Parade flop could spell end for porn expo

first_imgManawatu Standard 25 Feb 2012Parents didn’t need to cover their children’s eyes because if you blinked, you missed it. The controversial Boobs on Bikes parade, heralding the start of the Erotica Expo at the Barber Hall this weekend, drove through the city yesterday with barely a crowd to be seen, or an eyebrow raised. The five bikes that made up the parade – one was a pink scooter – merged into the traffic and if it wasn’t for the large double-sided billboard on the trailer emblazoned with a bare breast, it might have passed by unnoticed altogether. There were no crowds around The Square, no groups of embarrassed schoolboys sneaking a peek, nor bands of young men taking photos. The parade was supposed to roar in at 4pm, but was running almost half an hour late.