Rookie freshman site experience, written to the present self

saw an article the first two days, as if to say the freshman’s confusion, let me think about my experience as a freshman, but I really miss the feeling of doing the station at that time. And now, it may be hard to do.

first came to this school, do not know how to contact the website of this stuff, anyway, I remember the beginning do station is Hsinchu self-help Station system, the site that can be typed, very simple, he applied for a play (now, but too much garbage, do not put) at that time, what did not know where, SEO optimization, login search engine, the concept of advertising alliance and so on, even the IP do not understand, because the system comes with a count of things, every day can only look at that day, may also be because of the rise in the numbers on the counter and feel happy.

that’s my first stop, no domain name, direct use of the two level. Space, not to mention, directly is not used, the direct establishment of the system. The most impressed me is that every day in order to increase the digital counter on the Internet to go to the school library, the library computer home page set to all my website, then the library machine doesn’t seem to restore the system. Probably because the counter may have any problems, can not be accurate calculation of the real IP, so the number on the counter that day is relatively high.

in fact, mainly want to say is to do the station mood, can say is entirely for their own interests, at that time do not know to do stand can make money, also don’t know how to log on search engines.


freshman summer to buy their VIP service, a top-level domain name to send, the site does not do his advertising, a photograph of a station, without any optimization, every day is to update update pictures, go see the good picture. The only promotion is to go to those portals on advertising, advertising is no skill, basically a post, write a sentence: more exciting, please login: www.xxx.com

some of the more strict community will delete the words behind, but the portal of the forum generally will not delete, but also to bring a bit of traffic. However, at that time I do not know can advertise, so that traffic is basically no use, that is, has been such a tube.

went back to school, then no dormitory computer, and every day to play, it is so deserted station down, then later, if not what, the highest record of tens of thousands, etc. when I start learning late. Ha-ha。

when you come to think of it now, I know the importance of search engine, that advertising can make money, but what? What do stand motivation is not so pure, now do is to stop a goal; make money, want to make money, there may be some crooked mind to think, to do so, but may be successful not.

sometimes sees what happens when it’s popular

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