4 years of experience in personal Adsense

imperceptibly my first website has been online for more than 4 months, it is the first step of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, recall the full confidence of the mood now is really a daily flow of about 20, chicken ribs, ha ha, I really do not know how they find my site.

I do is (to see) joke website, imitation is a successful website, then why do joke website, mainly on account of this website does not require users to pay, also can bring happiness, I rely on advertising to earn a little money, should be a win-win. Then took out more than 1 thousand ocean to buy the domain name, virtual space, but also the site for the record. Speaking of my bad luck, I do not covet cheap to buy private templates, but to find a more specialized imitation station site to order a set of templates, they really did not have to say, though I always put some small problems, but they can still be the first time for me to worry about I can, this is an important reason to keep down, thank you again for their read more


16 worthy Adsense to do advertising

site has been for many years, but also built a few stations, some of the microwave revenue, repeatedly tested a lot of advertising alliance, the following:

1.googleadsense Alliance: recommended index: you can feel, you can feel

Google advertising alliance is now one of the best advertising provider. Even NetEase do Google advertising alliance. Alliance should be the best, most of the domestic China webmaster survival depends on him, the recent reform, the proportion of advertising has declined, but the price is higher bit. In general, it should be the best league in the country. read more


Wangzhuan novice how to adapt to the changing time now

novice just contact Wangzhuan, very dizzy confused (not pornographic and violent ah, ha ha) what all don’t know, some nouns do not understand, everywhere beg no help, find some master at the forum, home of QQ, often more than a dozen people to return a message but, to the critical time for nothing, a word not easy: " ".

but any veteran, experts are coming from the novice, but also the presence of novice.

here I want to say is that we as a novice how to mature as soon as possible, I think it is very simple, is to look at the post, more thinking, multi search. I read this post separately, needless to say, think more about this person, some by post payment figure others can relate to what is the station, some people only see the boy made a lot of ah, hey, this example is somewhat obvious, but the reaction is a mode of thinking a thought. How much is the Baidu search, Google, Baidu and Google of the 2 search results is the same, more analysis, do not understand can post for help, you can also ask your understanding of an expert, but not as good as the simple search, to direct. Oh, of course you know who would like to explain to you, for you that’s (expert are willing to guide you, you are a newbie?) so your search is the best teacher. read more