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British tourist trampled to death by elephant in India

first_imgA BRITISH MAN has been killed in India after being trampled by a rampaging elephant in India.The incident took place in Masinagudi National Park, in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is believed the tourist was accompanied by a tour guide at the time of the attack.The Times in the UK has named the man as 67-year-old, Colin Manell.According to Sky News, there are conflicting reports about the moments leading up to the man’s death.Warning There have been claims that the man did not hear the guide shouting a warning at him and that he was engrossed in his photography.The Times reports that the man was treated at the local Masinagudi hospital before being transferred to Gudalur Government Hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.The Foreign Office confirmed the death, saying: “We are aware of the tragic death of a British national in southern India and we are providing consular assistance at this difficult time.”Read: France to keep ‘death row’ elephants… and Brigitte Bardot>Read: Save the elephants or I’ll move to Russia, Brigitte Bardot tells France>last_img read more

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Taoiseach backs Limerick bid for Gay Games

first_imgTAOISEACH ENDA KENNY is lending his support to efforts to bring the 2018 Gay Games to LimerickThe city is vying with London and Paris for the right to host the games. If successful, some 10,000 participants from over 70 nations will arrive to take part in five years time, along with some 25,000 spectators.In a letter to the bid committee, Enda Kenny says that an Irish welcome can be guaranteed for everyone who attends, adding: “Ireland is waiting, Do come & join us”.The event started in San Francisco in 1982 and is held every four years. The games generally last over a week, and include 32 sporting categories, alongside cultural activities and opening and closing ceremonies.It’s anticipated the event would bring a boost of €50 million euro to the region in terms of tourism spend, according to organisers.The city will find out on 7 October if it’s been successful in it bid.Read: The 9 best Twitter suggestions for an Irish James Bond film >last_img read more

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14 famous business books summarised for your reading list

first_img Meet Ron Fisher, the SoftBank executive who awarded WeWork a $47 billion valuation months before it delayed its $10 billion IPO Click here to see a high-res version of the infographic >- Max NisenRead: Business advice from Bill Cullen: lose weight>Careers clinic: What NOT to do at an interview>Read: Elon Musk’s top three tips to Taoiseach Enda Kenny> WANT TO READ 14 famous business books in under a minute?To save you some time and money, we’ve made it possible.We boiled down some of the most popular and influential business books out there to their central lessons.For those looking to bone up on some business theory, here are the highlights. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore brownface and a turban during an ‘Arabian Nights’ themed party in 2001 center_img Since right after World War II, the president’s national security adviser has an unparalleled ability to influence events worldwide A major whistleblower complaint at the US’s top spy agency involves a Trump phone call with a ‘promise’ to a foreign leader last_img read more

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Facebook helps family separated by war reunite decades later

first_imgGUATEMALAN SIBLINGS WHO lost contact during the country’s turbulent 1960-1996 civil strife have been reunited 31 years later, with some help from Facebook.Ofelia, Avilio and Elsira Funez Velasquez had their tearful reunion at the headquarters of the Mutual Support Group, an activist with the social group, Enrique Barrera, said.Sister and brother Ofelia and Avilio grew up in the family’s home town of La Democracia, in Huehuetenango, orphaned when their parents were killed in the years of violence.Their sister Elsira, however, was adopted more than 20 years ago by a family in Honduras. In San Pedro Sula, she studied to be a nurse and started a family, all without knowing where her siblings were.The reunion was made possible when the Mutual Support Group helped reunite another of the family’s children, Criserio, with brother Avilio.When their picture was posted on Facebook, their missing sister Elsira spotted her brothers, and promptly contacted the Mutual Support Group for help. A banner showing just some portraits of people who disappeared during the decades-long Guatemalan civil war. Image: AP Photo/Luis Soto“I felt so happy because I have found my sisters and brother,” said the woman, now 35, who was four when she lost track of her siblings.Of the family’s seven children, four have been brought together while three are still missing: Victor, Estela and Roberta.Ixil Mayan women gather around a mass grave near Ixtupil in Guatemala in May 2013 as forensic anthropologists exhume the skeletons of their loved ones who died during the civil war. Image: AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)– © AFP, 2013last_img read more

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Documentary tells story of only Irish man to survive Nagasaki

first_imgTHE STORY OF the only Irish man to survive the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki in World War II is to be told in a new television documentary.Dr Aidan MacCarthy from west Cork was being held in a prisoner-of-war camp in the Japanese city when the nuclear weapon was dropped on Nagasaki on 9 August 1945, three days after the attack on Hiroshima.As black rain began to fall from the sky after the bomb hit, MacCarthy thought the world was ending – but he survived, and made it back to his home in Castletownbere.“It’s very hard to believe that it actually happened, that any of it happened, let alone to my father,” MacCarthy’s daughter Nicola says in the TV3 documentary, which will air on Monday. “It was always very difficult when he was alive to actually believe that he had been through that and come out relatively unscathed.”MacCarthy had joined the RAF at the age of 28 when World War II began and served as a medical doctor.He had volunteered for service in Asia as the Japanese took control of Singapore, but he was captured in Java and moved to the brutal camp in Nagasaki, which was attached to the Mitsubishi Steel and Iron Works in the city.In the camp, MacCarthy endured torture, severe starvation, beatings and forced labour.When the war ended, the commander of the camp presented MacCarthy with a samurai sword, which has been mounted on the wall of his family’s pub in west Cork ever since.Thousands of Irish men fought for the British allies in World War II with Ireland choosing to officially remain neutral in the six-year conflict.A Doctor’s War will air on TV3 on Monday night at 10pm. It features audio recordings of interviews with the late Dr MacCarthy and interviews with his two daughters.Dr Aidan MacCarthy with his colleagues (Pic: TV3) In pictures: World War II refugees reunited in Ireland after more than 60 years >Read: Holocaust survivors received €950m settlement from Swiss banks >last_img read more

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Strike averted but ESB and unions differ on terms of the deal

first_imgA NEW ROW has broken out between the ESB and unions – just over 12 hours after a deal was agreed to avoid a strike by workers at the company.A deal was brokered at the Labour Relations Commission yesterday, which the ESB claimed in a statement that said no liabilities would be added to the company’s balance sheet.The statement added that dividends would continue to be paid to the government.However, the leader of the ESB group of unions Brendan Ogle has told RTÉ that he believed that the treatment of the company pension scheme as a defined benefit scheme would add at least €369 million to the company’s balance sheet.The ESB then released a second statement, saying that they were very happy with the wording of the LRC deal.It said that it would be preparing accounts for the first quarter of 2014 and would implement the LRC deal “in the normal way”.Read: It’s off: ESB strike averted as management and unions reach agreementRead: ESB workers announce ‘all-out’ strike as unions meet with mediatorslast_img read more

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11 Christmas disasters that have already happened

first_img5. 6.7. Source: Imgur8.9.10. Source: 11.Niall Horan is stuck in an airport and Twitter is apoplectic as a result> ‘Christmas Eve Eve’ is making people very angry on Twitter>The 12 Smells of (Irish) Christmas> IF YOUR DOG hasn’t eaten your turkey, your tree is in an upright position and nobody’s bits are on show, then count yourself lucky…

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11 Oscar speeches that will leave you an emotional wreck

first_imgTHE OSCARS ARE this weekend and are obviously going to be glitzy, over-the-top and compulsively watchable.The frocks and the wins are a big part of the process but our fave thing is always the speeches.There’s nothing better than a dramatic and tear-jerking speech from somebody on the podium to make us weep like babies.We’ve rounded  up the very best speeches that will probably leave you slumped in a heap with tears in mere seconds.11. Terry and Oorlagh GeorgeThe short film The Shore win an Oscar last year. Northern Irish director Terry George and his daughter Oorlagh who also produced gave a charming speech on winning.Terry does the doting dad thing getting the whole room united in an “aw” right off the bat and they seem thrilled to be up there.Lovely.RTENewsNow / YouTube(You can watch the full speech, which sadly doesn’t embed, here)10. CherYou tend to forget Cher has an Oscar or is able to display emotion.Her win for Moonstruck is emotional for just how charming and simple it is. She seems a bit awestruck to have won.The killer is at the end when she says “I don’t think this means I am somebody but I guess I’m on my way”CHER! Stop being modest, we’re gonna cry.Oscars / YouTube9. Peter O’TooleIrish acting icon Peter O’Toole was was nominated seven times before the Academy decided to give him an honorary award in 2003.His speech is really sweet for how dignified but grateful he is. And the fact that’s he Irish will totally make you really, really proud.And a bit emotional.Oscars / YouTube8. Gwyneth PaltrowWhen Gwyneth picked up the trophy for Best Actress in 1999 after her performance in Shakespeare in Love the speech became infamous.Watching it now, it’s actually pretty standard and sweet for the first few minutes.It’s when she thanks her family that the waterworks start and you know what, it’s actually properly upsetting.You can snark all you want but when she starts talking about her dad we almost lost it.Oscars / YouTube7. Julia RobertsAnother high profile speech came from Julia when won Best Actress for Erin Brokovich in 2001.It’s a spell binding watch for how she is half fabulous film star half visibly moved, veering from slick patter about the time she has on stage to giddy delight for actually winning.Julia Roberts is still the quintessential movie star and watching this is like watching all the endings of every amazing rom-com at once.Tears. NON-STOP TEARS.Oscars / YouTube6. Daniel Day-LewisDaniel scooped a Best Actor win for the classic My Left Foot in 1989.His speech is measured but respectful and if you’ve any of the fond memories of the film (and Brenda Fricker’s winning performance, the speech for which is sadly not online) you’ll be getting a bit choked up as he talks and dedicates his award to Christy Brown.Oscars / YouTube5. Halle BerryHalle’s win for Monster’s Ball in 2002 caused a stir as she accepted her Best Actress statue.She talked about the historical impact a black woman winning Best Actress would have and emotionally dedicated it to many of her peersWatching it now you can see how moved Halle is and it’s actually quite upsetting (before she gets sidetracked in thanking lawyers and such). Berry even spoofed her emotions when she accepted a Razzie Award for Worst Actress for Catwoman in 2005.ndirjura / YouTube4. Anna PaquinQuvenzhané Wallis is nominated for this year’s Best Actress nomination at only 9 years old for her work on Beasts of the Southern Wild.She’s the youngest ever nominee and will surely be taking hints from Anna Paquin, who won a Best Supporting Actress trophy for The Piano in 1993 aged 11.Paquin’s reaction is really adorable and if Quvenzhané has any sense, she’ll do something similar if she wins.Oscars / YouTube3. Jennifer HudsonJennifer picked up Best Supporting Actress for Dreamgirls in 2007 and her speech is very sweet.Hudson is visibly flustered and emotional and there’s something really  moving about how new it all seems to her.This piece is taking an emotional toll on us. There are tears flying across our keyboard.Oscars / YouTube2. Glen Hansard and Marketa IrglovaWhen this pair nabbed Best Original Song for Falling Slowly from Once in 2007 it was a moment of celebration for many Irish musicians.Once was a slow burning success story that since went on to become a Broadway musical (that opens in Dublin later this month)Handsard and Irglova are so genuinely shocked you’ll be completely won over and when Jon Stewart lets Marketa come out to properly say her thanks you’ll be bawling.Not a dry eye in the house.Oscars / YouTube1. Tom HanksTom Hanks is one of the rare film stars who nab awards and star in massive hit movies consistently.His speech on winning Best Actor for Philadelphia in 1993 is a reminder of what makes Tom so great.His speech touches on the same themes the film famously did when it tackled the issue of AIDS and he manages to make a moving tribute that feels genuine and heartfelt. Incredibly powerful.Oscars / YouTubeTumblr of the Day: Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food>Police in the UK take a statement… from a dog>last_img read more

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Army experts called in as three explosive devices found in Tallaght

first_imgTHREE VIABLE BOMBS have been rendered safe by army experts in Tallaght, the Defence Forces have confirmed.It follows an alert in the St Dominics area of the south Dublin suburb this afternoon.An Army bomb squad responded to a call-out from gardaí, after one suspect device was found outside a house in the estate. A number of houses were then evacuated and nearby roads were closed off.The team arrived on scene at 4.20 pm, and the devices were made safe without the need for a controlled explosion. The all clear was given after around 30 minutes.The component parts have since been brought to a military location for further examination, and will be handed over to investigating gardaí.Read: Man in 30s hospitalised, two youths questioned after Cork city centre assaultlast_img read more

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Hugo Chavez died of a massive heart attack mouthed desire to live

first_imgPRESIDENT HUGO CHAVEZ died of a massive heart attack after great suffering and inaudibly mouthed his desire to live, the head of Venezuela’s presidential guard said late yesterday.“He couldn’t speak but he said it with his lips … ‘I don’t want to die. Please don’t let me die,’ because he loved his country, he sacrificed himself for his country,” General Jose Ornella told The Associated Press.The general said he spent the last two years with Chavez, including his final moments, as Venezuela’s president of 14 years battled an unspecified cancer in the pelvic region.Ornella spoke to the AP outside the military academy where Chavez’s body lay in state. He said Chavez’s cancer was very advanced when death came but gave no details.Ornella did not respond when asked if the cancer had spread to Chavez’s lungs.The government announced on the eve of Chavez’s death that he had suffered a severe new respiratory infection. It was the second such infection reported by officials after Chavez underwent his fourth cancer surgery in Cuba on Dec. 11.Venezuelan authorities have not said what kind of cancer Chavez had or specified exactly where tumors were removed.‘He suffered a lot’During the first lung infection, near the end of December, doctors implanted a tracheal tube to ease Chavez’s breathing, but breathing insufficiency persisted and worsened, the government said.Ornella said that Chavez had “the best” doctors from all over the world but that they never discussed the president’s condition in front of him.The general said he didn’t know precisely what kind of cancer afflicted Chavez, but added: “He suffered a lot.”He said that Chavez knew when he spoke to Venezuelans on 8 December, three days before his final surgery in Cuba, that “there was very little hope he would make it out of that operation.”It was Chavez’s fourth cancer surgery and previous interventions had been followed by chemotherapy and radiation.Ornella echoed the concern of Vice President Nicolas Maduro that some sort of foul play was involved in Chavez’s cancer.“I think it will be 50 years before they declassify a document (that) I think (will show) the hand of the enemy is involved,” he said.The general didn’t identify who he was talking about, but Maduro suggested possible U.S. involvement on Tuesday. The US State Department called the allegation absurd.Maduro, Chavez’s self-anointed successor, said Chavez died Tuesday afternoon in a Caracas military hospital. The government said Chavez, 58, had been there since returning from Cuba on 18 February.Read: After Chavez’s death, Venezuela faces period of uncertaintyMore:President and Tánaiste express sadness at death of Hugo Chavezlast_img read more

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WATCH The remote controlled robot that will outrun you

first_imgIF YOU EVER wanted to own your own robot that could outrun all but the fastest of sprinters, then this is for you.Called the OutRunner, the Kickstarter project is a self-balancing, remote controlled robot which can run up to 32km/h outdoors. It is able to run normally on different terrain and has a battery life of two hours.The robot emulates the way animals run by reproducing their step pattern and having a similar mass to length distribution. Since the robot’s centre of mass is lower than the axis of rotation, it creates a buoyancy effect, allowing it to be stable and eliminating the need for sensors or algorithms to keep it upright.Because of this, OutRunner can travel on grass, gravel, uphill and downhill as well as on roads.Just look at it go. Source: Robotics Unlimited/YouTubeThere are two versions of the robot, the OutRunner Core, which has a top speed of 16km/h and has a battery life of one hour, and the OutRunner Performance, which has a top speed of 32km and can last for two hours.Currently, the project has raised just over $46,000, a considerable distance from its target of $150,000, and has 12 days left to reach its target.If it’s successful, the company wants to organise the world’s first competition of running robots, allowing modification of OutRunners. It’s marked the end of 2015 or closely after as a possible date for the competition. Source: Robotics Unlimited/YouTubeAnd for those wondering whether it can run on different terrain, here’s more clips of it running offroad. Source: Robotics Unlimited/YouTubeRead: This ultra-fast robot arm is better at catching stuff than you are >Read: Trinity College engineers have built Joanne O’Riordan a robot >last_img read more

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Explainer What are the rules and regulations surrounding drones

first_imgOF ALL THE technological developments that have happened recently, few got as much attention as drones. While they have been around for a while, it’s only in the past year or two that they’ve really entered public conversation.But with so much interest in them, not many are aware of the rules and regulations surrounding their use. Chances are most people have questions about them, even if they’ve no intention of flying them.Whether you’re thinking of purchasing one or just curious about the subject, here’s what you need to know.So what exactly is a drone?The term drone is usually seen as a catch-all term and is the term most people use when talking about remote controlled aircrafts.  Drones normally refer to any aircraft that is computer controlled, bypassing the need for a person to pilot it remotely.The term that should be used is either Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) or Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS, which is the term we’re using from now on), which refers to any aircraft that can be operated remotely or are computer controlled.While there are both rotary and fixed-wing models, the aircrafts you would normally associate with the term drones – those that carry goods or record video and capture images – are normally either hexacopters (an aircraft with six propellers) or octocopters (an aircraft with eight propellers).The cost of an RPAS which can capture high quality imagery or videos and can stay in the air for a decent amount of time would begin at €1,200 and can rise as high as €15,000.Who currently uses them?While a drone can be purchased and flown by anyone, they are mainly used by businesses and companies. Thanks to their size, they can be transported easily and can take-off or land in seconds from confined spaces. More importantly, they’re a cost effective solution for those who benefit from aerial photography.So far, 17 companies have been granted permission to fly RPAS in the Republic of Ireland. Companies like SkyTech Ireland in Cork, which specialises in aerial imagery, use it to capture images of land and buildings while the Gardai and The Irish Defence Forces have also invested in them. Source: SkyTec Ireland/VimeoWhat are the rules surrounding RPAS worldwide?So far, the regulations surrounding RPAS are still in development, simply because the industry has exploded in recent times.Currently, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is in the process of introducing new rules and regulations covering the operation of RPAS. Also, the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) is in the process of getting involved in RPAS operations for all weight categories instead of those above 150kg, meaning there will be a number of development in the field over the coming months.In the case of Ireland, what are the rules?For now, the only specific legislation governing their use is the (Rockets and Small Aircraft) Order, 2000, which is currently under review.While the regulations and requirements behind RPAS are extensive – it’s highly recommended that you read the full overview from the IAA here if you’re seriously thinking of piloting one – in layman terms, they’re effectively treated the same way as manned aircrafts.That means it cannot present or create a greater hazard to anyone or anything, either in the air or on the ground, than that of a manned aircraft. They can only fly in segregated airspace and require written permission from the IAA.What do I need to do before I can pilot one?As well as written permission, you will have to partake in both a theory and practical test first. Similar to training for manned flights, topics like aerodynamics, aircraft technical systems, navigation, rules of the air and emergency procedures will be covered.Also, practical training in the operation and control of a RPAS in flight, which may also include simulated flight training, will also be required. Currently, SkyTech Ireland offers a training course for those thinking of piloting one in the future. Some unmanned aircrafts, like this quadcopter in Belfast, are used as surveying tools to help with planning and development. Source: Niall Carson/PA Wire/Press Association ImagesAnd what do I need to do before the flight?You need to give a minimum lead-in time of 90 days for your request to be processed. The reason for this is because segregated airspace must be made exclusive to the RPAS operator to ensure no accidents occur. If a drone’s weight is greater than 20kg, it must be registered unless an exemption is granted by the IAA.Currently, you must apply for each flight regardless of purpose, although the IAA does allow some flexibility with dates in case a flight is cancelled because of bad weather.An appropriate sense and avoid system must also be in place otherwise the drone won’t be allowed to fly. As well as ensuring the aircraft isn’t a greater hazard than it currently is, its separation and collision avoidance capabilities must be able to:Detect and avoid traffic, both air and ground. Detect and avoid all airbourne objects. Avoid hazardous weather. Detect and avoid terrain and other obstacles. Perform functions similar to that of a manned aircraft.If it’s granted, then the person flying the drone must be able to comply with instructions from the Air Traffic Control unit and make it clear what the aircraft is.Ok, I’ve done everything above and I’m ready for take-off. Now what?You must ensure that the drone is fit to fly since there are no national regulations in force addressing issues like registration, certification and continuing airworthiness of RPAS. It’s expected that when the ICAO and EASA have introduced the relevant regulations, Irish legislation will follow suit.When in flight, the RPAS must comply with the Visual Flight Rules, the regulations pilots operate under when the weather is normal, since they affect manned aircrafts.If your aircraft weighs less than 20kg, it’s deemed to be a model aircraft and different rules apply. For one, the aircraft cannot leave your line of sight and cannot travel further than 500 metres from where you’re operating it.That’s a lot to take in. Is there anything else you want to add?Just be responsible about it. If you do decide to invest in an RPAS, remember to take the necessary precautions first before you start flying one.Read: Blind adventurer to give TED talk on hope four years after becoming paralysed >Read: Your next smartphone could have security features built into the glass >last_img read more

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Poll Do you support Mick Wallace and Clare Dalys actions at Shannon

first_img Poll Results: Yes (4886) No (8671) YESTERDAY, TDS MICK Wallace and Clare Daly were arrested at Shannon Airport as they tried to board and inspect a US military aircraft.Daly said that it is “ridiculous” to accept US assurances that there are no weapons on board these military aircraft.The pair didn’t get to go on board the aircraft as they were spotted by Irish Defence Forces staff guarding the plane, and arrested. They were later released.Today we ask you: Do you support Mick Wallace and Clare Daly’s actions at Shannon Airport?center_img I’m not sure (861) YesNoI’m not sureVoteRead: Just released and Mick Wallace is tweeting pictures of US military craft at Shannon>last_img read more

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Disney Games announced LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

first_imgGiven the dreadfulness of most movie-to-game film conversions, the LEGO series of games have been a breath of fresh air. The LEGO game series started with Star Wars and surprised everyone: who could have known that an all-ages, mute retelling of the Star Wars saga could be so charming? Indiana Jones and Batman followed, each delightful in its own way, and now we’ve got a new LEGO game property on the way: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game.Disney has just formally announced LEGO Pirates, which will be developed by TT Games and hitting store shelves next year, alongside the fourth movie in the franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.AdChoices广告The events of the game take place during the first three movies, but also encompass some moments from the new film. The player will, of course, be able to control everyone’s favorite brown-toothed scallywag, Captain Jack Sparrow, but will also be able to control up to 70 additional playable characters. Who knew the Pirates-verse had so many to draw upon?LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game will hit every major console, the PC and mobile devices in May of 2011.last_img read more

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Tom Selleck and ATTs predictions about the 21st century turn out to

first_imgWay back in 1993, that marvelous paragon of masculine mustachivity, Mr. Tom Selleck, played host to a series of AT&T advertisements forecasting with Criswell-like soothsaying the technical marvels that we would all enjoy in the new millennium. 17 years later, DVICE has catalogued all of Selleck’s predictions and made up a score sheet, seeing how he did. Surprisingly, Selleck and AT&T were shockingly accurate about what technology we’d take for granted in 2010. For example, Selleck accurately predicted the coming of e-books and e-readers like the Kindle (as well as initiatives like Project Gutenberg and, arguably, the rise of e-book DRM when he posited that we’d be able to “borrow a book from thousands of miles away.” Selleck also accurately predicted the rise of GPS units, video conferencing, distance learning, streaming movies on demand and even Electronic Toll Collection. Where’d Selleck’s predictions breakdown? He thinks that by 2010, we’ll buy concert tickets from a cash machine, which seems pretty quaint. He thinks people will still be using faxes in 2010, which is arguably true, but more irrelevant by the day. And for some reason, he thinks we’ll be able to tuck our babies into bed from phone booths. Still, this is a heck of a lot better of a track record than many so-called futurists.Read more at DVICElast_img read more

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Secoms autonomous surveillance drone follows and spies on intruders

first_imgInstalling surveillance equipment at a location usually means setting up several stationery cameras that at best can rotate to track suspicious activity. But they are limited, and in a lot of cases require someone to be controlling their movement in order to detect and track effectively.Japanese company Secom has developed what it believes is a much better solution: an autonomous surveillance drone that can travel to the location of an intruder, then track and monitor them, capturing images in the process.When there is no active threat the drone will sit in a base station, which also acts as a battery charger as these flying machines usually have a battery life of around 15-20 minutes. When the accompanying security system detects an intruder, be it a vehicle or person, the drone is informed of the location and flies there.The equipment being carried includes an LED light source, camera, and computer system. This allows the drone to not only capture images of the intruder, but in the case of the car it can figure out the vehicle’s orientation and adjust its flight path to ensure an image of the license plate is captured.As it’s a mobile surveillance unit flying high in the air, it’s very difficult for an intruder to disable it (the drone is also programmed to fly at a safe distance away from the threat) or move to a location where the drone can’t follow. Using a drone also means you actually need far less equipment to keep an eye on a large facility, so the Secom drone could actually end up saving money on a complete security solution.There’s no word on price or availability yet, but I suspect we may see this drone put in an appearance at CES next month, or at the very least the next Japanese security or technology trade show.More at Tech-On!last_img read more

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