A knife the homepage is full analysis after K

after this incident, several keyword rankings will disappear, but the snapshot back to ten, but a little consolation is included was just as normal, after this snapshot also stopped at that place, don’t even say. It can be very clear to tell you, if you are determined to do a website, do not look for those not reliable host to purchase virtual host cheap, best can hire their own VPS, permitting of course to rent a server is the best.

recently mood is not good, because a website home page is in love with the sea K off, although try to face his calm, but there is still a little. I will not send the website, the copyright information in the last leave, then I will put this website home page by K before and after what happened, I was on the front page of the cause of K, but also hope to have more valuable advice to help users recover my weight.

website is a website I launched in 2010 during the Spring Festival at home, mainly focuses on news. Because is a person to do so, the line on the website after a lot of places need to be modified, but I don’t have to hurry, from the front page to start to change a bit. Of course, in addition to modify the site, I also add content, and occasionally in the A5 contribute to increase the hair soft article chain for myself, then I found that the content of handmade hair is too little, so I decided to use a collection of software, at the same time I also increased in the A5 Submission frequency, basically every day there will be a few days, it seems, the basic content of acquisition in second days will be included and this love Shanghai, persist in a few days, as if included faster, can reach the day included. When I was happy, the cup happened, happened on the morning of March 17th, I found your website open, or return to 404, I immediately hit the customer service telephone consultation, they told me that I was really super flow, the gas no, IP in the 30 day so just on the line for more than 1 months the site was able to 30G traffic to super, so they put me in the night before the site shut down. When I see the website snapshot love Shanghai has returned to March 10th (originally, but every day snapshot) the day before the news gathering basic are included. To this, I have to buy a VPS, because it leads to the site day and night not to open, and the return of the 404, is certainly a lot better if link timeout.

website was K two days before

time is March 31st, but is a snapshot of web page or stay in March 10th, but included I collected news quickly, basically in half an hour will be substantial collection of news, sometimes because of my news included earlier, some news of the long tail word can also bring some traffic, but if it is me original articles issued to it will be even more.

website is the historical background of K