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Saint Mary’s club promotes dialogue through literature, writing

first_imgThough the Saint Mary’s English Club learns from its past, lives in the present and plans for the future, no tense situations arise as members share their love for reading and writing. Sophomore secretary Riley Harber said she enjoys expressing her love for literature outside of the classroom.“I always value being a Saint Mary’s student just because I’m surrounded by so many wonderful people,” Harber said. “To be able to meet regularly in an environment with people like that and to talk about something that I love is just absolutely fantastic.”Senior Sam Castaneda, who serves as president of the Saint Mary’s chapter of the International English Honor Society within the English Club, said the purpose of English Club is consistent with the College’s core values.“Saint Mary’s is a liberal arts school that really emphasizes learning different areas, and it places a great emphasis on writing and on English [literature],” she said. “English [literature] brings people together, no matter the political stance or racial background. It unites people together.”The club provides students with opportunities to converse with like-minded peers while growing in knowledge, according to Harber.“They say ‘A book is a window to the soul,’ so it’s not only a way to learn about other people around you and to build your worldview, but it also creates the opportunity for a dialogue,” she said. “If two people read the same book, they talk about it and bounce their ideas off one another. They both come out of it with something new.”English Club sparks dialogue about acclaimed literature, while also giving students an outlet to share their work and hear from others, according to Castaneda.“It brings people from various backgrounds to one room to talk about literature and poetry from diverse writers,” Castaneda said. “Everyone gets to share ideas. Everyone is truly collaborating to … add on to that interesting conversation.”Harber said the club plans to implement several new features this year, including creative writing workshops and book club meetings every two weeks.“This is putting us out there a little bit more, having somewhere people can go bimonthly,” she said. “At Saint Mary’s, where the focus is on developing the whole individual, us[ing] literature as a way to create dialogue helps formulate the whole person.” Harber said everyone should feel welcome to join the club, regardless of background or major, since diverse perspectives provide members with new insights.“You have people who spend their whole student lives at the moment studying and analyzing and reading, and to be able to break away from that, and get people who are into it because they really love reading and writing. … It’s fresh, and it’s new,” she said. “Literature not only entertains, but it teaches and informs. It helps people expand their horizons.”Harber said English Club enhances the Saint Mary’s community and even improves members’ critical reading and writing skills while celebrating literature.“The best writers are also good readers,” Harber said. “Not only does reading help expand your worldview, but it also helps you figure out how to put what you’ve learned and what you want to say out there concisely and in a way that other people can understand and be affected by.”Tags: Alpha Xi Eta, English club, English Honor Society, literature, saint mary’s, writing Castaneda said these English Club meetings will provide members with the opportunity to discuss their passions in a casual environment.“It’s not like a structured class,” Castaneda said. “It’s more like, ‘Oh, cool poem. Let’s read.’”Similarly, the Saint Mary’s branch of the English Honor Society, Alpha Xi Eta, is new this year, founded by Castaneda. She said she created the chapter after she realized how much the perks of membership would benefit qualified Saint Mary’s students. “[Alpha Xi Eta] provides internship opportunities, graduate school guidance and financial assistance to attend conferences,” she said. “It’s a way to test out how much of a writer you really are. It kind of pressures you to meet new people. You’re in a community where everyone is really dedicated to being writers.”last_img read more

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Students share thoughts on new outdoor seating area at Saint Mary’s

first_imgGenevieve Coleman | The Observer Outside Le Mans Hall and Moreau Center for the Arts, the College’s new outdoor seating offers students a recreational gathering space.In an email sent last week, Saint Mary’s Student Government Association (SGA) announced the availability of a new outdoor area between Le Mans Hall and Moreau Center for the Arts would be available for student use.The space is complete with decorated tables, patio chairs and lights strung through the surrounding trees.According to another email, SGA will host its first event “Mugs Under the Moon” at the new site Friday at 7 p.m., offering students warm beverages and reusable mugs.Belles have been using the area throughout the week and reacted to the new gathering area.Sophomore Bella Burke praised the new on-campus location.“I really like what [SGA] has done with the place,” Burke said. “The seating arrangements and lights have definitely added to the quarantine mood.”Burke said she also enjoys the variety of things she can do in the space.“I definitely find myself out here a lot more — doing homework, getting stuff done,” Burke said. “It is also nice getting dinner with friends when it’s dark out and the lights are pretty.”Junior Lauren Bock likes having a new space to study and eat outdoors.“I like it a lot,” Bock said. “I think it’s a good space for eating while it’s nice outside. I really like studying with the lights. It’s just a very nice place to be able to sit, and I’m glad [SGA was] able to make it happen.”Sophomore Elnora Mariner said she enjoys the opportunity to explore campus in a safe way during the COVID-19 pandemic.“I think it’s a great way to getting us out of our rooms and onto campus,” Mariner said. “I [prefer this] than being cooped up in your room. … [It’s] kind of restoring normalcy in a way.”Sophomore Moira Boyle is pleased with the space, citing her improved concentration while studying outside.“I love [the area],” she said. “I love studying outside. I feel like it’s more relaxing. I can focus better. So, I really like the space [SGA] set up. I really enjoy it out here.”Boyle said she would also be interested in movie screening events in the space.“I know Notre Dame does movie nights at the football stadium, so if there was a way to have something out here like with [the Christian Culture Lecture], that would be fun,” she said.First year Hayley Helt supports the new space as it gives her a quiet place to go on campus.“I like it a lot,” Helt said. “It’s really pretty with the lights, and it’s just very peaceful. I see that we just got fireplaces, so that’s pretty cool. I’m very excited for that. It’s really relaxing and nice that you can just come out here and sit and do your homework. It’s very quiet and serene. I like it a lot.”First year Gretchen Brauer said she is excited about the chance to be outdoors during favorable weather.“It’s better than sitting in your dorm or in a study carrell,” Brauer said. “You get to take in the nice weather and the WiFi actually works out here.”First year Rachel Tapealava-Boulger likes the peaceful environment the space provides.“It really aesthetic and quite pleasing and relaxing,” she said. “The lights are my favorite part.”Tapealava-Boulger said she hopes the area will host more outdoor events.“It would be nice to use this space to host a book club or somewhere to come and play music at,” she said.Sophomore Sam Swanson said she is proud of SGA’s execution of the space.“My room looks right out on it, and it’s super cute, especially at night,” Swanson said. “Whenever I look out, there’s always people there. It’s just a really great idea amidst this pandemic for people to hang out outside with their friends while being distanced.”Tags: ambiance space, ND Student Section, Saint Mary’s SGA, student spaces After the positive feedback garnered from Notre Dame’s outdoor sitting area Library Lawn, Saint Mary’s responded by providing a similar spot for students to gather.last_img read more

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Brazilian Air Force Dogs Help Security Forces Sniff Out Drugs, Explosives, Weapons

first_imgAdditionally, the dogs in FAB platoons are trained to differentiate among up to 40 substances; the canines learn to detect drugs hidden even in blind spots since scent molecules from drugs pass through metal and can be perceived by a dog’s powerful sense of smell. “We will be at the 2016 Olympics. We are already training the personnel,” said First Lieutenant and veterinarian Paulo Lima Borges, commanding officer of the War Dogs Platoon with the Special Aeronautics Infantry Battalion in Brasília (Binfae-BR), under the Sixth Regional Air Command (VI Comar). “Both are quite experienced, mature, and very confident,” First Lt. Borges said. “The biggest task is training the canine to take action in any situation, in a confined space or with baggage on aircraft with a turbine engine. Wolverine is one of just a few that can perform under those conditions without batting an eye.” “This will reinforce our structure if we need to operate at the Olympics,” Second Lt. Maria Clara said. “The course has already served to train the staff who will be able to take part in the mission in Rio de Janeiro,” First Lt. Borges said, adding that training must be repeated every two years. For example, War Dog Platoons at Binfae-Manaus (state of Amazonas) and Boa Vista (state of Roraima), in northern Brazil, engage in security missions and in joint operations with the Federal Revenue Service and the Federal Civilian Police. In Rio de Janeiro, the Binfae unit in Galeão (Binfae-GL), which consists of 13 dogs and five handlers and is commanded by Second Lieutenant Maria Clara da Silva Negreiros Botelho, is the only battalion in the capital of Rio de Janeiro with a kennel. Sniffing dogs led by highly trained service members in the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) are helping security forces find drugs, explosives, and illegal weapons. Dogs begin Platoon training when they are puppies, 24 hours after they are born. To be accepted into the course, the handler candidates must pass a rigorous background check and have a suitable profile to deal with dogs. “The demand to put a stop to drug-related violence is increasing, and canines are a most efficient tool,” Officer Moura said. “When we begin to use them, it will be a warning to traffickers. Police in countries like the United States, Mexico, and Colombia already use them on a large scale. We will begin here, and later show the results, and that will make the government realize that we need to train more handlers.” Worldwide, many Military units and police departments work with the Malinois breed, which is also known as the Belgian Shepherd, a type of dog which the FAB frequently requests. The dogs and handlers trained by the FAB can now be deployed to conduct security operations during the 2016 Rio Olympics (August 5-21) and Paralympic Games (September 7-18). Fifteen FAB battalions in 12 states and the Federal District have War Dog Platoons, which include a total of 133 dogs and 93 handlers. Overall, 33 canines detect drugs; eight find material weapons; and eight locate explosives. Another 58 dogs are trained to guard and protect; 15 are assigned to disturbance control and containment; six control birds at airports; four are deployed in search and capture missions; and one is used in search and rescue operations. Wolverine and Shaik, two Military Malinois in the Binfae-BR platoon that participated in World Cup operations in Cuiabá, should be on the team for Rio 2016. “It is necessary to enjoy and get along with the puppy and understand its behavior and body language, which can indicate a suspicious situation,” he said. Military dogs deployed on security missions The goal is to train more service members to work with the dogs so the ratio is one handler per animal. Moura, 46, is the deputy chief of the section that will launch the DF Civilian Police force’s first canine unit in 2016, which will consist of 10 animals and include Malinois and German Shepherds. Military handlers and their dogs undergo comprehensive training before working together in the field. “This has become routine. We are being called upon again. I can get the location for a new mission at any time,” Second Lt. Maria Clara said. Training begins in the puppy stage With their human handlers, the canine members of the War Dog Platoons conduct surveillance for FAB units deployed throughout the country in joint operations with agencies like the Federal Revenue Service (RF) and the Federal Police (PF), and at international events, such as the 2014 World Cup. They will also conduct security operations for the upcoming Rio Olympics, which are scheduled to begin August 5, 2016. At the conclusion of two months of training, in April, Federal District Civilian Police officer Roberto Cláudio Castro de Moura of the Special Operations Division highlighted that one of the requirements is to establish a rapport with the dog. About 40 percent of the dogs pass the tests required to join an FAB Platoon, where they can serve until they reach the age of 12. As they get older, dogs experience drying mucous in their noses, which reduces their sniffing capabilities. Dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors, compared to six million for humans, meaning dogs have a sense of smell up to 100,000 times greater than that of humans. “I would say that training begins even before that, in choosing the father and mother,” First Lt. Borges said. “The chances of striking gold (having a dog that can successfully pass the tests) is much greater.” Located next to the Tom Jobim International Airport, the Binfae unit supports operations for the Federal Revenue Service aimed at departing passengers or transporting cargo. In March and April, First Lt. Borges coordinated a course for handlers and dogs that focused on the detection of drugs, weapons, and ammunition. The training program at Binfae-BR began with 17 students, 13 of whom were from the FAB, one from the Brazilian Army (EB), two from the Civilian Police Special Operations Department of the Federal District (DF), and one from the DF Penitentiary System. The most important part of training is association, also known as imprinting, which consists of making the dog understand that it needs to detect an odor of drugs, weapons, or ammunition. This training begins when the dog is 6 weeks to 4 months old. Military dogs and handlers work as a team After two months of theoretical and practical classes, 14 participants – 11 from the FAB, two from the Civilian Police and one from the EB – achieved the status of handler, and seven Malinois dogs passed the tests to join the War Dogs Platoon of the Aeronautics Battalion at the capital. The Military dogs have helped Soldiers during security operations. In the next phase, the animal develops its muscle mass and its instinct of possession over objects, which will later be relevant in real searches for drugs and weapons (sniffing), or during other applications, such as crowd control and rescues. “We are at war,” First Lt. Borges said. “Traffickers are developing on their side, and we on ours. The error, when it happens, lies with the handler and not the canine.” For example, at the 2014 World Cup, the Binfae-BR War Dog Platoon was deployed for 22 days in Cuiabá, the capital of the state of Mato Grosso and a host to several games. The Platoon cooperated with the PF to detect weapons, drugs, and munitions as flights arrived and departed from the Marshall Rondon International Airport, in Várzea Grande, 10 kilometers from the capital. FAB battalions and canine units operate nationwide. By Dialogo August 21, 2015 I THINK SO Nations around the world need to unite for one goal, to sow peace in the world and eradicate hunger and poverty. All service members are true heroes. I greatly admire them. I am very proud to be in the Brazilian Army Reserves, and it’s very important to know that this military information reaches all Brazilians. Intensive training for handlers and dogslast_img read more

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The best new savings apps for your phone

first_img1. BillGuard. The BillGuard app, using bank-level security, pulls all your transactions from various accounts, and flags ones that might be erroneous, including duplicate charges that have been flagged by other users. You can flag a charge and dispute it with a company directly through the app. When a retailer faces a data breach, BillGuard alerts you if you shopped at the store during the period of the incident. continue reading » BillGuard is one of several apps to hit the market recently with the goal of ​protecting your finances and saving you money. Other popular ones reduce your parking expenses, help you track spending and help you find discounts and coupons. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular apps, which are all available for both iOS and Android, and how they work: ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrcenter_img Stay on top of your spending by downloading these Kimberly PalmerSeveral years ago, entrepreneur Yaron Samid noticed a fraudulent charge on his credit card. When he investigated, he found that it had actually been a recurring charge, added to his monthly bill, that he had been paying without even realizing it. He also discovered that other people posted online about the same charge, and he wasn’t the first person to be surprised by it.His tech background inspired him to start thinking about how people could share information about such fraudulent charges to help protect each other. That concept led him to create BillGuard, an app that has been used by more than 1 million people worldwide since it launched in July 2013. “The [app] is helping people make sure they’re only paying for what they should be,” says BillGuard spokeswoman Marina Boykis​.last_img read more

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Create greater impact with interactive media

first_imgWhether it’s a billboard in Times Square or a website with clickable links, interactive advertising is popping up everywhere. What is interactive advertising, you ask? Well, think of it as an immersion experience. (That’s a fun phrase.) Instead of merely consuming media, you’re now engaging with it.Take, for example, the billboard in Times Square. It isn’t just a billboard; it comes to life in the form of a video, and the creative character on that billboard begins talking to people who walk by. And that website with the clickable links? It allows users to play a game in order to learn information about the business.Interactive advertising takes the ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary. Take a look at this live augmented reality advertising strategy used by the promotions team for the 2014 film “Into the Storm.” This insanely awesome poster was placed on the streets of Sydney and was definitely an eye-catcher. The people were hooked, and we can see why. continue reading » 22SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

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Diversity, equity & inclusion: What’s the next right step for credit unions?

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr The subject of diversity, equity and inclusion has risen to new heights. It seems many organizations have awakened to the idea that celebrating our differences is a powerful way to bring us together. It feels as if DEI has become a movement unto itself. In this season, we should pause for a moment to contemplate the next move.The matter of diversity, equity and inclusion is a big tent of ideas, philosophies and concepts. It is hard to consider DEI without exploring racial equity. It is challenging to wrestle with racial equity without dealing with racism. It is almost impossible to combat racism without considering personal values.These seem like bigger-than-life themes. The fact is, these issues are being raised in many communities, organizations and industries. What remains to be explored is what we should do next.Let’s remember it took the explosion of a series of racially charged murders to stir corporate America into a posture for action. Today, some of the largest organizations are rising to put their stamp on the call for racial justice. I salute these companies for their courage, commitment and conscience. They are pushing colleagues, markets and audiences to be focused on equality for all. But what about the quiet credit union movement? continue reading »last_img read more

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European Court of Justice: Decisions on the protection and rights of air passengers

first_imgSee the judgment of the Court with the above decisions HERE The first decision concerns related flights of passengers who, through a single reservation, have purchased tickets departing from a Member State to third countries. Namely, the airline with which the ticket is reserved is obliged to compensate the passenger for delays on connected flights of other non-European companies. Previously, only passengers were entitled to compensation for missed connections within the EU, but now this has been extended to all trips from the EU to the world.  The second court decision deprives the passenger of the possibility of reimbursement of the costs of the same trip, in case of denied boarding and cancellation or long delay of departure, cumulatively – ie simultaneously from the airline and the tour operator. On July 10, the European Court of Justice issued two decisions relating to consumer protection in air transport.  center_img The Court points out that the passenger is entitled to reimbursement of the amount of the ticket from the tour operator in accordance with the provisions of the Package Arrangement and Related Travel Arrangements, but consequently can no longer claim reimbursement from the airline. Source: UHPA / ECTAA / Photo: Pixabay.comlast_img read more

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US coronavirus deaths rise by nearly 1,300 for first time since May

first_imgUS deaths from the novel coronavirus rose by nearly 1,300 on Tuesday, the biggest one-day increase since May, according to a Reuters tally.California, Florida and Texas, the three most-populous states, reported one-day record spikes in deaths on Tuesday, together accounting for 584 of the 1,292 new deaths. Arkansas, Montana and Oregon also had one-day record increases in COVID-19 fatalities.Tuesday’s surge in deaths comes on top of US deaths rising on a weekly basis for three weeks in a row. Last week, fatalities increased by over 1,000 for four days in a row. A spike in infections in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas this month has overwhelmed hospitals. The rise has forced states to make a U-turn on reopening economies that were restricted by lockdowns in March and April to slow the spread of the virus.The United States has lost nearly 150,000 people in total since the virus was first detected in the country in January, the highest number in the world. Cases rose by over 64,000 on Tuesday to a total of 4.38 million.Of the 20 countries with the biggest outbreak, the United States ranks sixth for deaths per capita, at 4.5 fatalities per 10,000 people. It is exceeded by the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Peru and Chile.Topics :last_img read more

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Colombia makes arrests in sex trafficking plot that lured women to China

first_img“At these places, the young women were allegedly held against their will,” Colombia’s attorney general’s office said in a statement. “Their passports and personal documents were taken away.”The traffickers imposed debts on them of $14,000, which they were forced to pay off by making $600 a day in sex work, the top prosecutor said.The traffickers preyed on young, unemployed and poor women with “perverse deception,” the office said.Among those arrested were five women, whom authorities said arranged travel and visas for the victims who were flown via Madrid and Amsterdam before reaching Beijing. Colombian police broke up an accused sex trafficking ring that recruited women in Colombia and forced them into prostitution in China, authorities said on Tuesday, exposing a plot of criminal deception that preyed upon poor and vulnerable women.Seven accused traffickers were arrested and charged with luring and sexually exploiting at least 30 Colombian women and migrants who were sent to work in nightclubs in the Chinese city of Guangdong, authorities said.The women were recruited on social media and on WhatsApp messaging with offers of well-paid work as models in China by traffickers who staged fake photo shoots in Colombia before sending them abroad, authorities said. In Latin America, sexual exploitation of women and girls remains the most common form of human trafficking.But while most victims in Latin America are trafficked within the region, the case points to China as a primary destination for Colombian women forced abroad.In a similar case in 2017, Colombian authorities busted a criminal ring that trafficked about 150 women into forced prostitution to China. That ring also used false job offers and made the women pay off even higher debts of $25,000 each.Under Colombia’s anti-human trafficking law, convicted traffickers can receive prison sentences of up to 23 years.Last year, Colombian authorities convicted 19 human traffickers, down from 26 convictions in 2018, according to the US State Departmentcenter_img Topics :last_img read more

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UK minister dismisses ‘auto-protection’ as politicians clash on paternalism

first_imgConservative Party peer Lord Holmes and the UK union umbrella group Trade Unions Congress supported the proposals.Speaking at a debate hosted by the Society for Pensions Professionals (SPP), Webb said he was prepared to be paternalistic for those who needed help in order to save into a pension.“Once they have got close to the concept of a retirement, do we have to go on being paternalistic at that point?” he asked.“There is no inconsistency between helping people do something [the government thinks is right] they would not otherwise do – like building up pension savings – and then recognising that everyone is different and people should be free to do what they like with [their pension].“Michael Johnson is nothing if not prolific in his ideas, but, just at the point we had decided defaulting into annuities is not the best thing to do, [the CPS] publish a paper on defaulting into index-linked annuities.”The Budget proposals, which come into effect on 6 April, remove the requirement for DC members to annuitise, allowing them to draw down in any way they see fit.It was announced by chancellor George Osborne in 2014 after the annuity insurance market faced sharp criticism over perceived lack of value for money and market failure.“Talk about not getting the zeitgeist,” Webb said, in a nod to the CPS.Webb said the concept of defaulting people’s DC pots into index-linked annuities was bizarre given that many UK savers retiring now would have state pension entitlements alongside some defined benefit pension payment.“If ever there were a wrong moment to come up with a suggestion, this was it,” he said.Webb shared a stage with Labour counterpart Gregg McClymont, the shadow pensions minister, as the pair clashed over the Budget proposals and the safeguards in place for consumers.McClymont said the paper was interesting given that the logic behind the Budget rules “strays” so far away from that of auto-enrolment.“This [CPS] proposal is more in-tune and is something I will be following closely,” he said.“I don’t agree with all of it, and, as always, there are some points of contention. [But] I think it is definitely a worthy contribution to the debate.”McClymont expressed surprise at the policy being suggested by the CPS, a free-market advocate, but said the merging of right and left political ideology had become more common over his tenure as shadow.“It is recognition that the pensions market is a special case,” he said.Read Taha Lokhandwala’s analysis on the impact of the Budget proposals on the UK pensions industry The UK pensions minister, Steve Webb, has dismissed a recent think-tank proposal to implement a default retirement system for defined contribution (DC) pension savers to counter Budget freedoms.Webb, a Liberal Democrat MP, said he did not believe savers approaching retirement needed such a level of paternalism or government intervention and dismissed claims the Budget proposals were at odds with auto-enrolment.The traditionally right-leaning and free-market think-tank, the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), said government intervention into the pensions market was the best way to ensure savers did not make poor retirement decisions.The paper, authored by CPS fellow Michael Johnson, said the default annuity process would ensure that those left confused would still receive a stable retirement income, allowing those who desire additional freedoms to access them as well.last_img read more

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Mermaid Strikes New Financing Deal for DSV Duo

first_imgSubsea services provider Mermaid said it has entered into a facility agreement with the Export-Import Bank of Thailand to loan up to USD 65 million.With this deal Mermaid aims to to extend the financing two vessels the Mermaid Endurer and Mermaid Asiana, for a further period of five years with the same lender.The loan will be applied to settle the indebtedness due to the lender under a previous credit facilities agreement in respect to the two above mentioned vessels and replacing that arrangement with the facilities instead.The DSV Mermaid Endurer is a Norwegian purpose built DP2 dive support and light construction vessel, specially designed for operations in severe weather conditions such as the North Sea.The DSV Mermaid Asiana is a purpose-built DP2 dive support and light construction vessel. This vessel is designed for operations in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific region.last_img read more

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Rio will answer England call – Ferguson

first_imgManchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed that defender Rio Ferdinand will join up with the England squad on Monday. Press Association The 34-year-old earned his first England call-up under manager Roy Hodgson for the World Cup qualifiers with San Marino and Montenegro later this month. There were reports on Saturday morning that Ferdinand could yet turn down the chance to represent his country again, either in response to being left out by Hodgson until now or in order to prolong his club career. However, Ferguson – asked on Saturday night if the defender would be joining up with England on Monday – told ESPN: “Yes.” center_img Hodgson cited “footballing reasons” for Ferdinand’s exclusion in his squad for the Euro 2012 finals and he has remained out of his plans until now. Ferdinand impressed in the Barclays Premier League match against Reading, setting up the only goal of United’s 1-0 Old Trafford win for Wayne Rooney. Ferguson, who reported no casualties following a win which extends his team’s lead at the top of the table to 15 points, was pleased with Ferdinand’s contribution. He said: “Rio has always had the ability to break into midfield. He doesn’t do it as much as he used to but he did today and got us a goal. Most of the time this season we’ve played well. The performance today doesn’t reflect the 15 points ahead we are. “I thought some of Reading’s football was quite good but they didn’t really make any chances. I expected danger from set-piece play but we did defend quite well.” Ferguson acknowledged the deflection which Rooney’s shot got off Reading defender Alex Pearce helped his team. He added on ESPN: “I don’t know if the goalkeeper would have saved it or not but it was a bad deflection and went over his head.” last_img read more

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Howley: Best to come from North

first_imgRob Howley has declared that the British and Irish Lions have yet to see the best of George North after the Wales wing was passed fit for Saturday’s first Test against Australia. Howley added: “He’s probably one of the best athletes I’ve been involved with as a coach. He can change direction very quickly, has a great step, power and speed. “You can bring him in the 10 or 13 channel, or keep him out wide for the passing game. His work rate off the wing is phenomenal. “We want our wings to be involved because you want your best players on the ball as often as possible. He works tirelessly hard at his game and it’s good for the Lions to have someone like him available.” North’s presence has taken on greater importance with centre Jamie Roberts and wing Tommy Bowe almost certain to miss the series opener because of their respective hamstring and hand problems. The shock and awe game plan of head coach Warren Gatland is heavily reliant on the power running of North, Roberts and Bowe, with Jonathan Sexton and Brian O’Driscoll providing the subtlety. Losing all three wrecking balls would have been a significant setback that Howley admitted could possibly have forced the Lions to rethink their game plan. Further firepower could be provided by Manu Tuilagi after Howley revealed he has an outside chance of facing the Wallabies this weekend, potentially forcing Gatland to choose between him and Jonathan Davies to partner O’Driscoll in the centres. Press Associationcenter_img Just hours after being deflated by their 14-12 defeat to the Brumbies in their first loss Down Under, the tourists were told that North has made a complete recovery from his hamstring injury. The Lions team for Saturday’s first Test will be announced on Thursday. The 21-year-old had been in magnificent form prior to limping off against the Combined Country XV and Lions assistant coach Howley said: “It’s great to have someone like George available because of his physicality, power and speed. I believe we’ve only seen glimpses of him, he’s a phenomenal athlete and hopefully he’ll have that opportunity to show it over the next few weeks.” last_img read more

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Garry Monk demands consistency from Swansea

first_img The Welsh club go into the game with just one win in seven league games and pressure growing on the manager who led them to eighth place and their highest top-flight points tally last term. Monk is convinced good results against Chelsea and Manchester United prove little has changed since last season’s storming campaign, but says the time has come for his players to start producing on a weekly basis. Press Association Monk said: “If you look at our performances against the bigger teams this season we have performed really well and played some of our best football but against teams around our level, we have not performed how we should. “There’s no excuse – it’s about the players mentally preparing themselves to deliver the performances they have done in those (big) games. “We have worked a lot on our mentality and our strength as a group, and we have to have the courage and the bravery to go out and play our way and impose ourselves. “When we do that we are a handful for anyone and we are a very dangerous team, and it is about reminding the players of that.” Monk’s men relieved some of the pressure with a priceless 2-1 win at Aston Villa a fortnight ago before last week’s heavy defeat at home to Arsenal left them in 13th place in the table. But Monk rejected suggestions that after a period of sustained success since arriving the top flight the club might be sliding towards a season of struggle at the wrong end of the table. He added: “Every team has a difficult period in a season – last season we started really well but we also went through a period similar to this. “In the last two games I have seen a lot more positive things and a lot of ourselves coming back. Of course results are the be-all and end-all, but if we continue to do what we’re doing, I think you’ll see the results come, for sure.” Monk once again has a fully-fit squad to choose from and indicated he will keep faith in striker Bafetimbi Gomis who has not scored since the win over Manchester United at the end of August. Monk said: “I’ve got great confidence in Bafe. The whole team needs to work better to create chances for him. Bafe works well and is a good person, and the whole team is determined to work towards putting a string of results together.” center_img Swansea boss Garry Monk has urged his side to show belief in their own ability as they bid to start climbing the Barclays Premier League table against Norwich at Carrow Road on Saturday. last_img read more

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Update on the latest sports

first_img— The Twins wasted an outstanding performance by Kenta Maeda (mah-EH’-dah) before Jorge Polanco hit an infield, walk-off single in the bottom of the 12th to complete Minnesota’s 4-3 win over the Brewers. Maeda struck out 12 and carried a no-hitter into the ninth before Eric Sogard hit a leadoff single, chasing the pitcher and sparking Milwaukee’s three-run rally.— Carlos Santana launched a three-run homer that was fair by inches and upheld upon video review, giving the Indians a 6-3, 10-inning win over the Pirates. Santana also provided a two-run single before Cleveland squandered a 3-1 lead.— Brandon Lowe slammed a three-run homer and Austin Meadows hit a solo shot as the Rays beat the Yankees, 6-3 to end New York’s six-game winning streak. Tampa Bay received four innings of shutout relief after Blake Snell allowed three runs over five frames.— Tim Anderson was 4-for-5 with a solo homer and three RBIs in the White Sox’s 10-4 drubbing of the Tigers. Jose Abreu (ah-BRAY’-oo) had three hits and three ribbies in Chicago’s third win in a row.— The Blue Jays coughed up a four-run lead before Travis Shaw scored on a throwing error in the 10th inning to lift Toronto past the Orioles, 8-7. Randal Grichuk (GRIH’-chuhk) extended his torrid hitting surge for the Jays with four RBIs on a home run and a three-run double. August 19, 2020 TORONTO (AP) — The Philadelphia Flyers are one win away from advancing to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs following their second consecutive shutout of the Montreal Canadiens.Carter Hart stopped 29 shots and Michael Raffl (RAH’-ful) scored the game-winner in the Flyers’ 2-0 win over the Habs. Hart made 23 saves in Sunday’s 1-0 win over Montreal to become the youngest Flyer to post a playoff shutout.Raffl put the Flyers ahead 6:32 into the game after being inserted on Philadelphia’s top line with Sean Couturier (koo-TOOR’-ee-ay) and Jakub Voracek (JAY’-kuhb VOHR’-ah-chehk). Phil Myers gave the Flyers breathing room by beating Carey Price late in the second period.Price stopped 20 shots for the Canadiens, who will try to stave off elimination in Game 5 on Wednesday.In other Stanley Cup first-round action: — Victor Robles robbed Austin Riley of a home run and every starter contributed to a 17-hit attack in the Nationals’ 8-5 win against the Braves. Eric Thames had three RBIs for Washington, which trailed 5-2 in the fifth after blowing a three-run lead to Atlanta in the ninth inning on Monday.— Bryce Harper hit a three-run homer during a seven-run sixth inning that helped the Phillies turn a 4-2 deficit into a 13-6 thumping of the Red Sox. Rhys Hoskins, Phil Gosselin and Jay Bruce also homered as Philadelphia handed Boston its ninth straight loss.— Homers by Brandon Nimmo, J.D. Davis and Amed Rosario powered the Mets past the Marlins, 8-3. Rosario had three RBIs and New York’s bullpen blanked Miami over 4 2/3 innings.— The Royals’ game against visiting Cincinnati was postponed to give the Reds another day to conduct additional COVID-19 testing. The clubs are now scheduled to play a doubleheader Wednesday.MLB-NEWS-RANGERS SUSPENSIONS UNDATED (AP) — Hockey Hall of Famer and Winnipeg Jets standout Dale Hawerchuk has died at 57 following a battle with cancer.Hawerchuk scored 45 goals and collected 103 points as a rookie after being selected first overall in the 1981 draft, helping the Jets make the playoffs after winning just 11 games the previous season. He held most club scoring records after nine seasons with the Jets, contributing with 379 goals and 929 points in 713 games.Hawerchuk later spent five seasons with the Sabres before stops in St. Louis and Philadelphia. He ended his career with 518 goals and 1,409 points in 1,188 games over 16 seasons.In other NHL news: — Vladimir Tarasenko is out for the rest of the Blues’ first-round series against the Canucks after aggravating his surgically repaired left shoulder. The team says the 28-year-old winger returned to St. Louis to have the shoulder looked at by team doctors. In other Game 1 action on Tuesday:— Jimmy Butler scored 28 points and Goran Dragic (DRAH’-gihch) had 24 to lead the Heat to a 113-101 victory over the Pacers. Bam Adebayo (ad-ah-BY’-oh) had 17 points, 10 rebounds and six assists for the Heat, who used an 11-2 surge that made it 107-95 with just over 2 minutes remaining. T,J. Warren and Malcolm Brogdon scored 22 points apiece for the Pacers, who played the last three quarters without Victor Oladipo (oh-lah-DEE’-poh) because of an eye injury.— James Harden’s 37 points and 11 rebounds led the Rockets to a 123-108 win over the Thunder. Jeff Green scored 22 points and Eric Gordon added 21 for Houston, which played without All-Star Russell Westbrook because of a quad injury. Gordon scored 16 points and Harden had 15 in the first half to help the Rockets take a 68-52 lead. Danilo Gallinari matched a playoff career high with 29 points for the fifth-seeded Thunder.NBA-NEWSCeltics lose Hayward for about 4 weeks 2 Rangers suspended for throwing behind hitter after slamARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Rangers manager Chris Woodard has completed a one-game suspension for his actions during Monday’s game against the Padres.Texas reliever Ian Gibaut threw behind San Diego infielder Manny Machado following a grand slam, leading to his ejection and subsequent three-game suspension. Woodard became incensed with the plate umpire for ejecting Gibaut, who has appealed his suspension.Elsewhere around the majors:— Braves outfielder Nick Markakis (mahr-KAY’-kihs) has been placed on the 10-day injured list after potentially being exposed to COVID-19. Markakis initially opted out of the shortened season because of concerns about the coronavirus. He rejoined the Braves a couple of weeks ago and provided a boost to an injury plagued lineup, batting .353 with six RBIs in 11 games. — Wil Myers belted a grand slam and Jurickson Profar (JUR’-ihk-suhn PRO’-fahr) added a two-run blast to account for the Padres’ scoring in a 6-4 win over the Rangers. Joey Gallo slammed a three-run homer for Texas. — Mike Yastrzemski (ya-STREHM’-skee) and Pablo Sandoval homered as the Giants ripped the Angels, 8-2 to end a five-game losing streak. Yastrzemski also made a diving catch to rob David Fletcher of an RBI single and end the second inning. — The Dodgers pulled out a 2-1 win over the Mariners on Corey Seager’s RBI single in the eighth inning. Starter Tony Gonsolin pitched two-hit ball over six shutout innings to help Los Angeles pick up its seventh consecutive victory and improve to 18-7. — The Diamondbacks have a six-game winning streak after Nick Ahmed crushed a three-run homer and had five RBIs in a 10-1 laugher over the Athletics. and had five RBIs, Luke Weaver allowed a run on three hits over five innings, retiring the final 10 batters he faced.— Yu Darvish is 4-1 after striking out seven and allowing one run over six innings of the Cubs’ 6-3 decision over the Cardinals. Kyle Schwarber hit a two-run homer and Ian Happ opened the scoring with a solo blast as Chicago beat St. Louis for the second straight day. Cowboys cut McCoy after injuryUNDATED (AP) — The Dallas Cowboys have released defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, a day after the newcomer sustained a season-ending leg injury.McCoy tore his right quadriceps muscle Monday while engaging defensive tackle Antwaun Woods during an individual drill.The injury waiver means the Cowboys pay only the $3 million signing bonus on the $18 million, three-year contract McCoy signed as a free agent during the offseason.In other NFL news: Nikola Vucevic (NEE’-koh-lah VOOCH’-uh-vihc) scored a playoff career-high 35 points and had 14 rebounds as the eighth-seed Orlando Magic downed the Bucks, 122-110. Terrence Ross scored 18 points, Gary Clark added 15 and D.J. Augustin had 11 points and 11 assists for the Magic. The quartet helped Orlando hold reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo (an-teh-toh-KOON’-poh) without a field goal over the final 11 minutes.Antetokounmpo finished with 31 points, 17 rebounds and seven assists for Milwaukee.Damian Lillard continued his torrid scoring output by delivering a team-high 34 points in the Trail Blazers’ 100-93 win over the Lakers. Jusuf Nurkic (NUR’-kihch) had 16 points and 15 rebounds for Portland, while C.J. McCollum added 21 points.The Lakers erased a 16-point, first half deficit and led 84-78 before falling. Los Angeles also wasted LeBron James’ triple-double of 23 points, 17 rebounds and 16 assists.Lakers forward Anthony Davis finished with 28 points and 11 boards.center_img UNDATED (AP) — The Celtics say forward Gordon Hayward will be sidelined for around four weeks after suffering a severe ankle sprain in Boston’s playoff-opening victory over Philadelphia. With him out, it could mean a shift to a three-guard lineup and more minutes for Marcus Smart.Also in the NBA:— Utah guard Mike Conley has returned to Walt Disney World after the birth of his son and will go through a quarantine period before joining the Jazz for their playoff series against Denver. Conley is subject to a quarantine of at least four days in accordance with the NBA’s COVID-19 policies. He could be back for Game 3.NHL PLAYOFFS-SCHEDULEFlyers blank Habs again…Caps stay alive Update on the latest sports Associated Press Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditNBA PLAYOFFSBlazers surprise Lakers, Magic stun BucksLAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) — It was a tough day for the NBA’s top seeds as the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers dropped their playoff openers. — The Golden Knights rallied to beat the Blackhawks, 4-3 and become the first team to advance to the next round. Alex Tuch (tuhk) broke a 3-3 deadlock 1:34 into the third period. Max Pacioretty (pash-uh-REH’-tee) had a goal and an assist for Vegas, which trailed 2-0 and 3-2. Corey Crawford turned back 35 shots for Chicago.— The Capitals played with determination in avoiding a four-game sweep, scoring the last three goals to defeat the Islanders, 3-2. Alex Ovechkin (oh-VEHCH’-kihn) scored the tying and go-ahead goals, with the game-winner coming 3:40 into the third period. The Islanders owned a 2-0 lead until Evgeny Kuznetsov (kooz-NEHT’-sahv) and Ovechkin scored less than two minutes apart early in the second period. Braden Holtby stopped 24 shots and blanked the Islanders after Matthew Barzal scored midway through the first period. — The Stars have a three-games-to-two lead after John Klingberg scored the tiebreaking goal in a 2-1 triumph over the Flames. Klingberg beat Cam Talbot 72 seconds into the third period, one game after setting up three goals to help Dallas beat Calgary. Jamie Benn’s short-handed goal put the Stars on the board, but the Flames tied it on Mikael Backlund’s goal later in the first period. Anton Khudobin (koo-DOH’-bihn) stopped 29 shots for the Stars.NHL-NEWSHawerchuk dies at 57 — Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant received an injection Tuesday for his ailing left wrist, sidelining the slugger for at least two days. Manager David Ross said Bryant also saw a specialist for the injury. The earliest the 2016 NL MVP could return to the lineup is Friday against the crosstown White Sox.— Indians manager Terry Francona is missing his team’s three-game series with the Pirates, which began Tuesday. General manager Mike Chernoff said Francona will have a “scheduled procedure” to address a gastrointestinal issue. Francona also sat out seven games earlier this month because of the ailment.— Rays two-way rookie Brendan McKay will have season-ending surgery on his left throwing shoulder Wednesday. McKay was 2-4 with a 5.14 ERA in 13 games last season and went 2 for 10 with a home run as a designated hitter. — The Mets are placing starter David Peterson on the 10-day injured list with left shoulder fatigue and recalling Corey Oswalt (OHZ’-wahlt) to take his place. Peterson is 3-1 with a 2.91 ERA and 17 strikeouts and eight walks in 21 2/3 innings over four starts. He was due to start Tuesday’s game at Miami.NFL NEWS MLB-SCHEDULEAstros win 6th straight UNDATED (AP) — The Houston Astros picked up their season-high sixth straight win by outlasting the Colorado Rockies in a pitchers’ duel at Minute Maid Park.Myles Straw’s RBI single with one out in the 11th inning lifted the Astros past the Rockies, 2-1. Houston starter Zack Greinke (GREHN’-kee) and Rockies hurler Antonio Senzatela each tossed three hit ball with no walks over eight scoreless innings. Raimel Tapia hit an RBI single with two outs in the 10th to put Colorado up 1-0, but a sacrifice fly by Kyle Tucker extended the game.Also on Tuesday’s major league schedule: — Cardinals cornerback Robert Alford will likely miss a second straight season because of an injury suffered during the preseason. Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury has confirmed that Alford will miss four to six months. — Browns Pro Bowl running back Nick Chubb has been placed in concussion protocol after he got hurt during the team’s first fully padded practice. Chubb finished second in the NFL last season with 1,494 yards. — Jets wide receiver Vyncint Smith had surgery to repair a core muscle injury and could be sidelined up to two months. Coach Adam Gase confirmed the procedure and prognosis and said Smith will likely miss five to eight weeks. —The Vikings have signed former Cincinnati linebacker Hardy Nickerson for depth. Nickerson played three seasons for the Bengals, appearing in 37 games with nine starts. — The Titans won’t have fans at their home opener on Sept. 20 against Jacksonville because of the coronavirus pandemic. Nashville’s Major League Soccer team also won’t have any fans at home games in September.last_img read more

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Looking back with Kurth and Park

first_imgSigns on Trousdale. Profile and cover photos on Facebook. Student organization endorsements. What many see as a fierce competition raging on between factions of the student body is inspiring a very different kind of emotion in two students on campus — nostalgia.“It’s weird seeing it from the other end,” said Undergraduate Student Government Vice President Ryan Park. “You know what they’re going through, and you know how stressed out and anxious and crazy they’re making themselves right now.”The altered viewpoint is not necessarily a bad thing, however.“It’s nice to see it from the other end, because we’re a little more relaxed now,” USG President Christian Kurth said.Looking back on their campaign, Kurth and Park had some ambitious platform points, but they believe they have made a significant dent in them.“I firmly believe that we’ve accomplished five or six very large items on our platform that I haven’t seen other tickets accomplish,” Kurth said.During their administration, Kurth and Park established a farmer’s market on campus, fixed the sidewalks on 28th Street, increased sustainability awareness through the new Environmental Student Assembly and brought back the LA Live shuttle.Other accomplishments, however, were less planned. Kurth believes the high number of alcohol-related transports and incidents that occurred last semester led to USG developing better relationships with the administration to deal with cultural issues on campus.“What I’ll be most proud of at the end of the day is how our [USG] administration has fixed that dynamic,” he said. “The administrators, they can say they care about [the student voice], but for them to actually be willing to come and work with us on things [is new].”Park agreed that if the two do leave a legacy at USC, it would be improved communication and cooperation between USG and the university administration.“USC’s known for ‘work hard, play hard,’ but it will also be one of those work hard, play hard, but also get along with the administration,” he said. “Honestly I think that would be the coolest thing, to [have had] a hand in creating a culture both the administration and the students can agree upon and something they can both enjoy.”Kurth and Park’s collaboration with the administration led to a new social events policy that allows programming on weekdays, as well as events at which alcohol is present on Thursdays.“The policy changes, 1992 was when they were created, and they hadn’t been touched since,” Park said. “The school has become super different since then; we’re not a commuter school anymore. We’re a totally different community so it was awesome to be able to have a hand in changing the way in which the university and students come together and collaborate.”Though much of the student attention has been concentrated on how this will affect their social lives, Kurth said the policy extends beyond The Row.“It allows people to celebrate Chinese New Year. It allows the Chess Club to have a tournament later,” he said. “This isn’t just a huge Greek issue.”The two said they plan on continuing working with the administration on alcohol-related policies including alcohol education in their remaining two months in office. When it comes time to turn over the reins on April 1, however, the two believe the school will remain in good hands.“I’m very happy to know that all the candidates have USG experience, multiple years in most cases,” Kurth said. “I feel comfortable handing this off to any of them. But, it is going to be a really fun, close, tough race.”Kurth and Park have both attributed their own positive experience to the university itself.“There’s something called the USC experience, which is very hard to articulate, put in words. It’s different for everyone,” Kurth said. “But, once you’re here, you feel it, you do it … If I could bottle it and sell it I would, but I don’t know what it is.”As for their future past USC, both have jobs lined up, Kurth will work in investment banking at Wells Fargo while Park will work in sales at the startup BrightEdge.“I think the best years of our lives are still to come,” Park said. “This is just the beginning and USC has definitely equipped us with the tools and opportunities to make the most of what’s out there.”last_img read more

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