Soft group in a short period of time to create more high-quality articles

network marketing is the most critical flow, flow is money. There are many ways to get traffic, including free and charge. Free of charge, such as soft marketing category, such as the key word of the advertising category, today is to say that the soft marketing category of soft group".

so-called soft Wen group is from a soft Wen to spread more than soft Wen, this method can not only create more articles, but also save time.

commonly used in several ways:

1 theme from the secondary

as you write about the network to make money, you can plan to write 1-2 article introduces what is the network to make money, and then write 3-4 article introduces the network to make money with those types, then write more than 10 articles in the network to make money, of course, you can also keep digging and spread more articles in the class. read more


WeChat third party service providers micro purchase easy to get $30 million investment


] September 28th news billion state power network, billion state power network that domestic WeChat third party service providers to develop micro goodit "has received A round of 30 million yuan investment, investment for the capital club.

it is understood that the micro goodit is one of the WeChat public cloud services platform SaaS, Alipay and Baidu windows service enterprise based on the line in 2013, WeChat, the number of public service started, provide marketing platform for mobile business, and WeChat distribution system. At present, the service companies including Lenovo Group and natural group, seven wolves, Overlord, cishengtang, Ann Kang, a pearl in the palm, Yingjian and other brands. read more


Tmall live 1111 yuan to grab the red double 11 Alipay red password looting

we all know this year 11 red rain is very fierce, the main venue of Tmall red, Alipay password red, Tmall broadcast red packets and so on welfare, Alipay red, Tmall live red rain is the new play this year double eleven. But do you know how to grab a red envelope? Some users may not be very clear, Xiao Bian in this arrangement to everyone.

1 red envelopes, coupons, traffic coupons received:

copy of this message [$AAPkiLoz $open Taobao mobile phone to enter the venue to grab a red envelope] to share increased and the number of large grab red win red oh. read more


Super APP can carry the traditional retailers nternet plus dream

According to the

Research Institute released the "daily China retail O2O trend analysis and Prospect of the Research Report" shows that in Chinese chain hundred enterprises, 82% enterprises have launched the business electricity supplier, has been carried out in the business enterprise, self built platform accounted for 60%.

or self online mall, launched its own APP; or in cooperation with the business platform; if not, the way WeChat, Alipay and other mobile payment access, foreign companies can claim to "Internet +XXXX". The Internet has not been exposed to the traditional retail business, online website and APP is "across the Internet" the most simple way, such as Carrefour, jingkelong. read more


When everyone knows it’s a Taobao……

today in the forum to see a post, the title is "everyone knows that Taobao customers, Taobao customers will not exist", see this title can not help but we are worried, because you really want to have that day off Taobao does not exist, webmasters may be a no source of income, even the unemployment, Taobao customers feed a large number of people, many people put off when Taobao full-time job, like every day to work as hard, 15 monthly wages on time. It is hard to imagine that if Taobao really does not exist today, the owners will be engaged in what kind of work. Baidu, Google advertising alliance to make money? No traffic, it is difficult to do! The local industry website? There is no economic base, more difficult to do full-time! SEO? Technology is not mature, very difficult! What Taobao will be how to develop? Let us boldly guess. read more


Beautiful said HGO Boot Black Friday one hundred thousand empty stores global buyers

November 26th news, with the upcoming national Shopping Festival "black Friday", the domestic and overseas shopping market in the winter there unusually hot trend, many main overseas shopping business on this special day already prepared for a long time. Beautiful beautiful global fashion online shopping platform under the banner of the said HIGO has made a strong action in the near future on the line with "empty world" as the theme of large-scale online shopping festival live five black area, 100 thousand global buyers into the store every day in real time discount panic buying goods, let users can feel the value and price of goods brought black five the. read more


Mogujie.com June grab what is the ghost listed PO need to be ready before and after the end of ammu

Abstract: there is no right or wrong, only the pros and cons of the world, the giants have been imitated rolling, is nothing new. Therefore, the future of the field of vertical electricity supplier, is bound to control the transaction, and business interests binding.

starts with an interesting conversation –

a reporter: I heard that XXX to be listed Oh!

June: oh.

a reporter: you do not worry about it?

June: why worry?


reporter: they once listed, will seize the social electricity supplier first, think of Youku and Tudou, Youku potatoes listed first, the miserable, the capital market has been suppressed not to say, finally only a takeover of read more


The electricity supplier biscuits large appliances is intended to coax good investors

business "biscuits" large appliances: shopping "25% gross margin" hasty price war, was intended to "good" investors "that is a micro-blog marketing strategy." August 27th, Sun Weimin, vice president of Suning Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (micro-blog) said that the public information display, the price war initiated by Jingdong mall, did not prepare to prepare in advance.

August 14th, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said that the next 3 years, all of our electricity than Gome, Suning chain cheap at least more than 10%, Suning, Gome has responded, induced price war". read more


300 billion capital beachhead three electricity supplier has yet to break through the bottleneck of

spread rapidly in the "Internet plus" concept under the condition of Internet giants, pharmaceutical companies, such as retailers have cut into the field of electricity providers, and optimistic about the future development of the market. The upcoming Internet food and drug supervision and management approach, the pharmaceutical electricity supplier further pushed to the tuyere.

data show that in 2013 China’s online pharmacy sales scale of about 4 billion 200 million yuan, compared with 2012 turned up to 2 times, is expected in 2015 the scale of China’s pharmaceutical electricity supplier transactions will reach 10 billion. read more


Star password open shop, in 2016 the courage to challenge and change

2016, is the star password eleventh years, said not long, say short not short of the past eleven years, the star password has experienced numerous challenges and changes. Do not challenge, we can not grasp the new opportunities; do not change, it can not adapt to new trends in the industry. Star password (http://s.xingmima.com/) open shop, in 2016 the courage to challenge and change.

Change the password:

star website


users in order to improve the user experience, from the end of 2015, the star password began to proceed optimization and revision of the site, from the overall layout of the page to color, and then to the function optimization, every step of the user experience and browsing habits in the first place. read more


Dangdang response book discount order online bookstore when free pricing

January 8th, published jointly issued by the Chinese Publishers Association, China Books Industry Association, Chinese Xinhua Bookstore Association "rules" was promulgated in the book even bargain brewing after two years. According to the rules, a new book published within a year will have to be sold at the price of books, and online bookstores or membership sales can enjoy up to no more than 15% off discount.

minimum discount shall not be less than 15% off, which is not operational, we will be introduced after the introduction of the rules and other rules." The famous online bookstore dangdang.com, before the "rules" in the book even bargain on the publishing year book shall be not less than 15% off of the sale "responded. read more


nterpretation of how to start from the customer service to improve the conversion rate of e-commerc

e-commerce in the country’s development momentum is obvious to all, it swept the domestic 123 tier cities, and even covered the suburbs of the village. In this big market temptation, many well-known or not well-known enterprises have entered the electricity supplier industry, and in every business shuffle, we will find people like people sad, someone knocked out someone up. The success or failure of the electricity supplier will be able to grasp the level of conversion rate, we can often see the article describes how to design the site to enhance the conversion rate. But the author thinks that the conversion rate is from the customer service system. Therefore, only the electricity supplier platform frontline service personnel with professional product knowledge and good service awareness, in order to more effectively improve the conversion rate. read more


Rong Lian 11 into the logistics war link, how to solve the electricity supplier last mile logistics

this year, double the 11 trading volume rose again, the logistics war is also upgraded again.

Double 11

every year there will be explosion phenomenon, each appliance business had to solve logistics problems, especially the last mile logistics, allowing goods to consumers as quickly as possible.

must have a lot of people have this experience, express is said to be served, such as SF express is informed by Alipay, but this notice hidden too deep, how many people will always pay attention to? For example, a small supermarket near the atlas atlas sister home has quickly become my express the transfer station, because I don’t often at home to express. How many users will encounter such a problem. read more


Liu Chuanzhi college students have the courage to venture

unfamiliar street looking for a girlfriend such companies are listed, and I like this person, how can we imagine? But later they are made." When it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation, Lenovo Godfather Liu Chuanzhi (see photo) acknowledged that his views changed, as long as the courage to be able to". Entrepreneurship for young people, Liu Chuanzhi is only a little exhortations: don’t take parents’ pensions into the toss.

Internet era is still sprint

from the computer started, now dabbling in modern services, financial services and modern agriculture, in the eyes of Liu Chuanzhi head of Lenovo holdings, the age of the Internet is still in the sprint, the impact by the various sectors not panic, who can run to the end of this circle is unknown. read more


Tips about banner advertising

banner ads can be copied, can be used in video content, you can also enlarge the size. However, up to now, people still can not complete all of the above work.

last week, the developer launched the first PointRoll media site FLASH banner ads, which makes the industry be startled at. This size of 300X250 ads on the MSNBC’s home page, but also on May 24th at 6 on the evening of YAHOO and AOL network news home page.

this is actually part of the environmental protection activities of General Company, through the development of a variety of advertising activities, GM is trying to demonstrate its commitment to environmental protection, aimed at the development of environmentally friendly products. In order to celebrate the two-year campaign, held a general discussion of 1 hours in California Universal Studios, the debate between general Immelt and California governor Schwarzenegger CEO. read more


With the mentality to do Wangzhuan experience

I think

contact Wangzhuan, that is the end of 2004, at that time, the first time to know the original network can make money, the mood is full of curiosity and excitement. In fact, at that time including money, money and other items of mail has long been a prime time. If I’m not mistaken, in 2001 before doing this project to earn a beam with joy. The price was high at that time. But if you miss it, look ahead. So, began to become the other offline. Go to the forums every day. Remember to do the famous cashdelight, cashclicking and other projects. Also pulled a few off the assembly line, every day can have some commission, but also with PE hanging hundreds of resources. But did not receive a payment, because I do before the payment, all accounts are given to users. (at the time that I am sure I can do it to pay, but can not think of referrals, most unreasonable referrals wangzhuan. So do not want to do it again, although did not pay, but now want to feel a lot of revenue. Because it is beginning to do a website at that time, began to understand the network can make money. In the next day (no Wangzhuan should say is not narrow Wangzhuan day) I started thinking about trying to get revenue through the website operation. Which has done QQ station, movie station, web site, grid station, entertainment station, the station, the industry station; in a variety of attempts, even if there is no income but lost money to go in, but also feel worthwhile. Because in the station, learn a lot of new things, get more experience, broaden their horizons, experience a lot of fun. read more