Fresh electricity supplier in case of holiday test logistics lags behind the lack of distribution ca

Spring Festival is coming, but also carrying a large bag to go home? Then Out.

fresh water from the wind, greatly facilitate the people’s lives. However, its distribution is mainly concentrated in the first tier cities. People who work in first-tier cities, trying to buy fresh from the Internet to send special purchases for the Spring Festival 234 line of the city’s home, but I’m afraid this demand can not be achieved this year, the distribution is still unable to achieve.

cold chain logistics is the biggest constraint of fresh electricity supplier. Cold chain logistics leader in SF, the range throughout the cold chain distribution also covers only 11 city. Due to the high cost, the order has not yet saturated and other reasons, the sinking of cold chain logistics is not easy. read more


Tmall Electric City wins the giant investment electricity supplier market smoke from Jingdong

Jingdong announced last month that huge investment 80 billion yuan to force the home appliance market, menacing, broke the news at noon on May 2nd that Tmall electric city at the end of April more than and 800 business meeting and announced that the next step plan for the whole network the largest promotion plan for half a year. Known as "the goods covered the whole category, build the lowest price", this is undoubtedly the sword has always been in the lowest whole network known Jingdong mall. read more


Colorful Valley EC alliance to stop the registration of the old platform! New platform test notes!

Old colorful Valley EC alliance platform: http://s.7cv.com/ec/ec.php

A new ally,

since August 14, 2007 in the old colorful Valley EC alliance platform off Registration function. New user registration will jump to the new colorful Valley EC alliance platform registration.

two, performance check problem:

2007 in August 14th before the old colorful Valley EC alliance platform registered users, you can view the sales performance in the new platform, you can also view the sales performance in the old platform.

2007 August 14th years before the registration of the EC alliance of the old user

the old platform you use the ad code, can view the sales performance in the new platform, can also view the sales performance in the old platform.

2007 August 14th after the registration of new users of the EC Alliance

four, how to query orders:

1, trade statistics: shows the total amount of sales from the start date to the deadline and the amount of commission due.

note: the trade statistics include only completed and revoked aggregate sales type (the aggregate amount equal to the completion of the sales commission – or has been revoked or sales commission) read more


No war Ranger advertising expired, please note that the seller stopped running

thank you for your partner’s support for the alliance!

ad number: 2747. Advertising content: no holy paladin. Effective since January 2008 8, will expire on in 00:00:00.

where the application of the advertisement to the user can contract expiration date (ie before February 7th) remove the ad code, to terminate the advertising campaign. End of the contract at the end of February 7th, the effective user generated within 0 hours, will still be normal billing. February 7th 0 when the effective user generated will no longer charge. Your statistics in the contract can be found in the "advertising information" – "statistical report" – "advertising statistics". read more


Don’t let you suddenly become a cornucopia of rotten grass

last year, Taobao has become a hot topic in the guest Wangzhuan, a large number of network prospectors are crazy influx of Taobao passenger force, the emergence of a variety of Taobao related website for a time on the network. And these sites have a very important feature, that is, they do not have a clear name, all in the use of long tail keywords title. The reason for doing so is very simple, the webmaster want to maximize the efforts to optimize the high conversion rate of keywords, so as to get more orders. However, in the observation of these sites, I found some hidden crisis, write down and share the discussion. read more


Teach you to use a blog to make Taobao guest month earned 1000 yuan

blog traffic to easily, the long tail is also relatively easy to get a good ranking. I have observed a lot of long tail keywords, Baidu ranked in front of Baidu know and stick it is a blog, especially Baidu space and NetEase blog has a good ranking. Taobao blog to do with everyone, but a lot of people after the blog was closed, lost confidence, here I combine their experience to talk about how clever use of Taobao blog to do.

first, to write a blog article, we must choose the key words, especially the title of the article, we must stand in the user’s point of view to the title. People usually buy a product in Baidu search "XXX?". The most typical example of "NOKIA 5230" this keyword, the daily search volume of up to more than 1 thousand, higher than many popular keywords. Let me give you a good blog recently found in this area to do a good job: http://s.hi.baidu.com/jianfei99. read more


feel sad the way Taobao guest

The so-called

Great oaks from little acorns grow., to a solid foundation will be reliable. To know when the first is Wangzhuan, click Wangzhuan, spent $200 to buy a software, that is a day to earn 50, was still very tempted. It is really a day to earn 50 yuan, but if you want to get the money, we must pull off the assembly line. That is, let others also spend 200 oceans to give you now. Later found fooled, just contact Wangzhuan me, where know how to pull off the assembly line? So it is also the site of lost faith. read more


The diet can help women to prevent breast cancer ‘s health network

recently published in the International Journal of obesity, a new British study found that a strict diet for two days a week can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women by up to 40%. The researchers found that the control of dietary calories can almost cause breast cancer in women with high risk of cancer hormone levels by nearly half. The new study surveyed 100 women’s weight exceed the standard, half of them women tested two days a week, every day will be strictly controlled in the diet of 650 calories less than the rest 5 days without diet, the other half is still. The results showed that 6 months later, the strict dieting women’s hormone levels decreased by 40%. The researchers said that this diet is women’s "savior". read more