High quality content of Shanghai dragon how to improve their own quality to write high quality

second, the quality does not ask how gorgeous, but at least to sentence should have readability, some students mistakes don’t appear, such as typos, the special care regardless of the tail before messy. But these low-level details do not appear on the website, so that long-term adherence will make users improve on your website trust degree and professional accreditation.

third, written to help the real user to a certain extent, first you have to understand what the user visits a website, then you must make the user valuable content available to all, seize the demand and the core point is the key of the user, such as the theme of the website is a brave. So I must choose to write the contents of the brave, brave like light, how brave wear and so on, and then through the analysis of statistical data to understand the user webmaster to which section of the content of interest, so we can estimate the user demand for content, love what topic, so users can find the core contents of demand yet.

finally the author summarize, in fact we are in the process of creative contents is the need to continue to accumulate, but also a process of continuous learning, improve their writing thought, if it is simple for advertising and marketing, which not only has no effect but will be counterproductive, the webmaster to remember the core love Shanghai algorithm: that is the user. Only from the user point of view, the real solution to help users.

first, before we choose to write content first to make to become experts, the so-called experts to write product selection as an example, that is to say you must be familiar with the function and characteristics of their products, now what is the most popular, the key products and different styles which have different characteristics and help users where these are you must know.

as everyone knows, for a qualified personnel in Shanghai Longfeng, writing is the basic skill itself necessary, and most of them are in difficulties and hardships webmaster chose to write the contents of the time always, I don’t know where to write. In fact, I think that writing can not only promote their own websites, but also can improve their thinking, open their own ideas at the same time it is a process of self reflection and self summary, on the website to update the content as an example, we should not only around the site keywords, it is more important to put their feelings and understanding of the subject the degree of transfer only known as the theme of the site itself can be valuable information to the user, this is true to life, but also improve the high value of the user experience, good gossip, the author analyses from the following aspects.

fourth, the content of writing to keep up with the trend of the industry, such as brave as the example, users are now in search of what the most brave lucky, so we can choose to immediately write what the most brave fortune as the theme of the content, the content quality once the clearance, love Shanghai will also give the article a good ranking this, not only to provide help, is also a good marketing tool.

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