2010 Chinese clothing net thing

if the lackluster profit model Chinese Internet, but with the apparel industry combination, appeared to subvert the situation out of the ordinary. Basic necessities of life, dressed for the first. Clothing, which is easier to go online in the era of network B2C product category, after the smart businessman that dazzling business operations, immediately interpreted as a new customer experience.

with the network sales booming, more and more experts will no longer be an anachronism to shouting "kill network fashion experience" speech, but continue to throw in his speech: "please note that Internet sales force." read more


Buy food are electricity supplier, what are you waiting for

366ec Xiaobian today was informed that the Hangzhou municipal Revolutionary Committee will be put forward to promote the development of e-commerce of agricultural products, the introduction of preferential policies to guide the agricultural leading enterprises and farmers to carry out electronic commerce, and be rewarded. Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, municipal people’s Congress Chairman Huang Kunming lingban.

buy vegetables also represent the general trend, the electricity supplier". read more


Taobao joint Department of press and publication the seller must have fake license


technology news December 20th afternoon news taobao.com today announced the "2014 Taobao with the Department of press and publication fake report". The report shows that Taobao books and audio books for the establishment of a detailed rules of the goods, the seller must have a "publication business license". And with the State Press and Publication Administration of radio and television to establish a special reporting channels.

Taobao said in the report, Taobao welcomes the majority of entrepreneurs together with Taobao, the use of the Internet free, transparent and open service users. But on the other hand, Taobao also actively implement the laws and regulations of government departments at all levels, fight against selling counterfeit and shoddy goods and other illegal acts. read more


Taobao accused of connivance of War fake fake rights platform more in name than in reality

just replay the Alibaba "fraud" problem of Ma, I’m afraid to C2C a single large market of Taobao for a "purge".

late on April 23rd, CCTV broadcast the "focus" shows the exposure of the Taobao network aware selling fake goods and consumer rights difficult, condone illegal businesses selling Gucci goods etc.. For the country’s largest e-commerce platform for Taobao, the important thing is not that there is a fake, but how to deal with fakes, and how to help consumers solve the problem after the sale of fake. read more


E-commerce website must have six modules

now the society is not only the traffic congestion, even online e-commerce sites on the Internet is also a wave after wave, then wave after wave of electronic commerce website launched the Internet arena, so after another, why they didn’t essentially solve why my website to attract customers, and of course the e-commerce operation whether the product is suitable for the reality of the consumer has a lot, but the discussion today is not a product, and discuss how to optimize the e-commerce website read more


Urgent transformation of e-commerce from price war to demand competition

With the development of electronic commerce,

will gradually replace the vicious price competition in order to meet the personalized needs of consumers, which will become the inevitable trend of the healthy development of e-commerce.

according to the "investigation report" 2010 China Internet users online shopping behavior and satisfaction shows: " price " concept of people, more than 70% of consumers with cheap " " factors of online shopping. In addition, the convenience of online shopping has become the main factor, consumers choose online shopping because of " at any time to buy, not limited to time, " " easy to buy " because consumers choose online shopping accounted for a large proportion, and a low price in addition to " " second dominant factors outside. read more


Ageing loss is a must must play the price war

Lei Jun: after every business is e-commerce company.


: no ruling courage, don’t walk through the electricity supplier in this basin of water.

morning news (reporter Sun Yu) loss is necessary, the price war must fight. The first half of the year, I said, the price war may be three years to end, and now it seems to accelerate, because the more tragic end time will be faster." In yesterday’s Beijing rendezvous site, VANCL founder old gunpowder taste quite strong statement speaks of the current electricity supplier industry trend. read more


Electronic commerce Baidu promotion article eight trick

If you do

network marketing promotion of Baidu to do the equivalent of 50% work! In the domestic search engine market share in Baidu almost to 75%, so we must pay attention to Baidu, Baidu promotion, the most straightforward is to pay to do the bidding of Baidu! Auction because they are black Baidu salesman, a Jin asks you to add a word, so money joy is gone, many bosses are afraid, but if you choose the right keywords, written advertisements, Baidu bidding is a good promotion methods! Of course I believe that the main promotion methods still want to know not to spend money, so please watch the picture below, I’ll give you one on read more


Witkey sell inspiration for real silver

two in the morning, the vast majority of people are sleeping soundly, 80 percent of Li Zhiyao is also lying in front of the computer to write a mobile phone store planning program. Originally, he was doing "Witkey" to earn extra money.

, Witkey, meaning "Witkey" is by virtue of their wisdom, knowledge and expertise on the Internet to help others to solve problems and get paid by people. Now, "Witkey" in Guangzhou quietly, they bid for the next task through the network, small pet name, to market research, program development, everything. read more


Wangzhuan before I three times daily, you do it

A5 yesterday to see an article, which referred to the new ideas for the development of Taobao customers under the existing conditions, this is actually not the most impressed me, why let me awake is the other day’s income to my monthly income. This guy one day can earn more than 4 thousand dollars, not only that, write expert expert, author of the article also said that in the Taobao station long, one day can earn 1W station grew up in, I just feel that 2 years of struggle in the end or a cipher. I now on this level of profitability has been very satisfied, because the process of doing a master’s in many times to give up, only Baidu has killed me, paid no return, or direct a happy return to the liberation, who can bear this. However, in the actual operation, I will often feel that if they had to do more preparation, then make a bad day now earn 4000 may be me. read more


Dark horse koala products stop delivery notice


Hello everyone!


Products Offline today, please put the advertisement webmaster removed code, update the alliance of other products.

data settlement date: November 28, 2007 morning.

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for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information: http://top.admin5.com/u read more


Advise small and medium web site Adsense advertising or do not do as well

actually do the webmaster want to earn some money, the secretarial chowder network http://www.rrrwm.com is no exception, after making friends, according to the results of adding billing advertising, tested more than two months, we will experience up to the webmaster, and study decision:

, join is not difficult to make money is not easy. First come first, that went to the Golden Avenue, leaned over the body, that everywhere is gold, but from May to now, the weight of more than 3 thousand IP, only 20 yuan (pay promotion income is one hundred yuan, I can’t get this twenty yuan), according to the results of visible, not imagine that money, for small and medium-sized website, money is the castles in the air. read more


Chinese and foreign experts talk about entrepreneurship education should start from the basic educat

June 18th, the twenty group think tank Conference (T20), innovation, new economic and structural reform international conference held in Anji. In the afternoon, from 8 countries and regions, more than 40 experts and scholars of the interactive discussion around the hot topic of economic transformation and upgrading and innovation and entrepreneurship ", safeguard strategic aspirations, entrepreneurship and innovation of Education under the background of the new economy value reconstruction, ecological construction system and mechanism. read more


How to make your breasts beautiful for a lifetime ‘s health network

at this time to strengthen the upper back muscle exercise, there will be a beautiful chest and shoulder curve. The most simple method, is the chest, looked up, stand up straight. In addition, do some chest exercise is also conducive to breast health.

entered the age of 40, the proportion of fat in the breast began to rise, the increasingly sagging and relaxation became an inevitable process. At this time, women need to focus on breast cyst. Fortunately, most of these were harmless, will not increase the risk of breast cancer. read more