Shanghai dragon industry play unspoken rule

Shanghai Longfeng industry orders "," unspoken rule whether you are in the company, or individual orders. There are some unspoken rule, of course, this time your client was "unspoken rule". Remind you of Shanghai dragon is to live, but also a kind of service, to provide Shanghai dragon service. Since it is a service must have principles and processes, can not be fooled to your customers, customer’s reputation is also very important.

noviceShanghai dragon

for the novice, in fact is "unspoken rule" a lot. The author is a rookie level Shanghai Longfeng workers. Shanghai Longfeng novice is unspoken rule is mainly manifested in the following aspects, the author just nag about, there is something wrong or improper place, also hope you will forgive me.

now do website promotion friends know Shanghai Longfeng industry has many "unspoken rule", like the entertainment industry. Many people play "unspoken rule", but also may be "unspoken rule". This is a very frustrating thing, but the fact is that, today I talk about the unspoken rule of Shanghai dragon industry, I hope you don’t try to play the "unspoken rule", not to be "unspoken rule".

2, Shanghai dragon industry salary: now Shanghai dragon industry can be said very abnormal, do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng are cabbage price, this author in the "Shanghai dragon brick house: don’t crush him crazy, he is only a legend" in the article are mentioned. Shanghai Longfeng novices do not easily believe that the Shanghai dragon training school ad, Shanghai dragon industry salary is not so good.

1, offer the core of the problem is that your quotation is reasonable, there is no clear about quotation keywords >

3, be fooled: if you are a novice Shanghai dragon, you will inevitably have a website optimization with people, whether inside or outside the chain optimization. Always need to have experience teach you, teach you but many master or leaders are not true master, there are a lot of people will tell you some "truth". Some love about Shanghai You’ll see. knowledge Shanghai dragon theory, or perhaps they fooled the master.

: the first Shanghai dragon was "unspoken rule"

1, Shanghai dragon meaning: many novice first went to Shanghai dragon company website promotion, but most do not know what is the Shanghai dragon. But do not know what specific do every day, before the site is done, there is little understanding of the Shanghai dragon, at least heard the word. As far as I know, a lot of enterprise job information is written: Shanghai dragon promotion personnel, actually at the interview request, but also to understand the site actually. Such enterprises are generally looking for people to maintain their own company’s website, more precisely the site maintenance staff, rather than the Shanghai dragon. Advise you not to go to this company, because you are a "handyman", did not learn what things, wages are not high.


second: Shanghai dragon pick up some "unspoken rule" in