Direct purchase of the Pacific accused of disguised pyramid schemes BMC crazy suction gold billions

wonderful Life Inc chairman Tang Qingnan has been taken away by the police, the front desk is playing a game. Newspaper reporter Li Jingying photo

Pacific direct purchase official network to a victim issued by the merchant integrity consumer margin receipt and membership card. Jane Peng for map reporter Intern Cao Xiaoqiang Zhang Chen

June 1st, Jiangxi Life Investment Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "wonderful Life Inc") former chairman Tang Qingnan, on suspicion of organizing crime was arrested. read more


Real change is to explore the Shandong rural areas from 90 to 60 after the shop in succession in

at 11 in the morning, Shandong city of Heze province Caoxian Ji Xiang Ding Village, two villagers in costumes on accessories.

2 pm, Shandong County, Boxing City, the village head of the streets of the Bay, the slogan of e-commerce everywhere.

the evening of January 8th 6, Bay Village Shandong County of Boxing province Binzhou City, the 20 "Taobao village" one of the villagers in the village one after another to the courier delivery, from 4 pm to 7 pm, is the time to express the busy village. read more


Anti spam agency suggested that CANN cancel the new network registration

DoNews June 24th news (reporter Xiao Kefeng) in June 24th, according to foreign media reports, the anti spam agency Knujon recently accused ICANN (ICANN) to prevent spam sites ineffective, and suggested that the abolition of Beijing new network registrar qualification.

Knujon in a report submitted to the ICANN said, the vast majority of spam sites from 20 American ICANN certification and the overseas registered business, the new network, Chinese from BEIJINGNN, the top three Internet era. The registrar is suspected of providing false or incomplete domain name holder information to facilitate the use of garbage sites. read more


A few big trick website promotion

on the website promotion trick a few

note: website promotion is not as simple as below, and the promotion of money, I think it is not a successful promotion. Only by their own success!

on the website promotion trick a few

this time, more and more websites, has far exceeded the number of cattle, so make a website more easily; website promotion, more and more difficult.

recently, there are often many users to help me, I do not have too much time, and according to their own experience, here are some of the more useful ways to feel for your reference. read more


Cheetah browser promotion strategy analysis

recently cheetah browser completely fire. A fuse is a provocative title of the letter "a" video by millions of people on the woman, a week after the video only has played more than 3 million hits on Youku online.

SEO technology analysis of its fiery reasons are as follows: 1, gender; 2, facts.

has been on the Chinese gender aspects are not dare to say so, and in the green environment of Internet is not allowed to speak too much words, but the cheetah browser by third party tone said, although there are some super, but with an acceptable range. Also on the 12306, too many places to be criticized, which is the history of the history of the world’s most cattle electricity supplier, the user experience has been ridiculed rotten to the extreme, and the fact that. Combined with these two points, we all know that this is not a choice not to buckle the ads, but still looked down, on the 12306, to the cheetah face. read more


Vertical cruise platform for the world cruise network A round of financing platform for wind financi

It is reported that, after

lead: the two round of financing, valuation of more than $100 million in net world cruise.

1 Wang Sicong and other investment video game providers 100 million yuan ImbaTV

news October 26th, video game content provider ImbaTV today officially announced that it has completed about 100 million yuan of B round of financing, the fund’s Adams Zijin culture capital lead investor, MIPs capital investment, A round investors Sequoia Capital and innovation works continue to overweight with investment. At present, all the investment has been credited. read more


Biography Tencent electricity supplier in the region to challenge Jingdong

brewing, after years of adjustment, the electricity supplier Tencent finally officially deployed the front, front joined the business platform battle group. Last week, it invited the more than and 300 oriented businesses, announced that its QQ online shopping platform open.

years of business development in the past period of Hurricane loss, a Tencent business trying to "leap" development. Tencent business CEO Wu Xiaoguang said, their development path to choose "steep Everest North Slope in spite of difficulties, but more, after the first opportunity. read more


7 trends of mobile marketing from user behavior

how to understand the mobile Internet?

for the future, the mobile Internet is a mobile economy. Data show that by 2013 the number of mobile devices connected to about 6 billion 800 million, many people usually have more than 2 Mobile devices. 2013 global mobile advertising growth of about 79%. The current mobile economy, including telecom operators, mobile Internet related industries, which accounted for 2.3% of global GDP. According to Ericsson’s forecast, 2012 – 2018, the entire mobile data traffic will increase by about 12 times. read more


Network marketing is fun to play

rapid development of the Internet so that everyone through the network of social, trading, especially the development of smart phones so that more users can not do without the internet. It is because there are a large number of user groups, a large number of customers on the Internet, so the network marketing has become a necessary channel for enterprises. Guardian yuan Kun found that many companies want to play the Internet, want to do network marketing, network marketing in the end how to play? read more


Teacher’s day to the brand once again launched a Thanksgiving Carnival so touched your teacher know

is this kind of love to accompany our youth; it is the love that teaches us to be human; it is this love that makes us what we are. To express the feeling, the love will be passed to the people who need to know is also a letter — this is home to " and pleasant, credit China " choose to launch their first holiday brand Promo holdings in the teacher’s day as the financial technology company.

" teacher’s day comes, I have you love the way I love you, " under this theme, on the ten anniversary of the establishment of appropriate letter on the occasion, the letter advised the company hopes to pass by this video is not only a kind of gratitude, but a kind of gratitude. This kind of gratitude in the form of informal, not limited to the audience, he is more of a passing feeling, a kind of spirit, even if I did not become when you grow up, but I will have you Jinai the way I love you, love work, love life. read more


The Ten Network selection of e-commerce ecosystem enterprises become a major bright spot

, as a leader in the development of electronic commerce network global " Conference; Ten Network " positive selection, all over the country attracted numerous outstanding entrepreneurs and business hot application. In this selection, the ecosystem awards in this year’s network is more open than the previous selection pattern, the network is not limited to individuals or enterprises, institutions and organizations to network as the representative of the new network, " " attention as e-commerce ecosystem service providers in the industry caused by. read more


September 2007 07 domain name deletion list


domain name registration agency cost and 55 yuan / year / month, 620 special offer agent 120 space 150m nets.
more please login: /domain.htm

sotx.cn 11ic.com
7wo8.com CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more


A number of Alibaba repaying small appliances consumers can purchase records of rights

with the net Ali, many home appliance brands also suffer, and the Alibaba will battle to the small household appliance market, before the Alibaba said, Royalstar, triangle hemisphere contains eight variety of merchandise brand category of the whole network is punishable by repaying the punishment, related goods to meet the rights of treatment, while the remaining related goods for more stringent regulation.

the repaying small appliances brand and model

as long as you buy in May 12th after the above models of small household electrical appliances, consumers can apply for online rights, customer service assistance to deal with. read more


2010 will be a lot of Taobao small sellers dead to the year

2010, will be the year of the death of countless small sellers Taobao.

after a few years after the operation of Taobao mall, Taobao has shown the polymerization of B2C. B (enterprise) classification two kinds, one is all kinds of enterprise operation of the project settled in Taobao, such as BMW, UNIQLO; one is that the original C (individual sellers) crown level sellers grew up, this has completely entered the ranks of the B. So in this case, Taobao is bound to start shuffling, shuffling the reasons for good: 2010, the year of consumers. read more


Cross border export trends clothing this year or busy season is not prosperous

[Reuters] before the date of the state power, money Alipay VP Zheng Huadong at the summit Ebang cross-border electricity supplier for the core issues of cross-border payments made a discussion, and from the angle of payment showing the status of cross-border electricity supplier industry. According to the published data, at present, clothing and electronic products is still Chinese cross-border retail electricity suppliers export "pillar", the total trading volume accounted for more than 70%, while the apparel industry this year may be a "busy season" phenomenon. read more


Domain Hell.com bid no bid for private auction

          October 31st international report Halloween is coming, but buyers apparently no interest in hell domain Hell.com.

since earlier this year, sex.com sold $12 million in price, all out of hell. The price of $1 million, but the result was no bid.

according to the information provided by the station, hell.com is a private network parallel web browser cannot access "". read more