Taobao accused of connivance of War fake fake rights platform more in name than in reality

just replay the Alibaba "fraud" problem of Ma, I’m afraid to C2C a single large market of Taobao for a "purge".

late on April 23rd, CCTV broadcast the "focus" shows the exposure of the Taobao network aware selling fake goods and consumer rights difficult, condone illegal businesses selling Gucci goods etc.. For the country’s largest e-commerce platform for Taobao, the important thing is not that there is a fake, but how to deal with fakes, and how to help consumers solve the problem after the sale of fake. read more


From the competition of information to play electric car home, easy car quietly transposition


used car electricity supplier and car Internet banking will be the focus of the next step to compete for the electricity supplier. The future path of BITAUTO electricity supplier is a combination of marketing planning, set off, finance, drive experience, delivery in one. Car home is also trying to move in this direction.

reporter He Fang

intern reporter Wang Xin Beijing reported

January 9th, BITAUTO, Jingdong, Tencent jointly announced a cooperation agreement three party, BITAUTO Jingdong, Tencent will be in cash and assets investment in the form of a total of about $1 billion 550 million. Jingdong, Tencent shares BITAUTO, electric cars from the previous loudspeaker, began to fight hand to hand with. read more


Factory store a comprehensive shopping only top ten industrial products business platform

recently, third party research firm iResearch iWebChoice rankings, factory stores become domestic integrated shopping sites only the top ten industrial products business platform, and the ranking is constantly rising.

from the authoritative website iwebchoice data, 2014 top ten comprehensive shopping website, is as follows: taobao.com, Tmall, Amazon, suning.com China, Gome online mall, dangdang.com, Jingdong, factory stores, fast and easy net, afraid to shoot the net. Among them, Taobao, Tmall and other consumer goods based electricity supplier platform ranking has not changed, continue to occupy the absolute advantage of the top ranking, and a large number of leading competitors. In the integrated shopping site before ten, also appeared for the first time industrial electricity supplier figure, ranked eighth in the factory store. read more


Big brother to seek action Suning Jingdong built platform where customers back into the United State

experienced in 2012 electric business integration, and capital to self hematopoietic capacity of business investment philosophy, 2013 for the electric business, the pursuit of profit and seize the industry before the three competition will become the theme of industry.

under this topic, the attitude is not a big business: Zhang Jindong in the "rush", Ma Huateng and Liu Qiangdong play "hidden" meaning "repair", find the old "change", Wong Kwong Yu for "close", Ma Yunyin "pa". The recent Suning, Gome and other initiated self revolution, as well as Jingdong financing for food, are due to the industry behind the ecological. read more


E-commerce website can use AIDAS principle to improve the conversion rate

AIDAS was originally proposed by Lewis (Lewis), the principle is used to illustrate the different effects of advertising on consumers to funnel form to show the following five stages:

Attention (cause for concern):

can cause attention often in seconds without, so we usually by the title, with a pair of big picture to attract visitors attention, has put the Adsense or other advertising alliance owners also know that this is often the most effective, the click rate is the highest.

Interest (interest) read more


Taobao Vanke jointly push the bill to deduct the maximum deductible 2 million


technology news August 25th afternoon, taobao.com Vanke announced today, Taobao users throughout the year how much money to spend, you can in the 12 city 23 Vanke Real Estate direct offset mortgage, the maximum deductible 2 million yuan, a move that will allow the purchase cost of Taobao users most save 10%. The line on the line less than half a day, there are already more than 140 users enjoy a discount of 1 million yuan.

consumers only need to log in Taobao property page (http://www.taobao.com/market/fang/wanke.php) or scan code in real estate site, will be Taobao’s total consumption view between August 1, 2013 to July 31, 2014, and online to receive a maximum of $2 million with a matching degree of purchase, 23 projects in Vanke’s 12 city where the highest 2 million of the 1629 relief. read more


E-commerce website must have six modules

now the society is not only the traffic congestion, even online e-commerce sites on the Internet is also a wave after wave, then wave after wave of electronic commerce website launched the Internet arena, so after another, why they didn’t essentially solve why my website to attract customers, and of course the e-commerce operation whether the product is suitable for the reality of the consumer has a lot, but the discussion today is not a product, and discuss how to optimize the e-commerce website read more


Urgent transformation of e-commerce from price war to demand competition

With the development of electronic commerce,

will gradually replace the vicious price competition in order to meet the personalized needs of consumers, which will become the inevitable trend of the healthy development of e-commerce.

according to the "investigation report" 2010 China Internet users online shopping behavior and satisfaction shows: " price " concept of people, more than 70% of consumers with cheap " " factors of online shopping. In addition, the convenience of online shopping has become the main factor, consumers choose online shopping because of " at any time to buy, not limited to time, " " easy to buy " because consumers choose online shopping accounted for a large proportion, and a low price in addition to " " second dominant factors outside. read more


The electricity supplier biscuits large appliances is intended to coax good investors

business "biscuits" large appliances: shopping "25% gross margin" hasty price war, was intended to "good" investors "that is a micro-blog marketing strategy." August 27th, Sun Weimin, vice president of Suning Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (micro-blog) said that the public information display, the price war initiated by Jingdong mall, did not prepare to prepare in advance.

August 14th, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said that the next 3 years, all of our electricity than Gome, Suning chain cheap at least more than 10%, Suning, Gome has responded, induced price war". read more


Ma Yun, Cai Chongxin, and the interpretation of the strategy of double eleven after the Ali of the

no doubt, Ali this year, double 11 is a record year. The total amount of 57 billion 100 million yuan of orders, parcels, covering 194 countries and regions, the creation of the instantaneous order of 70 thousand pen per second, are once again look at the strength of the Empire ali. "Double 11", how the next step strategy towards Ali? Ma Yun, Cai Chongxin, Zhang Yong, the three leaders and executives interviewed Ali, in the "double 11" period, from different angles to make the interpretation. I dark horse to excerpts of their wonderful views as follows. read more


PayPal account will support a number of online stores without registration

Beijing time on October 12th morning news, in order to attract developers, businesses and users use PayPal payment system, eBay will launch a new service, which allows different online stores to use PayPal account login, without having to register one by one.

this new service called PayPal Access will be released in San Francisco on Wednesday. The theme of this conference is to build the latest eBay X.commerce platform.

eBay John · CEO (John Donahoe) is working to rival the payment system, and to attract more consumers to replace PayPal as a credit card products. The company hopes to use X.commerce technology to simplify the online shopping transaction process, thereby attracting e-commerce sites and online shopping users. read more


Taobao profit small sellers living space small sellers go from here

Ma Yunceng said: taobao.com within five years to create one million employment opportunities for Chinese is this sentence, we firmly believe that Taobao will be able to, because not only know how to make money is a businessman, but before the Ali group is IPO, Taobao once again to stand in the teeth of the storm.

face B2C industry matures, the trend of increased competition, Taobao business model innovation pain, but it can not face. Let the world is not difficult to do business, Alibaba, but it is difficult to make some small sellers business. read more


Shop promotion to improve the conversion rate of the necessary 6 steps

The arrival of the

financial crisis does not seem to prevent the development of e-commerce, on the contrary, the financial turmoil to a certain extent, but also to make e-commerce more and more fire. E-commerce site how to effectively promote the electricity supplier has become a hot topic. But there are a lot of people have such a question: I through the promotion, flow up, but why the order is less it? I think a lot of shop operators have similar problems. Hair shop shop promotion blog set up has been 2 months, have been talking about how to improve the flow shop, how to carry out online promotion, so many people remember the hair shop shop shop promotion blog, but has not made on how to improve the conversion rate of promotion of understanding, today, hair shop discussions and everyone in here. read more


The former vice president of WAL-MART Tmall supermarket Huanshuai China took over the river


" business observers learned exclusively, Alibaba group supermarket business platform – Tmall supermarket before the low-key coaching".

The original Tmall

supermarket general manager Jincheng was transferred to the Alibaba’s acquisition of assets, luxury discount electricity supplier "glamour" responsible person.

general manager of the new Tmall supermarket by the river as the river, and also serves as vice president of Alibaba group.

River in the 1 quarter of 2016 into the Alibaba group, was appointed Vice President of Alibaba group. In June, Jincheng was transferred to the general manager of Tmall supermarket, took over the river. read more


The weapon online shopping first sign and then inspection illegal law

with the growing of e-commerce industry, the new model of online shopping has entered into thousands of households, has become more and more popular in many people, especially young consumers a way of consumption. However, due to China’s legislation on the network is not perfect, the intensity of administrative supervision, breadth and depth is not enough, resulting in a lot of disputes on the network consumption.

today is "3· 15" consumer protection day, Liwan District court judge with the disputes concerning the recent regional network consumption, how to do a smart online shopping for consumers Master weapon. read more


Although there are bottlenecks in traditional business, but also a trap E-commerce

recently, many people are talking about the Internet a proposition "with the rapid development of e-commerce, the traditional enterprise is going to decline or even kill?" then many second tier city yet began to test the water, on the Internet Mall or self built platform is really as good as the rumors? Today I will explain this problem several. (text / Zhu Weikun)

into e-commerce can burn up

yesterday, the author and the boss of the recruitment network in Shantou Han exchange a very topic, that is, e-commerce into the Internet is bound to do a thing, that is, the operation of the optimization! read more