n order to prove that they can do fresh cold chain, every day to open the orchard in the cold stora


] core tip for six years after the fruit business, every orchard is no longer satisfied with a fresh service provider.

after years of deep plowing a field, vertical electricity providers are beginning to think of ways to expand the category, built the platform before the time window is coming to run faster, every orchard practices second to none July 17th just ended soon, fresh big lie, every orchard announced strategic plan to expand their category, and prepare to enter the field of O2O. read more


Taobao sued third party plug-in infringement claims 3 million 200 thousand

that "shopping party" website provides users to download the parity plugin, violation of their legitimate rights and interests constitute unfair competition, Zhejiang Taobao Network Limited (hereinafter referred to as Taobao) will be "shopping party" website operators Beijing smart dog Network Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing smart dog company), Nanjing smart dog Network Technology Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Nanjing smart dog company) sued to the court, asked the two companies to stop copyright infringement, unfair competition, published a statement, to eliminate the effects of compensation for economic losses and reasonable expenses totaling 3 million 200 thousand yuan to pay. read more


China Unicom’s acquisition of 10010.com specific amount is unknown

according to the relevant person in charge of China Unicom, said the company has recently acquired the international domain name 10010.com, the specific amount is unknown.

said, " China Unicom to acquire the domain name as a logical, because the 10010 customer service hotline has been as everyone knows, the focus of controversy mainly in terms of price, as to what the final price of the transaction, we inconvenient disclosed ".

According to

, an industry source said, the domain name was Chengdu domain name speculators holding, and China Unicom official website domain name chinaunicom.com for the early acquisition of income. read more


The blog promotion tips

The amount of tens of thousands watching others visit the blog, so many messages and comments, and visit their blog is not only a few hundred, the envy of others? Here are some ways for your reference, so that everyone’s blog also has a popular popularity.

(five) and others usually get into the habit of many messages, to participate in the discussion, not forget the message behind with their own blog address to propagandize, welcome people to visit.

(six) can submit your blog to the search engine and web site.

Of course, the most fundamental

read more


Sing up to 15 months of darkness.

sing it, is undoubtedly the latest Chinese language in the world’s most fire of a new App (one of them? Welcome to the tiger sniffing other reports).

this is a free social networking application of mobile phone karaoke.


, tiger sniffing has according to the "entrepreneur" magazine refined a "burst" is how to sing "red"


in our report issued after the people who have used it to say that this product is indeed very good, while others said that holding a cell phone to strangers to sing, it is difficult to understand this thing, do not look at this product. read more


English foreign Wangzhuan station collecting general plan

The general scheme of the English station collection focuses on the © of the foreign website, and usually does not collect the website with complete copyright

below provide some available English station

The following are the








www.articlefinders.com read more


After 90 returnees hit the two generation aimed at relaxing the functional beverage blue ocean marke

2013 New Year’s day, for most people is just a year in the first day, and for Tsuneyoshi, Han Yang, Han Xizi lifetime — they hit it off, decided the fate tied together, the joint venture of


Chang He, Han Yang, Han Xizi are 90 after the two generation, they are very good friends in high school, go to the United States to study different universities still maintain close ties. 2013 New Year’s day, and he often after the Han Xizi across the United States, came to the Han Yang apartment in Miami. They aimed at relaxing the functional beverage of the blue ocean market, the sale of the car in the United States as a start-up capital, the creation of the Tang grass drinks, began a magnificent journey. read more


The story of growth three different stages of entrepreneurship

We have been in the protection of business

, we hope to provide more help for entrepreneurs.

but it is never a small thing, is not a simple thing, entrepreneurs are also different, behind each person has its own story and pursuit, today we have the personal growth of three stages will be divided into three types of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, hope each of the upcoming entrepreneurs people can have a clearer understanding of their own and entrepreneurship.


this kind of entrepreneurs who have played in the market among the top companies, in a senior management position or line, had led his team to make outstanding achievements. read more


The most important thing to do is to quit the urgent need to talk about the 20 principles of Taobao

do not know if you have this experience, if you do a Taobao off, see people’s site included so much, the day turnover so high. Anxious and what like, and panic, copy an article into their own link everywhere on the hair, wait a second send it 100. In fact, it would be better to calm down a day to write a good original, published 3 blog every day. Do not believe you try.

in short, the mentality must be stable. See your site record, at this time is not the mentality rather relax, whether text or looking for information, not a bit anxious, right! Do the following 20 principles, you will be immortal. read more


Justice in the GG, so high handed, blocked GG account complaint reply

the day before yesterday, advertising Street hair post http://s.adjie.com/club/thread-71295-1-1.html

today’s reply


as you know, Google has been very serious about invalid click activity. We believe that the use of your account is a necessary measure to ensure that your site activities will not continue to give our AdWords advertisers a risk.

we know you may want to get details about our detected activity; however, the need for the protection of our proprietary detection system, we are unable to provide any details about the publisher account activity, including any web page, the user or the third party service may be involved. read more


The right to add ads to maximize the interests of the site


website also has a time, as the owners are most concerned about is of course web site traffic, because traffic = money. After a long time, I think, if it is quantified, roughly 1000IP=10 yuan, only refers to the benefits of ordinary web site ads click, except for the industry and commercial sites.

I am currently

station www.baifans.com is basically maintained at 1000IP=10 yuan, because it is a TV network, so the advertising cost is low, individuals that can keep on this level is good, the webmaster can see, but did not join the pop. If the advertisement is extreme, pop, plus all the temptation, the flow of value should be in 1000IP=20 yuan, but the site’s damage is likely to be fatal, webmasters should be cautious. Here’s how to maximize the benefits of the site. read more


A woman from the breast health network disposition decision

orange shape breast woman would quickly determine marriage. Although she is very confident, but also know their own goals, but still belong to the kind of woman who is not interested in sex. She likes to talk and make friends, but she doesn’t give her life to men.

the fruit size and shape of the breast symbol map using some of the traditional fruits. According to him, if a woman’s breasts and watermelon as big and round, that she may be a mother, but in fact, it shows that the information is far more than this. read more


Push apply massage breast health practice increased net

(internship editor: He Lili)

direct push breast: first with the right palm on the left breast above the clavicle below the focus, even gently push straight down to the roots of the breast, and then push back up along the original route, do 20-50 times, the same method for the left hand massage right breast.

reminder: breast size varies from person to person, there is no absolute standard. Even if the breast is too small, it will not affect fertility breast-feeding, do not have to worry too much about this and worry. read more