n 2013 three the chain development situation of inquiry platform


said that, for the already entered in 2013, these can be Q & a platform used by us? The answer is yes, but we also need to pay attention to the trend in 2013, that is in 2013, ask the chain effect is not so good, the efficiency is not so high.


of course, here I also share love Shanghai know through one little secret, it is that we can borrow from Shanghai complaints function know love. We know the link immediately deleted because the machine is found to cause the audit, if our complaints will enter the manual review stage, then as long as we are links and answer content match, there may be through.

as a Tencent to imitate love Shanghai know products, and has a broad user base, Soso Ask the weight will not know than love Shanghai go bad. But do ask the chain of friends should be able to find the chain audit soso no love Shanghai that was so strict. But if the search is to ask questions of the construction of the chain of Feng Shui > this?

before we analyze the forum outside the chain trend we can take on the current market share of the three largest foreign chain to do a simple understanding, as shown in the table below:

The second: Soso Ask

know the love of Shanghai become three inquiry platform is the boss when worthy, no matter from the access amount, weight, collection, effect and so on, love is the way ahead know Shanghai. It was Shanghai that is also a migrant construction treasure, but with the chain this two years of flooding has become increasingly serious, the chain audit efforts love Shanghai know with the rise. It can be said that leaving a chain in Shanghai love to know, and the survival time can be used "almost inaccessible" to describe. I don’t say you have what special mode, or jump in front of the URL price of baidu贵族宝贝 and so on. These methods have failed, can be said with the chain is deleted the second answer. But the accounts will be not trust the love of Shanghai know, so we know that the chain of sex of Shanghai trend or rely on luck.

love Shanghai

Q & a platform outside the chain is only a short while ago, all Shanghai dragon Er eyes of fragrant steamed bun, whether it is the weight of the transfer, or to guide the flow, the trend of a large number of Shanghai dragon er with tremendous effort to leave your links on these platforms. But this also causes flooding inquiry platform outside the chain, we often can see a lot of question and answer information, this is undoubtedly for the quiz platform user experience serious impact. With Q & a platform audit system the introduction of new, I think a lot of Shanghai dragon Er can feel now quiz on the platform leave your chain is difficult.