The upstart, social change is a node

2014 under the age of 30 entrepreneurial upstart


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2013 is Chinese Internet "Uncle" a year: Guo Quji, Yao Jinbo, Zhuang Chenchao, Zhang Wei, Yu Qiang, Li Xiang, Deng et al finally looked at his company completed the "adult ceremony", and they will continue into the cause of the "man" — used to see Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, Zhou Hongyi Lei Jun, and other chiefs backstage performances, there must be a new face scraper out read more


Little brother Why are you poor webmaster


owners to reflect the black brother, the site didn’t flow, the website not money, very upset. The little black brother through observation and Analysis on the part of people, found that this part of the webmaster is not because there is no technology, no experience, many owners have little proficiency in a particular line but always can’t earn money, or earn. The fundamental reason for not making money is poor thinking, there is a bad way of thinking. The little black brother suggested that some people should learn their own analysis, through the analysis to find their own problems, then try to correct them, believe you can quickly out of the ranks of poor webmaster. read more


Pursuit of capital in the field of mobile overseas grab site, live product development go from here

original title: live sea: entrepreneurs across the land grab a wave of made in China network to occupy the global

red beauty

entertainment in the future will not do the domestic market, we are positioned to focus on entertainment platform after 95 overseas." Next Entertainment (future fun entertainment) CEO, Funlpus fun plus Group founder Andy Zhong frankly, the domestic broadcast mode is better than abroad, in foreign countries can be very good copy and reference."

January 5th

, co founded by Ying passenger and Funlpus plus interest group’s future interest entertainment announced the acquisition of Jinsha River venture capital investment company, Mel Signia Venture and Feder Partners A $25 million round of financing, its first official broadcast platform MEME live in the interior appearance. As early as last October, MEME live trial operation in Taiwan, the recent will also enter Japan, South Korea, the United States and other markets. Ying Ying, founder of the guest of honor, MEME broadcast is reflected in the overseas version of the guest. read more


Alert areola color deepened disease signal female health network

is the annular region around the nipple areola pigmentation of the skin deep. Hormone levels in female body color and areola, if the nipple and areola color deepened suddenly, could signal the onset of disease.

normal female areola diameter of about 3 cm to 4 cm, various colors were red roses, puberty, pregnancy, lactation, pigmentation deepened, dark brown; and for different women, areola size and color are also different, usually white skin tends to pink, and darker skin tends to be brown.

The change of normal read more


Small chest hidden health problems poor milk sister paper of the heart is the collapse of the

not for lack of blood, chest, secretion of uterine and ovarian hormone deficiency, plus meridian blocked, can not receive the chest blood, chest will foreign expansion, sagging, without any feeling before menstruation. Therefore, the health of the chest with the endocrine organs of the uterus, ovaries are closely linked, these subtle hidden dangers are often not detected, Anita Mui died of cervical cancer, which is difficult to accept.

woman’s chest is the biggest physiological characteristics, the small chest woman will have inferiority complex, there is no fullness of the chest there will be a woman should have the capital, not to mention the charm of women. The above content only authorized the exclusive use of 39 Health Network, not authorized by the copyright is not reproduced. read more


Many people on the potential hazards of women’s breast health network

(internship editor: He Lili)

but this is usually not a complete recovery, and it is easy to cause breast pain, some will cause breast lobular hyperplasia, breast diseases such as mastitis. Statistics show that induced abortion accounted for about 40% of breast disease.

because the artificial abortion is different from natural childbirth, the former is forced to terminate pregnancy, the latter is a natural biological process, or "fruits fall off when ripe". With the increase of pregnancy hormone levels, breast breast will gradually began to change, bloated, full, increase around the areola pigment will increase. read more