years as a product manager, I left the company to start a business, which is now the first of its kind in the past fourth years. In, I have experienced the stages of failure, confusion and rebirth.

today’s share from the magistrate’s founder & CEO; Zhang Jifeng, he tells you he is their own business failure, confusion and rebirth of the story. Entrepreneurship is never a shortcut, the sour lengnuanzizhi. Fortunately, a person’s success is not single but repeated or repeated play. The following is the text, Enjoy: read more


What are the benefits of girls breast massage health net

five, can relieve the tension of breast

girl’s breast has not yet mature, this time is not wearing a bra, but this time the girl’s breast will have a feeling of pain, and you can feel the breast massage breast a little hard, girls often on breast massage can promote breast blood circulation and circulation of Lin Bai that can promote breast development, make breast tension eased to a certain extent.

two, can improve immunity

girls are in adolescence, when is the growth and development of the breast, this time a lot of girls all love to touch her breast, this has just begun development of parts of the body is full of curiosity, but also full of mysterious feeling, in fact, the girl on his breast massage more words a lot of advantages, is described below what are the benefits of a girl breast massage. read more