Banks to test the water electricity supplier, commercial exploration to break the law and integrity

a, Event Background:

2008, Beijing Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. usesun operating under the credit card installment shopping platform "and" shopping, get nearly 20 bank credit card installment mall third party operation qualification. At the same time, and won the Gobi shopping capital US $10 million, and the rapid expansion. In the same year was also named the best business model honorary title, no two.


recently suddenly burst, Beijing Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. is excellent in case there is no sign of suddenly declared bankruptcy, leaving nearly 30 million yuan of debt, including 6 million yuan not shipped goods orders. read more


The dog abuse storm single glory Bracelet zero straight down 30 yuan surprise 11.11

in full swing double 11 Shopping Festival is about to detonate, as the glory of the high value of the smart wearable products, glory Bracelet zero nature is also an important component of the glory of the plan 11.11. Therefore, in the glory of the previous commitment to the user for the promotion of 1 billion year-end awards, the first wave of annual awards will be released during the entire year of 200 million yuan in the entire network of 11.11. As an important component of 200 million red envelopes, glory Bracelet zero in November 11th the day for the majority of users straight down 30 yuan deals, the user login HUAWEI Mall (, Jingdong ( and Tmall HUAWEI mall official flagship store ( Id=521925278554& spm=a310v.4.88.1) three business platform to buy, you can enjoy the preferential. In order to ensure smooth user purchase, glory Bracelet zero spot supply, the maximum extent to meet consumer demand, and white, khaki and black three optional wristband. read more


Rookie network will achieve 50 city next day on investment in tact

[Abstract] rookie network does not like other systems in general Ali high profile front line, but chose a low-key layout.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on June 1st

took the first time after the appearance of the media in the field of vision, chose the rookie network platform. It should be noted that a few days ago, Ali held a women’s entrepreneurship conference, just took office Zhang Yong did not appear, but chose to go to the countryside to see the Taobao – still with the rookie. read more


Tmall double 11 will push that show that buy Carnival

September 21st afternoon news, Tmall official said, Tmall was fashion brand and star, in the mid to late 10 to create a "show" buy "Tmall double 11 Festival global trend".

Tmall this year in advance for the double 11 campaign. According to reports, Tmall will be 365 days of global fashion trend, through 8 hours of uninterrupted fashion show creative exhibition and multi platform broadcast way, show the latest fashion trends, and achieve "show that buy".

More than 80% international brands read more


How to achieve through the auction online

has seen a lot of people who want to do the bidding contest, because you can see from the tutorial, the auction is a profiteering project. Many friends have seen a lot of articles on the auction, but the price is still very mysterious feeling, resulting in no way to start. Today, kiss Xingmin analysis of some points for everyone, I hope we can get some inspiration from.

1, do the bidding to find the right product.

products from Taobao mall or Taobao store to find, of course, to analyze the network market, the choice of exclusive products or popular products better. Taobao store friends will download and install Ali Wangwang on my Taobao, or Ali Wangwang daily news page, including daily focus, promotion etc.. read more


2015 why didn’t Taobao let us brush

a lot of people ask me, why not store this year before a single brush to improve the ranking? My answer is not. I do now is the router, we first look at the title of today: Taobao why not let us brush it?.

1, a substantial decline in Ali profits

Ali’s earnings can be seen in the fourth quarter of 2014, profit fell by 28.8%. To the first quarter of 2015, the more obvious, a decrease of 48% over the same period. Now I want to ask why not let you brush, is actually very simple to raise revenue! Because the revenue side, train and diamond booth Ali is very valuable, how much is that you and I are not clear only Ali decision-making is clear, but we understand is definitely a lot of. In view of the above situation, the result is a single brush: brush the general Taobao store products in front of the crown and Tmall shop. So who will train, diamond booth pay? A simple way to crown shop and Tmall stores also can brush single grab in front of. Ali revenue decreased significantly! read more


Sources said TOM eBay transformation overseas purchasing and foreign trade B2C

August 11th, according to sources disclosed that after the business center of gravity overseas purchasing, TOM eBay also intends to intervene in the field of foreign trade B2C.

, the sources said, since last year, TOM eBay has the business focus on overseas purchasing, and this business is also greatly enhance the operating profit of TOM eBay, but with the domestic tariff policy adjustment, this business of eBay is affected, eBay has high-level meaning transformation of the foreign trade business of B2C. read more


Wu Xiaobo channel’s electricity supplier is a good store suspected sudden dissolution

today the news was informed from the Wu Xiaobo channel’s content business platform "good shop" suddenly stopped, the team disbanded suspected.

good shop around October 2015 on the line, the nine division under the Shanghai Pakistan Spirit Culture Communication Co., in addition, Wu Xiaobo’s channel has also registered Hangzhou eight or nine spirit cultural creative Co. Ltd., the blue whale has learned from informed sources, the Hangzhou company is mainly responsible for the platform content control, and better store electricity supplier team in Shanghai. read more


2011 e-commerce and network marketing trends

China e-commerce outsourcing service new era

e-commerce outsourcing service is a kind of business service aiming at the demand of e-commerce. Business involves: strategic planning, goal setting, human resources, marketing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, product development, logistics management, business process reengineering, online payment (Financial Management), network marketing channel construction and standardized management, ERP system and e-commerce integration transformation, network crackdown, e-commerce the development of electronic commerce technology, operation management, network marketing, brand marketing, online and offline sales system integration and other aspects of enterprise e-commerce solutions. read more


The Wumart finally figured out the electricity supplier members into the system


] February 16th news billion state power network, the day before, a letter of apology to be displayed in Wumart supermarkets. According to the letter of apology, multi-point membership card and membership card Wumart entities merge, using multiple point APP scan code to pay, to achieve the same experience, and membership card entity in addition, the original "mobile phone newspaper consumer" mode is not available.

Wumart stores a public apology letter

in January 29th, has more and more Wumart launch second pay function. Specifically, the user in Wumart shopping checkout, can directly show the membership exclusive code point, the staff after the scan automatically deduct the account balance. The purchase of electronic card, card or bind entity to achieve the function of Alipay small free secret payments can be opened in three ways. read more


VC no longer hide how to talk about the reasons for the failure of financing and entrepreneurial tea

a lot of VC will say that they pick a company, the company actually saw the entrepreneurial team. They’re not lying when they say that. However, they have never talked about the fact that they are out of a company, but also because the entrepreneurial team.

before becoming VC, I was an early entrepreneur. So, I know how much time and effort we need before we can do the project and the company’s vision, and I know that an early startup is like a founder’s own child. So I am very clear, when you try to get the favor of the VC but the end of a busy, and they do not give you a definite reply, don’t tell you what they think, don’t tell you why you refused the team, what kind of feeling stuck. read more


We fully analytic Baidu theme promotion code

%repeat_0 match=" /data/option" %=@title% %=@count%; when %=@percent%%%_repeat_0% ticket

var Array arrBaiduCproConfig=new ();

arrBaiduCproConfig’uid’ = nnnnnn; / * your user ID*/

arrBaiduCproConfig’n’ =’xxxxxxx’; / * your username, would be in the back of your original search user name cpr  * /

arrBaiduCproConfig’tm’ = 44; / * * / ad unit title words

arrBaiduCproConfig’cm’ = 134; / * * / ad unit description words

arrBaiduCproConfig’um’ = 44; / * * / url length

arrBaiduCproConfig’rad’ = 1; / * * / whether to display related articles

arrBaiduCproConfig’w’ = 300; / * * / width

arrBaiduCproConfig’h’ = 250; / * * / height

arrBaiduCproConfig’bd’ =’CC0000′; / * * / border color

arrBaiduCproConfig’bg’ =’ffffff’; / * * / background color

arrBaiduCproConfig’tt’ =’0000ff’; / * * / Title Color

arrBaiduCproConfig’ct’ =’000000′; / * * / color advertising description

arrBaiduCproConfig’url’ =’666666′; / * * / url color

arrBaiduCproConfig’bdl’ =’ffffff’; " / " Baidu theme promotion; the color of the text.

arrBaiduCproC> read more


Google makes me happy Baidu let me worry

today to open the Google AdSense account, oh yeah, November revenue soon start with $161.05, although this little money on the station! See disdain, but the relative majority of grassroots webmaster should not a small figure, not to mention the need for my family on such a loose alliance of less than IP small station 1000.


does not eliminate the joy I Baidu sorrow, but now, Baidu alliance has almost eight months, the site at least half of the advertising contribution to Baidu, but for eight months, Baidu union account in the amount of only 123.61 yuan a day, sometimes click on Baidu the amount of advertising is not Google ads. read more


Warning rookie do Google AdSense account was K

      GOOGLE ADSENSE K, today is learning to ask superiors!

      I just started to learn to do the early days of the younger brother, a small station. The network information about N Wangzhuan, then think about or do GOOGLE if name, is registered and launched a GOOGLE ADSENSE account! The days that you feel full of excitement. ah, bought a lottery ticket, waiting for the winning make money! (at first thought that put an ad can earn money)

      the first few days back view log GG advertising revenue, unfortunately all is 0 when the sense of loss, not a number like lottery of 5 dollars, condolences to Kim did not get. The brain appears in this problem: ask friends to help point, so that IP can not find out, there may be income. Since then, all the power to launch, primary school, junior high school, high school, University, colleagues, all familiar with the QQ, MSN everywhere preaching, to help point of advertising, earn money to eat!" read more


Mark commission payment instructions

content webmaster friends,

how do you do? Commission on payment is as follows:

1 commission payment process

application Commission: Saturday, Sunday, Monday

commission payment: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

settlement: Friday (such as chief information is incomplete, inaccurate, incomplete procedures or other problems that lead to the settlement did not proceed, please timely appeal on Friday, and our customer service contact us as soon as possible after treatment in order to ensure you can successfully apply the payment again on Saturday. Not extended to the weekly settlement settlement costs. read more


Chinese entrepreneurs how to prevent the cottage

this may not be a problem, but it’s enough to be a potential bomb.


| Lynn


as an entrepreneur, you may be accustomed to common but not fast breaking type of war, had to "used" flattering. Wait a minute, "bring in" and "fast iterative" at the same time, are you worried, their products may violate the rights of others, or lack of innovation consciousness to protect their own


what we want to discuss this time is how to deal with intellectual property issues, especially the "copyright" and "patent"". read more