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Morocco Keen To Deepen Bilateral Relations with Portugal FM

lisbon – Our conviction and our ambition is to ensure that relations with Portugal are further enriched and renewed, said Wednesday in Lisbon Foreign Minister, Salaheddine Mezouar.“The relations binding the two countries are exceptional thanks to the friendship and serenity that have always marked bilateral relations, enriched by our shared vision for the Mediterranean and the Atlantic regions,” said Mezouar during a press conference with his Portuguese counterpart, Rui Machete.These two dimensions have helped us to think of our partnership in relation to our environment, which requires continuous and ongoing flexibility, the minister said at the press briefing which was attended by Ambassador of Morocco to Portugal, Karima Benyaich.“We are in a context marked by a multiple issues related to peace and security and that are related to the problems of migration, human development, and the current economic juncture,” he added. For his part, Rui Machete said Morocco is an excellent partner for Portugal, describing as exceptional the relations between the two country.He said the meeting with the Moroccan top diplomat, held on the eve of the ministerial meeting of the 5+5 Dialogue forum aims to strengthen bilateral relations, and provides an opportunity to assess the work done in recent months, particularly since his visit to Morocco last January.Mezouar, is to take part, Thursday in Lisbon, in the 11th Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the “5 +5 Dialogue” group. read more

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TNA warns Government over failure to address issues

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has warned the Government to immediately address some of the key issues faced by the Tamils in the North, failing which they will back a change of Government.TNA and opposition leader R. Sampanthan said that while the Government has done a lot, more remains to be done. He also said that a new Constitution must be created through which a political solution is given to the Tamils.The opposition leader said that at consecutive elections the Tamils have been calling for a politucal solution. He said that hundreds of Tamils are still without jobs and this must be looked into.Sampanthan was speaking at a public event held in Vavuniya to coincide with the handing over of houses to the displaced families in the North.The 150 homes were built by the Gnanam Foundation. Actor Rajinikanth was to attend the event but he had to cancel his visit following protests by groups in Tamil Nadu. (Colombo Gazette) “Hundreds of Tamils are still suffering. The Government must understand this,” he said. Sampanthan said that the TNA will have high level talks with the Government and push for solutions for the Tamils issues. read more

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In Brazil Annan calls for new funding sources for development

“Analysis should not become an excuse for paralysis,” he said in remarks at a high-level panel on innovative sources of financing for development, part of the ongoing 11th ministerial meeting of the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) this week in São Paulo, Brazil. “We need action. There is an urgent need for a critical mass of new resources to deal with a wide spectrum of human hardship,” he said. One of the most innovative ideas being discussed was an International Financial Facility, proposed by the United Kingdom, that would “frontload” aid to meet the MDGs, he said. Once agreement in principle was reached, the Facility could be put in place quickly, but would need mechanisms to guarantee that aid levels stayed high enough to meet development needs beyond 2015, Mr. Annan said. The next General Assembly session would discuss a joint study of this and other proposals by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) and the UN University, he said, adding, however, “The democracy deficit in international economic and financial decision-making remains a serious problem.” New resources would help countries to rely on themselves and would be an investment in the future well-being and security of the world, he said. After delivering his address, Mr. Annan and his wife visited an innovative new educational centre in nearby Campo Limpo, designed to bring education, the arts, culture, education and sports to the community of nearly 200,000 people. They were accompanied by São Paulo Mayor Marta Suplicy, who had initiated the project. read more

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Barra teenager still unaccounted for after terror attack as her friend is

first_img“And this happens to many people sadly and on many occasions across the world we know it is happening. In Syria we know it is happening, in Yemen. Unfortunately today it’s happening to people in Barra.”The Rev Dr Lindsay Schluter, the Church of Scotland minister for Barra and South Uist congregations, said it was a small close-knit population and everybody had been affected by the tragedy.She added: “The events in Manchester and the way they have impacted on two families here has come as a great shock to everyone.”People have been numbed by what has happened to the two girls and everybody continues to be very anxious about their welfare.”People in the community have been very supportive of the families, deeply prayerfully so. As one person here has said, ‘Manchester and its people are so much closer to Barra than anyone ever had realised’.”Barra is at the southern end of the Western Isles archipelago and nearly 75 per cent of the population can speak Gaelic. Laura’s parents, Michael, a fish farmer worker, and his wife Margaret, are understood to be at her bedside.She is being treated for injuries including burns and is said to be in a serious condition. It is thought the girls may have been close to the explosion. Laura MacIntyre and Eilidh MacLeod travelled to Manchester from the Isle of Barra Bishop Brian McGee, Bishop of Argyll and the Isles, who visited members of both families on the island, said it was a “time of terrible anguish” for them.He added: “Spending time with the relatives of both girls was a reminder of the human cost of acts of terror. Such acts leave families broken, lives scarred and innocence destroyed, my thoughts and prayers are with the families at this traumatic time.”The local priest, Fr John Paul MacKinnon, said Barra was an island of “close bonds and deep faith”, adding: “The ripples of pain spreading out from the terrible events in Manchester on Monday night are amplified here in such a small community.“While everyone in the community is affected, it is the families of Eilidh and Laura who are in the greatest pain. The Church joins with the whole community in praying for them and offering them every support.”The girls are pupils at Castlebay Community School, where pupils could be allowed some dispensation over their exams as a result of the tragedy.A spokesman for Western Isles Council said it was in talks with the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) over the exceptional circumstances for the pupils, many of whom are due to sit exams in the next week.Meanwhile, more armed officers have been deployed across Scotland for the “forseeable future”.Police Scotland is also reviewing its plans for major public events, including the Scottish Cup Final this weekendThe Chief Constable, Phil Gormley, said the force would be increasing its operations around the country to protect people, businesses and public places. laura macintyre please please keep searching for my best friend Eilidh MacLeod💗🙏 #ManchesterBombing #MissingInManchester #manchesterattack— sam (@sammchardyy) May 23, 2017 Angus MacNeil, the SNP candidate for the Western Isles and a close friend of the families, said people were trying to make sense of the tragedy.He told BBC Scotland: “It is difficult for the community. People are trying to make sense of how this could happen, how you could leave a wee place like Barra and be caught up, two young girls from here.“But of course everybody is from somewhere small, or from a small house somewhere, or a small street, a small village or a small town, or are missed by a small group of people. He added: ”What we did yesterday morning in the immediate aftermath was substantially increase the number of armed officers available deployed across Scotland particularly to crowded places… We’ve augmented that through the night,” he said.”We have plans to be able to maintain that for the foreseeable future.”However, he added that there was no intelligence to suggest a specific threat to Scotland. Famed for its white sand beaches and its beach airstrip, the island has a population of just over 1,000 and was previously named Britain’s best island community. A teenager from the Isle of Barra is still missing following the Manchester terror attack while her friend is being treated in hospital.Eilidh MacLeod, 14, travelled to the concert with her school friend Laura MacIntyre, 15, who was located in hospital nearly 20 hours after the incident.Eilidh’s parents, Roddy and Marion, are in the city but have had no news of her since the end of the concert when the girls texted Mrs MacLeod to say the last song had started and they would be out soon.Donald Manford, Eilidh’s great uncle, said: “We have no confirmation of anything. We know they are working very hard and we are increasingly anxious as the time goes by. We are just waiting. Members of the family have travelled south and others are presently travelling south. Police Scotland are keeping us advised and informed.”The girls come from a largely Gaelic-speaking community where serious crime is virtually unknown and were at the concert as a special treat for Eilidh’s birthday. A relative said it was also a reward for their efforts at the island’s 170-pupil community school.Residents said there was shock and disbelief on the remote island that it had been so tragically caught up in the terrorist attack. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

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Secoms autonomous surveillance drone follows and spies on intruders

first_imgInstalling surveillance equipment at a location usually means setting up several stationery cameras that at best can rotate to track suspicious activity. But they are limited, and in a lot of cases require someone to be controlling their movement in order to detect and track effectively.Japanese company Secom has developed what it believes is a much better solution: an autonomous surveillance drone that can travel to the location of an intruder, then track and monitor them, capturing images in the process.When there is no active threat the drone will sit in a base station, which also acts as a battery charger as these flying machines usually have a battery life of around 15-20 minutes. When the accompanying security system detects an intruder, be it a vehicle or person, the drone is informed of the location and flies there.The equipment being carried includes an LED light source, camera, and computer system. This allows the drone to not only capture images of the intruder, but in the case of the car it can figure out the vehicle’s orientation and adjust its flight path to ensure an image of the license plate is captured.As it’s a mobile surveillance unit flying high in the air, it’s very difficult for an intruder to disable it (the drone is also programmed to fly at a safe distance away from the threat) or move to a location where the drone can’t follow. Using a drone also means you actually need far less equipment to keep an eye on a large facility, so the Secom drone could actually end up saving money on a complete security solution.There’s no word on price or availability yet, but I suspect we may see this drone put in an appearance at CES next month, or at the very least the next Japanese security or technology trade show.More at Tech-On!last_img read more

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Microsoft looks to patent Inconspicuous Mode for Windows Phones

first_imgMicrosoft has applied for a new patent that describes something called “Inconspicuous” Mode. Based on the descriptions and images in the application, it’s something like a souped-up take on the silent mode you can activate on an iPhone with the flick of a switch.Inconspicuous Mode would beyond simply disabling audio alerts, however. Microsoft also plans to reduce the amount of visual information presented on the lock screen. Just about everything has been removed, from cellular connection and power information at the top to calendar details and status alerts at the bottom. Even the wallpaper image has been cleared away, leaving a spartan screen that shows only the current time and an exclamation mark which serves as a minimal blanket alert.The goal is to offer Windows Phone users a quick and easy way to put their phones into a mode that’s as unobtrusive as possible without having to shut it completely off. Microsoft also mentions keeping the amount of light coming from the screen to a minimum, so it’s possible that Inconspicuous Mode would feature a maximum brightness setting (60% is mentioned in the filing), too. When enabled, a Windows Phone would be less distracting to others, say, in a movie theater or a restaurant.As a parent, this is a feature I’d welcome on my phone. While I’m not one to post on Facebook or text during a movie (especially when tickets cost what they do), I do need to make sure that the babysitter can still get my attention if there’s an urgent matter at home. If that can happen without annoying the folks around me, I’d certainly make sure Inconspicuous Mode was enabled before the lights went down.USPTO, via ZDnetlast_img read more

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Orange recycle vos téléphones du 22 au 24 avril

first_imgOrange recycle vos téléphones du 22 au 24 avrilFrance – A l’occasion de la journée mondiale de la Terre qui aura lieu le 22 avril prochain, Orange propose aux détenteurs de téléphones portables “fossiles” de venir déposer leurs appareils dans ses magasins, afin de les faire recycler.L’opération, organisée en partenariat avec le WWF et Emmaüs International, durera trois jours, du 22 au 24 avril. Toutes les personnes souhaitant se débarrasser de leur(s) ancien(s) téléphone(s), qu’elle soient ou non clientes chez Orange, pourront déposer leur bien dans les urnes mises à disposition dans 700 boutiques Orange.Les consommateurs pourront également déposer leurs batteries et leurs chargeurs. La plupart des téléphones (80%) seront mis en pièces puis recyclés, les autres seront remis en état puis revendus dans les pays émergents. Les bénéfices seront redistribués aux associations WWF, Emmaüs International ainsi qu’aux Ateliers du Bocage. Depuis 2005, 640.000 téléphones mobiles auraient été recyclés, dont 195.000 seulement pour l’année 2009.Le 19 avril 2010 à 15:40 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Android 50 débarqueratil cet automne

first_imgAndroid 5.0 débarquera-t-il cet automne ?Une déclaration du vice-président de l’ingénierie mobile de Google, Hiroshi Lockheimer, confirme un rythme de sortie annuel des nouvelles versions d’Android. Cela place la 5ème version du sysème d’exploitation à l’automne 2012.Alors qu’Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich commence à peine à se répandre dans nos smatphones, ses développeurs travaillent déjà à la prochaine version, qui n’a même pas encore de surnom. « Après Android 4 vient le 5 (lien non disponible), et nous n’avons pas encore annoncé de timing, car nous y réfléchissons encore. » raconte Hiroshi au Mobile Word Congress. « Il y a beaucoup de travail d’ingénierie, et la question de comment le planifier. En général, les releases d’Android se font à une cadence d’une release majeure par an, avec d’autres releases de maintenance qui sont tout de même importantes. » Ce rythme annuel pointe vers un Android 5.0 aux alentours de novembre 2012. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Il rappelle toutefois que leur but n’est pas la vitesse, mais l’innovation et le confort de l’utilisateur. Par ailleurs, ils travaillent à rendre les mises à jour des téléphones vers les nouvelles versions d’Android plus communes et plus faciles, notamment avec la Android Upgrade Alliance, annoncée à la conférence Google I/O de l’année dernière. Le nom de cette version est encore inconnu. Après Cup Cake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb et Ice Cream Sandwich, à quel genre de sucrerie allons-nous gouter grâce à Google ? Des Jelly Beans ?Le 29 février 2012 à 09:06 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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A Pair of NASA Jets Will Chase the Eclipse With Telescopes on

first_img Photos: Solar Eclipse 2019 Stuns South American Viewers’The Gifted’ S2 Finale Recap: Death, Destruction & Hope for Season 3 Stay on target Later this month, North America will be graced by one of the rarest astronomical phenomena — a total solar eclipse. These are, in a sense, actually common, and they cross over the oceans relatively frequently, for example. But this will be the first time North America has had a total eclipse one that cuts near plenty of major population centers in years. The next one won’t be until April 8, 2024, and then after that? Decades. While most of us (myself included) are excited to see something so unusual, NASA is hoping that this will be a landmark for science. Because those folks never slow their roll when there’s learning to be done.A pair of specialized, high-speed jets have been equipped with specialized telescopes so that they’ll be able to keep up with and record the eclipse from far above the clouds. Usually, these jets monitor atmospheric conditions as part of NASA’s mission to survey and understand all things aeronautic and astronomical.“This is the first mission for airborne astronomy,” solar astrophysicist and lead on the project, Amir Caspi, tells Quartz. Flying at almost ten miles above Earth’s surface, the twin jets will be able to record up to seven minutes of eclipse footage. This might not sound like much, but their altitude and speed more than triples the eclipse time the rest of us will get. And it’s all to study solar flares and coronal mass ejections — two of nature’s most lethal and elusive disasters.Solar flares are massive radiation blasts from (what else?) the Sun. They can buffet the earth causing damage to electronics, weakening our protective electromagnetic shield, subject countless people to super-charged radiation, and severely damage global communications by interfering with satellites.“When the sun sends out solar flares it can knock out satellites, it’s a hazard for astronauts, and it can knock out energy systems here on the ground,” Caspi says. Coronal mass ejections, though, are even worse. “That’s when the sun throws off billions of tons of material, and the particles and radiation comes towards the Earth.”Each has similar effects in that they both vomit radiation at us, but the scale and type of damage they can cause are wildly different. While solar flares can wreck our things, CMEs have the potential to knock out power for months or years. In short, if a large enough CME hit our planet just right, modern life as we know it would all but stop.And that’s exactly why we need to study the sun and figure out what exactly causes them.The sun is a constantly churning ball of energy. It twists and contorts powerful magnetic fields over and over, and when they get too wound up, they will snap, releasing all that stored up energy at once — not unlike winding up a rubber band until it breaks. Y’know… just trillions and trillions of times more powerful.Because the sun is so bright, we rarely get close, detailed looks at its surface — even less so of its corona, an energized atmosphere of twisting plasma that’s millions of degrees hotter than the Sun’s own surface. When the moon slips in front of our parent star for just a bit in a couple of weeks, it will give scientists a rare opportunity to see all of that clearly. That data will get fed through computers and in a few months to a few years, we’ll have a better understanding of just what to expect from our, at times, uncomfortably violent star.This will also be one of the first times we have the chance to map the surface of Mercury. Despite it being one of the oldest known planets, we still don’t know much about it. It orbits too close to the sun to get a good luck much of the time, and we don’t tend to send missions towards the inner solar system because, as it turns out, going towards the Sun is often a bigger challenge than heading away.In any case, enjoy the eclipse if you’re in its path or expect to be. Just know that some don’t have time to marvel at the beauty of the natural world. They’ll be doing the hard science instead — protecting you and me from possible future apocalypse by way of radioactive star-puke.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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2 rescued after boat catches fire in Miami Beach

first_imgMIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – Two men were rescued after a boat caught fire in Miami Beach, Friday.Cellphone video captured the vessel near Collins Avenue and 59th Street as it was fully engulfed.According to officials, the victims were working on the boat when, they said, they heard a loud explosion. They then dove into the water.Crews were able to put out the flames.The vessel was left a total loss.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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Facebooks Latest News Feed Change Sounds Like Bad News for Publishers

first_img Turns out, Facebook would rather show you pictures of your sister’s kitten. Additionally, Mosseri’s blog featured what is undoubtedly a response to recent allegations that Facebook deliberately censored conservative viewpoints in its Trending Topics section. The announcement will surely be cause for concern among publishers, who are becoming increasingly reliant on Facebook as a distribution platform. It also highlights the inherent risks taken on by media companies when investing heavily in a platform whose mission may not be perfectly aligned with their own. Just today, Refinery29 announced that it is assembling a ten-person team devoted entirely to Facebook Live Video. The announcement arrives at a time when Facebook has become more of a content distribution platform than the social network Mark Zuckerberg launched from his Harvard dorm in 2004. Personal sharing is down, with users instead turning to platforms like Snapchat and Facebook-owned Instagram to connect with friends.  Presumably, most publishers were not posting content that was deliberately un-shareable, so it’s unclear who the real winners and losers will be as a result of the change. So why make the change? Facebook’s oft-repeated mantra is that it’s all about fostering relationships for its users. Over the years, however, the platform’s ubiquity — and an overwhelming market share that’s upended digital media and advertising as we know it — has led many to hail it as the next great news frontier, the antidote to diminishing ad revenue and a print industry in decline. When precisely the latest algorithm change — Facebook’s second in three months — will go into effect remains unclear.center_img “Facebook was built on the idea of connecting people with their friends and family. That is still the driving principle of News Feed today,” wrote VP of product management, Adam Mosseri, in a separate post. “Our top priority is keeping you connected to the people, places and things you want to be connected to — starting with the people you are friends with on Facebook.” The latest change to the social network’s News Feed algorithm, announced today, will boost posts shared by “friends” — individuals — at the expense of those shared by “pages” — publishers. “Overall, we anticipate that this update may cause reach and referral traffic to decline for some Pages,” wrote Lars Backstrom, Facebook’s engineering director, in a blog post. “We encourage Pages to post things that their audience are likely to share with their friends.” Only after completing that first step of connecting peers with one another, wrote Mosseri, is the News Feed expected to serve as a platform for informing and entertaining. Under the heading, “A Platform for All Ideas,” Mosseri wrote, “We are not in the business of picking which issues the world should read about. We are in the business of connecting people and ideas — and matching people with the stories they find most meaningful. Our integrity depends on being inclusive of all perspectives and view points, and using ranking to connect people with the stories and sources they find the most meaningful and engaging.” Facebook has been aggressively recruiting publishers for its new live video feature, so it’s unlikely that those posts will henceforth be buried by baby pictures. The same goes for Instant Articles, which Facebook says load up to ten times faster than external links and are now open to all publishers.last_img read more

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Design Challenge encourages innovative solutions for Cabin Fever

first_imgAs the state is cloaked in darkness and cold, cabin fever starts to set in. But some Alaskans think they can fight winter’s scourge by reinventing the spaces we inhabit. The Alaska Design Forum is hosting a challenge to get community members and designers to reconsider the cabin of the future.Download AudioRachelle Dowdy is the project manager for the Cabin Fever Design Challenge, and she lives in a cabin that’s a bit more of the past than the future. Part of it’s made from a manufactured housing unit from the pipeline days.“The other part of my cabin is made of broken down snow machine pallets that I reclaimed the two by sixes for,” she explains.  “And it has hidden framed in doors and windows for future add-ons. It’s that very Alaska style architecture…”Dowdy lives in Ester near Fairbanks. She doesn’t have plumbing, electricity, or internet access. When she thinks of a cabin of the future, it would have those practical amenities.Alaska Design Forum director Holly McQuinn says the idea of the cabin design challenge is to get artists, architects, cabin dwellers and everyone else to think about a cabin that fits into the state’s unique environment. It could even help solve some of the state’s challenges, like the sadness brought on by winter.“I was thinking, ‘what are those things that are challenging to me?’ Ok, well, it’s cold and it’s dark. Well, how do we play with those things? How do we turn that around and how do we think ‘Wow! I’m going to use this darkness and maybe do a light show in my living room.’ Or use some kind of manipulation of light so my perspective shifts so I’m suddenly saying ‘Oh I can’t wait for that darkness to happen!’”McQuinn dreams about cabins with robots doing housework as well.Up to 40 design teams from around the state can sign up for the contest. No design experience is necessary. McQuinn says it’s a professional development exercise as well. Participants will display models and drawings of their entries at an art gallery and receive professional photos for their portfolios.“Possibly some of these could actually be built or developed. Future projects. You know, who knows. The sky’s the limit,” she says.Anchorage Architect Roy Roundtree says that’s why he’s participating in the contest — to let his mind explore in ways normal work doesn’t allow.“You never got a chance to really spread your wings as a designer, to really think outside of the box because there’s always a client there to hold you back and say, ‘Hey wait, where’s that deadline? Where are those drawings? I wanted five bathrooms not four!’”As he starts preparing for the contest, Roundtree says he’s thinking about what a cabin really is. Why do people live in them? Do they want to be part of the wilderness? To harvest from the wild? Is a cabin social or solitary?“How does your mind change when you journey to a cabin?”So what will Roundtree’s cabin of the future be? He says he’s not sure, but he has until the contest closes on January 29 to decide. Participants need to sign up by December 8.last_img read more

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Indian High Commission in Pakistan litup ahead of Independence

first_imgIslamabad: The Indian High Commission in Islamabad is all set to celebrate the 73rd Independence Day of the country with much fervour, even as Islamabad continues its bitter rhetorics following revocation of Article 370. The High Commission on Wednesday tweeted an image of embassy building lit-up in Tricolour ahead of the Independence Day. Also Read – Watch: Donald Trump says Florida faces absolute monster hurricane Advertise With Us “Resplendent in the colours of the Tiranga, the High Commission of India in Pakistan quietly awaits the dawn of 15 August 2019 when it will burst into celebration of the 73rd #IndependenceDay. Jai Hind!” a tweet by India in Pakistan read.Resplendent in the colours of the Tiranga, the High Commission of India in Pakistan quietly awaits the dawn of 15 August 2019 when it will burst into celebration of the 73rd #IndependenceDay. Jai Hind! @AjayBis @MEAIndia— India in Pakistan (@IndiainPakistan) August 14, 2019The tweet tagged Indian envoy to Pakistan Ajay Bisaria, who recently returned to New Delhi following Islamabad’s decision to downgrade diplomatic ties with India. The country has also informed India that it would not be sending its High Commissioner-designate to India Moin-ul-Haq, who was expected to officially take charge on August 16.last_img read more

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WATCH Divya Drishtis Rakshit and Drishti share intimate moment fans cant keep

first_imgTake a look at some of the fans reaction to the upcoming steamy sequence: Rakshit (Adhvik Mahajan) and Drishti (Sana Sayyad) of Divya DrishtiinstagramArdent fans of supernatural show Divya Drishti, are set to witness another intimate sequence between show’s leads – Rakshit (Adhvik Mahajan) and Drishti (Sana Sayyad).In just six months of run, the show has managed to win the hearts of millions of viewers. Not just the gripping storyline but the chemistry between Rakshit and Drishti have kept viewers hooked to the show.And now, the makers are raising the entertainment quotient with a steamy track, which will be aired soon. In a sneak peek shared by the makers, Rakshit is seen draping Drishti’s saree. As soon as the promo was out, fans went crazy and expressed their eagerness to watch the episode.Earlier, when the on-screen couple’s first kissing scene was aired, it went viral on social media in no time. Talking about it, Adhvik had told Telly Chakkar, “Well, this is the first time that I have shot a kissing scene. Although Sana and I have romanced in the show, for the first time, viewers will witness our sensuous romance.””Talking about comfort, being an actor, every scene is very mechanical. Since Sana and I are very good friends off-screen and we are quite comfortable shooting with each other, there was no awkwardness,” Adhvik added.When asked about his wife Neha Mahajan’s reaction on his steamy scene, he said that Neha understands his job and has no qualms on his kissing on-screen.”Neha knows me from my college days, and she understands an actor’s job and my passion towards acting. She has no qualms on me kissing on-screen. We both have made a lot of sacrifices to reach here.We support each other, and she gets happy seeing me becoming successful in life,” Adhvik said.last_img read more

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Hong Kong student protesters clash with police at government HQ

first_imgWith morning rush hour under way, fresh scuffles broke out between police and demonstrators at the main Admiralty protest site.Tearful protesters were forced from the government site and roads were cleared for traffic, but government offices remained closed with the de facto parliament suspended. Emotions continued to run high with clashes between police and protesters at a shopping arcade near the Admiralty site, with at least one person stretchered away, according to a reporter at the scene. Also Read – Pro-Govt supporters rally as Hong Kong’s divisions deepenIn chaotic scenes overnight, hundreds of protesters wearing helmets and wielding umbrellas spilled into a major road outside the office of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying as police tried to beat them back with batons and pepper spray. “I want true democracy!” protesters yelled. “Surround the headquarters. Paralyse the government.” Protesters have been staging mass sit-ins in Hong Kong since late September, demanding free leadership elections for the semi-autonomous Chinese city. China’s communist authorities insist candidates for the 2017 vote must be vetted by a loyalist committee, which the protesters say will ensure the election of a pro-Beijing stooge. Police said they had made 40 arrests overnight and 11 officers had been injured. Several protesters were injured in the overnight clashes. One was seen led away by police with a bloodied face, while others were tended to by first-aid volunteers after being fired at with pepper spray.last_img read more

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Linear Title Closing Names COO

first_imgLinear Title & Closing Names COO Linear Title & Closing Movers & Shakers 2014-05-21 Tory Barringer Linear Title & Closing, a national title insurance and settlement services provider operating out of Rhode Island, appointed Nathan Chandler as COO, effective immediately.“Nathan has earned this opportunity working his way up through the trenches to Executive Management positions and now into an Officer position,” said CEO Nick Liuzza of the longtime employee. “We are a much stronger company with Nathan in this position. The future is bright for Linear Title.”As COO, Chandler is now responsible for structuring Linear Title’s operational policies and procedures, as well as those of its subsidiaries. He is also tasked with identifying and implementing more cost-effective processes for the company to deliver its products and services.“I am very excited to accept this position,” Chandler said. “Being involved in the start up and subsequent rapid growth of Linear Title over the past eight years has been exciting and I am looking forward to continuing on our path of providing quality products and services across all of our brands.” in Headlines, News, Uncategorizedcenter_img May 21, 2014 434 Views Sharelast_img read more

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