Case analysis of Shanghai how to love manual intervention ranking

has been the love of Shanghai and Taobao have continuously pulled the dispute, not only because they are competitors, on-line Taobao customers bring enormous pressure to love Shanghai search server, or even seriously affect the user’s search experience love Shanghai love Shanghai, so customer of Taobao had begun, kill a large number of API collection sites.



but love Shanghai although the manual intervention, but the intervention results are not ideal, can be seen from Figure 1, the results were still not the user wants to see, but still on the first page, maybe now >

love Shanghai page second shows the results:

from the search results is not difficult to see that the first page shows the results from all forum posts, second pages are all independent website domain name, the domain name of the site is usually independent of weighted higher than single page weight, the ranking mechanism is clearly inconsistent with the principle of search engine, the contrary, second pages of these sites are all in the first page. We can see that the second page of these independent website domain name is Taobao customer class website, so it is not hard to imagine why love Shanghai manual intervention ranking.

: Search "Sunglasses brand ranking" love Shanghai page first shows the results:

has been ranked first in Shanghai yesterday found love "Sunglasses brand ranking" this site has a fall to 11, before the keywords ranking has been very stable, about stable rankings for more than a year, but has been the key words flow rarely, just recently, the summer is coming, the keyword search the traffic is up more gradually, the average daily from the keywords to flow around 100IP. Yesterday, the keywords ranking drop, flow directly shrunk by as much as 1/3. Look at other keywords website ranking is not what changes, that web site does not exist may be right down, originally thought to be love Shanghai once, so it is not too concerned about mistakes. Today again to see the site’s ranking is still 11, also updated snapshot, look carefully, find home all of a domain name website all on page second, followed after I stand ranking, that is the love Shanghai intervention rankings.

from the perspective of the user experience, user search "Sunglasses brand ranking", in order to get the actual result is "brand ranking", want to know what the best brand of sunglasses, but from your search ranking in the Taobao guest website could not find the user wants to know the answer, in other words to the user in fact, do not want to see such search results. All along, Shanghai love is a "love Shanghai, You’ll see." service concept to meet the needs of users, but you see, really want to let the user know, it is difficult to find a satisfactory answer, so, love Shanghai in order to meet the user experience of manual intervention.


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