Ma Huateng entrepreneurship is pulled 30 thousand users had disguised as a girl chatting

today, University of Hong Kong held to innovation as the theme of "dreamer" (dream catchers) forum, invited Ma Huateng as keynote speakers, and the famous media people Zhang Lifen talk about thousands of people in the hall. In the face of teachers and students, few public speaking Ma Huateng share entrepreneurial experience, answer questions about Internet censorship, product competition. The scene laughter applause, the piece looks like a pony flying brother eloquence is also out of practice. read more


Entrepreneurship young people who sleep in the company

 , a 40 year old man from Beijing, was an engineer at the start of his job. He worked in a machinery company, due to the 72 hour shift work system, so the generation of Xiang often have to sleep on the floor.


entered the technology industry, he was still lying on the table or lying anywhere to nap. Last year, he and others created their own cloud computing company white cloud technology.

the first product he bought for his company was 12 high and low beds, and put them in the corner of the office. read more


Create a space industry reshuffle intensified excellent talk about China’s WeWork breakout way

public record space originator WeWork to get strategic investment from China, Hony investment and by Lenovo holdings to $430 million investment led, the latest valuation of up to $16 billion, Chinese formally enter the market in Shanghai. With the extension of the WeWork layout to the Chinese market, the public space industry reshuffle will exacerbate. As excellent run network (www.uban.com) founder and CEO Lu Yang said in an interview earlier, WeWork into China need to fully understand China’s national conditions. The biggest difference is that the United States and other developed countries in the city’s service industry is far more mature than China, there are more rich free home buyers and small companies, while the majority of domestic freelancers are small companies have no money. How to find the unique location of WeWork China and adjust the space and pricing scheme is the key in the case of the overall customer base." In any case, a public record of space battle is inevitable. read more


Shen Napeng entrepreneurship can not only make a great company to make money from the dream

Shen Napeng: Sequoia Capital global executive partner, Sequoia China’s founding and executive partner, is also the founder of Ctrip and home inns. He is the highest ranking Chinese investors Forbes 2012-2015 annual list of world’s best investors, and since 2010 four consecutive years Forbes Chinese best venture capital, is the only one on the list of "fortune 2015" Chinese’s 50 most influential business leaders "fund investors.

Shen Napeng is currently the chairman of the China Entrepreneurs Forum, the president of the Yale China Center, the Asian Association, vice chairman of the Beijing Equity Investment Association, executive vice president of the Zhejiang chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. read more


The content of the venture capital is not eliminated 300 thousand headlines monthly account of $30 m

content entrepreneurial venture seems to have not been in the past. Today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming drying out the headlines today, the establishment of the first anniversary of the transcript: 300 thousand accounts monthly account of $30 million, each month there are more than 50000 headlines income. There are 1020 creators, get more than $10000 per month in the headlines.

he made three judgments on the content of entrepreneurship, that the next business venture in the short video, the next 12 months today’s headlines to come up with the support of the short video content of 1 billion entrepreneurs. read more


Even bigwigs have to give up fresh electricity supplier, investors are still playing what

Well done

fresh electricity supplier, all game player is the secret of trial and error to survive and maintain alive.

entrepreneur & I dark horse fresh electricity supplier series of fifth reports released. When we read the fresh market after listening to the joys and sorrows of life and death, to survive in the market leader of the company, now let’s visit the capital side, look at the death, in this large number of entrepreneurial projects are struggling to survive the game player on the market, investors still continue to add note why? What is the logic of their investment. Hold on the fresh future and how to read more


Angel wheel + Fresh electricity supplier $100 million electricity supplier entrepreneurship how to p

gorgeous published "time" is still not old, ideal resignation letter before the president of HUAWEI glory Liu Jiangfeng, officially announced in April 28th a new trend: his entrepreneurial fresh business platform!! has received $100 million in Angel round of investment.

$100 million, angel round, IDG collar cast, a consumer investment fund with investment. Even if the valuation of start-up companies soaring in 2015, an angel round only in millions of dollars level below. Liu Jiangfeng announced the $100 million Angel round, once again hit the ceiling of venture financing. Interview the NetEase of science and technology in April 28th, Liu Jiangfeng said: "now what is not" to create a new company called Dmall, located in O2O near life business platform, even his name card company address is not printed, only H5 pages at the beginning of test, the number of users, DAU (day) and other data no reference value. read more


The new board looking over several large companies to tease out the NASDAQ to keep secret

Any can be listed, but time tell the tale. this is a slang word NASDAQ will company.

2014 the NYSE beat Nasdaq, grab the world’s largest IPO Alibaba. Compared with the Nasdaq, NYSE has a long history, but also more prestigious. With the rapid development of global high-tech industries, the NASDAQ is not far behind, showing a strong momentum of expansion, Microsoft, Intel and other technology giants are listed here.

at present, the total market capitalization of $7 trillion and 700 billion, and the NYSE to $32 trillion total market value ranked first. Today, the Nuggets three board research center to explore the secrets of the NASDAQ retain giant companies as well as reference to the new three board. read more


Today’s headlines CEO tell how to select the entrepreneurial talent technology companies

products and technical personnel in determining whether the company is added, should consider short-term gains are not stable, user growth is not fast enough, long time to consider the product model and the potential income scale, industry prospects, and is not with the best people do meaningful things interesting challenges.

today’s headlines CEO Zhang yiming. Source: network

today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming recently a little depressed, because he refused to have candidates. read more


WeChat group sold Roasted Chicken earning 200 thousand 3 million venture capital

In order to promote

Roasted Chicken, Fu Haining built a 500 WeChat group.

in the "popular wave of entrepreneurship innovation", Internet plus entrepreneurship has become the trend, it has become common tools of communication between friends, a lot of people WeChat business platform. Part of the entrepreneurs to build their own WeChat group, they operate their own products and reputation in the group, maintaining customer relationships, and many of the big contracts are quietly generated in the WeChat group. We focus on the business of the WeChat group, WeChat group of entrepreneurs to explore the secret of fun do fire business, to provide a reference for other entrepreneurs. read more


Four simple actions rub out the fullness of the chest ‘s health network

women want to have large breasts, a variety of useful breast cream, have to do plastic surgery…… But a lot of effort, the effect is not good. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine finishing some massage method, try, let the breast operation in the fingers, can easily work. Come and try it!

tight chest muscles

1, put his hands under his armpits, along the periphery of the breast massage.

, 2 hands from the breast below to about two party pulling upward, until the clavicle position. read more


The diet can help women to prevent breast cancer ‘s health network

recently published in the International Journal of obesity, a new British study found that a strict diet for two days a week can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women by up to 40%. The researchers found that the control of dietary calories can almost cause breast cancer in women with high risk of cancer hormone levels by nearly half. The new study surveyed 100 women’s weight exceed the standard, half of them women tested two days a week, every day will be strictly controlled in the diet of 650 calories less than the rest 5 days without diet, the other half is still. The results showed that 6 months later, the strict dieting women’s hormone levels decreased by 40%. The researchers said that this diet is women’s "savior". read more


Papaya pot red dates lotus seed health network

words: papaya is Chinese folk traditional breast (breast food) food, vitamin A content is extremely rich, and lack of vitamins (vitamin food) A may interfere with estrogen synthesis.

Chinese medicine, papaya sweet nature, can stomachic tonic, prolactin, also has therapeutic effect on dyspepsia.

papaya can be eaten with milk, can also be used to make dishes or porridge. Red dates is regulation of the endocrine, blood (blood food) beauty of traditional food; red dates with lotus seeds, as well as Tiaojing Qi, nourishing the body function. read more


What food to eat threatened abortion health

threatened abortion is now many women have encountered the situation, threatened abortion once often means that the unborn child is a problem, but should actively follow the doctor’s advice and tocolytic therapy, also need to be prepared in the diet, said the following about threatened abortion what food to eat.

a, apple

apple contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, Apple also contains tannic acid and fine fiber, eat some apples can not only prevent maternal obesity, but also can promote the development of the fetus, apple even eat also can ensure that pregnant women do not constipation and diarrhea, anemia can improve pregnant women to eat apples, but also can ease the situation of poor appetite for pregnant women, pregnant women with threatened abortion can also eat some apples conditioning. read more


Alert areola color deepened disease signal female health network

is the annular region around the nipple areola pigmentation of the skin deep. Hormone levels in female body color and areola, if the nipple and areola color deepened suddenly, could signal the onset of disease.

normal female areola diameter of about 3 cm to 4 cm, various colors were red roses, puberty, pregnancy, lactation, pigmentation deepened, dark brown; and for different women, areola size and color are also different, usually white skin tends to pink, and darker skin tends to be brown.

The change of normal read more


A woman can wash out the proud of Shuangfeng ‘s health network

(2) with cotton gloves to scrub the body, so that the whole body fever.

is the most popular female lovers sleeping woman underwear hot paper test how dirty she has 5 things the lower half of the enemy

(1) slowly into the bath, and raised to 40 DEG C.

(4) hold the brush from the inside breast, along the breast below the line, draw arc as to the lateral breast scrub.

(3) into the bathtub, the first hand massage the breast.

(5) to open the water tap, with the same (4), the way to wash the breast. read more