Click to see the natural flow the wise remark of an experienced person more stable keywords ranking

3, increase trust website, constantly upgrade from users and search engines, improve web page website click on viscosity, natural flow will be promoted.

website keywords get good rankings, many webmaster indulge in the joy, but ignore the existence of the crisis, the so-called "Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult, here the ranking is the same, do simple, but to long-term stability in the home is not so simple things, so the webmaster also need to be continuously optimized, so that a more stable ranking.

4, website to make the difference, the premise is based on user needs, provide high quality scarce differentiated content, increasing website audience, enhance the overall flow.

mentioned above the search engine for the natural flow of the natural flow of click, click the better the higher the rank will illustrate the site value is high, the audience, the trust will enhance the search engine. So how to improve the website click on the natural flow? The author simply say a few points:


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1, the title of the site to set reasonable, can show the value of, and with the keywords of users, so that users will give up competitors choose to enter your site. But remember, the title to show the contents must be present in the site, not only the existence of need is of high quality, can be the perfect solution to the needs of users, do not do the title of the party, even if there is a flow over, the bounce rate is very high, the search engine will give drop right.

, how to make the site every day to maintain steady flow and click

2, the description of the website can not be missing, users generally read the title of the site will continue to browse the description, and then choose, so the title must attract talent for writing.

when suddenly have a very good time ranking, may be an illusion, there is such a good ranking for a short time, may the morning afternoon ranking is very good, there is no, or a few days, if your web site keywords ranking is the case, you should pay attention to, Shanghai is love on your website for review. Then you may be in doubt, love Shanghai why suddenly give good keywords ranking and then remove the ranking? In fact, as long as we are good at analysis for this problem is well understood, I think, love Shanghai to do so, its purpose is to adjust the order to better show the site to the user when the user of the site; your keywords ranking on the home page, will enter the website keywords in the search, the search engine will naturally flow to the website and click on the bounce rate were analyzed to determine the quality of the site, whether to meet the needs of the users search (to meet the demand, then the proportion) with other website contrast, if your site is better than a competitor, then love Shanghai given place will be better than those of our competitors, is consistent with the law of survival of the fittest.