How to do a series of soft constantly updated work


Shanghai Longfeng link building, inside the chain can create largely affect the final effect. A series of articles for thoughts and secrets, content related, so in the process of creating the chain more convenient and simple. The above list of news content as an example, we look at the details click to enter.

content editing can take many forms or any form of poetry, or prose, essays, as long as you can really grasp the essence of the theme of how to edit text, how to publish, what kind of way to display the contents of the decision in Shanghai, we edit the hands of dragon.

2, the point of view is clear, orderly with

generally, in most cases, update an old article or content compared with the new information may not have what too much significance, but if it is a series of articles, such as "second" or "the first, the" series article, it means Phoebe unusual, so this type of how to write it, what a powerful advantage? This is also the purpose of.

1, long short, users easily

content, and PPC based Shanghai dragon is the same series, the latter is in the series regardless of viewpoint. Each point of a separate article, detailed and orderly, step by step.

, each part of the content can be a link, and link the contents of the entire series is extremely relevant, this article separate out the formation of a network link, they can be linked to each other, mutual promotion. This is in a hierarchical chain. Then the content of the article, through the relevant content links to other parts, such as associating a series of articles and other content sites, imagine the outcome of


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experienced editor know 500-800 words between the soft reading limit is most consistent with the user, the user is too long to see, too many users feel that the content is not detailed enough, so the scale of the control is very strict. But the conventional article too much content will show how? The article is divided into two or more, the same series of content of the theme line, each article can have a central theme. When users watch like watching serial novels, unlabored is also interested in Why not?

As shown The advantages of



of the first point, we can know that the same series may have under the articles, each article content has a detailed view, so in a view to its detailed description into an article, the content that should be very detailed.

3, logical and perfect the

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