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business to blank:

playing games is just a means of gathering popularity, which aims to cultivate a steady set of students for their online shop. This is our target customer, SEO said. Target customers each interaction with the game players such as YY communication, communication, space is our group visits SEO technology in the promotion of social information, which inevitably doped SEO let users unconsciously or active or passive acceptance, reached the purpose of promotion.


products should be blank:


computer games for now 80, 90, it should be a very common phenomenon, the game has been able to develop into an industry, naturally has its huge users as a support. From this point of the major game manufacturers of advertising can be seen as an ordinary SEOER us, in addition to medical and financial projects will promote the high price of the number of games, the profit space is remarkable.

all right, let’s not talk about it. Let’s talk about SEO and playing games.



game and this kind of thing, obviously need some video media as a carrier and means, in the past we are open space in the video on Youku regularly upload video recording, the last 2 years the function of YY has become increasingly powerful, live with timeliness and interactivity of promotion. But whether Youku, video station or YY focuses on social interaction, it has excellent promotion and communication efficiency in a certain social circle, but the external interactivity is >

Mowgli brother company, rent a thousand square meters of office, please more than 100 people, also did not earn a penny, decoration and office furniture took 2 million, every month to pay about 1000000 of the rent manual, operating costs are so high, even sleep is not safe.


hard to manage? Only when all the slave workers, strict supervision, it need to strengthen the management! Streamlining more trust, more work, still no matter which.

design web pages, not too full, the more pages of text, the more space to read easily. The art of setting up shop windows is not filling, but daring to rent the most

before I set a day full of work plan, always on tenterhooks, lest they have not completed work. Today, most of the work is cut off, leaving a lot of blank time. Instead, the inspiration arises, doing many things that have not been done in the past: writing, backpacking, learning to cook, making new friends, swimming…

two words, how to let Mowgli brother to visit the doomed, let my life from the network business, free… Listening to an artist friend said, subtlety, Chinese landscape painting is blank! Awoken, life is filled with only a short while ago, we can not find the fetters, free to fly

play network marketing, don’t always think only to sell, sell, sell! A little less hard advertising, more and more communication services, customer intentions, less marketing, spend less advertising, throw some money are really good


work should be blank:

believe that many people are playing games about some well-known game players open shop part-time money example, I am not familiar with other industries, have set up shop selling natural and computer peripherals, game peripherals related products inside the DOTA star commentary and game master basically.

mobile Internet era, why do we have to stay together every day to work? Everyone mobile remote office, do not have an office, do not punch the clock, do not squeeze the bus waste of life.

iPhone product design, minimalist atmosphere, fully embodies the less is more! When Samsung, NOKIA’s mobile phone operation is more and more complex, Jonny launched free mobile phone keyboard There was no parallel in history., ground breaking, ushered in a new era.

needs to meet and have a meeting, so let’s go to Dameisha, the seaside or Yangshuo, and enjoy two of the tourism work. Will this work be more efficient, more profitable and happier?

marketing should be blank:


, a man who works all day till ten in the evening, although he is still alive, his soul has already died.

, this is our dream business! Would you like to join us? Leave a message, please.

now engaged in white electricity providers, making a revolution: not big and empty, only small and strong team, full-time only to maintain the master of 10, non core work outsourcing to the union organizations. Rich, you earn everything, do everything yourself, not doing the same fine,

so how can we hook ordinary SEO people with the game? After all, we’re not dedicated game developers, nor are professional game players. But that does not prevent us from stepping into the game industry as individuals.

in recent years Chinese electronic sports industry development is rapid, from the early 5 to entertain, Internet cafes sit to university league now and into the State Sports General Administration of sports official list, along the way is not difficult. As an old game fan, I naturally witnessed the many star players along the way. All the events included, war3’s sky, SCII’s watermelon, dota’s zsmj, 2009820…… Dota is now down, but the new E-sports program has never stopped. In society, the attitude of the game from the beginning of the suppression, resistance to the present slowly accepted, people play game mentality also gradually change, from the beginning of the indulgence to the enjoyment and leisure now. Everything is a witness of an industry……