AD4ALL please webmaster update Baidu theme promotion code

Baidu old advertising code August 31st failure, please replace the new code!

dear members of the alliance, hello!

received notification Baidu, Baidu theme promotion will stop in August 31, 2007 to use the theme to promote the old code.
please before this date I take a new alliance backstage landing Baidu theme code, complete code replacement work, in order to avoid the old code after the closure, the impact of the use and your income.

if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! read more


85 months after the start to do tea sales 300 thousand like selling iPhone to sell tea


technology news October 14th noon news, Huang Taiji, Ma Jiajia, carved sirloin, West Man "Internet thinking" fried fire, so many of the original entrepreneurs words must talk about the Internet thinking and social economy, fans economy.

has such a 85 after the field of public relations marketing field of origin of the entrepreneur is particularly traditional". He made every brand’s first product black Anhua hand built Fuzhuan Tea since August 28th trial, no concept, no model, but at the end of September sales of nearly 300 thousand yuan. read more


Three difficult personal station operation site to make money

is now the Internet show the big fish eat small fish eat small shrimp, for private owners, after the possibility of operating a private website to make money is more and more low, and do not charge the list before the Internet, are now almost farewell free period, even Taobao to operate to the holding myself upper users. For other large websites, want to erode profit standard style private station that is not an easy job to do


is now facing the preservation of private webmaster jiongzhuang life, so the industry has emerged in the period of the grassroots end argument, and the sound is more and more strong. It is true that private owners want to make money through the Internet is really too difficult, the following is a summary of the author summed up a few places are not easy to solve! read more


Don’t let you suddenly become a cornucopia of rotten grass

last year, Taobao has become a hot topic in the guest Wangzhuan, a large number of network prospectors are crazy influx of Taobao passenger force, the emergence of a variety of Taobao related website for a time on the network. And these sites have a very important feature, that is, they do not have a clear name, all in the use of long tail keywords title. The reason for doing so is very simple, the webmaster want to maximize the efforts to optimize the high conversion rate of keywords, so as to get more orders. However, in the observation of these sites, I found some hidden crisis, write down and share the discussion. read more


The story of growth three different stages of entrepreneurship

We have been in the protection of business

, we hope to provide more help for entrepreneurs.

but it is never a small thing, is not a simple thing, entrepreneurs are also different, behind each person has its own story and pursuit, today we have the personal growth of three stages will be divided into three types of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, hope each of the upcoming entrepreneurs people can have a clearer understanding of their own and entrepreneurship.


this kind of entrepreneurs who have played in the market among the top companies, in a senior management position or line, had led his team to make outstanding achievements. read more


Another way to make the webmaster and happy

saw many webmaster sad, motionless emaciation with sallow complexion, what is said to be a website or to a girlfriend, I want to say, it must, because we love it love it, but also our dream, but money is not necessarily not healthy not girlfriend, as long as a change in perspective to the problem, living in a different way, perhaps you will find that the money is also very relaxed and happy


I put my last point of experience for everyone, I believe the support to encourage you, do not believe you please detour, I think there must be some people after reading immediately said: AD, soft, soft and so on, this day will only envy everywhere will only scold people, never can only watch others jealous. To earn their own money, let others envy go read more


How long to be a successful webmaster

graduated from the University for more than a year, when love website, but I have never done their own personal station, always so obsessed with the program. Hope to study hard to find a good job after graduation, but more than a year of work, and now understand. It is so difficult for me to survive in this restless society, I chose to be a personal station, go to the internet.

graduated from now I have been in a network company to do procedures, pay little, remove the rent and living expenses, moon. Almost no surplus, remember last year to go home. The body is less than 1000, otherwise I don’t mind shabby, hard to school is now back in the new year this? I made my personal station of a colleague in a crowd, the intermediate code station, met a alumni, can earn $10 a day, so my heart surging, start the first station, and most of the owners to stay up late, Baidu search, all website promotion methods, the first is Baidu included, was first included in GG makes me happy can’t sleep sleep at night, but joy after is depressed, every day to 100IP to two months. I really lost my confidence, is my personal webmaster road destined to fail? read more


Wangzhuan high return skills

now many Wangzhuan, overwhelming, it is not to find a good project, you can make money? Is the project more, earn more? Not so. No matter what Wangzhuan project, want to have high returns, skill is unavoidable. Wangzhuan, does make a lot of people purse bulging. But these people have their own characteristics, their common feature is to enter a long time, the difference is that some technology is good, some experience more. Now Wangzhuan and real sectors as many people do, but also a lot of competition. Novice entry, no technology, no experience, it is difficult to earn money, only mastered the same skills, in order to make money. So if we want to make money, we have to choose a direction. read more


College student IT business plan

      some years ago, we look forward to the IT industry, IT industry as sacred, many Silicon Valley stories give us a lot of inspiration, IT industry can not only create a lot of rich, but many of them are young students, then IT is a myth……

    a few years later, we entered the IT industry, found that IT is not so mysterious. It is true that IT created a lot of myths, Yahoo, Microsoft and so on is the myth of the early IT, and now Google is coming, China’s Baidu is also listed, creating a lot of millionaires. China many NASDAQ listed companies, the first NetEase, Sina, Sohu, and then the qianchengwuyou, Ctrip, eLong, air network, TOM, Linktone, financial sector, Focus Media, Techfaith, SMIC, AsiaInfo, 9, CDC software (China doc com), now baidu. China currently has 18 listed companies in the city, next year there are more. If you look at the future of the IT industry is very bright, perhaps IT industry in the mature. But what meaning behind the mature, a mature industry can often make a lot of talent, once the industry matures, the day is not easy to start empty-handed was born, what, it is difficult to. Here is no problem in turn around, because I want to put the background, and then illustrate the experts in this field are under their own research, veteran is not to engage in the Internet, just a personal webmaster, or is an undergraduate, write this article here, only is he still in the Internet in English for a few years, there has been a point of view of the IT industry, the Internet industry itself, then write it down, you can see, do not know if there is no merit. read more


Google makes me happy Baidu let me worry

today to open the Google AdSense account, oh yeah, November revenue soon start with $161.05, although this little money on the station! See disdain, but the relative majority of grassroots webmaster should not a small figure, not to mention the need for my family on such a loose alliance of less than IP small station 1000.


does not eliminate the joy I Baidu sorrow, but now, Baidu alliance has almost eight months, the site at least half of the advertising contribution to Baidu, but for eight months, Baidu union account in the amount of only 123.61 yuan a day, sometimes click on Baidu the amount of advertising is not Google ads. read more


As a start-up company how to face the cottage

, a start-up company, with a good idea not to be others copycat, especially in Chinese, if large companies in the Tencent so that copycat, good day to you over not coming to an end, if the copycat or ask for help, what should I do? I have think, resolutely resist, trying to avoid the author (MANNY MEDINA) from another angle to this problem.

The risk of

is obviously, help competitors start business, give them the opportunity to destroy potential you will deter, many start-up companies can not help but any a good company needs to competitors, such as CEO Roberto Goizueta, the former Coca Cola Co love to say that "if not the first is Pepsi, Coca-Cola first invented Cola the". It is proved that the existence of competitors to your strength, they indicate that the market you are great, worth fighting for, this is why VC always love to ask you a competitor who causes them to screen worth the investment company in this way, if you do not have a competitor, a wise man will you do the field now questioned whether there is enough potential, you should carefully consider. read more


Qihoo in March 8th to promote the League suspended major revision

according to sources, the Qihoo has stopped all League promotion in March 2nd, and in March 8th revised plan.

, the person said, "yesterday, the Qihoo company suddenly stopped all the promotion, there is news that the company will make big adjustments in this Saturday".

Qihoo according to the information previously disclosed, the company plans to Qihoo all content transferred to the new site "cool", and the Qihoo after only doing similar "Baidu knows" the search service experience. read more


The most important thing to do is to quit the urgent need to talk about the 20 principles of Taobao

do not know if you have this experience, if you do a Taobao off, see people’s site included so much, the day turnover so high. Anxious and what like, and panic, copy an article into their own link everywhere on the hair, wait a second send it 100. In fact, it would be better to calm down a day to write a good original, published 3 blog every day. Do not believe you try.

in short, the mentality must be stable. See your site record, at this time is not the mentality rather relax, whether text or looking for information, not a bit anxious, right! Do the following 20 principles, you will be immortal. read more


Entrepreneurial services industry quietly rising concern about the entrepreneurial economy

according to voice of the economy, the data show that last year, only 1.6% of Chinese graduates to start their own businesses, an important reason is that it is difficult for entrepreneurs to find funds. However, a phenomenon is changing to entrepreneurial projects, such as the company’s services are increasing, a service industry is rising around entrepreneurs. What is the current business model of entrepreneurial services?.

new music art Co., Ltd. chairman Wei Kaiyuan at the beginning of the business wrote a song called "stick". Looking back, he is not assured of emotion, entrepreneurial management team, the implementation of the staff is not ideal, also do not know how to take the next step, they communicate with other entrepreneurs most often asked, "are you most concerned about is how to get through the difficult time". read more


Green forest in the face of the new filing policy grassroots webmaster should go out

on 2010, our webmaster grassroots is double way. For we grassroots along the road is more difficult and blocked. 09 years from the notification issued by the Ministry of industry and strengthen the verification of the site for the record, caused the attention of the media and the industry, exactly is most concerned about the IDC and the webmaster who. Rather, it is related to their jobs and hobbies. For our grassroots webmaster is a heavy blow.

according to the notification requirements, the person responsible for the site I need to carry the original documents and materials required for verification of access to the service unit for the record site for verification procedures. Access service units to be collected and retained in the record site responsible for the color of full faced photo. Filing Center production, with a mark of the curtain as background pictures, photos should display photos of time and background logo. read more