Arias: “Liverpool must feel that we play in our house”

first_img“Mané? I already faced him at the World Cup, I know it’s very good …” “But it bothers to be almost eliminated?”–No, in the end it’s football. There is nothing written, you have to play, go to the game and prove. The party who is stronger, has faith and we have it will win.—They play at home, where they haven’t lost in the knockout round in the Champions …–It’s pretty good. We are locals and we must make that feel to any rival who comes to play at our house. We have the fans on our side, a very strong hobby, which is with the team always in good and bad and that they will make themselves felt in the game.—You came to play these games …–There is always the desire to face this game, take it as a final. Here you can not miss the moments or minutes, you have to go to death on each ball and I think we are all in the same tonic, thinking about getting a victory that will not be easy, but if you work and understand the game How we can get it. “He had minutes after his injury.” How was it found?-Fairly good. I am happy to have played the match against Valencia, a complicated match. The most important thing is that I am one hundred percent for what is coming.– Last year he competed with Juanfran and this year with Trippier and Vrsaljko …– It is difficult, it is competition that in the end helps you to grow as a player and as a person. I take it for the positive part, if you have someone who competes with you, has conditions and is good helps you improve. For me it is to take advantage of every moment I have, every possibility of playing it in the best way. —It’s his second season at Atlético. How do you see the club?–It’s excellent. Before coming to Atleti I had teams that wanted to count on me and I decided on Atleti for the way they played, for their delivery, for their desire, for everything. I had the opportunity to talk to Falcao, who is my friend and told me about the team. He told me that things were not like his time, the team has grown a lot and I think that helped me choose Atlético de Madrid and now I’m here, happy and I have to continue working to improve day by day and continue learning.“To what extent is it important not to fit at home?”–The top three are important, but their entire team is strong, they have shown. The bands are very strong, with the sides reaching the bottom line and pulling centers. We must try to counteract that. We have to go out and do our football, we are at home and we have to respect that. “Is Diego Costa’s return a reinforcement?”–It is important. We all want to be well, contribute to the team and the players who return from injury have the desire and the strength to want to go out and demonstrate. Costa is a great player, has a lot of experience, brings a lot to the team and helps a lot of new players. It’s good to come back.center_img —Now Liverpool and Mané arrive on the left side …–He is a complicated player. I don’t know if I’m going to play or not, but if I have the opportunity I want to do it as usual, giving everything of myself to contribute to the team. I already had the opportunity to face Mané in the World Cup, we were in the same group and I know the conditions he has, how good he is and how complicated the game is going to be. But we have team and players to face the match.“Does such a rival take your dream away?”–It is respect what we have. There is no fear here, there is no reason to lose sleep. We respect the rival and I think they do too. They know that Atleti is a difficult, hard-working team that will go out to look for victory and it will be beautiful for both of us.“Are you motivated to see how they give Liverpool a favorite?”–It is always better that the other has favoritism. We with humility, working as a team, I think we can get things done. It is not going to be easy, a complicated game against a very strong opponent, who has achieved great things and we are full, we have commitment and attitude. “It is always better for the favoritism to have another, but let’s butt …” – Would you sign 0-0?–I think not, you have to go out to win. As a player you always think of winning, never in a draw or losing. You always have the desire to go ahead and win, we all think alike.– On the other hand, playing again with your club is important for the Copa América.–Now I’m just thinking of the Atleti. Then there are important matches with the national team, first qualifiers for the World Cup and then the Copa América is already in the holiday period. Thinking about the national team, it is important for me to have a rhythm of competition, to have minutes, to have games … but the coach knows what conditions I have. Despite not having much rhythm I am always one hundred percent, I showed it when I had the opportunity to do it in the Copa América last year and for my part I am at the top of the selection.—In addition, it is important that the tournament be played in Colombia.–It is a pride. It is something unique to have a Cup at home, it encourages you much more to demonstrate, to give you what we have lacked in recent years that is to get a title for Colombia. It is not easy at all, in South America it is increasingly difficult, there is more competition and the teams are becoming stronger, there are many players abroad in large teams, it is increasingly difficult, but team we have, conditions we have and we are waiting The time to be champions.last_img read more

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