Push apply massage breast health practice increased net

(internship editor: He Lili)

direct push breast: first with the right palm on the left breast above the clavicle below the focus, even gently push straight down to the roots of the breast, and then push back up along the original route, do 20-50 times, the same method for the left hand massage right breast.

reminder: breast size varies from person to person, there is no absolute standard. Even if the breast is too small, it will not affect fertility breast-feeding, do not have to worry too much about this and worry. read more


The preferred treatment of breast disease in summer health network

breast expert group suggested that the majority of female friends: with breast disease patients should seize the time to treatment in this period, in order to avoid canceration.

expert explained, because the hot summer is the time of human blood circulation is the fastest, the pores of the skin pores and a completely open season, is the body’s largest delivery channel, fast play helps the efficacy of breast disease in this period, if timely treatment, can often play a multiplier effect.

currently consists of domestic hospital advocate meridian acupoint injection therapy, the skin is with "zero distance" mode of administration, in the summer for the treatment of breast disease, achieved a significant effect, but also can prevent breast cancer, effectively prevent the further deterioration of breast disease. Therefore, in particular, to remind women suffering from breast disease in the summer, must be actively treated, in order to make the condition will not deteriorate to the point of not being able to save and regret for life. read more


Many people on the potential hazards of women’s breast health network

(internship editor: He Lili)

but this is usually not a complete recovery, and it is easy to cause breast pain, some will cause breast lobular hyperplasia, breast diseases such as mastitis. Statistics show that induced abortion accounted for about 40% of breast disease.

because the artificial abortion is different from natural childbirth, the former is forced to terminate pregnancy, the latter is a natural biological process, or "fruits fall off when ripe". With the increase of pregnancy hormone levels, breast breast will gradually began to change, bloated, full, increase around the areola pigment will increase. read more


Woman nipple depression do Can you pull out the ‘s health network

3, nipple depression and genetic relationship.

four is a nipple sunken female chest fitness, lost due curve. Therefore, it is necessary to actively prevent and treat nipple retraction.

two is the nipple can not be exposed, the mother can not breastfeed, the baby can not suck milk, thus affecting the development of infants;

three is the maternal milk poor discharge, can cause mammary duct obstruction, galactostasis, prone to acute mastitis and breast abscess, mother never lactation, also can increase the risk of breast cancer; read more


The harm of health network not to wear a bra.

(1) hold hands under the bra chest position, the upper body forward about 45 degrees, so that the chest skin down, the bra from bottom to top up Mimi, and pull the back button.

in addition to appearance, no bra support Mimi may also have chest muscle strain or ligament by pulling back and forth duct caused by blood circulation disorder caused by hematoma, tissue necrosis and other issues, the beauty of the girls, are you scared? Go to pick pieces for their bra. Bra size can determine women’s IQ read more


Postpartum breast is larger or smaller ‘s health network

why postpartum breast prolapse

returns to the topic: what changes have brought to women

in addition, the appropriate massage and a proper diet can prevent postpartum breast sagging, normal breast exercises, eat more lean meat, eggs, milk, beans, carrots, lotus root, peanut, sesame, malt, grapes and other foods rich in vitamin.

women in lactation after breast ptosis will generally appear, this is because the infant feeding, breast surface skin is drafting extended breast suspension elastic supporting structure is also reduced, at the same time of lactation after breast gland atrophy, ptosis, becomes small. This is unavoidable. But some mothers because they do not pay attention to breast-feeding and breast-feeding after breast protection, resulting in breast atrophy, which is completely preventable. read more


Did you make any of the things about chest ‘s health network

in the female sexual excitement, breast full up, the superficial veins of the breast due to congestion and more clearly visible, nipple enlargement. Breast enlargement in women without breast feeding up to 25% of the original volume. Nursing experience of female breast enlargement is not obvious, but the formation of visible breast congestion flush. Sufficient erectile response can increase the length of the nipple than did not stimulate the increase in the general increase of 0.5-1 cm, the reaction can also increase the diameter of the nipple base 0.25 – 0.5 cm. read more