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Llamazares: “It will be harder to beat Valencia than Atleti”

first_imgAnd another team arrives that will play the round of 16 of the Champions League, Valencia. How many options does your team have to give the second ‘Culturalazo’ followed?The same as the other day: few. And if we already see the match that Valencia made against Barcelona we are even more scared. Once it is difficult to give but already two. It is normal for Second B teams to go hyper-motivated and perhaps the First teams, somewhat relaxed, thinking that it will be easy. But I guess that Valencia is not going to happen because they are already aware of what happened to Atlético here. Therefore, I think it will be more difficult to win against Valencia than Atlético. I have many Valencian friends. Among them, Martín Labarta, Valencia Basket delegate, who is going through bad times and I send him a hug from here.But they have a spectacular hobby, as seen last Wednesday …A lot of people will come, just like last Wednesday. In León there is a moment of euphoria and you have to take advantage of it. People are going to cheer up a lot and have a great time. Is the stadium going to be filled?No, we have a hard time filling it. But we do want to match at least the capacity before Atlético: about 12,200 spectators. Today (yesterday) 3,500 tickets had already been sold and there were queues throughout the day. Also, I think people will come from Valencia. The hour is worse than the other day but the rush of victory will make many who did not come this time, against Valencia. What is the current radiography of the Cultural?In 2012 I entered a club about to disappear, with many embargoes and in the Third Division. We went up to Second with economic hardships and managed to sell the club to Aspire, through José Lasa, who knew him from the world of basketball. It was in 2014-15. The club had 1,800 members and now it has 6,800. Three years ago we managed to ascend to Second and then we went down by one goal. Now we have made a team, according to the category, to go up to Second again.And how does a former ACB referee for 25 years run a football club?I had a sports management company and in the end it’s all the same. A sponsor asked me to enter 2012 and until today.With a Qatari owner, how is communication with him?In the day to day we deal with the people of Aspire in Madrid. The president is in Qatar. We plan and we try everything to agree. The ratio is 10. They give us a lot of freedom.Since last Wednesday you have become famous?The truth is that the victory against Atlético has had more impact than the promotion or when we played in the Cup against Madrid or Barça. It was crazy after that victory.center_img After winning at Atlético, his team fell to Athletic B. Are you afraid that all this euphoria of the Cup will degrade your team from the true objective?No, because last Wednesday, eight players played against Atlético who played two games they didn’t play, a goalkeeper who had only played one game. Many players played against Athletic B who did not play in the Cup.Having a rich owner, what the lockers fix the season financially does not go with you …Yes man. Everything that is to reduce the deficit and that the owner has to put less, much better.last_img read more

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Onwards to a Police state – PNC

first_imgDear Editor,Reference is made to a press release titled, “Government to submit Brief to Speaker addressing consequences of Dec 21 vote,” posted on the coalition Government’s Department of Information (DPI) website.In it, the public was told: “Until and unless fresh elections are held, the Government remains in full control of the governance apparatus of the state and will continue to carry out its mandate according to its constitutional requirement. Any suggestion to the contrary is intended to breed anarchy and disorder in Guyana and that too will be resisted.”These are the most chilling statements issued thus far by the coalition Government since it fell on December 21, 2018. Unless this is bluff and desperation, there are profound implications here.First, the coalition Government appears to be ready to assume de facto status and, if necessary, organise a state of emergency on false pretenses in order to declare martial law and dismiss the constitutional edict of fresh elections.Secondly, the coalition Government wants to muzzle free speech and the relentless public criticism of its refusal to resign from office, and call new elections as the Constitution requires.The coalition Government is publicly calling all critics and the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Bharrat Jagdeo, the latter having accused the coalition of a judicial coup, anarchists or enemies of the state bent on “anarchy and disorder.”State media and state organs including the DPI are being utilised to tell citizens and the Leader of the Opposition to be quiet, to shut up, to have no expressed opinion about matters that occurred in their National Assembly on December 21.The Leader of the Opposition was told that he must know his place which is to say his constitutionally created office must now take instructions from junior Ministers of the coalition Government. In other words, the coalition is using intimidation to swallow Opposition politics.Third, public notice is now given that anyone who speaks out will be “resisted” by the coalition Government which has at its disposal, the full arsenal of state apparatus. The coalition has already, or is about to swallow the State. The State will do the biddings of the coalition.It is time to be prepared to be arrested and booked with bogus charges for writing or speaking. It is time to anticipate the army mobilising against citizens in the street and establishing camps on their private property. It is time for “wanted” bulletins to be issued for persons for mere questioning. It is time for unlawful detention. This press release makes clear that there is no more equal protection.Finally, the fallen coalition Government rejects the idea that it is a caretaker Government. Instead, it tells the entire electorate that it will not only exist but “continues” to govern in full capacity (“carry out its mandate”) as if December 21 dropped off the face of the calendar. There no longer is any original mandate. Onwards to a Police state.Sincerely,Rakesh Rampertablast_img read more

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Zika fears rise in Wakenaam

first_imgBy Devina SamarooHealth authorities are concerned about the unavailability of practical means to detect the presence of the ZikaThe Wakenaam Cottage Hospitalvirus on the island of Wakenaam in Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara).Some 20 persons who visit the Wakenaam Cottage Hospital on a daily basis are diagnosed with the Chikungunya virus, given the symptoms they exhibit.However, those persons could very well be diagnosed with the Zika virus, since the symptoms are similar, but there is no way to confirm owing to the unavailability of facilities in the region.“Most of the time, the patients come and they have rashes and fever, we would diagnose them with Chikungunya and give them the treatment,” Resident Doctor (Ag) Marcia Evelyn explained.The Chikungunya virus, a mosquito-borne disease, features the sudden onset of fever two to four days after exposure. The fever usually lasts two to seven days, with accompanying joint pains typically last weeks or months but sometimes years.Initially, the Zika virus was considered to be less severe than the Chikungunya since it causes mild symptoms like low fever, headaches and joint pain.However new research has linked to disease to paralysing disorders.Both diseases are treated symptomatically since there is no actual cure for the infection; however, it is critical to any society to monitor the spread of the disease.Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton noted that it is definitely a concern that residents of Wakenaam are unaware whether or not they are infected with the Zika virus, noting that measures must be put in place to remedy the situation.He noted that a prevention and awareness campaign definitely needs to be introduced to the island.Meanwhile, the regional health officials explained that many of the persons on the island live in poverty and therefore cannot afford travel to the Georgetown Public Hospital for further testing.At the moment, those persons exhibiting symptoms of the Chikungunya virus, which is similar to the Zika virus, are being prescribed symptomatic treatment and sent home.French researchers recently discovered that in addition to causing severe birth defects, the Zika virus can result in a rare neurological ailment in adults and is linked to paralysis-causing myelitis (inflammation in the spinal cord).Myelitis can affect limb movement and cause paralysis by interrupting communication between the spinal cord and the rest of the body.Emerging research also shows that the virus may cause eye damage in babies.The virus has also been classified as a sexually transmitted disease, after there have been less than a handful of reported cases of sexual transmission.Persons exhibiting the symptoms are advised to visit the nearest health institution to get tested. Currently, there are nine confirmed cases of the Zika Virus in Guyana.last_img read more

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Minister Addy Promises Gov’t Support to Liberian Businesses

first_imgThe Minister of Commerce and Industry (MOC),Axel M. Addy, has promised more of Government’s support to Liberian-owned businesses operating in the Country.Minister Addy made the assertion on Friday, July 11 during the grand opening of Aminata and Sons new state-of the art filling station in Sinkor.According to him, the government is committed to helping Liberians “go into genuine and honest business” noting that each step in any good business should be taken towards improvement.He described the station as the “pride of Liberia” which has emerged from “a filthy station to a filling station” and is ready to serve and provide job for more Liberians.“When we say only Liberians can build Liberia, this is it. Toure cannot remove this and go anywhere; he has an investment and pays his taxes to Government,” Minister Addy said in his comments before launching the new station adding, “Toure, you have made us proud and you have given us reasons to believe in more Liberians.”The new Aminata Service Station magnificently stands on 17th Street in Sinkor with four pumps containing six electric fuel service pumps. The biggest supermarket of any service station in the area is within the new facility and as well as Peace Café, which is ready to provide breakfast for your desires.The station has also introduced the “Fuel Filtration Machine”. The machine has the capacity to carry out a thorough cleaning of vehicle fuel tanks. It separates and sucks out water from fuel in the tanks. Slots and particles in vehicle fuel tanks clog and damage the fuel injection system. The filtration machine is built to solve that problem; it has the capacity to dislodge slots and particles from the tank and improve fuel injection system.For his part, the Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum and Refinery Corporation (LPRC), T. Nelson Williams, has acknowledged the CEO & Managing Director of Aminata and Sons  for building a modern service stations in the country and providing jobs for thousands of Liberians.The LPRC boss observed that few years ago, Total-Liberia was the only filling station in the country that was selling brand on the market to consumers, “today, we are proud that Aminata and Sons has taken the lead too.”He noted that out of the ten importers of petroleum products, they have at LPRC; Aminata and Sons is in the third place, particularly when it comes to selling petroleum product on Market.“So, it gave me great joy and pride to be here today to see another station being open by Mr. Siaka Toure, CEO of Aminata & Sons,” he declared.Mr. Williams emphasized that Aminata & Sons filling stations are moving outside of Monrovia, “We need to decentralize the gas string sector of the petroleum market and SiakaToure is doing that.”Meanwhile, Mr. SiakaToure, CEO of Aminata and Sons filling stations, told the gathering that his company was upgrading its standards and outlook as a result of the constructive criticism from the Liberian people.“You said you were tired of the filthy stations, the old manual hand pumps. You said you were tired of all these and you were asking questions and now we have answered the questions and we have given you what you deserved – quality service stations with modern outlook,” Mr. Toure declared.He then thanked the Government of Liberia for creating the favorable atmosphere for good business that led to the banks believing in them.The Aminata and Sons Chief Executive Officer also extended appreciation to the banking community especially ECOBANK for it support.Aminata and Sons chief executive officer concluded by saying his filling station will continued to make the difference in Liberia by providing good service to its people.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Health Workers Launch Scathing Attack on Dr. Dahn

first_imgThe National Health Workers Association of Liberia, (NAHWAL), has issued a three-page communication to the Senate, cataloguing alleged misdeeds that, if considered, the Senate would not be able to qualify Deputy Minister of Health, and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bernice Dahn for the post of Minister.In the communication dated April 20 and signed by Messrs George Poe Williams and Joseph S. Tamba, secretary general and president, respectively of NAHWAL, Dr. Dahn, among other things, is accused of constantly discouraging partners who wish to increase incentives of health workers, as is now the case at Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town.NAHWAL, according to the letter, “strongly believes that if government’s agenda is for an improved health care delivery system in the post-Ebola era, then certainly, Dr. Dahn, the former CMO, who led the sector for ten years to its total collapse, cannot be a worthy steward of the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare.”NAHWAL recalled that it took Dr. Dahn ten years to diagnose the employment of health care workers as a problem, only after the Ministry had suspended and later dismissed NAHWAL’s leadership who had “earlier spoken to this very issue.  This has caused us immense stress, including referring to our colleagues who were dying of Ebola as reckless and dying due to their own negligence.  Yet, it is she who had failed to provide the necessary protective equipment and training for us.”Considering the alleged psychological trauma inflicted on health workers, the leadership of NAHWAL noted in its communication that its membership cannot work with Dr. Dahn as their Minister while they continue to grieve in their hearts.“In fact, Dr. Dahn’s name serves as a flashback and a trademark of distress for health care workers,” the letter noted.Based on issues raised, and many other problems that the health workers claim were instituted by the minister-designate, NAHWAL’s letter concluded that the outgoing CMO had always been a co-conspirator in the misdeeds of former Minister, Dr. Walter Gwenigale.“Health workers appeal to this Honorable body for a Moses, who shall lead us to the Promised Land, and not a Pharaoh, who will keep us in captivity,” the statement said.Further, NAHWAL contends that Dr. Dahn’s confirmation will make no difference to the plight of health workers and that the vote of no confidence in Dr. Gwenigale would be of no effect where one of his collaborators and protégés would be assigned to continue his anti-people positions.“We are convinced that the minister-designate is no different from Dr. Walter Gwenigale; we therefore appeal to you Honorable body not to confirm her,” the statement added.It may be recalled that last November, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf nominated outgoing Civil Service Agency Director General, George T. Werner, to the Senate to replace then embattled Minister of Health, Dr. Gwenigale.The Senate however, through recommendations from the Committee on Gender, Health, Social Welfare, Women & Children’s Affairs, unanimously voted in executive session to reject Mr. Werner.The Senate’s decision was taken after the Secretary of the Senate had read the Peter Coleman chaired committee’s recommendation in plenary, declaring that the then CSA Director General “lacked the requisite qualification” to head such an important post as Minister.In October 2014, the Senate voted unanimously to cite Minister Gwenigale to appear before that body and show cause why he should not be held in contempt for refusing to reinstate two sacked officials of NHWAL.The then Minister’s citation was prompted by a communication from Lofa County Senator, George Tengbeh, to plenary that there was again rumor that health workers would go on strike if their two dismissed leaders were not reinstated as earlier agreed in a meeting between Health Ministry officials and the Senate.The two dismissed officials were never reinstated, and the only remedy as far as the Executive Branch of government was concerned was the announcement that Minister Gwenigale was retiring opening the way for a new minister designate.Meanwhile, the NAHWAL communication has been sent to the Senate Committee on Health, which is responsible for conducting confirmation proceedings on the Minister-designate.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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St. Anthony’s Boys through to Copa semis

first_img0Shares0000St. Anthony’s Boys from Kitale celebrate after beating Kinondo from Coast 2-1 in the Copa Cocacola National Secondary School Games in Eldoret on July 25, 2018. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluELDORET, Kenya, Jul 25- Captain Cedric Muchina scored a thumping stoppage time winner as St. Antony’s Boys Kitale qualified for the semi-finals of the Copa Cocacola National Secondary School Games with a 2-1 win over Coast region’s Kinondo in Eldoret on Wednesday afternoon.The win sees St. Antony’s move to six points in Pool B and will face Upper Hill in the group decider on Wednesday, the Nairobi region team having resuscitated their hopes with a solitary goal win over Olbolosat, a result that took them to four points. “My boys really played well and we didn’t give up until the last minute. We fought for every ball and we deserved this victory. Upper Hill will not be an easy opponent but we want to win and top the pool. I am looking forward to win my third Copa Cocacola title,” coach George Owoko said after the win.He has previously won the title with Ambira High School in 2010 and 2011.The match played at the Hill School in Eldoret was attended by Harambee Stars assistant coach Nicolas Bouriquet.The first half was a hotly contested affair with Kinondo playing with a bit of confidence having picked a draw in their first match against Upper Hill yesterday.Harambee Stars assistant coach Nicolas Bouriquet on the sidelines during the Copa Cocacola National Secondary School Games match between Rift Valley’s St. Anthony’s Boys from Kitale and Coast’s Kinondo at the Hill School in Eldoret on July 25, 2018.PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluTheir skipper Mohammed Ismael was the danger man, twice having chances from the edge of the box with one of them being saved while one went inches wide.The game came to life in the second and Ismael almost broke the deadlock five minutes after the restart with a shot from range which went inches wide.In the 43rd minute, St. Antony’s had a chance when a curling freekick from the left fell kindly inside the box but Kennedy Mwendwa overcooked his effort, dribbling too much in the box allowing the Kinondo defense to clear.Two minutes later, Issa Lumumba had a chance with a shot from inside the box which was well saved by the keeper.The pressing by the Solidarity Boys  paid dividends in the 55th minute when Ansar Shamun placed the ball to the far post beyond the keeper after being picked out unmarked on the right by a delightful ball from Daniel Odhiambo.St. Antony’s Kennedy Mwendwa attempts to control the ball under pressure from Kindondo’s Juma Ngare during their Copa Cocacola National Secondary School Games tie at the Hill School in Eldoret on July 25, 2018. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluThe lead was however short-lived as Kinondo drew level immediately from the penalty spot through Hassan Kombo after Christopher Raila handled inside the box.But despite losing the lead, St. Anthony’s pushed on by a capacity crowd at the Hill School kept on asking the questions and Shamun should have completed a brace five minutes to time when he was picked out by another diagonal ball, but he could not beat the keeper.Nonetheless, at the stroke of full time, skipper Muchina rose through a crowd of defenders at the edge of the six yard to thump in a header from a corner for the winner.0Shares0000(Visited 9 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

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first_imgLetterkenny District Court.A young man who was arrested after refusing to pay his taxi is now dealing with his alcohol demons through work.Patrick Toner (25) who now lives in Navan, Co Meath appeared in Letterkenny District Court today for failing to comply with direction of gardai, refusing to provide his name and address, using insulting behaviour and being intoxicated in a public place. He was arrested at Letterkenny Garda Station after he refused to pay his taxi fare on January 23, 2011.The court heard that he was in a highly intoxicated state and barely able to stand. When asked by gardai to leave the area, he used abusive language and refused to give his name and address.Solicitor Patsy Gallagher told the court that he had returned from a period in Australia to do a full-time plumbing apprenticeship, from which he earns €250 a week.The court heard how Toner had little or no recollection of the night in Letterkenny, and has not had a drink since. In reference to his past problems with alcohol, the defence said that he has “dealt with his demons by way of work.”Toner has had previous public order convictions in Kells in 2008 and Trim in 2010.Judge Paul Kelly warned Toner that he could face a custodial sentence. Toner asserted that such an incident would not happen again, as he has sworn off alcohol and attended AA meetings in Australia. Upon completion of his apprenticeship, the court heard that he hopes to return to Australia.Toner was fined €300 for public order offences and his charge of being intoxicated in a public place (Section Four Criminal Justice Act 2003) was struck Rachel McLaughlinMAN TURNS OVER A NEW LEAF AFTER BOOZED-UP ARREST was last modified: January 28th, 2014 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Letterkenny District CourtPatrick Tonerlast_img read more


Viacom Inc. bounces back

first_imgNEW YORK – Viacom Inc., the media conglomerate that owns MTV, CBS and the Paramount movie studio, swung to a profit of $708.5 million in the third quarter, bouncing back from a loss in the year-ago period when results were hit by a charge for the Blockbuster Inc. video rental business. Viacom said Tuesday its profit in the three months ended Sept. 30 was equivalent to 45 cents per share, in line with the estimates of analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial. In the same period a year ago, Viacom posted a loss of $487.6 million, or 28 cents per share, due to a $1.5 billion charge related to Blockbuster, which has since been split off into a separate company. Revenues rose 10 percent to $5.94 billion from $5.38 billion in the same three-month period a year ago. Viacom is planning to divide itself into two companies by the end of the year, one anchored by the CBS television network, and another built around MTV and Viacom’s other cable channels including VH1, Nickelodeon and BET. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWalnut’s Malik Khouzam voted Southern California Boys Athlete of the Week In anticipation of the split, Viacom realigned some of its businesses to reflect the structure of the two new companies. In one such move, Viacom folded the Showtime cable channel into its CBS television division.last_img read more

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KCCA held as Maroons, URA and Bul register victories

first_imgMike Mutyaba (right) fights for the ball against Tooro United on Wednesday (Photo by KCCA FC media)StarTimes Uganda Premier League Wednesday, 06-03-2019-Tooro United FC 1-1 KCCA FC-Maroons FC 1-0 Bright Stars FC-Paidha Black Angels FC 0-2 URA FC-Bul FC 2-1 Police FCKCCA FC missed a chance to go six points clear at the top of the StarTimes Uganda Premier League as they were held to a 1-1 draw away to Tooro United.After Vipers losing 2-1 away to Ndejje University, KCCA knew that a win would see them move closer to a third championship in four years but could not overcome a spirited Tooro side.After a goalless first half, the game came to life in the second half as both goals came in the last 37 minutes.First it was the home side struck on 53 minutes through former SC Villa and Express FC forward Godfrey Lwesibawa.However, Tooro’s joy was short lived as KCCA equalized seven minutes later off a Mike Mutyaba deflected free-kick.From there on wards, efforts by either side to win it fell to hard ground as the respective backlines stood firm to repel any threats.In the end, they had to settle for a point each, at the sound of the final whistle.The point earned sees KCCA move onto 48 points, four ahead of second placed Vipers with only 7 games to play.For Tooro, they remain 7th on the log with 33 points.In Luzira, Maroons took a huge step to attaining their top tier status thanks to a 1-0 at home Bright Stars.The only goal of the game came 22 minutes from time through a Pius Obuya converted penalty.The win sees Maroons move into 12th on the standings with 25 points while Bright Stars slip into 11 on 28 points from 23 games.In Zombo, Paidha Black Angels’ survival hopes were dented a huge blow as they lost 2-0 at home to URA FC.In-form midfielder Saidi Kyeyune scored the opening goal of the game inside 13 minutes to silence the mammoth home crowd.As fate would have it, former Paidha captain Cromwell Romwothio made it 2-0 with 8 minutes to the break to ensure the tax collectors go into the break with a commanding lead.In the second half, it was all about game management for Sam Simbwa’s URA who would see out the 2-0 result.The loss for Paidha sees them move back down the pile with 12 points collected so far this season.For URA, they remain 4th but close in on Mbarara in third. The Tax Collectors now have 38 points, 2 behind the Ankole Lions.In the other game played at Njeru, Bul FC registered yet another home victory, defeating Police 2-1.Jimmy Kulaba handed Peter Onen’s side an early lead on 13 minutes to send the home fans into a frenzy.Two minutes to the half hour mark, James Otim doubled Bul’s lead o make it 2-0, a caution they held up until halftime.Police who are re-known for their fluid attacking brand of football would not go down without a fight however, reducing the deficit 5 minutes into the second half through Ronald Nyanzi.Despite relentless attacks by Abdallah Mubiru, Bul held onto a 9th victory of the season.The win sees Bul climb into 5th on the table with 35 points while Police drop to 10 having gathered 29 points so far.Comments Tags: bright starsBul FCKCCA FCMaroons FCPaidha Black Angelspolice fcStarTimes Uganda Premeir LeagueTooro unitedtopURA FClast_img read more

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SETI: Passion With Little Hope of Success

first_img(Visited 333 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 SETI enthusiasts would rather believe in fake reality than accept the silence.The passion driving SETI is admirable. Would that it were directed at initiatives more likely to succeed and actually help the only intelligent beings we see: people.Why haven’t we heard from aliens? Because we’ve barely started looking (New Scientist). Douglas Heaven excuses the 60-year failure of the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence on the small area we have searched so far. He cites an estimate by Jason Wright (U Penn) that the vast search area undermines Fermi’s Paradox, the idea we should have heard from ET’s by now. Wright’s answer to Heaven relies, however, on a series of speculations impossible to determine.E.T., phone Earth? How neutron-star crashes could help aliens call us (Fox News). The bizarre meter redlines in this article. Believing that ET would be able to predict supernovas from neutron star collisions, the thinking is that they could piggyback their radio signals on the event to let us know they are there. Well, they haven’t tried it yet, apparently.Where Are They? Cosmologists use photonics to search Andromeda for signs of alien life (UC Santa Barbara). Flush with money from billionaire Yuri Milner’s “Breakthrough Listen” project, Philip Lubin and colleagues at UCSB are embarking on detection techniques that rely heavily on assumptions:“First and foremost, we are assuming there is a civilization out there of similar or higher class than ours trying to broadcast their presence using an optical beam, perhaps of the ‘directed energy’ arrayed-type currently being developed here on Earth,” said lead researcher Andrew Stewart, a student at Emory University and a member of Lubin’s group. “Second, we assume the transmission wavelength of this beam to be one that we can detect. Lastly, we assume that this beacon has been left on long enough for the light to be detected by us. If these requirements are met and the extraterrestrial intelligence’s beam power and diameter are consistent with an Earth-type civilization class, our system will detect this signal.”It would have had to be left on for a long time: two-and-a-half million years, the light-travel distance from Andromeda where Lubin’s team will be searching. Forget any two-way communication. That’s “more than long enough for the civilization that sent it to have died out by the time the light reaches us.”Breakthrough Listen to Search 1 Million Stars for ET Signals Using South African Scopes ( It sounds optimistic, but one million stars represents a tiny, tiny fraction of the number of stars (see Illustra video “How Many Stars?“). This search effort might be compared to looking in a few molecules of one straw in a big haystack. Is this the best use of a billionaire’s money? Someone should calculate how many life-saving vaccinations could be purchased with $100 million.Success! Extra-terrestrial intelligence has been found! Astronauts are intelligent, aren’t they? They’re not on earth (Terra), are they?The reasoning behind SETI is exactly the same as the reasoning behind intelligent design. SETI advocates believe that they can differentiate between natural causes (e.g., pulsars) and intelligent causes (minds with intention to organize matter for the purposes of communication or functional creativity). The ironic thing is that these same people, for the most part, are vicious enemies of the intelligent design movement. As members of the Darwin Tribe, they believe their creation myth that intelligence arose out of the void on our planet, and therefore it must have emerged on billions of other planets. The priests of BS (Big Science), and their shamans are the only ones allowing access to BM (big media). last_img read more

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Rewarding good African reporting

first_imgDiageo is launching the annual DiageoAfrica Business Reporting Awards, due to take place on July 2010, in Central London. (Image: Diageo) MEDIA CONTACTS • Jo Crawshaw africapractice, Awards Secretariat +44 (0)20 7209 7507 RELATED ARTICLES • Heineken’s R7-billion SA plant • Reshaping reportage on Africa • Boosting African journalism • SA celebrates media freedomNosimilo NdlovuIn July 2010 Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business, will hold the seventh annual Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards, which recognise recognise journalists from around the world who have excelled in reporting accurate and unbiased news about the continent.Initiated in 2004, the awards encourage prolific business journalism within Africa with their focus on increasing the continent’s influence in the international media. The awards will recognise journalists who have helped shape opinions and create an enabling environment for business in Africa to succeed.“The world has been impacted by the global recession and so has Africa. However, the dynamism of doing business across Africa and the opportunities available to investors, continue,” said Nick Blazquez, the company’s Africa Managing Director.“We recognise that the media has a key role across the world in shaping business sentiment and Diageo will continue to support initiatives that encourage balanced reporting on Africa’s business environment.”African media is increasingly influencing perceptions of the continent globally and shaping investor sentiment. This is why the best journalists and influential media outlets from Africa, as well as international sources, are being encouraged to enter the awards.  The number of categories has also been extended to allow sector-specific categories to reflect the important role that various industries play in economic development.‘Looking ahead, 2010 is a very important year for African business. As 16 African countries celebrate their 50th Year of Independence and South Africa hosts the 2010 World Cup, there is a greater sense of optimism and excitement than there was last year,’ added Blazquez.The awards ceremony will be held on 1 July, 2010 in Central London. The closing date for entry is 26 March, 2010. Entries can be submitted online at award categories for this yearBest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) featureA feature or series of related features delivered on any media platform (print, broadcast, online) that examines any aspect of the ICT sector in a thoughtful and engaging way. This might include, but is not limited to, telecommunications infrastructure, mobile, networking, security, cyber crime, e-learning, hardware, software, Internet.Best Finance featureA feature or series of related features delivered on any media platform (print, broadcast, online) that examines any aspect of the finance/banking sector in a thoughtful and engaging way. This might include, but is not limited to, investment opportunities, retail banking, credit cards, corporate finance, mobile money, payment systems.Best Infrastructure featureA feature or series of related features delivered on any media platform (print, broadcast, online) that examines any aspect of infrastructure (physical or otherwise) in a thoughtful and engaging way. Features addressing issues of energy and transport can enter this category. This might include, but is not limited to, infrastructure development projects, aviation, oil, roads, rail, energy.Best Agribusiness / Environment featureA feature or series of related features delivered on any media platform (print, broadcast, online) that examines any aspect of agribusiness or environmental issues in a thoughtful and engaging way. This might include, but is not limited to, climate change, agriculture, food security, water management, farming, resource management.Best Tourism featureA feature or series of related features delivered on any media platform (print, broadcast, online) that examines any aspect of the tourism industry in a thoughtful and engaging way. This might include, but is not limited to, hotels, eco-tourism, travel, 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™.Best use of New Media in a storyA piece developed using new media (online digital photography, blogs, vodcasts, videos, podcasts or a mixture of these) that effectively supports a story about business or the economy in an African context. The topic is open, but use of new media must help deliver a fresh perspective that helps the audience engage with a story in a way not possible through traditional media alone. Entry must include a live URL.Best Business News storyA news story or series of related stories delivered on any media platform (print, broadcast, online) that: Addresses a breaking news story from the time period of the awards,  answers all basic questions in a clear and balanced fashion, and demonstrates journalistic flair – a style that is engaging, though-provoking and accessible to its audience.Best Business Feature storyA feature or series of related features delivered on any media platform (print, broadcast, online) that: Examines business or the economy in an African context, provides useful background material for readers to understand relevance, gives bigger picture and importance to Africa, as well as specific issues it might be addressing and brings the business and economy to life, while answering the serious questions.Best NewcomerA portfolio of three features (can be across different platforms) by a journalist who has been working as a reporter for less than five years. Proof of first date of accreditation will be required. Judges will be looking for overall quality of reporting, understanding of business issues and personal insights, as well as a commitment to sustained coverage of the business and economic climate in Africa, which serves to highlight opportunities as well as challengesMedia of the YearA print publication, broadcast programme/channel , website or blog that is a comprehensive resource for  its audience providing sustained coverage of Africa’s business and economic news, issues and analysis (sector-specific or otherwise).Please submit a portfolio of five articles of no more than 5,000 words each, or five broadcast programmes, of no more than 3 hours in total. In addition to quality of reporting, balanced perspective, insight and analysis, judges will be looking for style and presentation, as well as outlets that are building a reputation amongst business and investor communities as a valued source of information about Africa.Journalist of the YearA portfolio of three features (on any one or a mixture of media platforms) of no more than 5,000 words or 1 hour each. Submitted pieces can cover different topics, industries or people, or be part of a series of reportage.  As well as quality, style, presentation and a way of engaging the audience, judges will be looking for a commitment to sustained coverage of the business and economic climate in Africa which serves to highlight opportunities as well as challenges.last_img read more

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Inequalities ‘exacerbate gender crimes’

first_img29 January 2013 South Africa must address gender inequalities which make women more vulnerable to sexual and gender-based crimes, says Justice and Constitutional Development Deputy Minister Andries Nel. “We must pool our efforts as an international community, as national governments, as civil society and as individual actors,” Nel said at the opening of a training course on “Investigating Cases of Sexual and Gender-based Violence as International Crimes” in Pretoria on the weekend. The event was organised by Justice Rapid Response, UN Women, and the Institute for International Criminal Investigations. “South Africa, having first-hand experience of the impact of apartheid as a crime against humanity, continues to emphasise the importance of the fight against impunity and the reciprocal relationship between justice and accountability, and sustainable peace and security,” Nel said. Authorities should encourage the promotion of accountability for gender-based crimes and crimes against children. Nel said the inclusion of sexual violence in the Rome Statute was evidence that these crimes formed part of the atrocities that were of gravest concern to the international community as a whole. “We are committed to fighting all forms sexual and gender-based violence, including against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people on the basis of their sexual orientation.” South Africa further condemned hate crimes, including so-called “corrective rape” of lesbian women, Nel said. Gender-based violence and hate crimes were a direct assault on both the right to life and human dignity. Last week, the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development requested the South African Human Rights Commission to investigate a private school in Bloemfontein that makes so-called “conversion therapy” a precondition for lesbian and gay students to continue their studies. Nel said the notion that a person’s sexual orientation could be changed at will, or by compulsion, fed the very same homophobic attitudes that encouraged the criminal and abhorrent practice of “corrective rape”. “The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development and the National Prosecuting Authority continue to prioritise the prosecution of sexual offences and gender-based violence,” he said. Source: read more

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Facebook Does Job Searches (By Way of SimplyHired)

first_imgAnd for those performing job searches on the sly, SimplyHired assures that nothing is ever posted to your Facebook Wall and News Feed. What About LinkedIn?SimplyHired is partnered with LinkedIn and similar on-site integration is already available via that professional network. The company sees the new Facebook integration as complementary to LinkedIn, noting only that younger job seekers (like those fresh out of college, for example) are more likely to be on Facebook while older job seekers may be on both LinkedIn and Facebook or just LinkedIn. That may be true, but Facebook connects you with the people in your life you’re actually close to – your good friends and family: the very people who are willing to do you a favor in a time of need. This was the promise of LinkedIn, too, and while some still use it that way, many have been attempting to game its system instead. As anyone who regularly uses the LinkedIn network knows, a good many of your connection requests are from people who you’ve never met. These are LinkedIn’s own version of spammers – those trying to get around the network’s limitations that force you to pay for credits for connections to people you don’t know. Why not just friend everyone?, these people think, then it’s free.The “friend everyone” model eventually failed on MySpace, and it’s doomed on LinkedIn too. Do your connections actually know the people they say they’re connected to? So often, these days, the answer is “no.” People looking for a personal recommendation are more likely to find success among their real friends, like those on their Facebook network. A Great Example of Facebook’s Open Graph in ActionThere has been a lot of talk about Facebook privacy issues lately, after the launch of updated privacy controls, which pushed people towards more open settings, and Facebook’s new Open Graph, a platform with tools for developers and publishers. One of the more startling initiatives, which caught the eye of regulators and U.S. senators alike, is the “instant personalization” program that immediately adds a social element to a website without your prior authorization. Because the program is opt-out not opt-in, many have felt this is a violation of privacy. But while instant personalization is still experimental and could eventually be shut down, similar personalization is already possible by simply allowing a site permission to access your data and the public data belonging to your friends. In SimplyHired’s case, the integration of the two services, job seeking and social networking, is a promising example of the possibilities which Facebook’s Open Graph can offer. SimplyHired’s new Facebook integration is live now in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and India. Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification Tags:#Facebook#NYT#web Also, when performing a narrower search, like one by company name for example, you’re shown which of your friends also work at that same company. As anyone facing today’s tough job market knows, getting a job isn’t as easy as responding to a newspaper ad anymore. Every advantage you have comes into play, and none is more powerful than a personal referral. With SimplyHired’s new feature, you can maximize the opportunities for that “foot in the door” connection by discovering, with ease, who works where. There’s even a feature for sending a private Facebook message to your friend after you find a job you’re interested in. Related Posts center_img sarah perez A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos, a job search site that aggregates job board postings and makes them searchable via one interface, is launching a new feature: Facebook integration. With the added opt-in functionality, you can see if any of your Facebook friends work at a particular company and you can pull a list of all the companies where your friends are employed. And no, the headline is not as misleading as you think – engineers from Facebook actually helped SimplyHired build this feature in the hopes that it will showcase the power of the social network’s new Open Graph platform and the usefulness it can provide when properly implemented.Opt-in Personalization to See Where Facebook Friends WorkOn the updated, you can log in with Facebook for a new twist on job discovery that offers a more personalized view of the job marketplace. In addition to searching by work titles, keywords, location and other such filters, you can now search for jobs at the companies where your friends work, too. Once you opt-in to this feature, you’ll see a Facebook box popup at the top of a search results page after performing any search on the site. From here, you’re one click away from exploring the various companies where your friends work and the possible job opportunities there. last_img read more

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Maggi Stews A Soup

first_imgWhen it comes to customer reach and brand value, Maggi, the line of noodles, instant soups and seasonings owned by Nestle, has been mentioned in the same breath along with such big names as Coca-Cola and Colgate.In one such survey focusing on Indian brands, by Millward Brown, Maggi was ranked No. 18 with a valuation of $1.127 billion. According to a Euromonitor report, Maggi accounted for 60% of India’s noodle sales last year. In other words, noodles equal big money for Nestle, which is also home to Alpo pet food, Gerber baby food and KitKat candy bars, among other product lines.But now Maggi noodles have been pulled off the shelves in India. The massive recall came after the Food Safety & Drug Administration of the state of Uttar Pradesh found excessive levels of lead and MSG (monosodium glutamate) in a sample batch of Maggi noodles. The government Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI) subsequently collected fresh samples of Maggi and, hours after Nestle withdrew all varieties of the noodles on June 5, ruled the snack to be “unsafe and hazardous.”Though Nestle has challenged the findings in court, it has taken a $45 million hit to withdraw and destroy the noodles. Nestle India stock dropped four days in a row, and the share only regained slightly when company CEO Paul Bulcke made a statement that Maggi noodles were safe for consumption. Bulcke also made a pit stop in Delhi for two days earlier this month to try and defuse the crisis.On crisis management in such cases, Wharton management professor John Kimberly points to Toyota president Akio Toyoda’s response after Japanese police on June 18 arrested Julie Hamp, a senior company executive, for possessing a controlled substance. Within a day, Toyoda called a press conference and apologized for the incident, while maintaining that his company believed Hamp had no intention of breaking the law.“To me, executives and staff who are my direct reports are like my children,” Toyoda said, according to a Reuters report. “It’s the responsibility of a parent to protect his children and, if a child causes problems, it’s also a parent’s responsibility to apologize.”According to Kimberly, Toyoda’s response was “textbook — a quick response, but measured. Get out in front, but do it in a way that doesn’t prejudge the outcome.”Can Maggi — and Nestle — recover? “Too little, too late,” was how B.N. Kumar, executive director of Concept Public Relations and national president of the Public Relations Council of India, described Bulcke’s efforts.Observers note that while the FDA in Uttar Pradesh initially recalled Maggi on April 30, the Swiss firm waited until June to address the media in Delhi and to appoint APCO Worldwide, the U.S.-based lobby group, to represent its interests in India. “Nestle was clearly caught with its noodles in a knot,” adds Kumar.Kimberly recommends a five-point crisis management strategy for companies in such situations to restore credibility: “One, acknowledge that there is an issue that needs to be examined carefully. Two, buy time to get the facts. Three, do not deny involvement/responsibility. Four, do not attempt to estimate the magnitude of the problem. And five, commit to a speedy but thorough investigation.”According to Kimberly, the most common mistake companies make is to underestimate the magnitude of the problem. “This is an understandable effort to try to minimize the company’s role or involvement or potential culpability, but will inevitably come back to haunt it and will be a public relations disaster,” he says.Other brands have weathered similar crises and managed to rebuild their reputations. And the recall could have positive implications if it becomes a catalyst for stiffer food safety regulation in India, observers say.Equally Guilty“The incomplete formulation and poorly-enforced regulatory system in the country has contributed to sporadic incidents of complacency in multinational safety standards and the oversight process,” says S. Raghunath, professor of corporate strategy and policy at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Bangalore. “The weak grassroots supervision mechanism in India has partly contributed to the low transparency and public accountability of MNC activities.”But firms are facing increased pressure — and complaints of malfeasance are gaining broader visibility — thanks to social media. “Social media has turned the Internet into a powerful channel of stakeholder complaints and hence a source of challenge for MNCs,” Raghunath says. “The Internet facilitates low-cost and fast dissemination of complaints as well as coordination of protests. .”Raghunath notes that Nestle made a contribution to the bottom of the pyramid nationwide with the introduction of Maggi noodles in 1983. “Demonstrating sensitivity to the dietary needs of working class families through the nationwide distribution of noodles … was seen as a key way to achieve societal advantages and to make the product line sustainable from a societal point of view,” he says.He cites a possible reason for Maggi noodles being laced with lead. “MNC activities, including products and services, are connected with the raw materials they use. Lead can appear through groundwater used in the process, as well as through any other constituent ingredient used in the process.”Then there is the issue of the lax laws of the land. “It is not just a perception; it is a reality,” says Naveen M.V., group managing director at First Agro, India’s first commercial grower organization with zero-pesticide produce complying with the World Health Organization’s Codex. “Multinationals typically follow the law of the land. If it is inadequate, they do not bother to adhere to the standards that they do in their own home countries or in other developed nations. Also, don’t forget that compliance costs money. When people run businesses, they are governed by their own profit motives.”If MNCs are portrayed as villains in developing countries, Kimberly suggests they do some introspection on that. “More often than not, it has to do more with patterns of MNC behavior that have developed over time than with a particular incident,” he says. “The incident frequently is a trigger that brings long simmering resentment to the surface, resentment that stems from those patterns.”Concerns over the use of pesticides were at the forefront in 2006, when a report by an Indian environmental group accused Coca-Cola and Pepsi beverages of being contaminated. The two soft drink firms countered that the groundwater contained a higher level of pesticides and if they were to use that groundwater for production, then their own products would reflect that.But the two firms struggled to win back Indian consumers, despite forming committees in India and the U.S. to deal with the issue and commissioning their own laboratory tests. The two CEOs held a joint press conference, and when one faced embarrassing questions, the other took up the slack.The Maggi episode, too, “is likely to become a case study in PR,” says Kumar. The only other company with a double-digit share of the noodle market is ITC’s Yippee, which is now planning to use its extensive network of mom-and-pop shops whose shelves have been denuded of a very popular product.Any brand can fail any inspection, particularly in a world of a multiplicity of standards, experts note. “At CSE [the Center for Science and Environment], when we tested Maggi noodles in 2012 for sugar, salt and fat content, we found that the websites of many multinational fast food companies had very detailed labeling information in the U.S.,” says Amit Khurana, program manager for food safety at CSE. “But their Indian website did not have much information. This seems to suggest different standards.”“One of the reasons multinationals get away with this in India is that we need a lot of improvement in our food and safety standards,” adds Khurana. “Another reason is the inadequacy of our implementing agencies. At CSE, we think the Maggi noodles issue is a very important one. This is perhaps the first time that an ultra-processed packaged food is being checked for heavy metal contamination and the results have been made public by the government authorities.”In India, multinationals have generally had things their way. The first sign of consumer dissonance came in 2003 with claims of worms being found in Cadbury chocolates. “Impossible,” said the company and proceeded to ignore it. But, as sales of the iconic product plummeted, and company chairman Lord Cadbury was widely pilloried, the company roped in actor Amitabh Bachchan as brand ambassador. (Bachchan is also a onetime brand ambassador of Maggi; he and other brand ambassadors were warned of action by the government if their ads were found to be misleading.)The Cadbury packaging was ultimately changed and even the storage arrangements were altered. This was done at all retail outlets and likely involved a major expenditure. Mondelez, the new avatar of Cadbury after its spin-off to Kraft, is doing fine in the Indian market today. The worms, whether real or not, have been overcome by successful public relations.Kimberly cautions MNCs that may attempt to quell public ire over quality with promises of higher standards in future: “Taking the high ground is tricky. It can generate positive public sentiments that can pay off in the short run, but at the same time implies a commitment to long term initiatives that the company has to be prepared to honor.” Reneging on a commitment “would be worse than not having made the effort in the first place,” he adds. Related Itemslast_img read more

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Hockey: Sardar removed from captaincy, Sreejesh to lead India at Rio

first_imgnull Indian hockey goalkeeper P R Sreejesh   –  The Hindu In one of the most significant decisions in recent times, Hockey India named senior goalkeeper PR Sreejesh as the captain of the national team for the Rio Olympics, removing long-time skipper Sardar Singh.Sreejesh, one of the finest custodians in world hockey at the moment, was rewarded after the team, under his leadership, ended up with a silver medal at the blue riband six-nation Champions Trophy hockey tournament in London.Sreejesh had a good tournament both as a player and captain as India had their best performance in the 38-year-history of the tournament. The team played a brilliant final where they held eventual champions Australia to a goalless draw in the regulation time before losing in a controversial shoot-out.Playmaker SV Sunil, who is also a key component in the team, has been named vice-captain.Things fell in place for Sreejesh at the right time and went awry for Sardar, who has been going through a torrid time both on and off the field.His performance has dipped on the field as he is no longer as sharp a midfielder as he used to be. Off it, allegations of rape after pormising marriage levelled by a British national has also dented his reputation.Sardar has been the captain of the national team for a number of years having led the team in London 2012.While Sardar was rested for the Champions Trophy where India produced their best-ever show, the team did have a slump when it played the next tournament in Valencia, where they could win only one match against minnows Ireland, losing two games and managing to draw a couple.Squad: PR Sreejesh (goalkeeper and Capt), Harmanpreet Singh, Rupinderpal singh, Kothajit Singh, Surender Kumar, Manpreet Singh, Sardar Singh, VR Raghunath, SK Uthappa, Danish Mujtaba, Devinder Walmiki, SV Sunil, Akashdeep Singh, Chinglensana Singh, Ramandeep singh, Nikkin Thimmaiah.Stand Byes: Pradeep Mor, Vikas Dahiya (Reserve Goalkeeper). SHARE SHARE EMAIL COMMENT SHARE × RELATED 0center_img Published on hockey Playmaker SV Sunil, who is also a key component in the team, has been named vice-captain. COMMENTS July 12, 2016 India at Rio: Biggest contingent eyes richest medal haul Indian hockey goalkeeper P R Sreejesh   –  The Hindulast_img read more

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Xiaomi Redmi 5, Redmi 5 Plus price revealed ahead of December 7 launch

first_imgXiaomi earlier this week released images of the Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus ahead of their December 7 launch, giving us a pretty good look at the design of the upcoming budget phones. Now, we may have just received the pricing of the two phones courtesy online retailer AliExpress. The smartphones are set to succeed the Redmi 4 and Redmi Note 4, and based on the images revealed, they will sport a new design language with slimmer bezels and an 18:9 aspect ratio.AliExpress has listed the Redmi 5 with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage option at $199 (approx Rs 12,800), while the Redmi 5 Plus with 3GB RAM and 32GB of inbuilt storage at $249 (approx Rs 16,000). These prices keep in line with past reports, so there may be some truth to the listing. However, this should be taken with a pinch of salt. Both the devices are also expected to be available in Black, Blue, Pink and Gold colour options.Also Read: Xiaomi Mi A1 at Rs 12,999 on Flipkart is a deal worth grabbingEarlier this week, Donovan Sung, Xiaomi Global spokesperson, revealed the Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus ahead of launch. The images posted keep true to past reports that the two phones will sport bezel-less displays as has been the industry trend this year. Both the phones will look identical, and will only differ in the display size with the Redmi 5 Plus being the larger of the two. They are expected to sport a metal body with a fingerprint sensor on the back just below the rear camera.advertisementXiaomi Redmi 5 specificationsSung’s tweets didn’t reveal anything about the specs, but as per past reports, the Redmi 5 could sport a 5.7-inch HD+ (720×1440) display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. It is expected to be powered by a Snapdragon 450 SoC compared to the Snapdragon 435 processor inside the Redmi 4. The phone is tipped to come in a choice of 2G + 16GB or 3GB + 32GB configurations. Additionally, the Redmi 5 is rumoured to run on Android 7.1 Nougat.While the next-gen Redmi smartphone is expected to come with a new design language and updated hardware, past reports suggests the cameras will not see a major bump. It is expected to sport a 12-megapixel sensor on the back and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. It is also rumoured to house a 3200mAh battery.Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus specificationsThe larger Redmi 5 Plus may sport narrower bezels than the Redmi 5, at least that’s what the teasers and promo videos suggest. As a Plus model, it is tipped to sport a 5.9-inch Full HD+ (1080×2160) display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. It is expected to be powered by a Snapdragon 625 or 630 SoC coupled with either 3GB or 4GB of RAM with 32GB and 64GB storage, respectively.Like the Redmi 5, the Redmi 5 Plus is also expected to bear a 5-megapixel sensor up front with LED Flash and a 12-megapixel rear camera. It could also sport a large 4000mAh battery.Also Read: Xiaomi Redmi 5A review: If it isn’t broke, don’t fix itlast_img read more

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