The Tmall business in 2017 to renew the Bulletin released margin change

October 12th news, today, Tmall announced the 2017 annual renewal notice and the relevant questions of business. The renewal of registration time was estimated in October 17, 2016 10 ~ December 20, 2016 18.

Tmall 2017 annual renewal notice mentioned, including operating capacity assessment and renew the qualification examination of two parts. The former focuses on the operation of the business, the quality of goods and services; the latter focuses on the effectiveness of the review of the quality and brand licensing link. read more


300 billion capital beachhead three electricity supplier has yet to break through the bottleneck of

spread rapidly in the "Internet plus" concept under the condition of Internet giants, pharmaceutical companies, such as retailers have cut into the field of electricity providers, and optimistic about the future development of the market. The upcoming Internet food and drug supervision and management approach, the pharmaceutical electricity supplier further pushed to the tuyere.

data show that in 2013 China’s online pharmacy sales scale of about 4 billion 200 million yuan, compared with 2012 turned up to 2 times, is expected in 2015 the scale of China’s pharmaceutical electricity supplier transactions will reach 10 billion. read more


Ageing loss is a must must play the price war

Lei Jun: after every business is e-commerce company.


: no ruling courage, don’t walk through the electricity supplier in this basin of water.

morning news (reporter Sun Yu) loss is necessary, the price war must fight. The first half of the year, I said, the price war may be three years to end, and now it seems to accelerate, because the more tragic end time will be faster." In yesterday’s Beijing rendezvous site, VANCL founder old gunpowder taste quite strong statement speaks of the current electricity supplier industry trend. read more


How do you get a lot of money

traffic, traffic, we are concerned about traffic in minutes. As a network seller, there will be traffic turnover possible. Today Taobao Taobao in the past, only sellers have millions of goods, more than 400 million pieces, plus Taobao in July 2010 changed the search rules, not in the remaining time on display shelves, small sellers, to their baby in the commodity by the buyers to see, like look for a needle in the ocean. But please don’t be discouraged, unhappy life on the road of entrepreneurship is so nine out of ten, fortunately, the solution is always more difficult than, we can through other channels for force majeure loss of flow: read more


Comprehensive comparison of the differences between Chinese and American O2O play China’s O2O in the

Chinese in the mobile Internet era, and the emperor can have on an equal footing. But I dark horse believes that in terms of O2O, China still has a gap compared to the United states. In the information, experience, closed-loop capacity, China’s O2O model still needs to be improved.

the current domestic department stores to adopt the "O2O" model, regardless of the focus of the operation or the concept itself, are more with Chinese characteristics. In the United States, a similar business model, usually used in the concept of "full channel retail (omnichannel)". Although the wording is different, but from the operational level, there is no essential difference between the two. read more


Tmall double 11 will push that show that buy Carnival

September 21st afternoon news, Tmall official said, Tmall was fashion brand and star, in the mid to late 10 to create a "show" buy "Tmall double 11 Festival global trend".

Tmall this year in advance for the double 11 campaign. According to reports, Tmall will be 365 days of global fashion trend, through 8 hours of uninterrupted fashion show creative exhibition and multi platform broadcast way, show the latest fashion trends, and achieve "show that buy".

More than 80% international brands read more


Glutinous rice network mask product being sued for infringement of the plaintiff Unifi Inc claims 50

(Shanghai) health products trading company that rice network sale "My Beauty Diary Mask violated the" trademark beautiful log "my mask, glutinous rice network operating company of Beijing glutinous rice network technology development Co., Ltd. and Beijing rice network information technology company to court, claims 500 thousand yuan economic loss. Recently, the Haidian court accepted the case.

according to the plaintiff Unifi Inc, unified drug Limited by Share Ltd well-known cosmeceutical products factories in Taiwan in 2009 by the Chinese Trademark Office approved the registration of the "beautiful log" my "trademark, can be used for cosmetics, cosmetic skin care mask, cosmetic agent, toiletries, perfumes, essential oils, bath and other goods. After the registration of the trademark of my beauty, the Unifi Inc of Taiwan licensed the United (Shanghai) company to use the registered trademark in the mainland of china. But since October 2012, Unifi Inc found that glutinous rice network without permission, many times on its Web site sales marked as my beauty diary mask products, and huge sales. read more


Star password open shop, in 2016 the courage to challenge and change

2016, is the star password eleventh years, said not long, say short not short of the past eleven years, the star password has experienced numerous challenges and changes. Do not challenge, we can not grasp the new opportunities; do not change, it can not adapt to new trends in the industry. Star password ( open shop, in 2016 the courage to challenge and change.

Change the password:

star website


users in order to improve the user experience, from the end of 2015, the star password began to proceed optimization and revision of the site, from the overall layout of the page to color, and then to the function optimization, every step of the user experience and browsing habits in the first place. read more


Tmall Electric City wins the giant investment electricity supplier market smoke from Jingdong

Jingdong announced last month that huge investment 80 billion yuan to force the home appliance market, menacing, broke the news at noon on May 2nd that Tmall electric city at the end of April more than and 800 business meeting and announced that the next step plan for the whole network the largest promotion plan for half a year. Known as "the goods covered the whole category, build the lowest price", this is undoubtedly the sword has always been in the lowest whole network known Jingdong mall. read more


Vertical electric providers are in a mess, loss is common development by capital control

After the

annual revenues of billions of dollars from the myth of staged, domestic vertical electric business began to decline, some enterprises often capital chain always on tenterhooks next month in order to survive, they even hope that their founded enterprise to sell. "Like the red child like Suning $66 million" vertical ransom "is very rare, and even can be said that the red child may be the last one lucky", the industry says.

vertical electricity supplier in trouble: read more


How to achieve through the auction online

has seen a lot of people who want to do the bidding contest, because you can see from the tutorial, the auction is a profiteering project. Many friends have seen a lot of articles on the auction, but the price is still very mysterious feeling, resulting in no way to start. Today, kiss Xingmin analysis of some points for everyone, I hope we can get some inspiration from.

1, do the bidding to find the right product.

products from Taobao mall or Taobao store to find, of course, to analyze the network market, the choice of exclusive products or popular products better. Taobao store friends will download and install Ali Wangwang on my Taobao, or Ali Wangwang daily news page, including daily focus, promotion etc.. read more


Double eleven let consumers visual fatigue cheap is no longer a magic weapon

tomorrow is a double carnival, but in the face of the double once a year eleven, many consumers may have been weak, businesses various discount advertising people have visual fatigue. Electricity supplier was created by the "double eleven" sooner or later, the enthusiasm of consumers The sun sinks in the west., not as good as before. Therefore, the major electricity supplier platform must launch a more attractive gameplay, otherwise the effect of double eleven will not be able to play to the extreme. Jingdong, Taobao and other electronic business platform have less opportunity to make money, but the price is no longer sufficient to attract consumers, we are more concerned about the quality of goods and services. read more


Ma Yun mom said rebound Pipa invasion of e-commerce

This is Ma Ma

. To be exact, the Ma Yun is a little Ma Yun from Tsinghua University".

little Ma has three entrepreneurial experience, entrepreneurial context simply summarized as: first to help college friends, and then help young people in the community to make friends, find the object; finally, to help them build a platform to share parenting experience.

in 2007, he bid farewell to NetEase executives, the mother has not yet set up a big man, said his mother, a mother and child vertical community website. His idea is to share the community bonding mothers, and then use the electronic commerce to the user to develop two times, to explore suitable for their own profit channels. read more


Double 11 big data secret who is the most trusted SF

[Reuters] are still discussing the state power double 11 logistics which strong? Billion state power network from 2013 11 data interpretation of SF logistics trend this year. Logistics service quality is still decided this year, 11 of the volume of consumer complaints, and has a service guarantee, customized, insurance based logistics products, businesses become the focus of attention.

According to the data provided by the

SF, during last year’s double 11, TOP businesses have access to the SF are men’s and women’s wear, underwear, shoes, small appliances, home appliances, watches, jewelry and other 11 main categories. read more


Fashion elite B2B blog BoF $2 million 100 thousand financing

Internet entrepreneurs do not know when to pop up such a slogan – the grassroots have the world, but the dark horse brother does not think so, because all the one size fits all theory is terrible. Just yesterday, a British fashion blog B2B startup BoF (Business of Fashion) announced the acquisition of well-known venture capital institutions Index Ventures led a $2 million 100 thousand investment and financing, while the BoF is completely a "elite success" of the entrepreneurial company. read more


Jingdong’s pat announced on the line to pat micro shop APP

[Abstract] users can log on to AppStore and Android applications market in January 10th.


technology news (Le Tian) January 7th news, Jingdong’s pat Network announced today, mobile shop management tools – pat micro shop APP will be on the line, the user can login on January 10th AppStore and the Android application market download.

pat micro shop relevant responsible person said that the launch of the tool will help the massive personal users, the traditional wholesale market businesses and traditional network operators to the rapid transformation of mobile Internet, expanding opportunities to use social networks to WeChat, micro-blog, mobile phone QQ, QQ space. read more