Villa confesses how close he was to Wenger

first_imgPep Guardiola: “He is the type of man who always tries to evolve. He knows that it is not the same to play in Spain, England or Germany, that there are different styles. I have no chance to be with him on a daily basis but I am sure that his mind he’s always looking for ways to take football to another level. “He would have liked to have Mourinho as a coach: “I thought about what it would be like to coach José Mourinho. I played against teams he trained but I still liked him because he is one of the best coaches in the world.”His goal in the Champions League final: “We were playing very well, but we were winning 2-1 against Manchester United and with one goal they would have tied us. That goal gave us the calm to win the trophy and it was perfect.”2010 World Cup: “I think many situations occurred at the same time. There was a good generation of players, coaches, a lot of work in previous years without success … Of all the players who were in the 2010 World Cup, 80% were in the best moment of their careers. “Withdrawal: “For the past two years I have only had three or four minor injuries and I have been out of the team for three weeks, but I think that my mind was beginning to think of another place outside of football. I made the decision to retire because I felt that the final and I think I am in the situation I want now. Obviously, I will miss playing but I am very happy. I will try to contribute to football in another way. “ David Villa granted an interview to the BBC in which he reviewed his entire career. He confessed that before signing for Atlético de Madrid he was able to sign for Arsenal, gave his opinion on Messi and Guardiola, admitted that he would have liked to train with Mourinho and explained the success of Spain in the World Cup, as well as the reasons for his withdrawal.He was able to go to Arsenal but ended up at Atlético de Madrid: “We were in many meetings and there were many calls. I thought ninety percent that he would go to Arsenal with Arsene Wenger, but at that time we did not reach an agreement. Atlético de Madrid arrived and in three or four days he arranged everything. No I know what would have happened if I had signed with Arsenal. I am very happy to have signed with Atlético de Madrid, not only for winning the League, but for everything. I am very happy to have made that decision. “The Premier League offers: “I love the Premier League. I have seen many matches during my career. I always thought about going there one day, but at the moment when all these offers came to me or my agent, I made another decision. Why? I know. Many times I had the opportunity to play there, but I chose another path. “Messi: “I don’t know who said this, but they said ‘Messi is Messi, Andres Iniesta, Xavi and Sergio Busquets’. When I heard him I thought the same thing. If you ask me what is your best position, I don’t know. He is not number nine , but the top scorer. He is not the number ten, but he is the top assistant. He is not a tall guy, but he makes a head start. He is good at everything. Sometimes we thought he did not shoot well with his right foot and then scored incredible goals. right-handed. I think he once played as a goalkeeper and he did well. “last_img