Google AdSense allows you to modify the westernunion Pinyin name

Google AdSense account settings inside, our Pinyin name, always set us upside down. According to foreign habits, behind the surname is always put in the name, resulting in the remittance when we take the money, always rebuffed. According to the reflection of many people, GG today finally made modifications to the remittance name in pinyin.

The following

released the official website for the GG: since the

1 login to your AdSense account, click on the "my account" link.
2 click "payment details" next to the "modify" link.
3 select "set western union", and then click continue.

from GG this year launched a variety of functions, we can see that GG is really working hard for localization. Spring is coming, I wish you more and more money, happy years.