Qihoo in March 8th to promote the League suspended major revision

according to sources, the Qihoo has stopped all League promotion in March 2nd, and in March 8th revised plan.

, the person said, "yesterday, the Qihoo company suddenly stopped all the promotion, there is news that the company will make big adjustments in this Saturday".

Qihoo according to the information previously disclosed, the company plans to Qihoo all content transferred to the new site "cool", and the Qihoo after only doing similar "Baidu knows" the search service experience. read more


The most important thing to do is to quit the urgent need to talk about the 20 principles of Taobao

do not know if you have this experience, if you do a Taobao off, see people’s site included so much, the day turnover so high. Anxious and what like, and panic, copy an article into their own link everywhere on the hair, wait a second send it 100. In fact, it would be better to calm down a day to write a good original, published 3 blog every day. Do not believe you try.

in short, the mentality must be stable. See your site record, at this time is not the mentality rather relax, whether text or looking for information, not a bit anxious, right! Do the following 20 principles, you will be immortal. read more


Entrepreneurial services industry quietly rising concern about the entrepreneurial economy

according to voice of the economy, the data show that last year, only 1.6% of Chinese graduates to start their own businesses, an important reason is that it is difficult for entrepreneurs to find funds. However, a phenomenon is changing to entrepreneurial projects, such as the company’s services are increasing, a service industry is rising around entrepreneurs. What is the current business model of entrepreneurial services?.

new music art Co., Ltd. chairman Wei Kaiyuan at the beginning of the business wrote a song called "stick". Looking back, he is not assured of emotion, entrepreneurial management team, the implementation of the staff is not ideal, also do not know how to take the next step, they communicate with other entrepreneurs most often asked, "are you most concerned about is how to get through the difficult time". read more


Green forest in the face of the new filing policy grassroots webmaster should go out

on 2010, our webmaster grassroots is double way. For we grassroots along the road is more difficult and blocked. 09 years from the notification issued by the Ministry of industry and strengthen the verification of the site for the record, caused the attention of the media and the industry, exactly is most concerned about the IDC and the webmaster who. Rather, it is related to their jobs and hobbies. For our grassroots webmaster is a heavy blow.

according to the notification requirements, the person responsible for the site I need to carry the original documents and materials required for verification of access to the service unit for the record site for verification procedures. Access service units to be collected and retained in the record site responsible for the color of full faced photo. Filing Center production, with a mark of the curtain as background pictures, photos should display photos of time and background logo. read more


Warning rookie do Google AdSense account was K

      GOOGLE ADSENSE K, today is learning to ask superiors!

      I just started to learn to do the early days of the younger brother, a small station. The network information about N Wangzhuan, then think about or do GOOGLE if name, is registered and launched a GOOGLE ADSENSE account! The days that you feel full of excitement. ah, bought a lottery ticket, waiting for the winning make money! (at first thought that put an ad can earn money)

      the first few days back view log GG advertising revenue, unfortunately all is 0 when the sense of loss, not a number like lottery of 5 dollars, condolences to Kim did not get. The brain appears in this problem: ask friends to help point, so that IP can not find out, there may be income. Since then, all the power to launch, primary school, junior high school, high school, University, colleagues, all familiar with the QQ, MSN everywhere preaching, to help point of advertising, earn money to eat!" read more


The guest should not have Taobao marketing is king

now Taobao merchandise promotion has become a lot of website owners profit model, Taobao passenger is just fiery, even did not do stand experience users have begun to join the Taobao. Indeed Jiqianyiwan online earning who doesn’t want to.. I also saw the Taobao customer development, excitedly joined the ranks of Taobao customers. In the past few months but puzzling over no income, I think most of the Tao are also sometimes puzzling over why no income or income are. The others have not only website blog, space can earn a few hundred – thousand in my understanding of the situation, it told me how to do??? Why do I use the same content site does not make money? Taobao customers avoid Yangaoshoudi, marketing is king. read more


small I guide registration advertising due attention to stop

thank you for your partner’s support for the alliance!

ad number: 1772. Advertising content: small I guide registered MSN group. Effective from April 10, 2007, will expire on January 12, 2008 00:00:00.

where the application of the advertisement to the user can contract expiration date (ie before January 12th) remove the ad code, to terminate the advertising campaign. End of the contract at the end of January 12th, the effective user generated within 0 hours, will still be normal billing. January 12th 0 when the effective user generated will no longer charge. read more


Google hand decryption the two sides will cooperate to promote Adsence

Personal webmaster of the day, and not with the SP depression and loneliness.

"personal webmaster SMS revenue has accounted for 80% of total revenue, but in the second half of 2006 SP industry after the crackdown, other advertising revenue began to replace the head of the SMS has become the main income." Meitong alliance founder Wu Jingchuan told reporters.

called the "other advertising revenue", mainly refers to all kinds of advertising alliance from paid services, which pay per click, there are some pop by or to display the billing service. At present all kinds of domestic advertising alliance has more than hundreds, including Google, Baidu, Alibaba, Qihoo and other Internet companies self advertising, including good PR, and other professional intermediaries to establish advertising alliance. read more


Witkey sell inspiration for real silver

two in the morning, the vast majority of people are sleeping soundly, 80 percent of Li Zhiyao is also lying in front of the computer to write a mobile phone store planning program. Originally, he was doing "Witkey" to earn extra money.

, Witkey, meaning "Witkey" is by virtue of their wisdom, knowledge and expertise on the Internet to help others to solve problems and get paid by people. Now, "Witkey" in Guangzhou quietly, they bid for the next task through the network, small pet name, to market research, program development, everything. read more


Justice in the GG, so high handed, blocked GG account complaint reply

the day before yesterday, advertising Street hair post http://www.adjie.com/club/thread-71295-1-1.html

today’s reply


as you know, Google has been very serious about invalid click activity. We believe that the use of your account is a necessary measure to ensure that your site activities will not continue to give our AdWords advertisers a risk.

we know you may want to get details about our detected activity; however, the need for the protection of our proprietary detection system, we are unable to provide any details about the publisher account activity, including any web page, the user or the third party service may be involved. read more


Internet entrepreneurs also pay attention to day + location + and

in the wave of the Internet era, the form and approach of entrepreneurship on the Internet can be said to be a thriving, people began to need to start a new business environment and the coexistence of entrepreneurial methods. People have to look together in the Internet this big cake, involved in the Internet business, and be fond of, because of Internet entrepreneurs in the business can continue to create a miracle, and the network environment standardization and legalization, will undoubtedly make those upcoming entrepreneurs or people are planning in the ready to. The charm of the Internet is great, but the reality is cruel, on the road of entrepreneurship, always accompanied by someone successful, someone failed bipolar situation. In these two aspirations, there are rules to follow, then the Internet business needs to prepare what resources? The following is mainly from the four points of analysis. read more


SP our China liar really make money

also recently gradually noticed that Baidu gradually is not the feelings of our users, search for "Wangzhuan project", the top is actually the promotion of fraud, Baidu has to make money, listed on.


is more popular in foreign countries, the specific content is through the Internet to their own wisdom, knowledge, ability, experience into actual income people.

but it is amazing that when he came to China, he became a liar, which also shows the confusion of China’s internet.

when I opened the website after the first pops up a website that today’s settlement has been completed, please check. Give people the feeling is very professional, is a good alliance. read more


Let your blog also make money Google AdSense blog Raiders

now many friends have their own blog, every day to spend some time writing articles. Article written well, naturally there will be a lot of fans point of view, the flow will be up. But have you ever thought that a blog with high traffic can earn dollars?. Many bloggers are supporting a variety of custom modules and writing articles can be very free to insert the HTML code, which makes you in your own BLOG above the release of GOOGLE advertising is fully feasible. And now Sina, NetEase, Sohu, YAHOO and other major portal level sites have blog system, to a registration, take part in some circle of friends, exchange links, so that your click will soon be up. read more


Dare to face several stages of entrepreneurial failure

we all know that failure is the mother of success, but few people would dare to face failure, summarize the failure, they tend not to be defeated in this matter, but failed in successfully before the dawn of time, they chose to give up, to deny the past efforts; the love nest to give you a summary of several stages may experience failure:

the first stage: success comes and goes

when you are trying to get some success in a small stage, there will be dizzy with success feeling, often mistake here to start. For example, a team spent two or three years developing a new product, the angels of all ages, the lack of financing, some strategic thinking entrepreneurs will spend the money to set up his own company, a beautiful office decoration, to start a large-scale recruitment, such amazing behavior does not burn in the one or two year, the company began to financial problems, layoffs, bankruptcy, team disband problems often occur, and then recall the past success, everything is nothing, the old feeling of the bad things should not happen in their own body, the real origin of all problems are the reasons why read more


To spare for the college entrance examination had to sell the station

I have been due to middle school, learning very nervous, no time to think of the university management website, have time to do stand if we do not study hard, think that the future can learn too late for regrets, while doing the station, but the website that I can’t stop learning, when others are in class, listen carefully I was in the planning, website development, class of the total can not concentrate on it, and students and teachers said about me, they think I should learn to give up, learn to endure through the pain, but what I was willing to lay down, the home is very poor, just want to make a station to get enough college fees OK, so as not to the university but also to borrow from relatives, then I also began to slowly give up, a week before the last Internet cafes, slowly ignore website. read more