Analysis of how to make love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia encyclopedia promotion effect

since the understanding of the advantages and application of love Shanghai encyclopedia, Wikipedia is learning how to do Shanghai next. But because the contents of Wikipedia entry strict specification preparation, low grade encyclopedia account more restricted, need to provide a variety of authoritative references and qualifications and other reasons, resulting in a large number of enterprises.

love Shanghai encyclopedia promotion process: 贵族宝贝uducn贵族宝贝/baike/20120711471.html

search results ranking: love is love Shanghai Shanghai Encyclopedia of weights given very high, and the station optimization is indeed the general search engine optimization, can not match. We can try, whether search words, names, brand names, and even some keywords, events, love Shanghai encyclopedia rankings are in the top 3.

order conversion rate: in the Encyclopedia of traffic is targeted very strong, and the trust of the users and recommend the encyclopedia, Wikipedia content in your brand, the customer will have a "hard" reason to pay for your product. Excellent cross network statistics show, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love PPC and PM advertising conversion rate is higher than a big slice, and can clearly display advertising effect.

love Shanghai encyclopedia promotion effect

love is love Shanghai Shanghai Baike company launched a rigorous audit, but open authoritative reference online encyclopedia. Released in April 21, 2008, today has become one of the important channels to promote major businesses, schools, and other famous brands. Relative to other promotion channels, love Shanghai encyclopedia promotion difficult, but it also proves that the Shanghai Encyclopedia of the marketing value of love. At the same time to achieve the perfect love Shanghai Encyclopedia of search engines and the combination, meet the information needs of users from different levels.

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authoritative reference value: love Shanghai Encyclopedia has become netizens’ a "canon", have any questions will check on it. If your company name is Wikipedia, the company’s customers trust will be greatly improved. Create and love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia, modifications are required to pass the encyclopedia team strictly, to ensure its quality.

promotion: permanent permanent, Wikipedia entries created not expired, ranking has been very stable. Excellent network Du also promised well after the encyclopedia, does not produce any follow-up costs, but frequent changes to Wikipedia content except.

IP flow: how much a day do you love Shanghai netizens have access to Wikipedia? Excellent Du network gives the answer keywords love Shanghai index at around 200, the Encyclopedia of the flow from less the sum of a medium-sized station all page traffic all day long.

reporter visited the Shanghai Encyclopedia of domestic professional sex marketing agency of crossing the network that has good encyclopedia promotion marketing effect, mainly by the following: