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Sales decline in May, experts said the upcoming adjustment

group purchase website from the outbreak of 10 years to today’s development, gradually tend to be stable, or so large, small fraction of the total. Domestic buy site, users and buy navigation mark is also famous for about a dozen or so. In previous years, has been the trend of the development of the group buying site, but in May of this year fell a pit. There has been a decline, which is the group 800 released data:

at the end of May, the number of domestic group purchase website approximately 4500, 40 of the total sales of the main city group purchase is 649 million yuan, 650 million in April and the results compared to a step back. In addition, in May the number of buy significantly reduced compared to the year April, the number of times to buy to buy also decreased by 20% compared with the previous year, and the top ten of the average monthly growth rate of the group buying site fell by 5%. read more

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nsurance companies from the nternet to see the risk of marketing errors

mooncake insurance, haze insurance, insurance, World Cup football baby bear risk, prevent the small risk insurance, Hot pot burn…… China’s Internet insurance products are omnipotent. Insurance companies marketing is full of tricks, in Bo eye at the same time, the traffic insurance firms to make the official website of the surge. China Network believes that the emergence of new types of insurance, although rich in the types of insurance products, but more in the entertainment consumption, real landing almost no insurance. read more

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WeChat’s 5 strong marketing

WeChat, the 2012 media of the new media for the use of the Internet, especially mobile internet friends, not unfamiliar, and very familiar with. WeChat today’s popularity is not less than the year micro-blog, not only is the general public like to use WeChat to communicate, most of the use of Internet marketing companies, but also began to enter the road WeChat marketing. The road in the end is the width is narrow, is good to go, and how to go? Today we’ll discuss five powerful of WeChat read more

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Occupy the first interface of the Chinese Web site Daquan

        domestic website has more than 8 thousand stations. But the occupation of 50 can occupy most of the country.
specifically how to occupy these 50 web site. In addition to money, and her connections, except outside the back door, there are skills,
skills, there are many ways to participate in the 50. How to participate, you have to explore.
  I summed up a bit, the country’s largest web site list is as follows. Do not write the name of the Chinese, direct web site.> read more

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The rural electricity supplier talent shortage over a million monthly No one shows any interest in

Electricity supplier

east northwest countryside, talent is not the solution to the countryside; in addition to vigorously carry out training, should also provide high quality soft environment

rural electricity supplier talent is hard to find   the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Junwei photo (picture)

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Chen Jiang Intern

in mountain area of Qingyuan city held the first day before the O2O youth business section, the main rural electricity supplier. The reporter saw at the meeting, the 63 local agricultural enterprises, in addition to promote products, many also played a huge advertisement. These rural electricity supplier enterprises wages are not low, such as electricity supplier operating manager positions monthly salary of over ten thousand yuan. read more

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Recruitment of enterprises or potential business customers to detail marketing program

more and more companies need to do network marketing, and now is not to do the problem of network marketing, but how to do a good job, because this is the era of the internet. Guardian yuan Kun found a very common phenomenon: recruitment enterprise or potential business customers to detailed marketing plan, how to do this?

for traditional businesses, we all want to do the Internet, so go to the recruitment of Internet marketing staff. However, a large part of the enterprise is not to recruit people, but to get marketing programs. When the Internet practitioners to apply, we mostly talk about their marketing ideas, the framework of the entire marketing. The recruitment of enterprises will ask specific implementation methods, a little bit of a very detailed. read more

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The advantages and disadvantages of common website promotion methods

promotion website is a knowledge, business website to achieve profit goal is the need for good ideas and skills. With the emergence of the advertising alliance, the difficulty of personal Adsense profit is relatively low, so that the site as long as there is a flow of money can be said". Too many webmasters are the main idea on the site promotion, promotion is a variety of tricks. According to the "Qiandongnan hotline" this site management experience, the promotion of common are the following, analyze them and the us. read more

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Observation and personal views on price increase of Taobao mall

background information:

October 10, 2011, Taobao mall issued new regulations: the renewal of the mall merchants 2012 sellers need to pay at least 100 thousand of the mall margin (TM trademark need to pay 150 thousand yuan), and several million yuan service fee (according to different industries are divided into 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two files), 2012 renewal fee must be paid before this December 20, 2011. (new regulations address:


rules after the announcement, immediately caused a great disturbance, a lot of Taobao mall in the shop owner hanging out bidding such as "I don’t do Taobao war City, I go home pig farming", "cheating the ant cloud, fuck become the elephant has forgotten us these very you beat the ants" and other signs, and announced the price will exit the mall after clearance. read more

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Learn to protect your domain name


Losing a domain is an

There are three main ways

1) An owner allows the domain registration to lapse,

2) A domain is stolen after a hijacker gains access to the registry record

3) An owner does not keep up-to-date contact information in their record and their record is deleted after the Registrar concludes that contact with the owner is not possible.The good news is that read more

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Domain deletion list August 17, 2007


domain name registration agency cost and 55 yuan / year / month, 620 special offer agent 120 space 150m nets.
more please login: /domain.htm   /> / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

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As a higher circle has been quietly rising

in the higher, in addition to a number of training institutions earns more and more, there is a class on training institutions "circle" has been quietly rising.

for the "circle" as a not very understanding, but also exposed to some of the earliest, heard is to understand understand baituan, is said to have entered the circle of the high threshold, the entry fee of 1000 yuan, the annual income must be entered before they can enter at around 300 thousand. After contact with a number of users engage in various circles, but mainly around the circle to make money. read more

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Pig CMS what is the true way of the transformation of the traditional store

electricity supplier in the online shopping under the impact of new consumption patterns, the flow of people is becoming scarce, the increasingly dismal sales of traditional retail business entities have panic. In order not to go on the road to collapse completely, they like to seize the last straw, ruthless pounce on the internet.

or by means of a treasure and three party business platform to create their own online shop or give up the original transformation, business entities, transition to the Internet, they rush to make a decision in a panic. read more

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Google Adsense tips tips

          so many people in the google  Adsense, a lot of people respond the domestic price is low, a friend suggested, why not do it abroad, do Hongkong, Taiwan, why not do the United States, Europe. In foreign languages, using foreign domain names.

Tongli, general pass. Firefox  recommendation is the same, that has prompted this, you can start it as soon as possible,

        I am very tired, do not want to do, and then continue to work hard.

  read more

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The weapon online shopping first sign and then inspection illegal law

with the growing of e-commerce industry, the new model of online shopping has entered into thousands of households, has become more and more popular in many people, especially young consumers a way of consumption. However, due to China’s legislation on the network is not perfect, the intensity of administrative supervision, breadth and depth is not enough, resulting in a lot of disputes on the network consumption.

today is "3· 15" consumer protection day, Liwan District court judge with the disputes concerning the recent regional network consumption, how to do a smart online shopping for consumers Master weapon. read more

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When the group purchase fall under the group purchase network gathered against war

The current

years of fame group purchase website, who also did not want to group purchase website actually in such a lonely state to show the tragic scene broken mountains and rivers in the country, when many creditors flocked to the office of the network gathered valuable furniture and appliances swept away, group purchase net profit myth also will suddenly stop. Indeed, for the group purchase website, began to become vulnerable in a crisis of confidence, not a good attitude, perhaps from the group purchase website on the day of the birth is doomed to live to die. read more

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Double eleven let consumers visual fatigue cheap is no longer a magic weapon

tomorrow is a double carnival, but in the face of the double once a year eleven, many consumers may have been weak, businesses various discount advertising people have visual fatigue. Electricity supplier was created by the "double eleven" sooner or later, the enthusiasm of consumers The sun sinks in the west., not as good as before. Therefore, the major electricity supplier platform must launch a more attractive gameplay, otherwise the effect of double eleven will not be able to play to the extreme. Jingdong, Taobao and other electronic business platform have less opportunity to make money, but the price is no longer sufficient to attract consumers, we are more concerned about the quality of goods and services. read more

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