Lu Jianguo shop new regulations misreading and media lies

article "Modern Express" on the Internet recently reproduced by many media, from print media to online media, in the field of public opinion in the relay, staged a farce called.


has been widely reproduced and spread of the article, the topic is "online real name system implemented in July 1st to do big shop license and tax", that is "and the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management procedures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") issued a few things. There is no doubt that the title of the first half of the sentence is correct, but the second half of the sentence, it is a typical groundless statement most probably it did not actually happen. read more


Amazon denied that it would launch a free Smartphone


technology news Beijing time on September 9th morning news, Amazon (295.86, 1.76, 0.60%) announced on Sunday that the company is not ready to launch a smart mobile phone this year, even in the future launch of mobile phone, also not free.

The United States

technology blogger Jessica · Lessing (Jessica Lessin) on Friday in the personal blog revealed that Amazon plans to launch smart mobile phone free.

but Amazon spokesman denied in an e-mail on Sunday: we are not ready to launch this year, if we launch the phone in the future, it will not be free." This is the first time the Amazon Smartphone development process to respond. read more


The 6 most common network marketing tactics

a search engine marketing (SEM)

at present, the most commonly used search engine has four Google, YAHOO, Baidu, MSN, accounting for more than 90% of the search market, compared with other well-known search engines, instead of using the above four search engine is acquired by Yahoo, so the four are included in the search engine.

search engine marketing, of course, there are two kinds of passive search (search engine bidding, search engine optimization (SEO)) and active search.

two B2B website marketing read more


Honest not bully me a beginner in for the emotion

The higher

, doesn’t exist, intrigues, black backs seek profits,

, a German exchange, first, honesty is not deceptive, is the heart of intellectual property to

Hengpi: perseverance to perform

first beginning to write a pair of antithetical couplet, to show that I is a sink and higher understanding and team emotion. I first talk about some experience in the higher bar, I was in 2007 of that time, contact Wangzhuan, all Wangzhuan SP project, Google ads emerge in an endless stream, and record in the E era, Mason, training, hundred regiments one emerging, eyes are spent, easily earn hundreds. Even thousands, I get the new heart itch, constantly think ah, really fake ah, so good earn? I had a month’s wages only more than 1 thousand ah, that almost two days of insomnia, waking up at midnight is also considering this issue. read more