The station optimization and marketing soft writing tips two.

one to pay attention to the simplicity and temptation, many net love some rhetoric piling, and even some of the Shanghai dragon optimized "ruffian", more love for the search engine keyword stuffing attention, but this result is clearly contrary to the thing, I think a better way is a trap for users to take the initiative to drill, a wonderful title is often better than the simple information, thousands and thousands of words, clear under the temptation of the title is the first step.

The depth of excavation

station in to have a certain degree of readability, allowing users to benefit, but not those words slobber filling body, of course, these articles to help users at the same time, users should pay attention to the depth of the propaganda content, if you are a corporate Web site, then through these articles is to promote enterprise’s brand image and if your website is industry website, so the content can reflect your professional attributes, so as to enhance the use.

because a website operation is not only to optimize the website, but to achieve profitability, get more loyal customers, from this point of view, the simple optimization obviously can not achieve the needs, so I think the need to be transformed into the station in the soft style, so as to realize the double-edged sword effect specific practices. Can be carried out from the following points.

why the site of the original article station as soft, its purpose is to let these words not only have the optimal effect, but also have a role in attracting users and marketing, this article can be of high quality articles, but also the search engine is very love content, but now many webmaster in website construction the article, use more simple method is pseudo original, some of it is the height of the original artifacts, the other is the rewriting, some webmaster for the sake of cheap, a few dollars to buy some of the original article to optimize the website, but the result is obviously very bleak.

The The

third should pay attention to the network information, may be on an Internet news just reported some of the appearance of things, but as a website editor, can not simply be reproduced news events, but to the discussion of the corresponding mining and depth of news events, so as to reflect a news editor the value, also can effectively attract users to communicate and interact, of course, the premise is not enough to ruin three views.

and other editors should take the initiative to communicate, can not simply follow the fixed pattern to write soft text, but in fact now many net more love by his habit of ideas to write so many articles, look very similar, such soft, perhaps for the first time also has a certain appeal, but with the website this article is too much, it will cause the user fatigue, the creation of a wide range of way therefore, coupled with the flexibility to change their own ideas, breaking the rigid thinking is an important way to go out, broaden their horizons, to let yourself get more fresh ideas and feelings.