Case analysis to improve small design details page, user friendly experience degrees


Logo may seem unimportant, but actually on our site plays a key role. We open a website, one eye may be stuck in this small icon, how to make a small icon to play a proper role for our friendly user experience. In fact, Logo can also be appropriate to change to cater to the user experience, such as holidays or special customs anniversary, we will celebrate that general major search engine Logo is properly changed, this is best done is Google, its transformation on logo is the most frequent, are changed with the memory of some important days, in fact, we are familiar with the network owners too, through the observation of a year or so, it’s lo>

user experience Optimization (UEO) this is a headache thing for a web site, if there is not enough attractive place, then this site is difficult to survive. Even if your keywords in search engine has good rankings, poor user experience will make you lose the final visitors, also attached to is a high bounce rate, low rate of return. This kind of site site meet the eye everywhere site to do so, some earlier, in the capacity of the site is very rich, the weight is relatively high, but when we enter often may not find the direction, so that even if our keyword ranking is good, conversion rate will be greatly reduced, the author thinks that optimize the user experience not only in the content aspect, the small details sometimes is crucial.

sometimes we’ll find a small button on the page, it may make our visitors, and can provide our visitors a more convenient reading environment, but sometimes we also need to add a button or icon to facilitate users to browse reading articles, take two of the most common example is the first "back to the top of the small button, the button appears to be simple, but it is great, if your page content more, spans greatly, believe that the use of this button to replace the wheel will make your page content to visitors more friendly, we can from some large sites, micro-blog, love the Shanghai encyclopedia can see this little button, as shown in the figure below is back to the top of the small button Sohu:

in some cases is not just a small button based on user read, may also be able to attract visitors through innovation, we can give an example, look at the search news page, as shown below, the design is similar to a coordinate axis, while the relevant priority, while the priority of time, function love is the same with the Shanghai news, but convenient and innovative design tends to be more favored by the visitors.


, a small button by setting the

two, logo site


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