Automotive electricity supplier in the history of the best eleven transcripts contradictory

this is a double car electricity supplier to participate in the third year, they also start on this day to obtain a higher sales volume, but for the future of the division of interests is the mind.

source: Vision China


interface, loose

eleven double the end of the hustle and bustle, and all return to calm, people can remember perhaps only the cold number of 91 billion 200 million.

but for the automotive electricity supplier, just the past eleven become more unusual. BITAUTO double eleven day to produce 77992 vehicles and 12 billion 560 million total orders total transactions, car home double eleven day to produce 54085 vehicles and 8 billion 795 million total orders total transaction report. read more


Dangdang want to cast 100 studios to create their own content creation system


technology news January 7th morning news, Dangdang published supplier conference, CEO Li Guoqing said it would create content through creative workshops, incubation investment of 100 small and micro studio, in order to adapt to the mobile Internet era of light reading, the goal is to obtain genuine reading for more than 60% market share. At the same time, Dangdang will officially enter the original field, the establishment of its own content creation system.

Dangdang digital reading official said, 2015 is the first year of Dangdang digital reading business, the Internet will accelerate the transformation of the publishing industry thinking, through two aspects of product and platform layout. It is reported that, in order to adapt to the development of new business, Dangdang internal restructuring has been on the eve of the new year, the digital reading business will operate independently, the new office space will also become the incubator of small and micro studio. read more


Enterprise development or eliminate network distribution system to decide

Under the environment of the

world, the RMB appreciation, the European debt crisis continues to ferment, raw material prices…… A variety of factors together to make a lot of small and medium enterprises frequently survival crisis". But in stark contrast, some companies have strong momentum of development, the annual growth rate of more than 100%, no influence. Look at the list of these enterprises will be found, without exception is because the net sales, expand channels, business development or be eliminated, then by the network distribution system decision. read more


Vertical electric providers are in a mess, loss is common development by capital control

After the

annual revenues of billions of dollars from the myth of staged, domestic vertical electric business began to decline, some enterprises often capital chain always on tenterhooks next month in order to survive, they even hope that their founded enterprise to sell. "Like the red child like Suning $66 million" vertical ransom "is very rare, and even can be said that the red child may be the last one lucky", the industry says.

vertical electricity supplier in trouble: read more


The integrity of the alliance platform to build his good!

Beijing has a lot of food market, every day there are various greengrocer here and customers free trading, so the market is also commonly known as the free market. The stall frequented neighborhood aunt know, the first time to a new vendor to buy food, a home must have said, to prevent the hawkers in said gimmicks Quejinduanliang thing happened. If a vendor is secretly like aunt found, soon all the aunt who are not patronize the stalls, after all available and there are a lot of market stalls. Of course, most suffer, or other market vendors, because of a rat shit stir bad pot of soup. The integrity of a vendor affects the integrity of the market. read more


Entrepreneurship this year Agricultural entrepreneurship is a pit

I dark horse series before the interview with the founder of the tea every time Qin Hai, venture for a year. Over the past year, he has gone through what the wrong way? Presumably these personal experience will want to start in the agricultural entrepreneurs who will have a great reference.

the first brand products in each hand built in 8.28 days to a trial of Fuzhuan Tea.

unknowingly, the real determination to start their own work has been through a year. This year, in the end how to do? My friend asked me, I ask myself. After all, have to face their own objective, clear understanding of the situation, not clear so as not to die very miserably. read more


Want to do Wangzhuan earning million the six points must have the ability

You know the word

from Wangzhuan, do not know what the specific time. Probably in the college entrance examination after the end of the day when the Internet bored with the temptation of words. The natural habit of "poison", open the front of the Baidu ranking of several sites of greet is day into the hundreds of million of brightly coloured advertising, let an adult child just smell the thick smell of money. It’s hard to control the temptation to make money on the Internet! What a wonderful thing! read more


On my Wangzhuan experience

although I do not participate in the network to make money for a long time, but through continuous exploration, accumulated a little experience. Take my own experience and the Internet or abstract update, dedicated to the beginner, hope you can help.   see more Wangzhuan experience to rely on the Internet to make money, please login to  

1 mental preparation

network is a long-term career, but also is a beginning of a thankless task but later lucrative career! Adhere to the so-called victory, as long as you persevere to do, give up efforts to overcome the idea, is bound to be a success. For the first one or two months or even longer, you are working hard but you don’t see any money. And earn a little money, they fantasize to Wangzhuan for a lifetime career, in fact Wangzhuan is a very long process, generally after three months is your harvest period. If you do not have your own website, if you don’t have many referrals, not easy to do specifically to resign, unless you have earned enough. Webmaster do have two, three hundred companies, after three months, my EGOLD have received more money. How much money is a person’s perseverance + experience + ability is proportional to, as long as you have perseverance and intentions, will be able to benefit! read more


Personal website can not rely on advertising

Different from the general commercial website, the success of the personal website has a solid foundation of the masses, the click rate is too high, but even this popularity must also face the problem of insufficient reserve funds. A lot of good personal websites are being pushed to the point of commercial operation. This only rely on the eye effect to get traffic, and then attract visitors to click on the site’s advertising practices to produce a lot of visual fatigue, there is no vitality.

way back in 1997, have their own personal homepage can be regarded as the network are the limelight "goers" website, the champions of the tricks will then make the network world is beautiful. From the content, there is known as network comment torrent sites and to finance as the theme of the "Orient Home" personal homepage, characteristic as well as more obscure personal home page, the content is all kinds of, Everything is contained therein. After a lapse of 6 years, 7, the home after the flowers bloom, or from the silent "quack" has become a network or unable to get up after a fall; separation of the column, as the development of a more mature personal website, in the history of the development of the Internet has a distinct outline.


and general commercial website, successful personal website has the solid foundation of the masses, the click rate high, but even such popularity also must face the problem of insufficient funds reserve website. A lot of good personal websites are being pushed to the point of commercial operation. After a few groping, try, some of the personal web site can not help but the end of the exclamation mark, while others have become a household name now big brother". Rainbow Night personal website that personal website in addition to serious problems in the development of flourishing stage homogenization, lack of funds, and dynamic business model is not clear the problem.

> commercial mode

read more


Do you want to seize the Internet opportunity to become a pig on the outlet

According to the statistics of the number of Internet users at

China have tasted 800 million, WeChat mobile phone has more than 600 million users, the Internet has become a large number of entrepreneurs nuggets, will attract a large number of domestic and foreign entrepreneurs to enter the gold every year, even the traditional industry also joined them, more entrepreneurs to become the second Lei June is into the embrace of the Internet business regardless of personal danger.

ten or even five years ago, in the Internet industry in the eyes of the people who will be a lot of people think that is a very big thing, especially in traditional industries of the Internet in the eyes, they are more like mumbo-jumbo. Now, with the advent of the mobile Internet era, when 60 year old uncle aunt played on WeChat, when poor county youth also began to try dating when Mo, the Internet for them and the life of the concrete. read more


The new board looking over several large companies to tease out the NASDAQ to keep secret

Any can be listed, but time tell the tale. this is a slang word NASDAQ will company.

2014 the NYSE beat Nasdaq, grab the world’s largest IPO Alibaba. Compared with the Nasdaq, NYSE has a long history, but also more prestigious. With the rapid development of global high-tech industries, the NASDAQ is not far behind, showing a strong momentum of expansion, Microsoft, Intel and other technology giants are listed here.

at present, the total market capitalization of $7 trillion and 700 billion, and the NYSE to $32 trillion total market value ranked first. Today, the Nuggets three board research center to explore the secrets of the NASDAQ retain giant companies as well as reference to the new three board. read more


A woman can wash out the proud of Shuangfeng ‘s health network

(2) with cotton gloves to scrub the body, so that the whole body fever.

is the most popular female lovers sleeping woman underwear hot paper test how dirty she has 5 things the lower half of the enemy

(1) slowly into the bath, and raised to 40 DEG C.

(4) hold the brush from the inside breast, along the breast below the line, draw arc as to the lateral breast scrub.

(3) into the bathtub, the first hand massage the breast.

(5) to open the water tap, with the same (4), the way to wash the breast. read more


Woman nipple depression do Can you pull out the ‘s health network

3, nipple depression and genetic relationship.

four is a nipple sunken female chest fitness, lost due curve. Therefore, it is necessary to actively prevent and treat nipple retraction.

two is the nipple can not be exposed, the mother can not breastfeed, the baby can not suck milk, thus affecting the development of infants;

three is the maternal milk poor discharge, can cause mammary duct obstruction, galactostasis, prone to acute mastitis and breast abscess, mother never lactation, also can increase the risk of breast cancer; read more