The most effective way to promote website and blog ranking of Shanghai Dragon Technology

page title plays an important role in the dragon in Shanghai. Each page of the site are the only title. It can contain main keywords used on the page.

The definition of URL description tags

page contains the keyword tag. The main keywords used in web content defined in the label meta keywords.

5. using

brief specification helps to search engine crawling and indexing.

keyword is very important for the search engine. The precise words and phrases of the search engine to find the most suitable content in the search content. But with the related content or accumulation may lead to using the keyword search engine friendly, so not only can not get a good ranking in the search engine, a more serious cause the entire page >

The 1. page title


3.meta keywords

use the title tag H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, the definition of the title and sub title. In the page using this type of label is very useful for content. This type of label is helpful to distinguish the importance of spider content. The priority given mainly for the H1 page title tag weight and the main title. Can also according to the title and content of the style to use other title tag.



4.More URL

general, page optimization tips and tricks are part of Shanghai Longfeng strategy, for example, the following is the most effective way to search engine optimization:

when you have a blog or website, you want to be welcomed in many sites. However, the beautiful and gorgeous language used in your content, and add a striking picture, even so, your blog or website will only see a few people, and no more. Shanghai Dragon technology is to show more of your web page in the search engine, so you must start to use your site search engine optimization (Shanghai Dragon Technology). You must comply with the rules and norms of search engine development, which helps your web site to get better ranking in the search engine.


Keywords tagKeywords

2.meta description

description is an important part of the description ". Description also includes a description of keywords used in content, keywords and show on the search page matching results when recording.

is a blog or website to get a better ranking is every webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er want to accomplish. Shanghai dragon is a long-term work, only by adhering to the harvest. Shanghai Dragon technology is divided into different stages, each stage requires the corresponding operation manual.

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