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HTC 10 review: One and only HTC phone that you should buy

first_imgHTC makes some amazing phones. There’s no denying that. When in doubt, you can always check out the One M7, or any other One-range phone — save the One M9 and M9+ , which were bad — for that matter. If you’re one on a tight budget, the company has a fair share of mid-level Desire phones that you can go for. HTC’s One and Desire phones have always managed to stand out from the crowd on the back of their pleasing looks and polished user interface. No other company gets even close.HTC was probably one of the first few companies to come out with a phone boasting of a rounded metal back with plastic antenna inserts on the back. And yet, every single time you see an all-metal phone with distinct antenna lines on the rear, you’re instantly reminded of the iPhone. Well, the irony! A lot of this has to do with Apple’s clever marketing strategies. HTC instead has relied heavily on carriers to promote its phones. The times they are a-changin’. The company has grown wiser with time. The One A9 was only just the beginning ; the One X9, just a drop in the ocean. HTC was saving the best for the last. Enter HTC 10, HTC’s best smartphone to date, and very well, the top contender for the best Android flagship phone of the year.Design and build qualityAll flagship HTC phones have carried the ‘One’ moniker for as long as, ahem, one can remember. All flagship HTC phones have also carried the ‘M’ moniker for as long as one can remember. Things are however different this time round. The company has decided to let go of certain things that were holding it back in the past and for the first time built a flagship phone without the One and M monikers. The phone is now simply called the HTC 10.advertisement You might say the HTC 10 is just another smartphone with big bulging chamfers. But there’s something very out of the ordinary about its ordinary design statement Naming aside, the HTC 10 isn’t all that different from last year’s M9+. But that is alright. The M9+ looked beautiful and so does the HTC 10. In fact, unlike the M9+ that was slippery, the HTC 10 stays put in hands. It’s safe to say that HTC’s new phone hits the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 straight out of the ball park as far as ergonomics are concerned. It’s just that good. The HTC 10 achieves this feat on the back of chamfers: big pointy edges that extend all along the rear of the phone.HTC might as well have played safe and gone with something more – for the lack of a better word – regular. But honestly, HTC has played it safe for far too long. And it hasn’t been helping its case much. The company gave us the first glimpse into its wild side when it launched the One A9, a phone that oddly resembled the iPhone. With the HTC 10, it’s going for the kill. And no, it doesn’t look anything like the iPhone, in case you’re wondering.Also Read: HTC 10 quick review: The chosen one You might say the HTC 10 is just another smartphone with big bulging chamfers. Take that away, and it’s no different from last year’s model. In fact, put it next to the Galaxy S7, and the HTC 10 doesn’t have enough to make you want to pick it up on the spur of the moment. But, give it a try, and its build quality and subtle no-fuss looks will make you want to hold it some more. It’s one of those instances where first impressions don’t necessarily mean the end of the world.It’s not as slim and light as the Galaxy S7 and the LG G5, but it’s got just the right weight, and just the right girth… gives you something to hold on to: always a plus.The front is very reminiscent of the One A9 with an oblong physical home button alongside curved 2.5D curved Gorilla Glass 3.There’s something very out of the ordinary about the HTC 10’s ordinary design statement. Especially in the way the buttons just ease firmly into the edges, the grooved texture of the power button that feels confident to click, and the touch-sensitive home button on the front that doubles as a fingerprint scanner. Not to forget, it’s super-fast and super responsive. If there’s one thing that left me wanting, it has to be the backlit capacitive keys. They feel anaemic. Also, some waterproofing would have gone a long way in making me fall head over heels.advertisementDisplayThe HTC 10 comes with a 5.2-inch QuadHD Super LCD 5 display with a 1440 x 2560-pixel resolution. Display is fantastic. But then, even last year’s M9+ came with a fantastic display. So, what’s different? HTC says the 10’s new LCD 5 panel is 30 per cent more colourful and 50 per cent more responsive to touch than its predecessor. The difference will be indiscernible to most users, but there is, a difference nonetheless.HTC seems to have gotten things right as far as colours are concerned. The HTC 10 takes things forward after the One A9. Although, it dumps the AMOLED panel of the One A9 in favour of a more neutral LCD panel, colours look every bit as rich and vibrant as on the former. The phone has excellent viewing angles and outdoor legibility is just spot on. It doesn’t get as overboard with colours as the Galaxy S7, but a more neutral palette is all the more soothing to the eyes. The only quibble I do have with the HTC 10 is the lack of an always-on display, something that both the Galaxy S7 and LG G5 have.SoftwareThe HTC 10 runs Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow-based Sense UI. Sense was already a pretty good user interface. Folks back at HTC have made it even better with its latest iteration. While Samsung still feels obliged to stuff TouchWiz with some bloat or unwanted apps, even in its most toned down avatar, HTC has gone ahead and reduced their number to almost a zero. If that wasn’t enough, it has also removed many duplicate apps and instead gone with only stock Android solutions. For instance, Google Photos is your basic gallery app on-board the HTC 10.By minimising bloat and omitting duplicate apps, HTC has made an already smooth UI, smoother. And it’s every bit as customisable. Sense gives you many options to tinker around with the user interface. You get to change themes, icons, tones and more. A new addition to Sense is freestyle layout themes. Freestyle layout themes essentially allows you to place stickers on your home screens. Each sticker can be assigned with a specific widget or function. I didn’t find it very useful, but for someone who’s into a lot of tailor-made stuff, it’s nice to know the option is there.Performance and battery lifeA top-tier Android flagship phone in the year 2016 would be incomplete without Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor. This one’s clocked at 2.2GHz – in the HTC 10 — and coupled with Adreno 530 GPU and 4GB of RAM. It comes with 32GB of internal memory which is further expandable by up to 2TB via microSD card. The single-SIM phone supports 4G LTE connectivity.A combination of high-end hardware and slick, bloat-free software ensures the HTC 10 runs smooth as butter, and has absolutely no trouble whatsoever in dealing with tasks, both basic and hard-grinding. Graphical games are handled well, with no lag at all, even at maxed out settings. All this, and the HTC 10 still manages to stay cool as a cucumber. The only time that it did get warm – visibly – was while charging, and that’s not really a point of concern.advertisementThe HTC 10 is an absolute treat for audiophiles. That’s right, BoomSound is back with a bang, only this time it’s sporting an all new look and feel. HTC has replaced the dual stereo setup of the company’s heydays – much to my disappointment — with a mono speaker out, and opted for a separate tweeter (bottom) and subwoofer (top) each with its own dedicated amplifier. The result, well, it doesn’t sound quite as good as it used to, once upon a time, but it also doesn’t get any better than it, in this day and age. Let’s just say, the Galaxy S7 and the LG G5 (and the iPhone 6S) sound ridiculously quieter in comparison. The HTC 10 doesn’t outdo the HTC One M8 though.Also Read: HTC 10 launched in India: Top features, price and everything you need to know But then, the HTC 10 has an ace up its sleeve. The phone supports Hi-Res Audio and can upscale all (lower-res) audio to 24-bit quality. It also ships with dedicated Hi-Res earphones in the box for the purpose. The Hi-Res Audio + Hi-Res earphones combo is without a doubt the most compelling feature to buy the HTC 10. It’s just that good (read, loud).The HTC 10 is also the first Android smartphone in the world to support Apple’s AirPlay wireless audio streaming format out-of-the-box. This means it can stream audio to Apple certified speakers as well as Apple TV.Phone calls made with the phone are of excellent quality and we did not encounter any odd call drop issues with our review unit.The HTC 10 is backed by a 3,000mAh battery which is non-removable. For your reference, battery life of the HTC 10 is somewhere in the middle of the Galaxy S7 (max) and the LG G5 (min). You can call it decent, at best. While extreme usage got us close to 13 hours, moderate to light usage got us close to one full day, without breaking a sweat. Most users, with more generalised usage will be able to squeeze out one to one and a half day out of the phone. Also, Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 means the phone charges like a bullet.CameraThe HTC 10 sports a 12-UltraPixel camera on the rear with F1.8 aperture, laser autofocus, Optical Image Stabilisation and dual-LED flash. The HTC 10 uses the same sensor as the Nexus 5X (and Nexus 6P for that matter) but a different (and brighter lens). HTC’s UltraPixel sensor is notorious for allowing more light into the lens, resulting in brighter pictures. This in tandem with OIS should technically entail in the best Android flagship camera phone of the year. Well, it’s not. The Galaxy S7 is.The HTC 10 isn’t so much of a bad camera phone – it’s pretty good actually – as it is inconsistent. Normally, it would go about clicking pretty detailed photos in varied light conditions (even tricky, and low light) without losing a breath. Then all of a sudden, it would overexpose a shot leaving behind blown out highlights and throwing colours totally off guard.The HTC 10 compensates for its hit-and-miss rear camera by giving you the best front-facing camera in a high-end phone this year The camera app has to be the biggest highlight of the HTC 10. It is pretty well-equipped – replete with 4K (with Hi-Res Audio), RAW support and full-on Pro modes – and boasts of the best navigation scheme – with buttons and no text — I’ve seen in a flagship smartphone. Also, it’s up and running in a jiffy. In fact, the whole thing (including autofocus and shutter speed) works like a speeding bullet.The HTC 10 compensates for its hit and miss rear camera by giving you the best front-facing camera on-board any high-end flagship this year. The phone has a 5-megapixel camera on the front with f/1.8 aperture, autofocus, Optical Image Stabilisation and a screen flash. Clicks some amazing and detailed selfies, this one. Even in tricky light situations. XPreviousNext  Should you buy it? The HTC 10 is easily the best phone that HTC has built in like forever. The phone has all the bells and whistles of a top-tier flagship, and it’s safe to say that it delivers on almost every front as well. It has top-notch build quality, a sharp display with good viewing angles, a fantastic front-facing camera with OIS, flagship-class performance and decent battery life. The star of the show however has to be the phone’s bloat-free Sense UI and its Hi-Res Audio prowess. No other phone comes even close to the HTC 10 in this regard.Is it perfect? No. Is it the best Android flagship phone of the year? Not really. The Samsung Galaxy S7 (and Galaxy S7 Edge) still has my vote – because, well, camera and battery life — but, that’s just my opinion. The HTC 10 gets dangerously close. In fact, if you’re willing to give the HTC 10’s hit and a miss rear camera the benefit of doubt, there’s frankly no compelling reason why you shouldn’t go for it, even at a price as high as Rs 52,990.This is the phone that long-term HTC fans have always wanted, this is the phone that long-term HTC fans have always deserved.Also Read: 10 features that stand out in HTC 10 ####HTC 10####8/10########Good stuffGreat build qualitySharp displayFantastic front cameraHi-Res Audio prowess####Bad stuffBattery life could be betterHit and miss rear cameraNo waterproof bodySingle SIMlast_img read more

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Exclusive: Harmanpreet Kaur asks for blessings from India ahead of World Cup final

first_imgHarmanpreet Kaur hit an unbeaten 115-ball 171 to help India beat Australia in the semi-final of the Women’s World Cup at Derby and set up a final clash with England on Sunday at the Lord’s Cricket Ground.WATCH FULL VIDEOTalking to India Today in an exclusive interview, she said that she and the team need the blessings of the nation to do well and lift the trophy.”Right now we just want blessings from India. This is what we need right now. Other things are uncontrollable. Whatever is in our hand, we will do that,” said Harmanpreet.India, who had earlier lost to Australia in the group stages had lost two wickets and were in a state of bother when Harmanpreet joined captain Mithali Raj in the crease. She walked in and took her time to settle. She struck a 66-run stand with Mithali for the third wicket before the latter departed with the scores on 101/3 at the half-way mark.Once her captain departed, she decided to take matters into her own hands and so she did. Harmanpreet blasted the bowlers all around the park and hit her third One-Day International hundred.Her attack continued and she ended with 20 fours and seven sixes in her 115-ball knock. He knock helped India post a commendable total of 281/4 in the rain curtailed 42-over game.Talking about her blistering innings, she said that she decided to take risks because she felt that the team needed a big total on the board.”When we lost early wickets I just wanted to take the risks and set a good total and that was the only thing in my mind. Whatever was running in my mind clicked and we set a good total,” she said.advertisementThe 28-year-old said that her father is her biggest inspiration and he was the first one she called after winning the game.”After winning the match I switched on my phone and called my dad. He’s my biggest strength. Earlier when I was not getting runs…I was nervous and I called him. He asked me not to worry and wait for my time and when it comes I will do well,” said Harmanpreet.India should be confident because they beat England in the group stages but since then, the hosts have not lost a single game on their way to the final. But the all-rounder said that the Indian team is high on confidence and can beat them again to lift the cup for the first time.”It’s advantage for them (England) because they are playing in their home ground. But our confidence is on a different level and we will give them a good fight and hopefully we will do we well and win the match,” she said.  “The good thing our team right now is that we’re doing well in all the departments. Everybody is contributing in all the departments and this is out wstrongest point at the moment. Hopefully in the final also we will do well and win the match,” she added.Talking about if women’s cricket has got it’s due respect from India, she said that they will do their best and leave the rest in the hands of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and International Cricket Council (ICC).”We will do our best and rest is in the hands of the BCCI, ICC and other people. If you do well, everyone will come and appreciate you. We are here for good things, we are here to play good cricket. But I think we need to focus on what we need right now. We need to play good cricket now, hopefully, we will play and win the match,” said the girl from Punjab.last_img read more

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Mrs. Pistols Predicts the Oklahoma State-Central Arkansas Game

first_imgWhile you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. AdChoices广告Mrs. Pistols, back.last_img read more

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JIF Hailed A Success: JAMPRO Says Opportunities for Major Investments

first_img Addressing a JIS Think Tank on Tuesday (June 26), Manager for Sales and Promotions at JAMPRO, Ricardo Durrant, said that the forum sparked great interest among potential investors, with good leads and the potential for major projects. The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) is reporting that the recently held Jamaica Investment Forum (JIF) was a success and has created opportunities for sound investment projects. The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) is reporting that the recently held Jamaica Investment Forum (JIF) was a success and has created opportunities for sound investment projects.The forum, held from June 12 to 14 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in St. James, focused on six priority sectors – agri-business, business process outsourcing (BPO), energy, logistics, manufacturing and tourism.Addressing a JIS Think Tank on Tuesday (June 26), Manager for Sales and Promotions at JAMPRO, Ricardo Durrant, said that the forum sparked great interest among potential investors, with good leads and the potential for major projects.“Over 400 persons attended the forum, of which some 200 were in the investor category, and these investors held over 100 meetings over the two days with key sector leaders and government ministers who attended,” he informed.Mr. Durrant said that the main sectors of interest are logistics, energy and tourism, and “we are also seeing interest in cybersecurity, which is a direct result of the work that we have been doing in the BPO sector and our information technology infrastructure”.He pointed out that a cybersecurity hub will enhance the country’s capabilities in banking, BPO, and other data-sensitive industries.The investors at JIF came from 18 countries across the globe, including Japan, Singapore, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, United States of America and the Caribbean.Mr. Durrant noted that more than 80 per cent of the investment interests have top-level positions in their companies, such as presidents, vice presidents and chief executive officers.“These are key decision-makers, and when they meet with other decision-makers, it makes them comfortable, as they have discussions and meetings and are able to move their projects along,” he pointed out.Mr. Durrant said that with the strong leads and deep interest, the next level is to work with the potential investors “to ensure that these investments are landed properly and effectively”.“We estimate that combined, these investors are managing funds of over US$100 billion, and if we can get those projects landed in Jamaica, you can see the effect it will have on our gross domestic product (GDP) growth, our employment and all the things that we want to achieve in Jamaica,” he said.On her part, President of JAMPRO, Diane Edwards, told JIS News that the forum achieved its main objectives of connecting with new investors to attract more interest from the global investor scene, progressing existing investment interests, and attracting international media.“So, on all those fronts, we have succeeded as we have actually brought on board new investors; we have connected with existing investors right across the board, and particularly in the six sectors that we targeted; and had some 15 international media houses attending,” Miss Edwards said.She noted, too, that several persons remained after JIF to deepen conversations and investigation of Jamaica.“A conference is really just the start of a relationship, as investment happens between people who are in a relationship and who are in a relationship with a country that they want to invest in.“So JIF opens doors for us, sets a stage for us, provides a platform for us and now, the next step for JAMPRO is to follow up on those investment interests that we have stimulated and awakened. It is for us to hold the hand of these investors and take them through the next steps in their progression of investment,” Miss Edwards said.The staging of JIF in 2012 and 2015 were huge successes for JAMPRO, attracting some US$300 million in investment and generating some 7,000 jobs. The forum, held from June 12 to 14 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in St. James, focused on six priority sectors – agri-business, business process outsourcing (BPO), energy, logistics, manufacturing and tourism. Story Highlightslast_img read more

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Black marketeers looking to prey on hapless goldsmiths of Bowbazar

first_imgKolkata: With the jewellery industry in Bowbazar left badly hit due to ornament-making units being damaged, brokers arelooting the goldsmiths in the name of providing space to run their business. “House is available to run gold business, contact 9674684303,” reads a poster written in Bengali, which can be seen strewn around in the lanes and bylanes of Bowbazar, paving the way for black marketing. “Our jewellery manufacturing unit situated at 12, Syakra Para Lane has been totally damaged due to the tunnel boring of East-West Metro. Recently, we have talked to a broker for a 2,000 square feet space to run our jewellery manufacturing unit, who told me it will cost me Rs 80,000 per month. The price is skyrocketing and going beyond our reach,” said Vijay Suryavanshi of Vijay Assay Centre Private Limited. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaHe reiterated that his father had started running the jewellery manufacturing unit at 12, Syakra Para Lane in 1988. Back then, the rent of the manufacturing unit used to be Rs 200 per month, which had shot up to Rs 3,200 in 2019. While the jewellery shops are located on the main stretch of B B Ganguly Street, the workshops of the artisans associated with these shops are located in and around Durga Pithuri Lane, Syakra Para Lane and Gour De Lane. 350 such artisans working in 85 workshops located in this area are now at a complete loss. They have been asked not to go to work in the workshops. “We have noticed the posters along the lanes today. This is actually black marketing. We have to stop this,” said Samar Kumar De, working president of Swarna Shilpa Bachao Committee.last_img read more

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Derek will end up winning Maddy Popletts dreams crushed on Big Brother

first_imgMaddy Poplett from Big Brother Canada Season 6. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Maddy Poplett may have cried a river throughout her time in the Big Brother Canada house, but the emotional 25-year-old Ottawa-based bartender is all smiles now. She made it to the BBCAN6 Top 5. And as a longtime superfan of the game, that is enough to shut down the waterworks and allow her to finally soak in her dream come true.“I’m actually feeling good, if you can feel good following an eviction,” Poplett laughed the morning after she was ousted from the game following a vote of 2-0.The sensitive player knew she was headed out the door on Day 62 and had the week to prepare, despite her constant campaigning in an attempt to sway the votes over her number one ally Paras Atashnak, who sat on the block beside her. Advertisement Twitter Advertisement Advertisement Facebook Login/Register With:last_img read more

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Study Italys economic crisis has affected nutrition

first_imgMILAN — A new study shows that Italy’s long economic crisis is having an impact on nutritional health in the country synonymous with the Mediterranean diet.The Economist Intelligence Unit in an index presented Wednesday ranked Italy as eighth among 12 Mediterranean countries surveyed for nutritional health.That was largely due to childhood obesity, with 21 per cent of Italian children ages 6 to 10 at risk. Other factors include weak nutritional education and growing popularity of fast food.The survey, funded by the Barilla Foundation, said a likely factor in the unexpectedly low ranking was the increase in the percentage of people living in poverty since the 2008-9 financial crisis: 29 per cent compared with 14 per cent in first-placed France.The Associated Presslast_img read more

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Google will never sell any personal info to 3rd parties CEO Pichai

first_imgNew York: Google will never sell any personal information of its users to third parties, CEO Sundar Pichai has said, amidst growing global concern over the misuse of personal data by some social media giants. In an opinion piece Tuesday in The New York Times, he also said that privacy cannot be a “luxury good” that is only available to people who can afford to buy premium products and services. The 46-year-old Indian-origin CEO of Google said he believed that privacy was “one of the most important topics of our time.” Also Read – Commercial vehicle sales to remain subdued in current fiscal: Icra People today are rightly concerned about how their information is used and shared, yet they all define privacy in their own ways, he said. “To make privacy real, we give you clear, meaningful choices around your data. All while staying true to two unequivocal policies: that Google will never sell any personal information to third parties; and that you get to decide how your information is used,” Pichai said. Pichai said he has seen this first-hand as he talked to people in different parts of the world. Also Read – Ashok Leyland stock tanks over 5 pc as co plans to suspend production for up to 15 days “To the families using the internet through a shared device, privacy might mean privacy from one another. To the small-business owner who wants to start accepting credit card payments, privacy means keeping customer data secure. To the teenager sharing selfies, privacy could mean the ability to delete that data in the future,” Pichai said. He noted that privacy was personal, which makes it even more vital for companies to give people clear, individual choices around how their data is used. He said legislation will help companies like Google to work toward ensuring that privacy protections are available to more people around the world. “But we’re not waiting for it. We have a responsibility to lead. And we’ll do so in the same spirit we always have, by offering products that make privacy a reality for everyone,” Pichai said. Ideally, privacy legislation would require all businesses to accept responsibility for the impact of their data processing in a way that creates consistent and universal protections for individuals and society as a whole, he said. He said Google has worked hard to continually earn people’s trust by providing accurate answers and keeping their questions private. “We’ve stayed focused on the products and features that make privacy a reality for everyone,” he said in the opinion piece. “For everyone” is a core philosophy for Google; it’s built into our mission to create products that are universally accessible and useful. That’s why Search works the same for everyone, whether you’re a professor at Harvard or a student in rural Indonesia,” he said. “Our mission compels us to take the same approach to privacy. For us, that means privacy cannot be a luxury good offered only to people who can afford to buy premium products and services. Privacy must be equally available to everyone in the world,” Pichai underlined. He noted that even in cases where Google offered a paid product like YouTube Premium, which includes an ads-free experience, the regular version of YouTube has plenty of privacy controls built in. Pichai recalled that last week, Google announced significant new privacy features, including one-click access to privacy settings from all its major products and auto-delete controls that allows one to choose how long the person want data to be saved. “And to protect your data from security threats, we just introduced a security key built into Android phones that can provide two-factor authentication,” he said. In the future, Aritificial Intelligence (AI) will provide even more ways to make products more helpful with less data. With increased spending on digital advertising, Google and Facebook have become forces to reckon with as millions of users, especially from emerging markets like India, go online. But multiple instances of data breaches and user information leaks have brought increased scrutiny on many platforms from regulators and governments across the globe. These companies are now walking a tightrope as they attempt to balance user privacy with increased accountability as governments seek greater disclosures and controls over digital platforms.last_img read more

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Somalia UN envoy calls on new prime minister to form government

31 October 2010The United Nations envoy for Somalia on Sunday called on the country’s new Prime Minister, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, to form his government and move forward on meeting the challenges in the strife-torn Horn of Africa nation. “I congratulate Prime Minister Mohamed and encourage him to form his government so that he can gain momentum in completing the critical tasks ahead during this transitional period,” Augustine P. Mahiga, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative, said in a news release issued after the new leader was confirmed.Mr. Mahiga also acknowledged the support and close collaboration of the international community, the African Union and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in supporting and encouraging the cohesion and coherence within the Somali transitional institutions. Mr. Mohamed was named to the position by Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed two weeks ago, following the resignation in September of Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke. The country, which has been torn apart by decades of conflict and factional strife, more recently with al-Shabaab Islamic militants, has not had a functioning central government since 1991. It also faces a dire humanitarian crisis in which 3.2 million people, more than 40 per cent of the population, is in need of aid. read more

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Navy assists coast guard to arrest 10 Indian fishermen

Having brought the arrested fishermen and their trawlers to a Naval Base they were handed over to the Assistant Director of Fisheries in Jaffna for further action. India and Sri Lanka held Ministerial level talks this week aimed at resolving the fishing issue. India’s Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Radha Mohan Singh met with Minister for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development of Sri Lanka Mahinda Amaraweera in Colombo and exchanged views on possible mechanisms to help find a permanent solution to the fishermen issues.The Sri Lankan side reiterated that the practice of bottom trawling needs to end at the earliest. The Indian side assured that bottom trawling would be phased out in a graded time-bound manner within a practicable timeframe keeping in mind the capacity building of the fishermen who have to be diversified into deep sea fishing as well as other coastal fisheries activities including mariculture, pearl farming, seaweed culture, etc. (Colombo Gazette) The Navy arrested 10 Indian fishermen for poaching in Sri Lankan waters, the Navy media unit said.The Sri Lanka Navy said it assisted the Coast Guard to arrest the 10 Indian fishermen along with 2 Indian fishing trawlers poaching in Sri Lankan waters in the Northern seas. This week Sri Lanka urged India to end bottom trawling in order to resolve a long standing fishing dispute. read more

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Hamilton police launch longweekend distracted driving blitz

Hamilton police have launched their long-weekend driving blitz and will be paying special attention to distracted drivers.The blitz runs from May 17 to 20 and incorporates high visibility of traffic enforcement in various areas of the city. Officers will be raising public awareness and providing education during a traffic stop.“Violators who engage in high-risk driving behaviours threaten the safety of all motorists,” said Hamilton police in a news release.Police will be deployed to specific “areas of concern” in hopes of reducing or eliminating collisions.They will also be encouraging drivers to comply with the basic rules of the road. read more

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Five countries begin 2year terms as nonpermanent members of Security Council

Those countries replace Colombia, Ireland, Mauritius, Norway and Singapore on the 15-nation body, and join permanent members China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States.Wednesday also marked a changeover in the Council’s rotating Presidency, as Ambassador Jean Marc de La Sablière of France will preside for the month of January. He takes over for Ambassador Alfonso Valdivieso of Colombia, who, as a parting gift, presented the Council a six-month supply of Colombia coffee. read more

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Iraq Envoy Council discuss UN support as constitutiondrafting deadline nears

In Baghdad, Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Special Representative for Iraq, Ashraf Qazi, met with Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Ja’afari, to discuss the constitution, UN support for elections and the current political situation, according to a UN spokesman.Mr. Qazi also updated the Prime Minister on the activities of the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), which was the main focus of a closed-door briefing held by the Security Council in New York.The Secretary-General, in a recent letter, recommended that the Council extend the mandate of that Mission, which expires this Friday, by another 12 months. A draft resolution on the mandate extension was circulated in the Council today.Speaking to the press after the meeting, Ambassador Kenzo Oshima of Japan, which holds the 15-nation body’s rotating presidency for the month of August, said that the members had been “comprehensively” briefed on UNAMI, as well as on political, humanitarian and human rights issues, by Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Tuliameni Kalomoh.”The Council noted that the Iraqi constitution-drafting process was progressing and stressed its strong hope that the 15 August deadline will be met,” he said, adding that the members had also reaffirmed their support for the process as well as the ongoing political transition in the country.Responding to a question, Ambassador Oshima acknowledged that the exercise was occurring under difficult conditions and that there were some remaining differences among the broad spectrum of negotiators. Nevertheless, the Council had received reports of a “good spirit of compromise,” and was hopeful that in this final week, all efforts would be deployed to overcome those differences. read more

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UK new car market starts 2016 on a high with best January

Best January since 2005 for new car market as registrations increase 2.9% to 169,678 units.Private registrations fuel growth, up 8.2% to 73,061 vehicles – the highest level since 2004.6,075 alternatively-fuelled vehicles registered, up 32.1% to take a record 3.6% market share.4 February, 2016 The UK’s new car market got off to a positive start in January, with registrations climbing 2.9% compared with the same month in 2015 to reach an 11-year high of 169,678 units. January 2005 saw 181,474 new cars registered.Private and business buyers drove this growth with demand for new cars up by 8.2% to 73,061 and 5.0% to 6,716 units respectively, while the fleet sector declined slightly by 1.1% to 89,901. The month marks the highest number of new cars registered to private buyers in January in 12 years.1Alternative-fuel vehicles also grew in popularity – and market share – with registrations up by 32.1% on January 2015, to account for a record 3.6% of registrations. Petrol hybrids showed the largest growth – up 44.1% to 3,783 cars, while plug-in hybrid demand grew 32.3% to 1,592 vehicles and pure electric cars enjoyed an uplift of 14.1% to 584 units. Demand for diesel, which just retained the majority market share, remained stable, up 0.6%, while petrol registrations grew 3.7%.Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said, “January’s solid performance puts the new car sector in a good position to start the year. Providing consumer confidence remains strong, we expect a more stable 12 months ahead, broadly similar to 2015 which was, of course, a record year.”Download the January 2016 new car registrations news release and data table.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

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