How to deal with Internet cafes

many girls do not want to go to Internet cafes, Internet is not love, but because the Internet environment is very bad, is not only a variety of smoke and noise, there are some social young people fear. In fact, went to Internet cafes friends all know, because of the Internet consumption is relatively low, so the entertainment in the Internet bar in the crowd is delivered, what people have. In fact, in the Internet, but most are in earnest to the Internet customers, and a small part is idle, idle social xianzarenyuan. read more


Do marketing work also need to know how to change thinking

some people no matter what to do, is always a "stick", do not know how to convert, so how to make consumer satisfaction? This year, the development of the industry is facing increasing pressure, as a marketing department at the county level, in the case of weak market, how to do a good job of marketing, it is worthy of our consideration and discussion.

"Luo boss, Hello, this time you just ordered a small number of local brands, foreign brands such as" Septwolves "and" Yellow Crane Tower "is the need to order?" Meizhou, Xingning Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Branch) customer manager Xiao Lai to the area of retail customers to promote the boss Luo cigarette. read more


Car people get rich is a good opportunity to join the

now, the car market has always been a very hot market. With the car after the market, is also a very development space. How about the car wash? The car project brand choice, the best choice is business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Car people joined the project, the hot entrepreneurial good projects!

car is convenient for us, but also to its maintenance and maintenance will make it a long life. At the same time, the development of the car also shows the strong name. We have almost every car wash car users will visit, the car hairdressing of car of the family in automobile maintenance care have a very professional service, as long as the needs of the consumers, people wash everything inside. read more


To quantity more quality, China promulgated the domestic industrial robot standard

The reporter from the 2016

China robot industry to promote the general assembly was informed that the promulgation of domestic industrial robot related standards in China, boosting industrial robot product quality construction, upgrading of China’s industrial robot industry’s core competitiveness.

3 standard

by the Chinese robot industry alliance released the focus in the field of industrial robots, respectively "welding robot system general technical condition" "fixed weight filling robot technical conditions" "industrial robot" special cable. Among them, the fixed weight filling robot general technical conditions have been approved by the national standards committee, will be issued as a national standard. read more


19 units to pay back the 3 million 750 thousand housing fund

In order to improve the deposit units and workers paid, on the housing provident fund system recently, rushed to the city center provident fund deposit units, survey visits, control problem search, 19 units to repay the outstanding housing provident fund 3 million 750 thousand yuan in all, safeguard the vital interests of workers paid. It is understood that our city as a window unit, the control center city provident fund service standards, made clear requirements for the service work in service, service manners, language questions and other details, and adjust the loan approval mode, optimize the credit business process; arrangement of more than and 200 trips to more than and 100 units of housing provident fund deposit publicity policy, improve the understanding of the deposit units and workers paid housing provident fund system, 19 units to repay the outstanding housing provident fund 3 million 750 thousand yuan, safeguarding the vital interests of workers paid; 7 level cadres service post set in the business front, solve the service "obstruction"; to actively communicate with the financial department of the the bank, and completed the preliminary work to set up service outlets.   read more


About the new car taxi industry to pick up some of the network about the car driver or leave

recently, there are media network about the new car issued do market survey, the biggest competitor in the network about the car after the new deal, the taxi industry began to pick up, but because of gravity are turning to the car drops, comply with the new requirements of second-hand car prices and other factors, the net about car drivers or there will be a part of people to evacuate.

earlier, a set of data released by AI media consulting, if the floor of the new deal, about 38.2% net car drivers to open the black car, 17.8% would choose to leave the city. The drops have also started on the policy tendency of car drivers, will give drivers the car driver not enjoy subsidies, drops in support of car. read more


Last week, China’s ten major Internet projects of concern the key to the wisdom of the 360, entertai

WeChat account: Internet X lab

[1] 365 good teacher – K-12 field of a pair of tutor docking platform

365 is a good teacher to try on a tutor docking platform in the field of K-12, through the integration of K-12 in the field of institutions and teachers and students tutoring resources, information, for both supply and demand matching and docking. Don’t fail to be in Tutorspree mode, burn the bridge after crossing it "by giving 90% teachers income ratio and the establishment of teacher honor system, the 365 seem to get rid of" flying "problems, as one to one tutoring docking platform for domestic become an independent school. read more


Street network founder Wang Xiujuan Chinese version of LinkedIn dream

Beijing in September, with bursts of autumn, by Tsinghua Tongfang Technology Plaza Tower D 5 floor of the glass, the green that there is still strong.

Wang Xiujuan’s face was full of excitement. She has just returned from Hongkong, brought back the red herring Award for the top 2013 Asian Science and technology enterprises.

like this trip, almost became a microcosm of Wang Xiujuan this year, to participate in a variety of science and technology industry conference, a speech everywhere, tell people what she is doing. read more


Domain deletion list October 30, 2007


proxy domain name registration renewal of 60 years /, 150m million net 620 special offer 120 space agency.
  CN domain name 1 yuan registration, the opportunity not to be missed, more content: http://idc.admin5.com

mobiw.cn   />lj666.cn
4wdm.com / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more


Lu Jianguo shop new regulations misreading and media lies

article "Modern Express" on the Internet recently reproduced by many media, from print media to online media, in the field of public opinion in the relay, staged a farce called.


has been widely reproduced and spread of the article, the topic is "online real name system implemented in July 1st to do big shop license and tax", that is "and the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management procedures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") issued a few things. There is no doubt that the title of the first half of the sentence is correct, but the second half of the sentence, it is a typical groundless statement most probably it did not actually happen. read more


Amazon denied that it would launch a free Smartphone


technology news Beijing time on September 9th morning news, Amazon (295.86, 1.76, 0.60%) announced on Sunday that the company is not ready to launch a smart mobile phone this year, even in the future launch of mobile phone, also not free.

The United States

technology blogger Jessica · Lessing (Jessica Lessin) on Friday in the personal blog revealed that Amazon plans to launch smart mobile phone free.

but Amazon spokesman denied in an e-mail on Sunday: we are not ready to launch this year, if we launch the phone in the future, it will not be free." This is the first time the Amazon Smartphone development process to respond. read more


The 6 most common network marketing tactics

a search engine marketing (SEM)

at present, the most commonly used search engine has four Google, YAHOO, Baidu, MSN, accounting for more than 90% of the search market, compared with other well-known search engines, instead of using the above four search engine is acquired by Yahoo, so the four are included in the search engine.

search engine marketing, of course, there are two kinds of passive search (search engine bidding, search engine optimization (SEO)) and active search.

two B2B website marketing read more


Honest not bully me a beginner in for the emotion

The higher

, doesn’t exist, intrigues, black backs seek profits,

, a German exchange, first, honesty is not deceptive, is the heart of intellectual property to

Hengpi: perseverance to perform

first beginning to write a pair of antithetical couplet, to show that I is a sink and higher understanding and team emotion. I first talk about some experience in the higher bar, I was in 2007 of that time, contact Wangzhuan, all Wangzhuan SP project, Google ads emerge in an endless stream, and record in the E era, Mason, training, hundred regiments one emerging, eyes are spent, easily earn hundreds. Even thousands, I get the new heart itch, constantly think ah, really fake ah, so good earn? I had a month’s wages only more than 1 thousand ah, that almost two days of insomnia, waking up at midnight is also considering this issue. read more