Snapshot analysis by the website linked to horse


snapshot back, but this time, my analysis is to have a relationship with the Trojan ", because today is the next day before snapshot, a long time is very stable, from yesterday.

I met the third reason is today only personal experience. I have a website snapshot update, every day I have to use a tool to check the rankings and included. Recently do not know what the reason, just update the home page every day, the inside pages included is not very good. But today, that day included more than 40 pages, I was surprised, so to see what results are included, a cup with a picture:

site website, found the snapshot from No. 24 to No. 21, as shown in figure

for a long time didn’t write articles in the A5, has been sharing in learning the experience of others. Read a lot of articles about the website snapshot, analyzes many reasons, these reasons may be an objective fact, but he did not personally experienced, so not very deep understanding.



home page more than 40 in addition to all other games such as information, I know that my site was linked to horse. Because my site is used in DEDE, open membership system, we all know that DEDE there is a loophole, I haven’t put in the mind, that set file permissions, do not let others write on it, the result is impossible to guard against, or attack, put these pages out of order.

But then

no way, then quickly find where is the reason, the first upgrade patch, and then close the membership system. Then looking for these new out of the page where. From the path to find the address is a member folder, so as to get the member Trojan page, by comparison, the address in the viewhx file in the source file no, so compared to the original program, the extra files are deleted. Then remove to open what is included in the page, 404 pages, I deleted successfully.

Snapshot of my own personal experience of the

probably has three kinds: one kind is suddenly not updated for a long time we do Shanghai Longfeng site is generally timing quantitative update, form a certain rule if there is a sudden long-term not update snapshot may file back this in my company to maintain the station and their stations there a website normally is the snapshot update is very good, but the Spring Festival holiday home after seven days are not to update the site, after work found that snapshot to leave before the date so suddenly the long time not update, update rules will cause the destruction of the snapshot back to file, this is a reason. Another reason I encounter is that the server is not stable, there is a station is usually a good update, snapshot, results in a time of hire server problems, change the room was delayed for several days, the snapshot.

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