Guo Quji talk about Lanting Pavilion set potential logistics platform temporarily not consider profi


] January 27th news billion state power network, cross-border business enterprise in Lanting Pavilion yesterday formally launched a potential open logistics platform — "Lanting Pavilion Zhitong, chairman and chief executive officer Guo Quji has made the summary to the operation and development of ideas of the platform, and pointed out that the cardinality of Lanting Pavilion will help strengthen the third party logistics platform open platform business in 2015, to attract more sellers. read more


Our popular belt in Taohuawu do you know such a taste for master in young women


is one of the most popular products in the market nowadays sex toys, not only because it felt full of more women because of its compact appearance, convenient carrying, can meet their needs in any place, which has become an important factor in many women this love, and as more and more young women for its recognition, its market value also increased, in recent years, the trend of rising. Today, the market value is immeasurable, appears in the city of Taohuawu, the market value of eggs will continue to rise, while the women’s demand for Tiaodan is becoming more powerful security guarantee. read more


How to do a 7 day up to 100 thousand fans WeChat activities

in the previous article, I left a suspense, and WeChat is through some Internet friends face-to-face communication, know what they have to do some activities activities, the effect is very good, and instantly rose to tens of thousands of fans.

so, this activity is how to do it?.

The contents of the following boxes in the

are from the product manager who, when researching this type of activity, found the relevant principles of the narrative, so the. Of course, has been with the author had to communicate, but also a detailed understanding of some of the relevant circumstances. read more


CN registration exceeded 8 million again to climb a record high

reporter learned from relevant sources, as of the end of November 2007, CN domain name registration has exceeded 8 million, once again climbed to record highs. At present, CN continues to dominate the national top-level domain name second in the world, has profoundly changed the world domain pattern, the rise of the world to re-examine the China Internet based address resources.

after ten years of brewing, the development of CN domain into the fast lane. From March this year, CN domain name registration amount from 1 million 800 thousand straight shot up, by the end of June will explode through 6 million. In the next few months, this figure to millions to be refreshed at the end of November 2007, CN domain name registrations climbed 8 million on the all-time high, CN domain name in the global ranking in the national domain to achieve the "three jump", rise from fourth to second, second only to Germany DE domain name. read more


Electronic commerce website to collect high integrity certification fees are profiteering

The development of

Internet development one peak arising from electronic commerce, in addition to large enterprises have their own e-commerce system and marketing system, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to develop the network marketing promotion mainly rely on e-commerce website or platform to have a certain strength, rely on B2B this business to business e-commerce platform.

Chinese due to special conditions on the market, the birth of a giant electronic commerce as the representative of the platform, the implementation of the integrity authentication, because it can make money, many business platform with the copy mode, the certification fee of more than 2 thousand and 800, each member of the annual more than 1 thousand, 800 yuan. These e-commerce platforms are mostly different from the level of qualification of the third party certification cooperation, after careful packaging, relying on their own resources and advantages to small and medium enterprises to sell. The actual situation is? The third party certification body integrity market quotations: integrity certification of an ordinary enterprise needs 50 yuan only, if be certified enterprises so much price certainly can be reduced to a more favorable position. read more


Taobao universal unusual twelve

when the universal Taobao and life together, what would you think? Yes, Ma has been put forward many years ago, Taobao is the concept of life. And now it seems that the concept of the best landing point is hand Amoy, because the mobile terminal portable and LBS two features.

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"black five" just after twelve started soon, Tmall has eleven double 57 billion 100 million turnover record in fourth years ago Guinness, held in twelve is particularly looking forward to. read more


A number of Alibaba repaying small appliances consumers can purchase records of rights

with the net Ali, many home appliance brands also suffer, and the Alibaba will battle to the small household appliance market, before the Alibaba said, Royalstar, triangle hemisphere contains eight variety of merchandise brand category of the whole network is punishable by repaying the punishment, related goods to meet the rights of treatment, while the remaining related goods for more stringent regulation.

the repaying small appliances brand and model

as long as you buy in May 12th after the above models of small household electrical appliances, consumers can apply for online rights, customer service assistance to deal with. read more


Dunhuang network Wang Shutong do not buy as a universal hammer

this is my published in the IT manager of the world, the latest issue of the article, there are a lot of friends recently talked about the things to buy, so I wrote an article, I hope you exhibitions.

social psychologist Maslow once said that if your only tool is a hammer, you tend to see everything as a nail

group purchase industry is a strange phenomenon in the field of global e-commerce in recent years, it’s hot beyond our common sense. Pioneer, group purchase industry still maintain a leadership role in plan Groupon has recently been publicly listed, Bloomberg estimated Groupon recently listed, for a $25 billion valuation. A company was founded more than two years, can be so hot, is undoubtedly an Internet miracle. read more


The first patent on the first line of intellectual property rights platform

April 20th, the first national patent business platform – patent Baiteng Baba started in Changzhou science city. This platform can break the patent application in time and space constraints, to solve the problem of patent application line, greatly improve the efficiency and quality of patent applications. Municipal Committee, science and Technology City Party committee secretary Xu Guanghui attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech.

Baiteng company is the national Ministry of national public service demonstration platform for SMEs "and the State Intellectual Property Bureau as" the national brand of intellectual property services agency". Last year, the company more than 6 thousand and 500 service companies to achieve total revenue of 35 million 600 thousand yuan. At present, has been in Nanjing, Shanghai, Qingdao and other places to set up branches. read more


2010 will be a lot of Taobao small sellers dead to the year

2010, will be the year of the death of countless small sellers Taobao.

after a few years after the operation of Taobao mall, Taobao has shown the polymerization of B2C. B (enterprise) classification two kinds, one is all kinds of enterprise operation of the project settled in Taobao, such as BMW, UNIQLO; one is that the original C (individual sellers) crown level sellers grew up, this has completely entered the ranks of the B. So in this case, Taobao is bound to start shuffling, shuffling the reasons for good: 2010, the year of consumers. read more


Domain deletion list July 11, 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact / consulting qq  35996213 email/msn 0516–83777726

phone< br /> / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more


Seize the door community O2O pulls out four new tricks

there will be a wave of electricity providers down the rise of a wave of electricity providers, in the process of the industry continues to shuffle, the electricity supplier community emerge, focus on the advantages of the integration of online and offline, this new business model is changing the traditional online shopping habits, become a new wave.

billion state power network summed up the four main types of gameplay from the dazzling community in the O2O market, and on behalf of products to do a rough interpretation. read more


How to share personal Adsense into e-commerce

e-commerce concept of a wide range, at the moment I want to talk to you about the network trade is something. Since it is a network of trade, the scope of this transaction is also very broad: can be a specific or virtual products, can also be a service. In short, we can provide a kind of thing through the network to meet the needs of customers, and then trade with each other. E-commerce is like a raging fire, we these personal webmaster how to participate in? I will share my thoughts down, only an occasional glance at leisure, a lot of deficiencies, please enlighten. read more


As a higher circle has been quietly rising

in the higher, in addition to a number of training institutions earns more and more, there is a class on training institutions "circle" has been quietly rising.

for the "circle" as a not very understanding, but also exposed to some of the earliest, heard is to understand understand baituan, is said to have entered the circle of the high threshold, the entry fee of 1000 yuan, the annual income must be entered before they can enter at around 300 thousand. After contact with a number of users engage in various circles, but mainly around the circle to make money. read more


E-commerce platform for businesses to rest assured online and honest transactions

face to face transactions – the traditional enterprise, face to face inspection of commodity trading patterns in three thousand years business history Chinese, the concept has been ingrained, but with the development of social economy and the deepening Chinese of globalization, the increasingly fierce international competition, enterprises are facing profit space constantly squeezed, labor cost, material cost of production rising, so most companies recognize don’t develop new channels, reduce the cost of enterprises, only the closure of choice. read more