How do the master level around Amoy master

Taobao Taobao is to help customers inside the seller to promote the sale of goods, get a certain commission, known as Taobao off, it can be said that the promotion of personnel. Taobao customers to make money is mainly rely on the promotion of commodity sales commission, because Taobao’s commission is relatively high, more and more owners have joined the line, but the competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

I also have

contact guest time of half an year, has been relying on the network marketing technology with SEO as the main means to promote Taobao customers, but under the terrible competition, I think that the new owners want to rely on SEO to do the guest, it is very difficult for a higher contact! Time, although he did not do a very strong level, but still have a lot of side has a monthly income of over a million in addition to a guest expert, admiration for them, I often ask them for advice, hope I can come back from the ‘senior’ there Amoy little gold, after all is the master master, master the trick so far is the peace of ordinary people, the share of network marketing methods around master: read more


Honest not bully me a beginner in for the emotion

The higher

, doesn’t exist, intrigues, black backs seek profits,

, a German exchange, first, honesty is not deceptive, is the heart of intellectual property to

Hengpi: perseverance to perform

first beginning to write a pair of antithetical couplet, to show that I is a sink and higher understanding and team emotion. I first talk about some experience in the higher bar, I was in 2007 of that time, contact Wangzhuan, all Wangzhuan SP project, Google ads emerge in an endless stream, and record in the E era, Mason, training, hundred regiments one emerging, eyes are spent, easily earn hundreds. Even thousands, I get the new heart itch, constantly think ah, really fake ah, so good earn? I had a month’s wages only more than 1 thousand ah, that almost two days of insomnia, waking up at midnight is also considering this issue. read more


The way to make money in life blog


today to see the "farmer Li Wei blog posting money way is very important, he analyzed the Google AdSense, Ali Mama, and several other profitable blog station Changfeng way, because I mentioned in this article, so I made a message on his there, did not think they would write such a long message, so come to rearrange your blog, published some more specific view

!The first

statistics gain about 2007, Google AdSense has now over $100 in revenue, Changfeng station as of today’s income is 186.25 yuan, Ali mother advertising and recommended income is roughly more than and 400, of which 220 is recommended to get the benefits of cheating! In addition through the topic of the article writing network Bora income 205 yuan. The year 2007 should be realized through the site an unexpected read more


Daquan China Wangzhuan Forum (latest), brush Wangzhuan platform;

  outstanding Wangzhuan forum

China Wangzhuan station (recommended)


Forum (recommended)

178 Wangzhuan home (recommended)

ordinary Wangzhuan Forum (recommended)


Forum (recommended)

China Wangzhuan forum (recommended)

Wangzhuan home (recommended) read more


Mark commission payment instructions

content webmaster friends,

how do you do? Commission on payment is as follows:

1 commission payment process

application Commission: Saturday, Sunday, Monday

commission payment: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

settlement: Friday (such as chief information is incomplete, inaccurate, incomplete procedures or other problems that lead to the settlement did not proceed, please timely appeal on Friday, and our customer service contact us as soon as possible after treatment in order to ensure you can successfully apply the payment again on Saturday. Not extended to the weekly settlement settlement costs. read more


Personal website can not rely on advertising

Different from the general commercial website, the success of the personal website has a solid foundation of the masses, the click rate is too high, but even this popularity must also face the problem of insufficient reserve funds. A lot of good personal websites are being pushed to the point of commercial operation. This only rely on the eye effect to get traffic, and then attract visitors to click on the site’s advertising practices to produce a lot of visual fatigue, there is no vitality.

way back in 1997, have their own personal homepage can be regarded as the network are the limelight "goers" website, the champions of the tricks will then make the network world is beautiful. From the content, there is known as network comment torrent sites and to finance as the theme of the "Orient Home" personal homepage, characteristic as well as more obscure personal home page, the content is all kinds of, Everything is contained therein. After a lapse of 6 years, 7, the home after the flowers bloom, or from the silent "quack" has become a network or unable to get up after a fall; separation of the column, as the development of a more mature personal website, in the history of the development of the Internet has a distinct outline.


and general commercial website, successful personal website has the solid foundation of the masses, the click rate high, but even such popularity also must face the problem of insufficient funds reserve website. A lot of good personal websites are being pushed to the point of commercial operation. After a few groping, try, some of the personal web site can not help but the end of the exclamation mark, while others have become a household name now big brother". Rainbow Night personal website that personal website in addition to serious problems in the development of flourishing stage homogenization, lack of funds, and dynamic business model is not clear the problem.

> commercial mode

read more


The novice to learn how to in Wangzhuan Forum


9azz is a blog network web site to make money, so I often concern Wangzhuan Wangzhuan site, search on Baidu, but one is not the majority of the forum, the rest is Wangzhuan forum, to be honest and good Wangzhuan forum now atrazine is uneven, the real forum, I still suggest you go to see the Wangzhuan home, where can learn the real knowledge! Is there is reasonable from the point of view, there is also a forum, the meaning of its existence, at least it can provide us some place to learn, whether there can help us learn read more


Taobao talk about customers recommend doing a single product promotion

Since the launch of Taobao

Ali mother, netizens have joined Taobao customers earn a commission for the promotion of goods seller Taobao, at the time of every kind of promotion way over the Internet, the most popular Ali Wangwang or for which Ali Wangwang has not started off shielding Taobao promotion link, and the effect of a prosperous promotion is the best, because too many users will want to report, Taobao promotion link blocked off.

Ali Wangwang screen promotion links, use blog promotion way and set off a big wave, Taobao customers according to the moment all transferred to each big web blog, many Taobao customers to earn a lot of commissions, but in the Blog websites also started good times don’t last long, Taobao blocked off promotion links, blog the massacre to countless Taobao off a fatal blow, hard training to the blog did so. The most trouble is to just join the blog to promote the novice, because the first to join the blog promotion has earned a lot of commissions, and just joined but did not get anything, but also wasted a lot of time and energy. read more


Zhang Yiming headlines today code Indoorsman business had 4 failed

Four four

after losing fifth venture he made headlines today". People rely on editing the news, he let the code recommended news.

as a programmer, Zhang Yiming and a bunch of code farmers for today’s headlines, wrote thousands of lines of code; as CEO, he invented a set of engineers logic company operating rules.

today’s headlines intelligence level can only play 30 points

employees have a consensus on what Zhang Yiming: not a hobby of code agricultural Indoorsman".

Zhang Yiming listened very grievance: I have hobbies, my hobby is to get information! read more


Two years failed to touch Zhou Botong two sailing experience

two years failed to touch the product experience

Zhou Botong CEO Feng Tao want to enter the online recruitment, is derived from a few years ago to do a recruitment team on the watercress, after two years of accumulation, the recruitment of Enterprises above the recruitment of more than 10.

Feng Tao realized that although the traditional top three recruitment sites accounted for nearly 60% of the recruitment market, but since so many companies are still recruiting watercress community, apparently there are still some market demand has not been met. Then, in the second half of 2011, Feng Tao with several partners on a separate portal, online recruitment website, which is the predecessor of the Zhou Botong recruitment network. read more


Advise small and medium web site Adsense advertising or do not do as well

actually do the webmaster want to earn some money, the secretarial chowder network is no exception, after making friends, according to the results of adding billing advertising, tested more than two months, we will experience up to the webmaster, and study decision:

, join is not difficult to make money is not easy. First come first, that went to the Golden Avenue, leaned over the body, that everywhere is gold, but from May to now, the weight of more than 3 thousand IP, only 20 yuan (pay promotion income is one hundred yuan, I can’t get this twenty yuan), according to the results of visible, not imagine that money, for small and medium-sized website, money is the castles in the air. read more


The great Wangzhuan is not every webmaster can copy

Wangzhuan industry this year really booming, the rapid development of A5, can be seen from the chianz Witkey platform, there are a lot of people have a dream on the Internet, want to write their names, in the fertile and then a variety of Wangzhuan appeared, some young people do website template sales, some young people sell program, virtual space, or some young people do SEO, but everyone was busy with all sorts of network projects, but in this prosperous what is real? Give a very simple example, now a lot of people are doing the Taobao customer, but the real profit and how many people? A friend told me the secret in the industry: Taobao customer really can make money, but this is only limited to the search page before the five, for the individual stations Changgen To do this, so from the side confirmed grassroots webmaster will not rely on Taobao rich guest! But I am not saying that a network project could not be done, nor deny your ability, but I want to say is Wangzhuan emperor, all of us can become, but when the network took over the project, we should think of clearly something, after all, are considered, a higher success rate of some. read more


The upstart, social change is a node

2014 under the age of 30 entrepreneurial upstart


| vitalink

2013 is Chinese Internet "Uncle" a year: Guo Quji, Yao Jinbo, Zhuang Chenchao, Zhang Wei, Yu Qiang, Li Xiang, Deng et al finally looked at his company completed the "adult ceremony", and they will continue into the cause of the "man" — used to see Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, Zhou Hongyi Lei Jun, and other chiefs backstage performances, there must be a new face scraper out read more


16 worthy Adsense to do advertising

site has been for many years, but also built a few stations, some of the microwave revenue, repeatedly tested a lot of advertising alliance, the following:

1.googleadsense Alliance: recommended index: you can feel, you can feel

Google advertising alliance is now one of the best advertising provider. Even NetEase do Google advertising alliance. Alliance should be the best, most of the domestic China webmaster survival depends on him, the recent reform, the proportion of advertising has declined, but the price is higher bit. In general, it should be the best league in the country. read more


The Olympic torch chasing hawkers selling t-shirts for two months to earn 100 thousand

Zhang they usually arrive in the city to carry the torch in advance, the use of GPS for several hours in advance to occupy a favorable terrain, while selling side to listen to the webcast site Master heard dynamic, where many people drove to where to sell. I always get the goods ten thousand yuan from Shahe clothing wholesale market, the cost of each adult is six or seven yuan, four or five yuan a child, from 10 million to 40 yuan a piece is sold. A province to sell a car, remove the artificial gasoline accommodation and other costs, gain several thousand yuan. read more