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Drive-By Truckers Announce 11th Studio Album With Rocking Single ‘Surrender Under Protest’

first_imgAthens, GA favorites Drive-By Truckers have announced that their 11th studio album, fittingly titled American Band, will be released via ATO Records on September 30, 2016. In a message posted to the band’s website, the group’s front man Patterson Hood explains the topical nature of the American Band‘s themes, in the midst of the “crazy times” that we live in, and the group’s mindset when creating the album:“We’ve always considered ourselves a political band, even when that aspect seemed to be concealed by some type of narrative device i.e. dealing with issues of race by telling a story set in the time of George Wallace or class struggles by setting “Putting People of the Moon” in the age of Reagan.This time out, there are no such diversions as these songs are mostly set front and center in the current political arena with songs dealing with our racial and cultural divisions, gun violence, mass shootings and political assholery. Once again, there is a nearly even split between the songs of Cooley and myself, with both of us bringing in songs that seem to almost imply a conversation between us about our current place in time.American Band is a sort of rock and roll call to arms as well as a musical reset button for our band and the country we live in. Most of all, we look at it as the beginnings of some conversations that we, as a people very much need to begin having if we ever hope to break through the divisions that are threatening to tear us apart. Drive-By Truckers are celebrating our twentieth anniversary as a band in an election year where some people are trying to define what it is to be American. Definitions based on some outdated ideology of prejudice and fear. We are loudly proclaiming that those people don’t speak for us. America is and always has been a land of immigrants and ideals. Ideals that we have often fallen short of achieving, but it’s the striving that has given us whatever claims to greatness we have had. That’s what America means to us and “We’re an American Band’.”The band also released a stream of “Surrender Under Protest” off the upcoming album. As Hood says in the message, “‘Surrender Under Protest’ is a Mike Cooley composition that is unlike any DBT song we’ve ever recorded, yet somehow sounds unmistakably like us. In a way, that’s pretty indicative of the album as a whole.” Listen to the new song below:A pre-order period is now underway. Check here for more details.last_img read more

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Breaking bread together

first_imgThese days, the thought of shared meals, in which families or friends regularly gather around tables to eat and converse leisurely, seems about as old-fashioned as a rotary phone.In the fast-paced world of 2010, diners are more likely to grab a sandwich to go, or eat at their desks, in their cars, while walking, or even on public transit en route to their next engagements.The Harvard Divinity School (HDS) is hoping to change that dining dynamic in a small way with its new community table at the School’s Rock Café.Introduced this fall as a way to bring people together around shared meals, the table was the idea of Harvard University Hospitality and Dining Services (HUDS), and was backed by the café’s food advisory committee, a group of students and staff who regularly meet to discuss ways to improve the eating experience at the newly renovated dining space in Rockefeller Hall.“We wanted to find a way to differentiate ourselves from other dining experiences nearby,” said Ralph DeFlorio, director of operations for Harvard Divinity School. “There is a tradition in a lot of other divinity schools where they have a refectory type of setting with community tables and shared meals, so we thought that was something we could bring back to the Rock Café.”An added goal, said DeFlorio, was to create largely sustainable meals, a mission that has been accomplished with the help of produce from the School’s new community garden located across the street behind the dean’s house, to the side of the School’s Center for the Study of World Religions.Faculty, students, and staff can reserve the table for family-style meals for $5.95 per person. The food is specially prepared by the café staff.On Monday (Oct. 18), members of the café’s advisory committee took advantage of the chance to eat and chat with a special guest, author and noted chef Mollie Katzen, who is also a member of the Harvard University Hospitality and Dining Services advisory committee.Katzen was on campus during the week for a series of lectures and cooking events. Her vegetarian ethos was behind the table’s meal of the day, a lunch of spice-crusted tofu cutlets, black bean sliders, bulgur pilaf, and marinated broccoli and mushrooms with walnuts.In a discussion about how to best introduce vegetarian options to the café’s menu, Katzen urged the committee to come up with a slogan that could convey a sense of the possible.“We still have a long way to go. Unfortunately, people still perceive [the concept of] ‘meatless’ as something that is being taken away,” she said, encouraging the committee to “find a phrase about giving people more, rather than taking something away.”The popular chef, who styles herself as pro-vegetable as opposed to anti-meat, was thrilled to see the committee members all seated at the same table.“There’s a whole generation coming up who don’t eat at tables,” said Katzen. She praised HDS for its effort to revitalize “the whole art of sitting down together, eating at a table.”Martin Breslin, HUDS director for culinary operations, agreed.“People seem to love it,” he said of the new table arrangement. “It’s the ‘real food’ experience from a community perspective.”Organizers hope to expand the table’s reservations and envision it becoming a regular meeting space for departments and groups around the School.“I think people are very passionate about food here,” said DeFlorio. “It’s a big part of the culture and the environment, and this [table] is something that connects people together, with food.”“I love sitting down to have a communal meal with people,” said committee member and HDS student Grace Egbert. “This is a much more meaningful and enriching experience, … much more than getting a sandwich from the cooler.”last_img read more

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Survivor discusses past abuse

first_imgVictimologist and educator Tena Dellaca-Hedrick delivered her speech, “Turning Passion into Purpose” as part of a co-sponsored event held by Saint Mary’s Belles Against Violence Office (BAVO) and the Cross Currents Program’s Collegiate Speaker Series. Through audience participation activities, Dellaca-Hedrick helped students, faculty and community members develop a sense of self. However, by helping the audience find themselves, Dellaca-Hedrick also helped them discover the power of life experiences and the empowering nature of community. As a victimologist, Dellaca-Hedrick deals with patients of domestic and sexual abuse. While Dellaca-Hedrick works with victims as part of her job, she herself was also a victim of sexual abuse. However, she said she decided not to dwell on her own victim stories. Rather, she discussed how stories of victimization can change into empowering ones of survival. With one exercise showcasing how ‘victim’ and ‘survivor’ are defined by different terms, Dellaca-Hedrick demonstrated even with good intentions, we view victims in a negative way. “Victims of sexual assault die the day they are victimized … then they are re-born,” Dellaca-Hedrick said. Dellaca-Hedrick had the audience describe her based on first impressions. The audience described her in words detailing her race, sex, marital status, religion and age, among other things. After compiling a list, Dellaca-Hedrick went through proving why three of the five adjectives were false. She said each and every aspect of a person’s character contributes to a person’s identity in a vital way. “What you see on first glance can re-victimize a person by assuming something about a person,” Dellaca-Hedrick said. “Even from the best intentions, we make assumptions about people … by making assumptions about our friends and family, we can hurt them too.” Dellaca-Hedrick told the audience that all were survivors, who had experienced some event in their lives that has impacted us directly and changed their identity. “Anybody who feels they haven’t survived something, I would like to meet you,” she said. Despite her own experience of abuse, Dellaca-Hedrick said she would not change anything about her life. She said her background led her to travel the world and meet and help people. “Every experience, whether pleasurable or painful, is a gift … and has led us to where we are today,” Dellaca-Hedrick said. “It’s what we make of that gift that is up to us.” At work, Dellaca-Hedrick said she helps her clients find their own internal power and strength. Therefore, Dellaca-Hedrick urged the audience to find themselves, claiming “education is not the only stepping stone to where you want to go.” Instead, she claimed, it is personal experience that makes people who they are. “Academia is the icing on the cake, but the cake — your cake — is meaningful,” Dellaca-Hedrick said. As part of enriching that cake, she asked the audience to create personal goals and put them into action. As her last activity, she made audience members change positions in the room and actually go through another person’s purse. She then asked for volunteers to tell how they felt. ‘Nervous,’ ‘exposed,’ ‘exploited’ and ‘uncomfortable’ were all words used to describe the experience. Those were all the emotions she said victims feel when telling their story. By recognizing that everyone has felt this way at some point in their lives, she said they can better relate to our peers. Jacqualyn Zupancic, a junior, said she felt a sense of community she felt after the lecture. “[The lecture] brings unity. I now know that I’m not alone,” Zupancic said. “People over and over again will face the same things I’m going through.”last_img read more

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Sunny Sunday, Unsettled For Start Of New Work Week

first_imgJAMESTOWN – High pressure will provide for mainly dry and cool weather for Sunday afternoon. A front will stall over the eastern Great Lakes tonight through Tuesday night, which will provide for unsettled weather. For this afternoon, partly cloudy with highs in the lower-50’s.Tonight, as a front approaches it will become cloudy with rain showers likely. Lows in the upper-30’s. Both Monday and Tuesday will remain unsettled as a series of low pressure systems move by. Both days will be mostly cloudy with rain showers likely. Highs both days will ride in the upper-40’s to lower-50’s.It maybe be cold enough for a few wet snow flakes over night Monday into Tuesday morning.High pressure builds in Wednesday to allow for dryer weather for mid-week with highs only in the low to mid-50’s.Looking ahead to Halloween, as of now it looks to be dry, yet cool with highs in the mid-50’s. Although this may change as time gets closer.WNYNewsNow is a proud Ambassador for the NOAA Weather-Ready Nation program.Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Renewable energy continues to take market share from coal in Europe

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Euractiv:New wind, solar and biomass power generation displaced hard coal last year – especially in Germany, France and the UK – according to a 2018 review of European electricity statistics by two leading energy policy think tanks.Renewable energies continued to pick up last year to reach 32.3% of total power generation in the EU, up two percentage points from the previous year, according to the report, published today (30 January).Total coal power generation fell by 6% across the EU in 2018 and is now 30% below 2012 levels, the analysis found, confirming the rapid decline of coal in electricity generation across most European countries.“This was caused by renewables growth in Germany and the UK and by the return of hydro in Italy and Spain,” said the report by Agora Energiewende and Sandbag, two leading energy think tanks.Moreover, “the economics are on the side of more renewables growth,” the two think tanks argue, saying “wind and solar are – for the first time – on a par with costs for existing coal and gas plants”.The latest wind and solar auctions in Germany landed in a price range between €45-60 per Megawatt hour, which means the cost of renewable electricity “is now similar or even below wholesale electricity prices in many countries,” said Matthias Buck, Head of European Energy Policy at Agora Energiewende.More: Renewable energies chip away at coal power, stats show Renewable energy continues to take market share from coal in Europelast_img read more

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Fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Said to Have Been Investigating HHS Secretary Tom Price

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York By Robert Faturechi, ProPublicaFormer U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, who was removed from his post by the Trump administration last week, was overseeing an investigation into stock trades made by the president’s health secretary, according to a person familiar with the office.Tom Price, head of the Department of Health and Human Services, came under scrutiny during his confirmation hearings for investments he made while serving in Congress. The Georgia lawmaker traded hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of shares in health-related companies, even as he voted on and sponsored legislation affecting the industry.Price testified at the time that his trades were lawful and transparent. Democrats accused him of potentially using his office to enrich himself. One lawmaker called for an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, citing concerns Price could have violated the STOCK Act, a 2012 law signed by President Obama that clarified that members of Congress cannot use nonpublic information for profit and requires them to promptly disclose their trades.The investigation of Price’s trades by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, which hasn’t been previously disclosed, was underway at the time of Bharara’s dismissal, said the person.Bharara was one of 46 U.S. attorneys asked to resign after Trump took office. It is standard for new presidents to replace those officials with their own appointees. But Bharara’s firing came as a surprise because the president had met with him at Trump Tower soon after the election. As he left that meeting, Bharara told reporters Trump asked if he would be prepared to remain in his post, and said that he had agreed to stay on.When the Trump administration instead asked for Bharara’s resignation, the prosecutor refused, and he said he was then fired. Trump has not explained the reversal, but Bharara fanned suspicions that his dismissal was politically motivated via his personal Twitter account.“I did not resign,” he wrote in one tweet over the weekend. “Moments ago I was fired.”“By the way,” Bharara said in a second tweet, “now I know what the Moreland Commission must have felt like.”Bharara was referring to a commission that was launched by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2013 to investigate state government corruption, only to be disbanded by the governor the next year as its work grew close to his office. In that case, Bharara vowed to continue the commission’s work, and eventually charged Cuomo associates and won convictions of several prominent lawmakers.Bharara referred questions from ProPublica to the U.S. attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York. A spokesperson there declined to comment. The Justice and Health and Human Services departments also didn’t respond to requests for comment.A White House spokesperson didn’t respond to questions about whether Trump or anyone in his cabinet was aware of the inquiry into Price’s trades.In December, the Wall Street Journal reported that Price traded more than $300,000 worth of shares in health companies over a recent four-year period, while taking actions that could have affected those companies. Price, an orthopedic surgeon, chaired the powerful House Budget Committee and sat on the Ways and Means Committee’s health panel.In one case, Price was one of just a handful of American investors allowed to buy discounted stock in Innate Immunotherapeutics — a tiny Australian company working on an experimental multiple sclerosis drug. The company hoped to be granted “investigational new drug” status from the Food and Drug Administration, a designation that expedites the approval process.Members of congress often try to apply pressure on the FDA. As ProPublica has reported, Price’s office has taken up the causes of health care companies, and in one case urged a government agency to remove a damaging drug study on behalf of a pharmaceutical company whose CEO donated to Price’s campaign.Innate Immunotherapeutics’ CEO Simon Wilkinson told ProPublica that he and his company have not had any contact with American law enforcement agencies and have no knowledge of authorities looking at Price’s stock trades.Another transaction that drew scrutiny was a 2016 purchase of between $1,001 and $15,000 in shares of medical device manufacturer Zimmer Biomet. CNN reported that days after Price bought the stock, he introduced legislation to delay a regulation that would have hurt Zimmer Biomet.Price has said that trade was made without his knowledge by his broker.In a third case, reported by Time magazine, Price invested thousands of dollars in six pharmaceutical companies before leading a legislative and public relations effort that eventually killed proposed regulations that would have harmed those companies.Louise Slaughter, a Democratic Congress member from New York who sponsored the STOCK Act, wrote in January to the SEC asking that the agency investigate Price’s stock trades. “The fact that these trades were made and in many cases timed to achieve significant earnings or avoid losses would lead a reasonable person to question whether the transactions were triggered by insider knowledge,” she wrote.What federal authorities are looking at, including whether they are examining any of those transactions, is not known.Along with the Price matter, Bharara’s former office is investigating allegations relating to Fox News, and has been urged by watchdog groups to look into payments Trump has received from foreign governments through his Manhattan-based business. Bharara’s former deputy, Joon Kim, is now in charge of the office, but Trump is expected to nominate his replacement within weeks.ProPublica reporters Jesse Eisinger and Justin Elliott and research editor Derek Kravitz contributed to this story.ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for their newsletter.last_img read more

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See through the eyes of a credit union member

first_img 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Jon Haller As the director of market research at CUNA, Jon is responsible for administration of the Credit Union Member Survey and Corporate Research units, business development, and directing CUNA’s National Member … Web: Details Today’s financial services industry is an ever changing landscape of innovation and competition, leaving credit unions to ask: Should we offer new services? How do we compare to other credit unions? Do our members want more products? Are we meeting their needs?Despite lacking the insights to make strategic decisions, credit unions are feeling the pressure to keep up with competition, changing member expectations and technological advances.“There are a lot of outside forces in the credit union market,” says Jon Haller, CUNA’s director of corporate and market research director. “In order to stay ahead of the curve, your credit union needs valuable member feedback to guide your marketing and strategic planning efforts. Conducting a member survey can provide the insights you need to better serve your members.”Beginning a survey can be a daunting task for many credit unions. It’s a heavy, time-consuming job but with the right guidance and resources, the results can be invaluable. A member survey allows you to cover and compare topics like your credit union’s image, market shares, member loyalty and the extent to which members borrow and save elsewhere.Ease the burden of conducting a survey and discover your credit union’s position in the marketplace with CUNA Market Research. Using member survey results in comparison to a national database, CUNA’s research team sheds light on how members’ attitudes, behaviors and needs impact their financial well-being.You’ll put your credit union in a position to realize tremendous cost savings, improved marketing efficiency, increased service usage and an improved “bottom line” – all backed with data your executive team won’t be able to ignore.By looking at performance in different areas, including satisfaction, loyalty and market share, in comparison to other financial institutions, credit unions figure out how they actually stack up against the competition. Often times, the results resonate industry wide.Find out more and view a complete list of available surveys at read more

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How soon can you expect phase 6, and what really changes when the phase does?

first_img(CIDRAP Business Source Osterholm Briefing) – As the novel H1N1 influenza virus (aka the “swine flu”) spreads to more countries and sickens more people, the question invariably arises, when will the World Health Organization (WHO) change the pandemic alert level to phase 6?It’s a fair question, though not necessarily the most important one. We often measure the magnitude of events and dilemmas by numbers. The problem is I hear a great deal of confusion about what such a change means.So let me set the record straightThe WHO phases measure the transmission ability of the virus, not the severity of a pandemic. If your plan hinged on a severe scenario, you may be finding yourself in a tough spot at the moment, trying to explain what all the fuss has been about.Don’t be surprised if the WHO bumps the phase to 6 any day now. In some ways, Margaret Chan, MD, director-general of the WHO, has been foreshadowing just such an announcement. But know that phase 6 is not necessarily a proclamation of disaster.What about severity?With the exception of the severe illnesses it caused in Mexico, the new virus is behaving in many ways like a mild seasonal influenza strain. And even the proportion of cases in Mexico that can be considered severe may be very small if we consider the many mild cases that were likely missed with the current disease surveillance conducted by the Mexican public health authorities.If and when the WHO announces a move to phase 6, the outbreak will be officially dubbed a pandemic. As such, according to the new WHO definitions, the virus will be causing “sustained community level outbreaks in at least one other country in another WHO region.” In other words, phase 6 means the virus is causing widespread human infection.Will it continue to cause mild illness? First, let me say that if you or someone in your care has come down with seasonal influenza any time recently, you may not think “mild” is an adequate word to describe the illness. Any strain of flu will make a person feel horrible, and some people worse than others. Which is exactly why we work so hard to immunize people each year.As to the question, will the novel virus continue to cause so-called mostly mild illness, the truth is that not a soul on the planet can provide an answer yet. As I’ve said before, the virus could fizzle out in days, weeks, or months without causing more severe illness than a mild seasonal influenza strain would. Or it could go away for a few months, only to reappear in a form that could cause severe sickness and death. And yet another scenario is the virus continues on its present course, mutating as it passes through the population to become much more dangerous.Can you cancel ‘red alert’?As I mentioned in my last column, the best response is always a proportional response. Actions need to be tied to the level of risk. Only in this way can we maintain our credibility. And that brings me to the topic of school closures.Given that the novel virus is behaving like the seasonal influenza, certain community mitigation measures implemented early on out of caution are no longer warranted. For example, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) today announced that it would no longer recommend school closures when a student is identified as having the novel H1N1 influenza. That’s a prime example of proportional response.Don’t be surprised to see the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revise its guidelines about school closures, too, if the current pattern of mild illness persists. It makes so much more sense to keep one sick child home (whether the illness is caused by the new virus or a strain of seasonal influenza) than to cause the disruption of entire schools, which can put an unnecessary burden on your employees and your business. And, in the long run, it’s an action that should reinforce credibility.I’d urge your organization to think in terms of proportional response, too. Would you ban travel to places like Mexico if the seasonal influenza virus were causing illness similar to the illness that this new H1N1 influenza strain is causing? I don’t think so. My rule of thumb right now is to ask, “Would I recommend our organization take this action if we were responding to routine seasonal influenza?” If your answer is yes, then that’s a proportional response. If not, ask yourself why you are making this recommendation for dealing with the novel H1N1.What to make of media coverageThe whipsaw of media attention is stunning. Just last week, in search of a new angle to the novel influenza strain, reporters from prestigious media outlets were sleuthing for evidence that government officials had not been forthcoming soon enough about how serious the outbreak was. This week, the prattle has flip-flopped. Now the media suspect that much ado has been made about the outbreak and that that public health officials overreacted.What is distressing is that as the media industry, particularly the print business, has contracted, some of the finest health reporters in the nation have lost their positions. I have tremendous respect for solid journalism, and I make myself available to reporters as much as possible to help keep the record straight. So I can tell you that without a doubt the quality of questions coming my way indicates a growing ignorance about the field of infectious diseases.Not only is this discouraging, it’s downright dangerous. You cannot count on the media (with notable exceptions) to give you reliable information. So I urge great caution when reading, listening to, or reviewing any story that relates to this novel H1N1 influenza outbreak. I urge you to caution your C-suite about this as well. They need to know that decision-making simply cannot be made based on the popular media.From what I’ve seen—and I’ve been in the thick of this—for one to believe accusations that public health officials are either underplaying or overblowing information about what could be an emerging pandemic is quite frankly ludicrous.To make matters worse, as one of my colleagues mentioned today, if you consider the growing new milieu of social networking, you could say that narrow-casting of information has created a kind of echo chamber for misinformation.Rest assured, that will not be the case with news, information, and resources that come from the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP). Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but at CIDRAP Business Source, we go the extra mile to make sure you are getting intelligence that is authoritative and reliable.You have my word on that.And here is today’s breaking news:The WHO reported 1,085 confirmed cases of influenza A/H1N1 (swine flu) and 26 deaths in 21 countries as of 18:00 p.m. GMT (noon US EST) today, up from 985 cases in 20 countries reported earlier in the day. Mexico has reported 590 confirmed cases and 25 deaths. The WHO’s latest total reflects today’s updated US numbers from the CDC, which stand at 286 cases and 1 death. [WHO update 14]At a WHO media briefing today, Keiji Fukuda, MD, the WHO’s assistant director-general for health security, emphasized that the rationale for any future move to pandemic alert phase 6 wouldn’t be based on disease severity, but rather on sustained outbreaks in more than one WHO region. On Apr 29 the WHO raised the pandemic alert to its current level, phase 5, which signifies sustained community outbreaks in two or more countries within one WHO region.The CDC will begin reporting “probable” cases of flu in addition to confirmed cases to give a better sense of the size of the US epidemic, acting director Dr. Richard Besser said Monday. In addition to the 286 confirmed cases, there are more than 700 probable cases in the United States.The CDC will work with international health authorities to monitor the southern hemisphere’s flu season, beginning shortly, to see how the novel H1N1 strain behaves in competition with other flu viruses. “That will tell us a lot about whether the virus is changing and what measures we might want to take in the fall,” Besser said.Tomorrow the WHO will host its second scientific teleconference to address clinical issues surrounding patients who have influenza A/H1N1 (swine flu) infections, the WHO’s Fukuda said today at a media briefing. The conference will allow scientists to share information on crucial topics such as disease severity. The topic of the first teleconference, held on Apr 29, was the influenza situation in Mexico.last_img read more

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Morgan Stanley doubles up with P&O

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Daewoong Pharmaceutical says anti-parasitic drug effective against coronavirus in animal tests

first_imgThree other companies around the world are testing niclosamide as a coronavirus treatment, but Daewoong is the only one that offers the drug in a form that is not given orally, the company official told Reuters.The company tested the drug on ferrets for around three months.”Based on the positive outcome of the animal test, we plan to complete human trials and get approval of the COVID-19 treatment drug by the end of this year,” said Jeon Seng-ho, CEO of Daewoong Pharma.There is no treatment for COVID-19 and human trials of several other antiviral drugs have not shown conclusive benefits.Shares in Daewoong Pharma jumped 48.2% in three trading days after last week’s announcement, as of Tuesday. Topics : South Korea’s Daewoong Pharmaceutical said its anti-parasitic drug niclosamide had eliminated the novel coronavirus from animals’ lungs during testing.Drugmakers worldwide are rushing to develop treatments for the illness caused by the new coronavirus, which has killed more than 400,000 globally since it first emerged late last year in China.Daewoong said its experimental anti-viral drug completely cleared up the disease in ferrets’ lung tissues and inhibited inflammation. The company plans to start human clinical trials in July.last_img read more

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Danish investors mull class action over bankruptcy of shipping firm

first_imgA group of Danish institutional investors including seven pension funds has launched an investigation into the collapse of shipping fuel company OW Bunker – which is set to cost them hundreds of millions of kroner in investment losses.Statutory pension fund ATP and labour-market funds PFA, AP Pension, DIP, Industriens Pension, JØP and PensionDanmark, as well as companies SEB and Maj Invest, said in a joint statement they had initiated an investigation into the company, which filed for bankruptcy in early November.The statement said: “The purpose of the investigation is to understand the events leading up to the bankruptcy and to obtain information that can be used to determine whether there are grounds for asserting legal liability.”The investors described the demise of OW Bunker as “a significant, extraordinary and highly negative event” in the Danish stock market. ATP has said it invested around DKK150m (€20.1m) in OW Bunker. Engineers’ pension fund DIP said it stood to lose DKK16m because of the collapse, and lawyers and economists’ pension fund JØP put its exposure to the failed company at DKK9m.Meanwhile, Industriens Pension said it had lost DKK15m from the collapse – equivalent to an average of DKK35 per scheme member.The group of investors said there was an strong need to understand events leading up to the collapse, as well as to determine who was responsible.They had a duty to members and clients to find out whether they could recover some of the losses, they said.The investigation will be carried out by law firms Accura and Bruun & Hjejle, and assisted by audit firm EY, the investors said.It will cover not only the events leading up to the bankruptcy but also those surrounding the IPO in March this year.“The investigation will especially focus on errors and flaws in the prospectus prepared in connection with OW Bunker’s IPO, liability in connection with the offering and sale of shares in OW Bunker, as well as the management’s liability for OW Bunker’s operations in the period from the IPO until the bankruptcy,” the investors said.They said each participating investor would decide what course of action to take, based on the findings of the investigation.OW Bunker, whose main business was to supply fuel to ships, was the second largest Danish company in terms of turnover in 2013.Its shares were listed on the Copenhagen stock exchange on 28 March this year, with new shares being issued and those of its main shareholder, Swedish investment fund Altor, being sold.In early November, OW Bunker said it discovered a fraud in its Singapore subsidiary and that preliminary findings suggested it could lose around $125m (€100m) from the crime.However, it also said that, separately, it had discovered a “significant risk-management loss” of around $150m.It said it was forced to file for bankruptcy after banks failed to provide financing for a restructuring.last_img read more

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Serie A: Victor Moses watches from bench as Inter, Cagliari play 1-1

first_imgNigeria’s Victor Moses was unused substitute as Inter Milan were held to a 1-1 draw by Cagliari on Sunday. Football pundits across the world had hoped to see the former Super Eagles star in action but Inter manager,Antonio Conte, decided to rest him on the bench for now. Ashley Young assisted a goal on his Inter Milan debut as they were held by Cagliari. The 34-year-old former England international joined Serie A’s second-placed team for £1.28m from Manchester United last week. Playing for Conte’s Inter at right wing-back, he crossed for Lautaro Martinez to head in their opener.Advertisement Promoted Content7 Universities In The World Where Education Costs Too Much6 Ridiculous Health Myths That Are Actually True10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do7 Reasons Why You Might Want To Become A VegetarianThis Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Celeb Pics And It’s Hysterical7 Universities In The World With The Highest Market ValueWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?What Happens To Your Brain When You Play Too Much Video Games?11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table Top6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A DroneEverything You Need To Know About Asteroid Armageddon10 Stargazing Locations To ‘Connect With Nature’ But Radja Nainggolan, on loan from Inter, equalised against his parent club with a long-range deflected shot. Goalscorer Martinez was sent off in injury time for two quick-fire bookings, the second for dissent. Young, the first Englishman to play for Inter since Paul Ince in 1997, has now managed more assists in Serie A than the Premier League in the past year. He failed to set up a league goal in his final 31 appearances for United – a run going back to December 2018. Read Also:Eriksen set to join Victor Moses at Inter Inter’s slip-up gives Juventus the chance to extend their lead at the top to six points when they visit Napoli at 19:45 GMT. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… last_img read more

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Bulldogs JV & Freshman Teams Earn Victories

first_imgBatesville JV basketball team opened up their season with a win against Jac-Cen-Del. Batesville was up 34-21 after 3 quarters, but a furious JCD comeback was stymied by good FT shooting and timely shots to defeat the Eagles.Jayden Beal led all scorers with 13 points including 7/9 from the FT line. Trey Heidlage added 8 and Luke Schroeder did a great job getting the offense going with 2 3’s and 6 points total early in the game.John Harmeyer led the team with 6 rebounds while Austin Siefert added 4. Siefert also led the team with 2 assists.  Defensively, Beal led the team with 2 steals.Scores by quarter:1Q: JCD 8-52Q: BHS 19-123Q: BHS 34-21Batesville plays at home vs Greensburg on Saturday night starting at 6pm.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Eric Feller.The Batesville High School freshman basketball team improved to 3-0 on the season with a big 47-11 win on the road at South Decatur Monday night.The bulldogs recorded 16 steals and played unselfish basketball with 7 players scoring. The dogs were lead in scoring by Cooper Williams and Tyler Myers with 10 points each and Devin Scripture with 8 points.The dogs are back on the road again Tuesday night at South Dearborn as they look to continue their winning streak.Score by quarter:BHS: 15 13 38 47SDHS: 8 8 8 11Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Michael Lanning.last_img read more

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Opening arguments in Roger Stone trial underway

first_imgOpening arguments are underway in the Roger Stone trial following a lengthy process of jury selection inside a Washington D.C. federal courtroom.The selected jury consists of 11 women and three men, including two alternates.Stone is a longtime Trump associate who is charged with obstructing justice, witness tampering and lying to Congress.The charges are related to the release of stolen Democratic Party emails during the 2016 presidential election.Stone has denied any wrongdoing.Prosecutors began opening statements by linking his alleged crimes directly to Trump, saying Stone lied ‘because the truth looked bad for Donald Trump,’ according to The Washington Post.Stone’s defense team is expected to give their opening statement at 2 p.m.This story is developing.Related content:Roger Stone Blasts FBI For Using More Force Against Him Than on Osama Bin Laden or El Chapolast_img read more

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SpaceX Launch Today at Kennedy Space Center Will Further Connect the World

first_imgConditions are 80% go for this morning’s launch set for 9:51 a.m. EST at Kennedy Space Center.SpaceX is planning to send 60 Starlink satellites into space to increase high-speed internet connectivity for people around the globe.It will be the company’s heaviest payload ever, and it also marks the first time SpaceX has used a rocket booster four times. Team is go for launch of 60 Starlink sats tomorrow—heaviest payload to date, first re-flight of a fairing, and first Falcon 9 to fly a fourth mission. Watching 1 sat that may not orbit raise; if not, 100% of its components will quickly burn up in Earth’s atmosphere— SpaceX (@SpaceX) November 11, 2019 The launch will mark the first time SpaceX reuses a nose cone, as well. Weather permitting, the rocket will blast off sometime during the eleven minute launch window.last_img read more

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