Shenzhen cross-border electricity supplier mierkat cross-border meow star rise sea aerial

mierkat or not to play, to play big! Mierkat campaign – "cross-border" shooting star who meow rise go


the shooting of Shenzhen’s most beautiful valleys — Yang Meikeng and the "eight Shenzhen" is the first of the Dapeng ancient city. The sea tide, treasure city, the UAV aerial whole scene that a magnificent atmosphere! Uh, don’t ask me hot? Tan crawfish color (Shai, remember read three times) thing, I will tell others about


first to have beautiful eyes, have the power to look down! The yen value, gentlemen! Really is not an actor! Star who meow! Meow star pure! Please fill brain small at this face read more


Taobao online education students occupy a space for one person

In July 12th,

news, in a Beijing online education salon, Taobao insiders, Taobao or to further strengthen the development of education and training providers, and may launch "Taobao students" education channel in the near future. "Taobao students" this is a new term, literally can see that Taobao intends to get involved in the education market, in recent years, the online education market has continued to enter the Internet gangster, apart from Taobao, a NetEase, Kingsoft so that future intends to enter the online education market. read more


Look at financial institutions BELLE footwear sales fell 10% year


] January 25th news billion state power network, the state power grid from the financial services agency Rui Yin (UBS) to Rui Yin (UBS) to maintain BELLE (01880.HK) sell rating, target price reduced from 6 yuan to 4 yuan, while down regulated footwear revenue growth expectations, and will share 2016 to 2018 earnings forecast 2%, 12% and 25%.

Rui Yin (UBS) pointed out that BELLE’s 2015 third quarter footwear same store sales fell 10.4%, compared with the second quarter rate of 7.7% reflects volume contraction retrogression exacerbated the downward trend in 2015 that half of the fiscal year will continue in the next few years, the price of the goods is expected in the present level, the footwear sales in the next three years will be a year fell 10%. Taking into account the significant decline in BELLE’s same store sales, the estimated 2017 fiscal year after the footwear gross margin will be at a rate of 64%, or a potential decline. read more


Analysis of e-commerce websites at home and abroad

Since Google released

and update algorithm, which means that the keyword ranking in the richly endowed by nature, today it seems more like yesterday’s history, through the SEO optimization to improve the keywords ranking makes the site in the search engine visibility known, it seems the past optimization should walk the road of the future SEO optimization is to ensure more user experience this, optimization thought abroad has reflected, comparison of domestic and foreign electronic commerce website is different, we can see that the domestic and foreign SEO gap. read more


Talk about the relationship between the advertiser, the alliance and the webmaster

advertisers, advertisers, is money, money in advertising alliance advertising, advertisers.

website alliance, also known as the advertising alliance, the auction union is the same as the advertising alliance, is the advertiser’s advertising distribution to the major members of the site to an intermediary platform.

site owners, advertising alliance which is specifically for the alliance to publish some of the advertising site webmaster.

advertisers pay for advertising, advertising alliance put these ads to members of the website, advertising alliance earn advertising Commission, for example in GOOGLE advertising, advertising for pay per click advertising costs 0.20 yuan, a 0.05 yuan per click can access the website produced the main site, each click advertising revenue is 0.15 yuan. read more


1 yuan CN domain registration graphic tutorials

    registered members in http://idc.admin5.com, online payment of 1 yuan, you can refer to the following figure to operate.


2   input   CN has been open to personal registration, when the choice of units, before 2 spaces can be

3 financial settlement, a way to enter, can be registered directly into power. Then in the domain name management.

  until the end of 2007, the station will adhere to the CN domain name price of 1 yuan, now you buy a CN domain name can be used for 1 years, and no more than RMB 40 renewal price.
read more


Suning open platform to seek competitive differentiation under the line break moment

Suning brewing open platform has long been on the line. In September 12th, Suning in the water cube held open platform strategy conference, thousands scale after this, will be in Nanjing city held a 11 investment conference, enough to see its open platform for investment.

This is

after the early June, the company changed its name line under the same price, another important action of Su ningyun. Suning open platform development will directly affect the performance of Suning suning. According to Su ningyun and vice chairman of the planning, the future, Suning open platform sales will be more than self. read more


24 children’s Publishing House boycott Jingdong low promotion

May 16th, Jingdong mall played a total of sixty percent off children’s books cap promotional advertising, causing some children’s Publishing House’s strong dissatisfaction. In May 17th, China children press published 24 children’s publishing house head office, led by the relay press in his rights banner, jointly issued a statement on the promotion of Jingdong mall condemned, the lawyer’s letter also arrived on the afternoon of Beijing Jingdong Agel Ecommerce Ltd and Jingdong of Beijing Bai Lu picked up three Century Trading Co. ltd.. read more


Yuezhan empty is behind the major manufacturers of their own thinking

In fact, the

Chinese electric slightly know the friends all know, every 4-5 month is a concentrated period of electricity giant rally, at this stage, to the Jingdong, Suning led by electricity providers will set off a "zero interest rate" price war. But this year the situation is clearly different from ordinary, good at using micro-blog previous campaign Liu Qiangdong’s quiet a lot, but also directly makes another Jingdong low-key Suning, Greece and other manufacturers to come up empty. Then the Yuezhan, everyone is with how the operation state of mind? read more


Twelve incoming second-hand electricity supplier usher in spring

When the double 11

electric smoke of battle has not yet dispersed, a new concept of the electricity supplier in the operation of Taobao was ready, twelve Carnival electricity supplier is a matter of immediate concern, second-hand products business model, once again win a lot of love Amoy business men and women, although the second-hand concept does not seem to double the one hand product concept to attract people however, second-hand products become the main electricity supplier that is the first time that this may again lead the new trend of the electricity supplier. read more


Dangdang response book discount order online bookstore when free pricing

January 8th, published jointly issued by the Chinese Publishers Association, China Books Industry Association, Chinese Xinhua Bookstore Association "rules" was promulgated in the book even bargain brewing after two years. According to the rules, a new book published within a year will have to be sold at the price of books, and online bookstores or membership sales can enjoy up to no more than 15% off discount.

minimum discount shall not be less than 15% off, which is not operational, we will be introduced after the introduction of the rules and other rules." The famous online bookstore dangdang.com, before the "rules" in the book even bargain on the publishing year book shall be not less than 15% off of the sale "responded. read more


Born to be a fan! 11 LETV super bike sports double 1000 Taiwan spot sold out in 8 minutes

the morning of November 10th 10, in 2015 the most popular new intelligent hardware LETV sports super bike in music as sports mall overall sale, just 8 minutes, 1111 cars sold out, shows that the high popularity and huge market potential. At present, the music as sports super bike has been transferred to the pre-sale state, the user can continue to buy music as sports mall.

as the music as sports first intelligent hardware products, is currently the only a batch of listed smart bike, super bike "Buzzard Buzzard" was released in August after it received enthusiastic feedback from consumers, can be described as natural Mack daddy. The first round of the August 12th sales, although the price is not cheap, but the first batch of 100 spot seconds robbed, reservation number more than 490 thousand taiwan. read more


From the Chinese milk bottle argument to see how cross-border electricity supplier to deal with 2016

inventory in 2015, the enterprise globalization is definitely a weathervane. Not only Tmall, Jingdong, the United States and other traditional business platform into cross-border business, the old Internet Co such as NetEase, Baidu also through self or invest in force of cross-border purchase, start-up companies, little red book honey bud baby who is going up.

after years of baptism, the cross-border electricity supplier whether the 2016 will be like last year Xingtu flat


just over the past two sessions, Han Changfu, Minister of agriculture, said a large number of people to buy milk abroad, you buy someone else’s stuff, to send money to others, they also purchase, which is the shame of China’s dairy industry. Wanda chairman Wang Jinghai also shouted, scouring the sea does not have regulatory mechanism responsible for the full, can not let the bottle Chinese grasp in the hands of others. read more


Interpretation of how to start from the customer service to improve the conversion rate of e-commerc

e-commerce in the country’s development momentum is obvious to all, it swept the domestic 123 tier cities, and even covered the suburbs of the village. In this big market temptation, many well-known or not well-known enterprises have entered the electricity supplier industry, and in every business shuffle, we will find people like people sad, someone knocked out someone up. The success or failure of the electricity supplier will be able to grasp the level of conversion rate, we can often see the article describes how to design the site to enhance the conversion rate. But the author thinks that the conversion rate is from the customer service system. Therefore, only the electricity supplier platform frontline service personnel with professional product knowledge and good service awareness, in order to more effectively improve the conversion rate. read more


In order to prove that they can do fresh cold chain, every day to open the orchard in the cold stora


] core tip for six years after the fruit business, every orchard is no longer satisfied with a fresh service provider.

after years of deep plowing a field, vertical electricity providers are beginning to think of ways to expand the category, built the platform before the time window is coming to run faster, every orchard practices second to none July 17th just ended soon, fresh big lie, every orchard announced strategic plan to expand their category, and prepare to enter the field of O2O. read more


Tmall 11 pairs of live in the evening, Ma said remind everyone will soon change!


] November 10th news billion state power network today, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma Yun told CCTV financial interview, the face of the electricity supplier to touch the ceiling question, Ma Yun responded that the electricity supplier has accounted for only 10% of the retail Chinese, the future there is still much room for growth, but the pure electricity supplier or pure line will be unsustainable.

Alibaba group core business slowdown is an indisputable fact. Alibaba group announced in the second quarter of fiscal year November 2nd (July 1, 2016 to September 30th), the results show that the core electricity supplier business revenue grew by $41%, far less than the growth rate of Ali cloud of 130% of the growth rate of. read more