An analysis of competitors how long to occupy the home


keyword density once misled many people, some words of the site density is as follows. Considering the display of the webmaster tools of keyword density, may not contain pictures alt and title in the word, in fact the density figure is bigger.


three, diversification of external links

two, special pages detonated flow


analysis: many examples have proved that if there is no malicious stack keywords, to reduce the influence of rights is not great. Of course, the so-called malicious standard, can only infinitely close.

analysis of the main flow of the station, that is not as the traditional enterprise station, the flow in the home. In addition to several main keywords, the station flow mostly from the project page, as shown below.


before optimization of the word generator, found the site a lot of related keywords are ranked in the home position is good. The past year, the home page for some new faces, but the station still ranked strong. If a short time can not explain what a good ranking, but for 1 consecutive years of a site row in front of you, the station do good enough. Below, the author details optimization depth analysis of the site, and what we should learn

, a parrot densityThe topic of the


of the station’s external links can be described by two words, the number of links, diversity. The query is love Shanghai Webmaster Tools initialization chain.

analysis: the author has done a lot in the topic page, the anchor text "area + word" structure because the home page keyword density is large, resulting in site is down right. The site with navigation, navigation and added to the bottom area do anchor text topic page strategy, a page does not increase keyword density, two can make full use of the first page of the weight, is worth learning.




I found that the station "area + keywords" have good rankings, this shows that the weight of the station is an ideal dispersion. The author found that the thematic pages of the station has multiple entrance on the home page, a list of products such as navigation, area at the bottom of the anchor text.

I used to optimize a car parking lock site, because the list is too much, the article around the parking lock out, accidentally the density beyond the legendary 12% minefield. When a friend reminded the author, the author can quickly modify the title of the article, it was the site of the whole traffic is pretty good. However, reducing the keyword density, the website of the whole flow decreased.