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What can we do on Blog

* trend has formed

      around 1995 in China, when you ask about your friends around, how many hours of your E-mail, maybe not a few people will say that they have used this "new thing"". Because at that time the domestic network is not yet fully popular, not to mention the popularity of E-mail. And when the time came in 2007, you can send a post on the Internet, do statistics, how many people have played Blog. The use of the answer may be very alarming, more or less will play a bit, especially after 80 generation. This is the popularity of the network brought about by a trend, this trend has been formed, the market has also developed, and quite mature. Almost every portal is doing Blog, each Blog are attracting a certain click rate, which is now in the domestic development trend of Blog. read more

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Electricity supplier how to find the location of the target market can be targeted marketing

with the development of Internet, the development of the network also change rapidly, many people began to use the Internet to sell products, some people shop, some people settled in Taobao mall, there are people who own the Jingdong website construction. In short, the outbreak of the Internet can see a variety of products in the form of sale, so this is also very important. Of course, want to do business in the network to sell products is not so easy, you have to find a niche in the market, then find a niche market is not immediately enter, you have to look at this is not a target market positioning and marketing. That is to say, can you deliver the marketing information to the target niche market in a certain way. read more

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2000P to create a week to talk about alternative webmaster traffic planning

is it possible for 2000IP a week? Don’t spend money? Don’t promote it? I don’t believe it. I really didn’t believe it. I saw it myself. I believe

to tell the truth and you may experience than I did not write this we do not believe that I am writing this just to have eyes take things will observe people see I think this is the webmaster need most. I helped others to do the station but never managed to stand my webmaster age only half a month

I would like to talk about the next week is how to create a 2000IP problem read more

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Network marketing psychology in the eyes of a network rookie

I am not a long time to contact the network marketing rookie, but with the majority of Internet users, like the impact of network marketing is not short. In the melee electricity supplier era, I am the famous brands of psychological tactics in this game the subtle use of network marketing, on millet, logic thinking, China Southern Airlines how to skillfully use psychological tactics in the network marketing in


first said millet, sell private custom. Lei Jun is the entrepreneur, but also investors, Lei Jun millet entrepreneurial technology is from the Internet, and Lei I also has invested more than and 20 of the enterprises, there are more famous customers, music Amoy network, YY, play more games, music etc.. read more

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The ten year old beauty life Night bursts of WeChat brand

[Reuters] the state power seems to night, can see the ten year old beauty mask brand figure in WeChat, micro-blog in various social channels, a large number of recruitment agency information, consumers after use, of course also involves many voices of doubt.

, the ten year old beauty emerge out of thin air as if covered with a layer of mystery, is difficult to ascertain the details of the outside world. To this end, the state power grid further ten year old beauty camp, with founder Wu Bin’s remarks and chat, gradually understand the life of the ten year old beauty. read more

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Today Hongkong is listed on the main board of the opening price of HK $14.5


technology news October 10th morning news, B2B business platform today officially from Hongkong gem to the main board of the stock exchange listing, stock code changed to 02280, the opening price of HK $14.5, the market value of HK $9 billion 611 million. in 2003 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed on the gem, the opening price of HK $1.23. Due to the performance of growing and motherboard stock plan came out, HC rapid growth in recent years, from about HK $3 to HK $14.4 (up to October 9th closing calculation), market capitalization of HK $9 billion 545 million. read more

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Chongqing audio-visual website is not good

news (reporter Zhou Xu) Chongqing audio-visual website to carry out clean-up operations, state-owned assets, the size of the fund, the number of employees has become the three ruler. But the industry revealed that, in fact, the city’s video site is now almost all caught in a state of difficulty.

DB founder missing

trade rumors, Chongqing was known as the most successful model of the audio-visual network DB network, for allegedly engaging in sexual business on the album and video content, and the contents were punished, clean-up, the founder of Zheng Li is missing. Reporter login DB found that the vast majority of its album and video content has been prohibited access. Reporters repeatedly call the customer service telephone network has been no answer. An old employee of the network, told reporters that, due to the company’s big adjustment, he has left, but he did not disclose the specific details of the company’s adjustment. read more

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Daily topics Ali Celestica fund shares 51% buyout fund industry into curve

webmaster network ( October 10th news, Celestica fund and Alibaba every time the hand has attracted much attention. The last is the common development of the balance of treasure to sell the fund, this is Celestica fund capital increase to "sell" equity. Yesterday evening, has been suspended for a day of Inner Mongolia Junzheng announcement that Alipay parent company of Zhejiang Alibaba Agel Ecommerce Ltd registered capital invested 1 billion 180 million yuan to subscribe Celestica fund, after the completion of the transaction Zhejiang Alibaba will hold 51% equity Celestica fund, as the controlling shareholder of the latter. read more

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The red flag to 18 million to challenge Microsoft system or history

red flag struggling to make new progress.

June 27th, the red flag announced that the company intends to open the way to transfer all registered trademarks of the company, all software copyrights and other assets, the assets of the reserve price of 18 million yuan.

domestic operating system vendors in the red flag has begun the process of asset sales. 18 million yuan is precisely the sum of the total wage arrears in the red flag.

in June 30th, said the red flag Marketing Manager Fan Hongguang accepted the twenty-first Century economic report interview: "18 million yuan just court auction price, bidding auction results may have two kinds, one is not for 18 million yuan bid, two is equal to or greater than the sale price of 18 million yuan." Fan Hongguang has left the red flag last year, in a software company. read more

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nteresting programming website Codecademy on-line 7 days for 200 thousand users

7 days to develop the 200 thousand users, you can do it?

Author: J.J. Colao

Sims said: "programming is one of the essential capabilities of twenty-first Century."

21 year old Zach · Semmes and 22 year old Ryan · Bbu Pinsky sat outside the headquarters located in the NoHo area.

in the last 12 months a day at 3 in the morning, interesting programming website Codecademy 21 year old chief executive Zach · Sims (Zach Sims) just reply to my email, and $8.95 registered the domain name "". Sims’s company provides interactive online courses, Professor of programming language JavaScript, he decided to use the new year’s arrival to provide the public with a new goal to keep pace with the times – in 2012 to learn programming. In 9 weeks, the group of people took the challenge and took part in a short course of one week in the middle of the year, the price of which was just an email address. read more

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Secret YY bleeding listed behind there are more financial advantages

YY day prior to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted F-1 documents, and 10.5 to determine the issue price of $12.5, the public offering of 7 million 800 thousand shares of ADS, each of the 20 common shares corresponding to 1ADS, the amount of financing between $8190 and $97 million 500 thousand. Previously, the company had 4 rounds of financing, the latest round of the introduction of the Tiger Fund in January 2011 to invest $100 million.

according to the last round of private equity financing scale estimation, togetherness era valued at more than $1 billion. After IPO era gathered a total of 1 billion 64 million common shares (if the Underwriters exercise the over allotment option, a total of 1 billion 87 million shares), each corresponding to 20 ordinary shares of 1 shares of ADS. This calculation, the company’s market capitalization of about $600 million. There is no doubt that the times gathered in bleed listed. The rapid revenue growth, high growth, why should the user to "cheap" way read more

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Luxury goods prospects the domain name cold-shouldered

in recent years, the luxury market in the cold. The suspected collapse of VIP enjoy the network (, but also to lead the fashion trend of, Shang goods network, treasures and other luxury sites into the doldrums. This kind of different domain, including letters, phonetic, combination, creativity, how will they be rushed out of the tight encirclement, "cold" to "hot Kang"

? heavy build domain value of 10 million!

was founded in December 2008,, is an early foray into the field of flash purchase electricity supplier website. The original official website domain name using, in November 30th last year, enabled the heavy domain According to the relevant data show that in December last year, ranked 306th in the domestic website, and now, enabled the value of the ten million domain names, website ranking rose to 123. According to the Alexa data query shows that the domain name average daily IP (March average) was 2 million 616 thousand, the average daily PV (average in March) of up to 26 million 160 thousand, the degree of its user experience showed a straight up. read more

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Direct purchase of the Pacific accused of disguised pyramid schemes BMC crazy suction gold billions

wonderful Life Inc chairman Tang Qingnan has been taken away by the police, the front desk is playing a game. Newspaper reporter Li Jingying photo

Pacific direct purchase official network to a victim issued by the merchant integrity consumer margin receipt and membership card. Jane Peng for map reporter Intern Cao Xiaoqiang Zhang Chen

June 1st, Jiangxi Life Investment Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "wonderful Life Inc") former chairman Tang Qingnan, on suspicion of organizing crime was arrested. read more

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Aaron AP aggregator ProgrammableWeb network merger

Beijing on June 30th news, according to foreign media reports, this company to take a more sudden move to the famous API network in the near future (Application Programming Interface) aggregation site ProgrammableWeb’s acquisition, the specific details of the transaction but still can make nothing of it, according to media news, after ProgrammableWeb in this transaction will continue as an independent the entity operation, while the website founder John · (John Musser); musse will also join this company. read more

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WeChat combat gambling disposal of Feng Ting 25 thousand group of 35 thousand accounts

news agency, Beijing in August 22, Tencent (Wang Shiyu) said 22 has closed gambling illegal disposal group of more than 25000 illegal gambling, account for more than 35000 months, the flow of funds in the platform with gambling behavior of Tencent has a large decline.

Tencent thunder responsible for the actions of Zhu Jinsong in thunder action "network gambling rule" conference, Tencent in the hit network gambling, the implementation of the "three knives" measures: for users to report, after verification of the gambling behavior and information of social groups, the implementation of a permanent seal group; for gambling organizers, long-term freezing the constructive qualification; for gambling participants, limiting the number of daily build group payment transfer function envelopes. read more

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