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What are the advantages of joining small dumpling

entrepreneurship is not difficult, I am afraid people. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the venture project, the first step is the death of our success. Join the small dumpling? Join selection has many advantages, then let’s take a look at the choice of business to join the project which has advantages of small dumpling!

small dumpling join advantage:

1, real projects, affordable fees: a fee, valid for life, later not to the small dumpling franchisees charged any management fees and deposit. To restrict the franchisee, the provision of spices and equipment marked price, to ensure the lowest industry. read more

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A road snack car is good to join a good project

all the way fragrance snack car? The choice of flexible mode of operation, a good choice to get rich quickly. If you join all the way fragrance snack car project, is also a very exciting. So why hesitate? Hurry up! Come and join us!

snack car project has been on the market is a good project and snack items together now, a road as a technical support and operation of the market are great projects, has gained a lot of affirmation and support, the project strength and mode of operation is very advanced, join the return is also very high a road, OK? What will make you satisfied with the read more

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Transportation department actively preparing for the Lake Race

to ensure that the third tour of Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge and the fifteenth Qinghai Lake international road cycling race held successfully, the transport sector in our province has invested more than 17 million 530 thousand yuan of funds for road disease treatment, beautify the road environment, to provide for the event Lu Chang Road Conditions jingmei.

these two days, the staff of the Huangyuan highway segment, is stepping up to the national highway 109 Jiangxi ditch to the black horse river road disease paving asphalt pavement. This electric car challenge all 3 stages and the bicycle race 8 stage 6, are in the jurisdiction of the general section of the. In the face of disease section of the line is long with many points, edge edge pat, construction materials and distance transportation difficulties, and construction personnel, more than and 10 hours a day fighting on the site; and the application of glass fiber grid, crack paste and other new technology, new material in the construction, in order to improve the maintenance quality. read more

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Sichuan urged the innovation with the launch of the gem new employment

for the majority of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs need to have a good policy to support, need to have a good entrepreneurial environment as entrepreneurial support, recently, in Sichuan, the government issued a lot about promoting entrepreneurship policy.

to encourage public entrepreneurship and promote employment, the government of Sichuan province and good policy. Recently, the Sichuan provincial government issued "on Further Doing a good job under the new situation of employment and entrepreneurship" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). Opinions put forward the combination of entrepreneurship and employment, innovation and entrepreneurship to promote employment, employment and entrepreneurship to promote economic development, but also a series of policies to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, promote employment. read more

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Hardware sanitary ware shop is making money

with the gradual expansion of the decoration market, we continue to increase the demand for sanitary ware. Business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join metal ware, open their own brand stores, the shop is made!

generally open a hardware sanitary ware shop to how much cost? With the development and expansion of the decoration, the demand for household equipment has gradually increased, opening a sanitary ware shop must be a very profitable project. Generally open a hardware sanitary ware shop to how much cost, of course, the choice of the brand is still very important, good brand has a good market reputation will have good sales. Bo Lun bathroom sanitary ware products are very popular with the majority of consumers, is a good brand to join. And as long as thirty thousand yuan will be able to successfully set up shop management. read more

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Taobao sellers how to control the shelf time

to control the shelf time of the product is limited by the need to understand the customer’s most hot start time, through a large number of data to analyze the cyclical consumer shopping. Shopping time is Sunday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The gold shopping day, 9 to 11 a.m., 14 p.m. to 17 is a small shopping peak, 19 PM to 0:30 is the rush, relatively the 3 time shopping, let the individual shop still depend on nature, must find out the gold shopping time in his shop, in order to control the products under the frame of time, that is to make the products in the store shelves at all time. read more

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‘m crazy for exchange links.

today my novels stand in hardships, finally born, sweat first! But wait for ten days did not move, so I temper, finally broke out! These days I have been studying novel webmaster exchange group, found that this group of stationmaster eye is too high, no one is willing to give has not been included in Baidu station links, even between is not included in the station, little significance. Watching them get disheartened look, so I decided not to waste his voice, the direct transfer of the target group. read more

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U.S. mission, Ctrip, Ali travel APP hotel products competing analysis

a, industry overview

industry: online travel industry

industry segmentation: online hotel reservation

industry overview

development prospect: according to the ratio of consulting data, Chinese hotel market is in rapid growth, huge market space in the future, is expected to 2018 Night online hotel will reach 740 million, the size of the transaction will be more than 150 billion.

driving force: the favorable industry policy, consumption upgrade; Internet technology, Internet users accustomed to the basic form of the Internet giant; active layout, industrial capital continued investment, actively promote the overall development of the hotel market online. read more

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Fish marketing system to help enterprises break the WeChat micro public platform

50% users are not satisfied with the service capabilities of the company WeChat public number

2015, AI media consulting released a set of data, the data show that in 2015 77.4% of respondents said they have been concerned about the number of mobile phone users WeChat public number, and the media and businesses are the main concern of the user. Nowadays, more and more enterprises will be WeChat public number as the enterprise display window, and use it as a bridge to communicate with the user service. And more companies have begun to increase investment in the public numbers, the side view, but also reflects the quality of the operation of WeChat public number for the promotion of the enterprise and service development plays a great role. Whether it is small or medium-sized enterprises, have gradually realized the importance of WeChat public number for the enterprise. read more

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New media operations how to do content operation from scratch


Internet beyond textbook based on the practice of industry in many cases personal independence of conduct, try to find some problems of the standard answer, no accident will fail, of course today talk how to do early community content operation "like this little dinosaur rotating direction as reference.

analysis about it: the

personal independence of conduct

1 Internet is too new, the development of the industry for about twenty years, from the PC portal to search and then to the mobile Internet, even the industry giant BAT oldest Tencent is only the establishment of the anniversary of the 17. read more

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WeChat public platform authentication problem, Tencent said it is being repaired

news November 11th, some user feedback problems, said the public authentication WeChat today, Tencent public relations director @ Zhang Jun responded that under repair, the latest news is on the two-dimensional code has begun to resume.

Tencent Zhang Jun micro-blog reads as follows:

sorry for you, the public number today landing page to verify the identity of the two-dimensional code problems, development is not out of the brush, brother an emergency repair, please excuse me! This is the goose factory birthday, this is the development of brother is too excited or what? Don’t you a cake today! "/p> read more

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Look at the future SP market from the mobile phone advertising alliance!

is Hunan’s largest SP company, has worked with the Hunan satellite TV, super girl, happy camp and other cooperation Hunan honland company invested 95 spectators mobile phone advertising alliance built in January 2007 on the line, tens of millions of investment to provide anti-virus, QQ, ringtones, coins, star, friends, video, movies and other advertising. Once on the line, the volume of business by leaps and bounds. The QQ business, in just one year time occupied the whole of the advertising industry, the development of hundreds of customs agents, the annual profit reached 1 billion. This can be seen in the future SP mobile phone business market prospects. read more

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Website promotion eight

1 do not make the home page falsh.

true search engine recognition ability on the picture is very poor, home made of flash, not only conducive to search engine rankings, but also slow down the speed to enter the home page, to a certain extent for your customers as soon as possible to find you and set a barrier.

2 don’t make navigation links.

because the search engine is a huge database, instead of a picture library, search engine to search page is your title, and then through the navigation system of your search to your site other pages. So if your site navigation is a text link, the search engine is very easy to search for your other pages, is the overall image of the site proud of the perfect show, if the picture link can not achieve this effect. read more

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Exclusive broke the news Ali acquisition last year, flying pig domain price 6 digits

renamed China ( October 24th hearing, the Alibaba’s business to animal names, such as Tmall (,, domain name protection), rookie (protection of domain name etc.. It is reported that Alibaba will split Taobao travel, and launched an independent online travel brand or will be named flying pig". According to the flying pig domain @ people together to work the seller said, the Alibaba in the last year from the hands of the acquisition of "flying pig" full Pinyin domain name, domain name value 6 digit. read more

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Do you understand website user data leakage you fear

famous adult community grass pomegranate announcement, the site due to attacks led to database leaks. If you have other sites using the same password, please replace it as soon as possible.

image source: CFP

since May this year, was transferred permanently off the station, grass eclogite suffered a major crisis again.

grass durian website released high-risk vulnerabilities reminder, grass eclogite community in November 2, 2015 to 4 during the attack, resulting in member information disclosure, including the user’s password, e-mail, and IP address. read more

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