River of the road (five)

I continue to look for a good master of the world. Just met Jia table on his wife’s uncle boasted the named Ma Nantong, we had once, he rent a house to rent near us, no public garden to sit down and chat to chat I have no workers things, his eyes shining, said that the two of us to cooperate, you answer me in charge of live dry, I can take a number of good craft workers.

because he was in Nantong, Nantong at the famous artists. I believe in what he said, and when he got the job, he started to do it. read more


Taobao customers make money mentality decision outlet

now do Wangzhuan, the most popular is the Taobao customer, with the publicity of Taobao passenger, and Billboard’s temptation, now engaged in Taobao off force is growing, more and more people to do Taobao customers, the inevitable competition is big, in Taoke way to earn money it is very difficult, the previous method is not suitable for the. So I want to make money from the Amoy Road, will have to explore new ideas and methods.

We all know that

is the best way to do Amoy Amoy to build a website, this is a must, to build what kind of website promotion what? We have recently seen on weight loss breast ranking sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like smoke, so now you go to follow this station has to die, keywords are accounted for. So we have to continue to think constantly sum up, and open up the way to make money Taobao. Some people do Shopping for Refund, should I also do this, my Babanu Shopping for Refund network ( to do a period of time, but the effect is not very good, there are several large sites, such as the 51 rebate network has to return now to seize the market, but they do PPC, it is difficult from here to break. We have to do now have to do less, do have their own website, can make a small classification, designed to do the same, for example, specializing in computer peripheral, cross stitch, small range can do it so fine, so as to attract people, the user viscosity will be high. Do these popular is also a good idea and method. We are in a promotion, also want to think more, in many ways, now thin out, a lot of people are playing this, then we can get a little up to product promotion, then you must have a certain number of fans, promote the products according to the season, according to your fans and consumption habits for example, now is the summer consumption capacity, you can choose some toilet water, ice pad, notebook cooling fake sunscreen ah, these products are very easy to clinch a deal, so you came to the commission. Promotion does not have to be yourself, you can go to the Witkey publishing task, let others help you back, you only need to give them a little tip, they may help you earn a lot, you also worry and effort, put more effort in thinking of how to do the guest, or plan of action steps you. That is to say we have a mind to do the boss, boss why money, why employees output also can not earn much money, the boss is a day of work for the project, looking for a partner or investment planning, Taobao customers should also be like the boss this thought and action. read more


I have done more than 3 years how much money I earn

strictly speaking, I wasn’t a webmaster, I have been to stationmaster itself. Whenever someone asked me about my career, I said I was a webmaster, attracted a lot of friends envy. Also attracted a lot of admiration MM. In fact, do a good job.

I do stand about three years, in fact, I have done a lot of types of stations, can not insist on down. My first station is a lot of webmasters said that the animation site to do their own experience is very empty, learn nothing. Also let outsiders think the site is very simple, it is easy to make money. Many new Adsense confidence began to do stand, become dejected and despondent settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. I combine my own practical experience to share with you. If you can learn something, then we are predestined. If you can’t learn anything, then I’m sorry, or our way of thinking is too big. read more


85 months after the start to do tea sales 300 thousand like selling iPhone to sell tea


technology news October 14th noon news, Huang Taiji, Ma Jiajia, carved sirloin, West Man "Internet thinking" fried fire, so many of the original entrepreneurs words must talk about the Internet thinking and social economy, fans economy.

has such a 85 after the field of public relations marketing field of origin of the entrepreneur is particularly traditional". He made every brand’s first product black Anhua hand built Fuzhuan Tea since August 28th trial, no concept, no model, but at the end of September sales of nearly 300 thousand yuan. read more


What food to eat threatened abortion health

threatened abortion is now many women have encountered the situation, threatened abortion once often means that the unborn child is a problem, but should actively follow the doctor’s advice and tocolytic therapy, also need to be prepared in the diet, said the following about threatened abortion what food to eat.

a, apple

apple contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, Apple also contains tannic acid and fine fiber, eat some apples can not only prevent maternal obesity, but also can promote the development of the fetus, apple even eat also can ensure that pregnant women do not constipation and diarrhea, anemia can improve pregnant women to eat apples, but also can ease the situation of poor appetite for pregnant women, pregnant women with threatened abortion can also eat some apples conditioning. read more


The pre inspection can be done one day each have different It differs from man to man. health

pre pregnancy check can be done in a day? This is the general, female It differs from man to man., in addition to several tests above, also need to check the situation of intrauterine viral infections by virological examination of intrauterine infection in addition, we need to conduct a comprehensive gynecological examination, the risk of infection in row, if it is found that the infection, delayed general recommendations the time of pregnancy, active treatment is good.

started with the preparation of pregnancy campaign, prepare pregnant in the process of attention should be put on the agenda, the pre inspection is one of the important exception. For the pre inspection can be done one day this question, the answer is uncertain, according to the actual situation of the individual to decide what you need to check the project, check the project more time spent more natural. However, in order to ensure that the health of the baby to report smoothly, no matter how much time is worth it. read more