Wuzhong right to find and establish a quality standard of Links


a few months ago, Google PR not update the rumors on the noise and dust, many people even think PR has slowly will be forgotten, not important. We know that PR is the noble baby ranking algorithms, evaluation is an important standard to a web site and level of importance. The higher the PR value that the web page more popular (more important). Although PR does not have much relationship and love Shanghai weight, but it can reflect the comprehensive strength of a website. When we find the Links not only in addition to PR, PR and some other criteria. Personal opinion: Links like a spider web, attract search engine spider crawling, ranking and site weight to improve the core keywords, the spider web should be how to build? Wuzhong right to share in the search for Links, in addition to Google PR outside the chain of how to judge the friendship is appropriate:

8. website: link a small website is generally not more than 30, but a portal site is usually 60-80, outbound links more than you.

7. YAHOO trans: This is important, general YAHOO is very powerful and the chain site weight and PR are very good.

Export link The

4. love Shanghai number included: the more the amount collected, but this is relative to the total number of pages. This is only for reference, if a web page is only 30 thousand, but included in the 20 thousand that this is completely normal, if it is rubbish station up to hundreds of thousands of web pages indexed by search engines, 50 thousand, it is still rubbish!

2.site home page is the first: This is the website of the weight of the most direct embodiment of the. If you are not even the site home page in the first row don’t say weight, this is not to say. It may also be the core reference site keywords ranking. For example, the query disease (贵族宝贝jbk.99贵族宝贝.cn), the core keyword is the disease if love Shanghai disease query query, ranked in the top three this can also explain the weight of this website.

3.: love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot reflects how frequently the site of height and weight of the spider crawling. Love Shanghai although there is no direct contact and ranking keywords, but still require the next snapshot, this is also the embodiment of the weights of the website.

1. content and related: according to the long-term experience that a content and related and not related to the Links on the site itself is very different, if your site is a medical website, then you simply because of PR and real estate websites (for example) the establishment of links is harmful, and even affect the website keywords ranking.

5. included: love Shanghai love Shanghai for a day to update the website page also reflects the weight of a station and have a good degree.

6. love Shanghai related domain: This is very important for the love of Shanghai. Love Shanghai more effective related domain, on the website of the weight of ascension better love Shanghai.

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