More than 90% provincial government website enabled Chinese domain name

The relevant provisions of the State Council according to the relevant government websites enable "Chinese.CN", including the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Finance and other central ministries and commissions and other government agencies, as well as Shanghai, Guangdong and other provincial government agencies have enabled the "Chinese.CN" domain name, the reporter learned yesterday, the government Chinese domain name in the field now enable rate has exceeded 90%. read more


Novice in the network to make money in the process of making some small mistakes

novice friends in the process of network money often make some small mistakes or small problems, because it is new, so the industry of Wangzhuan does not understand, does not know in what circumstances, just contact when making money online will make some common problems, this can not blame them, everyone from the novice over, through these processes, the following are some common problems summed up, hope beginners can try to avoid making these mistakes, and constantly improve their Wangzhuan ability, can do better in the next day, these can be as a money online experience, to share with you. read more


Xue Dongyang 2011 China e-commerce market will usher in this war

is the end of 2010, recalling about the past one year, the e-commerce market China is crowded ah, B2C can be said to be the most beautiful for the field of electronic commerce in 2010; the two Amazon dangdang.com, senior B2C website is still strong; Jingdong mall, Newegg and VANCL (ERIC), the bright younger generation Taobao mall the rapid development of C2C, suning.com and other fields; scenery seems to have dropped, taobao.com will no longer claim to the C2C model, instead of Taobao mall it is now in the rapid development of Tencent, Baidu has ah, pat tepid; C2C mode in the future how? It is difficult to know, but no doubt, the proliferation of fake integrity crisis and other issues is the key factor restricting the development of the C2C model. read more


Amazon into Tmall will affect the sea Amoy pattern

text / old iron

last night, the Chinese Amazon flagship store in the Amazon Tmall shop. Amazon China’s direct import business part of cooperation with Tmall. According to media reports, Tmall officially settled "import direct mining", the main business will focus on food, shoes, toys and baby kitchenware field. Shopping is no eternal enemies, the two major electricity supplier platform finally turned from confrontation to cooperation.

why only import direct mining business cooperation? read more


Factory store a comprehensive shopping only top ten industrial products business platform

recently, third party research firm iResearch iWebChoice rankings, factory stores become domestic integrated shopping sites only the top ten industrial products business platform, and the ranking is constantly rising.

from the authoritative website iwebchoice data, 2014 top ten comprehensive shopping website, is as follows: taobao.com, Tmall, Amazon, suning.com China, Gome online mall, dangdang.com, Jingdong, factory stores, fast and easy net, afraid to shoot the net. Among them, Taobao, Tmall and other consumer goods based electricity supplier platform ranking has not changed, continue to occupy the absolute advantage of the top ranking, and a large number of leading competitors. In the integrated shopping site before ten, also appeared for the first time industrial electricity supplier figure, ranked eighth in the factory store. read more


Taobao Vanke jointly push the bill to deduct the maximum deductible 2 million


technology news August 25th afternoon, taobao.com Vanke announced today, Taobao users throughout the year how much money to spend, you can in the 12 city 23 Vanke Real Estate direct offset mortgage, the maximum deductible 2 million yuan, a move that will allow the purchase cost of Taobao users most save 10%. The line on the line less than half a day, there are already more than 140 users enjoy a discount of 1 million yuan.

consumers only need to log in Taobao property page (http://s.taobao.com/market/fang/wanke.php) or scan code in real estate site, will be Taobao’s total consumption view between August 1, 2013 to July 31, 2014, and online to receive a maximum of $2 million with a matching degree of purchase, 23 projects in Vanke’s 12 city where the highest 2 million of the 1629 relief. read more


Look at financial institutions BELLE footwear sales fell 10% year


] January 25th news billion state power network, the state power grid from the financial services agency Rui Yin (UBS) to Rui Yin (UBS) to maintain BELLE (01880.HK) sell rating, target price reduced from 6 yuan to 4 yuan, while down regulated footwear revenue growth expectations, and will share 2016 to 2018 earnings forecast 2%, 12% and 25%.

Rui Yin (UBS) pointed out that BELLE’s 2015 third quarter footwear same store sales fell 10.4%, compared with the second quarter rate of 7.7% reflects volume contraction retrogression exacerbated the downward trend in 2015 that half of the fiscal year will continue in the next few years, the price of the goods is expected in the present level, the footwear sales in the next three years will be a year fell 10%. Taking into account the significant decline in BELLE’s same store sales, the estimated 2017 fiscal year after the footwear gross margin will be at a rate of 64%, or a potential decline. read more


Taobao will suspend the failure of the entrepreneurial business support function

Taobao launched the Taobao business support because of the limitations of the function, leading to the introduction of the feature will be a large number of sellers complaints. Do a related report before Trump coffee shop decoration net fish swing: "Taobao is Taobao webmaster to post to denounce the suspected retaliation" (the article was reproduced by stationmaster net, a large number of netizens to denounce denounce Taobao), please do not use the Taobao business support version of Wang Pu "(the 2009-11-11 paper published in Admin5, caused a strong reproduced by many websites), with" regret dead Taobao Pu support version and the standard version of the most obvious difference, it also indirectly led by Taobao Adsense gag. Perhaps as a result of Taobao aware of the defects of the function, Taobao has decided to close the shop to build the version, and decided to Wang shop version of the business automatically upgraded to free shop Standard Version of the function. Taobao’s official news is as follows: read more


The BAT pattern of the fourth breakthrough self counter attack as the focal point of the electricity

Abstract: the development of the Internet is far from to can only rely on the existing Internet category, zero sum game competition stage, in addition to the field of Internet is very narrow, wide space, enough to grow with the same magnitude. The giant network BAT.

in recent years, BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) three giants tentacles continue to expand, the pace of mergers and acquisitions continue to accelerate, leaving the space for the subversion and t


Network group buying credit certification opens a new era of e-commerce industry

e-commerce market in recent years, B2B, B2C, C2C All flowers bloom together., such as rapid development, according to statistics, over the past year, Chinese network market total sales exceeded 100 billion yuan, an increase of 373%. Such a huge piece of cake, you can imagine the prosperity of the industry.

in fact, the e-commerce market due to the simple model, can be copied strong market has been considered low barriers to entry". Simple model, high rate stimulation, lack of integrity, plus some of the network’s own quality is not high, resulting in e-commerce industry chaos four. read more


The five hurdle hinder the development of mobile providers

if the development of the Internet has laid a solid foundation for e-commerce, then the birth of Taobao is a plug in the wings of e-commerce. According to the 2011 China e-commerce innovation and Development Forum data show that in 2012 China’s electricity supplier will exceed the size of 6 trillion. The development of high speed showed a continuous upward trend, while the rocket in the electronic commerce development behind, another emerging pattern is gradually into people’s vision, and is likely to become the mainstream model, that is the mobile providers. read more


The giant Shi Yuzhu venture through erratic but create rules

Shi Yuzhu: the entrepreneurial giants do not play by the rules but create rules

April 21, 2006, Shi Yuzhu said, online games journey of the first day of the public test number of 200 thousand". "Journey" is always in the manufacture of many accidents in the gaming industry, the industry questioned the sound and cheers of the game player, the beta only 8 months of domestic 2D online games, created in 2006 China network myth. In November 11, 2006 to break the legend to maintain the same level of online games for 4 years at the same time the highest online record, in December 23rd to break through the 750 thousand mark, and once again to create their own record. March 23, 2007, the journey while the highest online breakthrough 860 thousand, far ahead of similar games, becoming China’s most popular online games. read more


Daquan China Wangzhuan Forum (latest)

        http://s.shua.la, brush Wangzhuan platform;

  outstanding Wangzhuan forum http://s.zhuobufan.com/

China Wangzhuan station (recommended)


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Wangzhuan home http://s.u8881.com/discuz (recommended) read more


The founder of today’s headlines have no house, to set the priority of entrepreneurship

note: today’s headlines hunting cloud founder Zhang Yiming think, at the age of more than and 20, after 85, 90 young entrepreneurs, feel that the first priority for doing interesting things and with excellent work on the front, to give up some life schedule. The following is from the Chengdu Business Daily reported content:

Three hypotheses in the

entrepreneurial process

in the entrepreneurial process, I have three assumptions, I do a lot of decisions and think about the problem of the three assumptions. read more


Women with breast pain which hidden disease health network

chest wall disease, heart disease, cervical spondylosis, oral diseases can cause this pain, accounting for about 26% of breast pain cases. The pain of these diseases is often mistaken for breast pain. After the pain should be timely check, but the most common cause of breast pain is breast hyperplasia, mastitis is a common factor.


cervical spondylosis caused by breast pain: cervical spondylosis can cause breast pain, is due to cervical degeneration, cervical nerve root involvement. This pain is chronic and is unilateral. The degree of pain often associated with neck position, in addition to breast pain, and pectoralis major muscle tenderness, and pillow, neck, shoulder and arm pain and discomfort, X-ray often signs of degenerative lesions of the breast, and no abnormalities in itself. read more