From the new A5 domain name website construction website said why you can not change the domain name

we know that the domain name is generally use letters, numbers or letters and digital form. However, due to China habits, love is to use pinyin or digital, don’t use the word love English. Therefore, the domain name choice to meet the people’s habits. For example, the largest search company in Shanghai Shanghai is love love the phonetic form, go to the market like Pinyin classification information website ganji贵族宝贝 is used. As well as the use of digital domain, such as 58 city, is the use of 58; Jingdong used the domain name is the first letter of the alphabet form.

so, A5 is actually the same reason. In recent years the domestic intellectual property legal protection form. The domain name has become a kind of assets of the enterprise, want to buy a domain name by the way, to protect their own interests. Small and other Shanghai dragon friends exchange, said a Shanghai dragon will mention A5, which has become a habit is to find the A5 forum, used to search A5, do not enter the domain name in the form of love. However, the A5 forum should not just modify the domain name, the word "A5".

therefore, modified from the A5 domain, will determine when we choose the domain name, domain name should be able to reflect the company, we can let the people see the company from the domain name. This lets the user memory more easily understood, it is not difficult to see that the company to upgrade in the minds of users is an important component of.

there is, if we do not have such a high reputation, not like A5, Jingdong that replace the domain name easily. Because, in the construction site to search the work we use now if you easily get rid of this domain name, domain name, the future is equivalent to re do, before the work again as a matter, are consumed in time and money can not afford.


A5 forum in Shanghai Longfeng community, is a relatively long time is also relatively well-known forum. However, after a period of time, I see in the online A5 A5 domain before the change to bbs.admin5 more short a5. Think carefully, this is likely related to the A5 itself, Xiao Bian also inconvenience much, just from the domain name about the construction site.

as everyone knows, and can provide a short domain name, contains its own brand of these domain names, in the eyes of the people is the baby. Once a Jingdong to change the domain name to vip贵族宝贝, and then to the nearest 360 buying the 360贵族宝贝 domain name suffix, we as can be imagined. Brand awareness rising enterprises, are now trying to input their popularity and user habits together. I think this is why from the Jingdong to vip贵族宝贝 to 360 at buying these names.

A5 modify the domain name, many users in this early stage of accumulation, especially some loyal fans, plus the A5 itself in some Shanghai Longfeng work is we cannot be mention in the same breath.