Net micro new 6D user registration CPA

6D space CPA registered advertising price is high, the post is a post. Please visit the specific requirements.

settlement cycle: monthly settlement

data: 3 days return

success criteria: the user should send product reviews related information, should be associated with the product, the word in 50 words or more, for the effective user is a successful user

post audit standards: 1, should check whether the post posting users and products are related to

2, check whether there are irregularities posting read more


Colorful Valley EC alliance to stop the registration of the old platform! New platform test notes!

Old colorful Valley EC alliance platform: http://www.7cv.com/ec/ec.php

A new ally,

since August 14, 2007 in the old colorful Valley EC alliance platform off Registration function. New user registration will jump to the new colorful Valley EC alliance platform registration.

two, performance check problem:

2007 in August 14th before the old colorful Valley EC alliance platform registered users, you can view the sales performance in the new platform, you can also view the sales performance in the old platform.

2007 August 14th years before the registration of the EC alliance of the old user

the old platform you use the ad code, can view the sales performance in the new platform, can also view the sales performance in the old platform.

2007 August 14th after the registration of new users of the EC Alliance

four, how to query orders:

1, trade statistics: shows the total amount of sales from the start date to the deadline and the amount of commission due.

note: the trade statistics include only completed and revoked aggregate sales type (the aggregate amount equal to the completion of the sales commission – or has been revoked or sales commission) read more


VC no longer hide how to talk about the reasons for the failure of financing and entrepreneurial tea

a lot of VC will say that they pick a company, the company actually saw the entrepreneurial team. They’re not lying when they say that. However, they have never talked about the fact that they are out of a company, but also because the entrepreneurial team.

before becoming VC, I was an early entrepreneur. So, I know how much time and effort we need before we can do the project and the company’s vision, and I know that an early startup is like a founder’s own child. So I am very clear, when you try to get the favor of the VC but the end of a busy, and they do not give you a definite reply, don’t tell you what they think, don’t tell you why you refused the team, what kind of feeling stuck. read more


The blog promotion tips

The amount of tens of thousands watching others visit the blog, so many messages and comments, and visit their blog is not only a few hundred, the envy of others? Here are some ways for your reference, so that everyone’s blog also has a popular popularity.

(five) and others usually get into the habit of many messages, to participate in the discussion, not forget the message behind with their own blog address to propagandize, welcome people to visit.

(six) can submit your blog to the search engine and web site.

Of course, the most fundamental

read more


Social networking site The Resumator financing $2 million 100 thousand

must be members of some of the information on the recruitment website luezhiyier, relatively well-known domestic 51Job, the recruitment and headhunting network etc.. The editor is to introduce the foreign a very famous recruitment website: The Resumator was originally founded in 2009 by Innovation Works, is an incubator of social recruitment solutions for start-up companies, the website is dedicated to enterprise search, to recruit the best talent.

The Resumator provides social network services based on the company recruitment, extensive use of social media makes each candidate’s resume can best be put to each company, and help the company some good publicity to the recruitment needs. At the same time, The Resumator also help the company to get a certain job evaluation and screening resumes, to avoid a large number of spam messages in the company’s recruitment mailbox and some completely unusual resume. The Resumator also provides a number of management skills testing services, as a reference for some companies in making hiring decisions. read more


More hate than love, course of Google AdSense

do GG has 2 years, from the beginning to the present to leave too much vicissitudes, but also from the inside too much experience. But I just can’t get much money!

started doing it, GG did a good job, and the check was sent from the United states! Every month, there are 200-400 dollars, because the check is sent from the United States, generally received a check every two months! Collection is also troublesome! GG my personal experience is, GG they have a characteristic: as long as you are a personal account, income of more than 800, whether you do not cheat will be K out. Last year, my site IP traffic up to 100 thousand IP a day, GG revenue of more than $1200, in the month since the flow was K account! Write to ask why, no echo! Later, I have been using my name for 2 times, but also because of the high income was K out, and finally be added to the blacklist! A few months’ income is gone! (Note: K account is definitely not guide the click, click malicious, mutual, I cheat is not interested, because I was very busy at work and had no chance to cheat) no way I, I used a friend’s name to register again, after I adjusted GG advertising, controlling for income, not more than $400 in revenue, and this way very spirit, has maintained for nearly a year! Until the first two months, my income and more than $900, the monthly income of $400, so that the account was lost K! In my group (group number: 2479517) are hundreds of webmaster, also received such treatment, or often occur! I found that Google Adsense invalid click judgment and processing has been seriously deviated from the normal range, a direct impact on the majority of publishers’ advertising revenue. A publisher account is stopped, the reason is invalid click; issued income is adjusted for invalid clicks; issued ad the average price is more and more low, the reason is many clicks are considered invalid filtered income. My mood has plummeted, has not in the mood to continue to do Google AdSense. I have completely given up on him, I feel that their advertising is a feeling of being cheated,   this is also a true portrayal of the current online spread of Google scam rumors! But what is the way? There are webmasters to petition the GG company, has sued GG company, but the results and how? Answer: no echo. Feel the opponent is too strong, not the so-called cooperation! read more


QQ group discussion website interaction to enhance user viscosity

admin5.com information discussion group QQ 3 group 12069358  (under 2 QQ); group 34514742   (200) qq1 group 34289155 (200)
today to discuss how to strengthen the interactive theme website, how to strengthen the website user stickiness are as follows: 3
today, how to enhance the interaction of the website, the website features combined with
you own, talk together look, the site of interaction. Strengthen the stickiness of the site,
everyone speak excellent.
lazyox 15:03:23
ten tiger forum if not timely management is kept in the
ten tiger management is the basis of
Jake 15:04:50
station regularly held a number of small,
to delete the ten tigers, ten tigers
> ten tiger read more


Sing up to 15 months of darkness.

sing it, is undoubtedly the latest Chinese language in the world’s most fire of a new App (one of them? Welcome to the tiger sniffing other reports).

this is a free social networking application of mobile phone karaoke.


, tiger sniffing has according to the "entrepreneur" magazine refined a "burst" is how to sing "red"


in our report issued after the people who have used it to say that this product is indeed very good, while others said that holding a cell phone to strangers to sing, it is difficult to understand this thing, do not look at this product. read more


How to make money after the age of Google webmaster

Google, but to give the majority of grassroots webmaster left some thoughts on how to survive. Although there are still a variety of large and small alliances, but there is no such an alliance is suitable for grassroots webmaster, not high door, involving a wide range of advertising, good reputation. However, I still don’t think this is a long-term advertising alliance on the occasion, so happy, I really do 2 years of time, did not join any advertising alliance. Google is gone, so I am very calm, because I have never been on it! The reason is very simple, the price is the price of migrant workers. I remember when I was on the site IP reached 2000 of the time Google advertising, the day’s revenue is $0.2. So the day I removed all of Google’s advertising. Here is a copy of my recent promotional mail. read more


English foreign Wangzhuan station collecting general plan

The general scheme of the English station collection focuses on the © of the foreign website, and usually does not collect the website with complete copyright

below provide some available English station

The following are the








www.articlefinders.com read more


Wangzhuan is not the most important execution

back in 2011 in the world is not the keywords Wangzhuan "execution", especially this one do Wangzhuan training. Whether you are a novice or legendary master, if you hand operation of the project to make money, as long as you to consult the reason better than you, give you the answer is "executive force powerful enough".

but I don’t think so, in fact, execution is important, but the execution is to achieve a direction, and the direction is to achieve a successful tool ", why do I say that? read more


Liu Chuanzhi college students have the courage to venture

unfamiliar street looking for a girlfriend such companies are listed, and I like this person, how can we imagine? But later they are made." When it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation, Lenovo Godfather Liu Chuanzhi (see photo) acknowledged that his views changed, as long as the courage to be able to". Entrepreneurship for young people, Liu Chuanzhi is only a little exhortations: don’t take parents’ pensions into the toss.

Internet era is still sprint

from the computer started, now dabbling in modern services, financial services and modern agriculture, in the eyes of Liu Chuanzhi head of Lenovo holdings, the age of the Internet is still in the sprint, the impact by the various sectors not panic, who can run to the end of this circle is unknown. read more


Network advertising industry to establish a formal organization

China Advertising Association interactive network committee recently announced the establishment of an interactive network will have a scientific leading industry standards. The Commission aims to promote interactive marketing based on the Internet, mobile phones and other interactive media, research and regulate interactive network advertising marketing model, in order to gradually establish an interactive network advertising industry standard system.


The integrity of the alliance platform to build his good!

Beijing has a lot of food market, every day there are various greengrocer here and customers free trading, so the market is also commonly known as the free market. The stall frequented neighborhood aunt know, the first time to a new vendor to buy food, a home must have said, to prevent the hawkers in said gimmicks Quejinduanliang thing happened. If a vendor is secretly like aunt found, soon all the aunt who are not patronize the stalls, after all available and there are a lot of market stalls. Of course, most suffer, or other market vendors, because of a rat shit stir bad pot of soup. The integrity of a vendor affects the integrity of the market. read more


No war Ranger advertising expired, please note that the seller stopped running

thank you for your partner’s support for the alliance!

ad number: 2747. Advertising content: no holy paladin. Effective since January 2008 8, will expire on in 00:00:00.

where the application of the advertisement to the user can contract expiration date (ie before February 7th) remove the ad code, to terminate the advertising campaign. End of the contract at the end of February 7th, the effective user generated within 0 hours, will still be normal billing. February 7th 0 when the effective user generated will no longer charge. Your statistics in the contract can be found in the "advertising information" – "statistical report" – "advertising statistics". read more


After 90 returnees hit the two generation aimed at relaxing the functional beverage blue ocean marke

2013 New Year’s day, for most people is just a year in the first day, and for Tsuneyoshi, Han Yang, Han Xizi lifetime — they hit it off, decided the fate tied together, the joint venture of


Chang He, Han Yang, Han Xizi are 90 after the two generation, they are very good friends in high school, go to the United States to study different universities still maintain close ties. 2013 New Year’s day, and he often after the Han Xizi across the United States, came to the Han Yang apartment in Miami. They aimed at relaxing the functional beverage of the blue ocean market, the sale of the car in the United States as a start-up capital, the creation of the Tang grass drinks, began a magnificent journey. read more