Using robots file pages to enhance the capture rate


, the sitemap.xml address is written to the robots.txt file, so as to enhance the rate of web pages is feasible and is operable. Hope can website promotion and optimization are discussed with more friends. The original Taizhou talent network 贵族宝贝tz.qianjiangrc贵族宝贝. Welcome to reprint, please keep the source.

at the same time, we also can not mutually omitted the most important point is that the robots.txt is the first file search engine to access the site to view. To understand this, we will have the necessary, may also do some articles for this one.

mentioned above, the robots.txt file is the first file search, website to view access engine then, if we sitemap.xml (site map) address file is written to the robots.txt file, the search engine spiders naturally will be found in the first time, but also increases the web pages quickly grab and included the possibility of. This approach, for the new station to station has obvious effect, more positive and realistic function.


we know that robots.txt file tells spider program on the server is what files can be viewed, what is not to be viewed, know these spiders later, you can be all on we allow access to the top of the page, so the limited weight together.



so, whether new or old station, in order to make more pages of search engines, it is necessary to write the sitemap.xml robots.txt file.

to provide you with a tool, sitemap.xml online generation tools, Google is also the official recommendation of the 贵族宝贝xml-sitemaps贵族宝贝/, we can according to the inside of the sitemap.xml options for their website build style. After generating sitemap.xml, generally need to place this file in the root directory.

, know robots file

three, Sitemap.xml file

Specific wording examples are as follows:

speaking in front of so many, many people may not know exactly how the sitemap.xml file, and

two, sitemap.xml will write to the robots file