Google hit by matching domain adjustment algorithm superior inferior website

Katz said that this algorithm will affect the adjustment of 0.6% English search. He said that this action and the other Google two combat spam sites "Panda" and "Penguin" (independent of the former for poor content sites, the latter for fraudulent website).

according to foreign media reports, a means of inferior website in Google search in the upper, and is consistent with the domain name registered common keywords. Google announced the relevant high-level before will adjust algorithm against these poor site.

, if the domain name of the website keywords and user input to match the height of this site will rank. Google search this feature by bad sites. On the first screen results in an increasing number of inferior website.


days ago, Google hit bad sites of senior Katz (Matt Cutts) announced via Twitter, recently, Google will make small adjustments to the sort algorithm, will reduce the rely on domain name matching keywords "host site.

this adjustment is not surprising, Katz had earlier said that the domain name, let some websites obtain undeserved rankings, Google will investigate.