Network advertising industry to establish a formal organization

China Advertising Association interactive network committee recently announced the establishment of an interactive network will have a scientific leading industry standards. The Commission aims to promote interactive marketing based on the Internet, mobile phones and other interactive media, research and regulate interactive network advertising marketing model, in order to gradually establish an interactive network advertising industry standard system.


Wangzhuan propaganda techniques.

would rather send a quality post, do not want to spend a lot of time to make the sky flying junk posts, which has been the experience of many years to make friends.

suggested to some of the more famous forum, such as: Chinese Wangzhuan station

only the quality of the forum to make your post as soon as possible, to be the engine, and then to search.

we are mainly for the search engine. Let others through Baidu search to our advertising.

first enter keywords in Baidu for example: enter the China Wangzhuan station, make money, make money online part-time, and then come out a lot ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ the keywords ", we directly in the web site located along these posts, then Baidu will be included in your site. Or directly in the search out "behind keep abreast, your post would allow others to search. This method is also very important. We Chinese people like to use Baidu search. read more


To make money in the local site cooperation negotiation strategy

          Xie pen for a long time, I left a QQ number, there are more than and 100 local station with me, often in the QQ exchange, found that many webmaster have the "flash", talent, technology, but do not know how to find cooperation. I believe that this is also a lot of urgent problems to be solved.

Why is

looking for someone to work with?

, you are where the money operation station "catalyst", of course, if you don’t talk, or talk down, did not consider the effect of a good follow-up, might become the "stepping stone" read more


Ad4all martial arts products to promote the suspension notice

dear members of the alliance, hello!

Hello everyone! Advertisers martial arts decided on October 15, 2007 (Monday) football promotion product 24 points suspended martial arts football night, by the end of the day before the cost of clearing up, please switch to other products!
in addition, I put on the code of advertising alliance JS members such as not to replace the ad code, I will through the background of all martial arts league football league I switched to advertising products on the crazy Mack, products in accordance with the landing of billing, each valid landing 0.4 yuan. We will automatically open the product for you to put the authority, you can the next day to our platform to view the day before the product gains. read more


Entrepreneurship young people who sleep in the company

 , a 40 year old man from Beijing, was an engineer at the start of his job. He worked in a machinery company, due to the 72 hour shift work system, so the generation of Xiang often have to sleep on the floor.


entered the technology industry, he was still lying on the table or lying anywhere to nap. Last year, he and others created their own cloud computing company white cloud technology.

the first product he bought for his company was 12 high and low beds, and put them in the corner of the office. read more


Did you make any of the things about chest ‘s health network

in the female sexual excitement, breast full up, the superficial veins of the breast due to congestion and more clearly visible, nipple enlargement. Breast enlargement in women without breast feeding up to 25% of the original volume. Nursing experience of female breast enlargement is not obvious, but the formation of visible breast congestion flush. Sufficient erectile response can increase the length of the nipple than did not stimulate the increase in the general increase of 0.5-1 cm, the reaction can also increase the diameter of the nipple base 0.25 – 0.5 cm. read more